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    Everything to do with delivering information to sources - including digital streaming, videos, and even games.


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    • Tubes substitution is a matter of taste and if you are interested in tube rolling you have more options than just the 12AX7 and 6DJ8/6922. I like using vintage tubes and would like to recommend a few that you may wish to consider.   For the 12AX7 the following have identical pinout and will work, but may give you a little less gain :   For the 12AX7 dual triode you can substitute 5751, 7025 or 12AX7A.    GE, Raytheon and RCA made 5751 tubes years ago and these should still be available on eBay or other sites.    GE also made the 7025 tube which was a high quality tube with low microphonics, perfect for keeping  phono sections very quiet.   British tubes labeled ECC83 or B339 from Amperex, Mullard or Telefunken can also be used as they are the same tube as the 12AX7.   Regarding the 6DJ8, the Amperex company made a substitute called the 7308 with gold pins that was amazing. Any British tube designated E88CC can be substituted as it is the same as 6DJ8/6922.   Good luck tube rolling and when you get the best sound you will know when you have chosen the right tubes!           
    • @AndrewJohn @B-Man I was hoping to find some answers myself on how it was done and where it was.   I got lucky in my search and found this link about how the picture was taken and other facts. The Wave Swept Lighthouses of Brittany, France | Amusing Planet   The open question is how did they build it in the first place?        
    • Huey Lewis & The News   I Want A New Drug    
    • I always wondered who was holding the camera, and where were they standing...,    That pic has been around for years, predating drones with cameras, I think.
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    • cuda  »  2chGearBuff

      As an experiment try moving the ribbons to the opposite sides from each speaker, when they are next to each other they lobe out and cancel each other. Hook up a mic and REW and you will actually see the SPL fall off. Even though it doesn't look as kool you can actually stand them directly behind each other and add a small delay and they will rock. I have 3 pair and have experimented with many different ways and x-overs systems.
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    • Patstachio

      Just picked up second M1.0t and let me tell ya I have almost achieved audio supremacy !! lol
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    • kittoartista

      Thought I'd  share that I just purchased a TFM-15CB power amp, and its driving a pair of Ohm Walsh4, Superphon Revelation II preamp with Micro Seiki MB-14 turntable.
      The Carver sounds great, it replaced a Marantz 250 amp, I know, classic and iconic amp.
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    • JTM745i

      Good Day,
      Thank you for allowing me to Join this site, very informal and it is nice to be able to converse with other Carver Fan's.

      I was wondering may someone be able to tell me where I be able to purchase the 2 speaker Relay's for my TFM-35x.
      Thank you in advance
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    • Michele

      Main audio system: Quad ESL2912, Pre Cat SL1 Reinassance, Power amp Sanders Magtech, sources: MSB Platinum DAC IV, MSB universal transport & player UMT, Turntable Michell Orbe with arm Eminent Technology ET2 and Ortofon Cadenza Black, Cocktail Audio X45 streamer and music database. Audio & Video add on system: JVC X-7900 4K Projector, Sony 65" AF9 OLED, Pre Marantz AV-8801, Power amp 5ch Marantz M-7055, turntable CEC ST-930, universal player Oppo UDP-203, Monitor Audio Gold center channel, RCF X-02 rear channels. Power conditioners: Nadir 2.5 KW, 2x Cabre DR-220, System & Magic Blacknoise 2500, 500 & Extreme, Belkin AV-40.

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