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Carver audio forum, Carver repair, Carver manuals, Carver specifications
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Carver audio forum, Carver repair, Carver manuals, Carver specifications
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What is CARVER site!

CARVER site! is a website and forum dedicated to the ingenious designs of Bob Carver.  Our demo gear, roadshow area makes available for audition some of Bob's many Carver audio related electronics

Looking for Phase Linear, Sunfire or Carver audio gear?  Our craigslist, ebay, and AudiogoN listings highlight ongoing auctions and found deals.  Find the perfect Carver amplifier, Carver Loudspeaker or other Carver home audio equipment...

Need help with equipment repair?  Our listing of Carver audio repair centers is a handy reference to nationwide service centers.  Additionally, our forum members, many of whom are electronic technicians and/or engineers, are very helpful to those wishing to diagnose and repair their own gear.

Looking for Carver audio specifications?  Our database contains comprehensive statistics on Phase Linear, Sunfire and Carver electronics; including full specifications, advertisements, catalogs, know problems, as well as original retail and current selling prices for a variety of Phase Linear, Sunfire and Carver home audio equipment.

Need a manual?  Our Carver owner and Carver service manuals are freely available; no membership or payment is required.  Many of our manuals were donated by former Carver corp. repair technicians.

 Who is CARVER site!

CARVER site! audio forum members hail from a wide variety of backgrounds.  We all share a passion for audio, as well as an appreciation for the clever designs of Bob Carver.

Our Forum's DIY and modifications sections contain lively discussions regarding homegrown audio projects, as well as detailed instructions on Carver modification and Carver upgrade designs.

CARVER site! is the home of Carver mk II TM series audio amplifiers; Carver mk II series is a modification and upgrade of the original Carver audio amplifier.  Full details are contained in our forum's Carver mk II modification category.

Our forum members are the backbone of a community that spans the globe.  We're always eager to meet new people, and share our audio journey with each other.  CARVER site! forum members are among the most knowledgeable and helpful individuals involved in audio.


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