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Units sold:  6


Capacitance (pf/m) < 12
Inductance (uH/m) < 1.5
The Deal:
Compare to cables costing up to $600 per metre.  Enjoy the Unity ZPM's for 30 days; If not completely satisfied, regardless of reason, I will refund the purchase price plus $20.

The Goal:
I set out to design an interconnect with all the advantages of a silver cable (critical focus, micro-dynamics) with none of the disadvantages sometimes reported (shrill high end, thin bass).
The Build:
Conductor 28 AWG 99.9999% pure silver wire
Dielectric Unbleached cotton (superior to Teflon, foamed PE and FEP dielectrics)
Tubing 1/4 inch air core teflon
Shield Non-coaxial high coverage mylar braid with ferrite EMI suppressor.  Shield is separate from the ground (why pollute the ground?)
Casing Techflex carbon loom braided sleeving
RCA plugs Eichmann silver bullet (anodized aluminum housing, 99.99% pure silver drawn rod, treated with DeOxit preservative).
Solder 7% silver content solder
Burn in 300 hours 

The Name:
 Zero Pointe The idea being that the best cable is no cable.  It would be inconvenient to mount your equipment back to back, however, so we use interconnects.  If an interconnect is a line, what's shorter? A point.  And what's shorter than a point? A zero point!
The Price:
If you research the cost of materials, you'll discover I'm offering these cables for my cost ($220, I'm probably losing about $10-$20 on shipping). In a way, I'm giving these cables away (at build cost), but I have a better idea. Why should those with Hundreds to blow on cables have all the fun?
My other project ( will subsidize the price, and pay you to buy them. Join CARVER site! and share your audio journey with us. Carver mk II will pay $0.35 per post on CARVER site! (up to 200 posts) towards the purchase of a pair of Unity ZPM interconnects (up to $70 off the regular price of $220 per metre pair).
$150 (cost for members with 200 posts or more)
CARVER site! Zero Pointe interconnects, because
"it should sound like it isn't there!"