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    • Well after waiting 6 months My MoFi 45rpm Ultra disk arrived. I deep cleaned it and put it on the Technics TT that had my new Denon DL 301 MK ii cart. Things just weren't quit right? I changed carts out and put in the Ortofon 2M Bronze-Now that's better but still not quit right? I slowed it down just a hair-better but still? The Instruments and vocals are real clean and no small detail is missing but???? I am something of a SRV aficionado and I have all his CD's and saw him many times in all sorts of different venues from Dallas to Austin, even got to jam with him one night at a open mic night he hosted at the Continental Club on Congress in Austin back in the 70's. So I know my Steve. It finally dawned on me what I was, or rather  what I was not, hearing. It seems Krieg Wunderlich and Rob LoVerde in their infinate wisdom in Mastering this album decided to bring Vaughan's vocals up front and center with clarity. This pushed the instruments back and lowered their dynamics and decay! IE: that classic snare rim snap in Cold Shot for one instance. I don't know about what most folks look for in a SRV recording but if I want to hear vocals I look to other artist like Nora Jones, Eva Cassidy, Frank Sinatra, and many others but not SRV! I want to hear his guitar Genius  first and foremost along with the drums, snares, bass, ect. with emphasis and feeling.  His vocals while good are not what I consider his strong point. While I would imagine those with no real prior knowledge (???🙄) of SRV would enjoy this mix and pressing I feel let down and as it's my first purchase of one of these MoFi Ultradisc and if this is what to expect (someone arbitrarily changing a Artist performances and putting their perceptions on it ) I dare say it will be my last. Especially at 125.00 and a 6 month wait per album.
    • Sunday Cup of Joe.....    
    • Thanks Dennis....No sub hooked up so far..     Thanks Brian..      Thank you sir,  The rack handles are the same size as the Carver TFM 15 ( 2.5" )     I just countersunk top and bottom holes .       The way the caps are made, The Center screw has been enough to allow picking  up by handle........So far  
    • WoHo!! FedX has my SRV LP out for delivery I just got the new needle running on the TT so I know what I will be doing later. Opps as a matter of fact here's Fed-X! Now just clean it and give it a listen.
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      Some new MFSL UD1S albums that are coming

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      Nelion Audio Restored C19 Back in the Rack... 😎

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      Some new MFSL UD1S albums that are coming

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      Happy Birthday and RIP, Kingman.

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