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    • Did @RodH put you up to that?
    • The 1240 Preamplifier is indeed a wonderful preamp, very desirable as I have it arranged right now. I'll have some snaps of that before too long. I think I'll wait on my new lab table to arrive before I do that, as the current one is a bit on the tentative side.At present I've actually repurposed a built-in corner desktop that was pulled from a model home as it underwent preparations for its new owner. The thing is 6 foot along one side, 5 foot on the other, and I have it sitting on top of very high quality file cabinets which in turn sit upon furniture skates. Its layered in a very nice gray veneer that looks similar to engine-turned metal, if a bit muted. Overall the effect is nice and its very functional, but the new lab table will be epic. At 96 inches x 48, I should have enough room for my complete lab equipment along with at least two audio systems and two computers, and still have some area for actual labor and of course a cornish pasty and perhaps a tankard of Newcastle.   The DH200 is a decent amp. My first Hafler was a DH220, which had slightly higher output and the ability to bridge mono via an add-on kit, along with a DH-100A preamplifier. Although David Hafler had already long made his bones at Dynaco, the DH-200 proved that it was possible to make a high-current amp with decent performance and an impossibly low noise floor. He continually improved on it, to the point where the amps became unremarkable. My 220 was slightly boring, and I currently have an SE240, both of which were direct descendants to your DH200. Either one was very dependent upon which preamplifier chaperoned it. I would think that a quality tube preamp would be an excellent pairing.      NAD is the oddest stuff. I get a charge out of the looks of all of my gear, but NAD I find has a soothing effect. Its almost as if a glance at it calms my eyes, and a good stare at it while I have a listen is tranquilizing.     I'm fairly sure my laughter was picked up on seismograph in some far away Uni.      I find that the more shiny buttons and lights and stickers that lay across a given component, and the longer the equipment model number, the poorer it performs. Nakamichi and Hafler put out black plastic in the 80s and 90s, but there was an aesthetic there that didn't brag, it simply hinted at treasure within. The bag should be unremarkable; its the gems within that should beguile.      I have to control myself where the capacitors happen, because I've already got several projects here that require completion. And today my wife's new desk appeared at our door, and of course I was put on clock to conduct it up two flights of stairs and assemble it in her office. Several steps closer to getting her moved out of our dining room, but now she states she wants the paint touched up in her office, window trim finished, etc. It appears I may be on the clock tomorrow and unable to do anything but switch CDs for my amusement.      I've always longed for one of those "it was just a switch that needed to be flipped" kind of things. This was my moment and I will cherish it always. 
    • My first Carver pieces included a Receiver 150 that was missing jumpers, thus the low price. I got that and an M-500t for $125. Both worked fine. 
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