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    • That's some horsepower there.
    • Hey all!   Thanks for the warm welcome!     I'm working on four (4) systems, 2 have three (3) TFM 55's sledge hammers for the bang and umph, one has a CT-29V and the other has a CT-28V for directing traffic.     The third has three TFM-45 high head room bangers, it has a C-16 for directing traffic and the purpose is to well,,,, see how it performs against the other two,,,, blame Roland for that lol     The later is umm,,,, well and please don't be upset, is a bit of a hodge-podge to be honest.  Basically its an old Toshiba mini system that's in the process of getting two (2) TFM-35 framing hammers fitted to it to replace the tired amps that came with it 
    • In our area, in addition to more ..., we've got a population explosion of squirrels this spring.  Which, has brought in packs of coyotes.  .   Wish they would take out some of the rabbits.   How do we know?  The roadkill on one of the roads out of my area is littered with an unusually high amount of squirrel road kill.   Circle of life, Darwin, and the predator food chain, engages with mother nature and the physics of fast moving automobiles.
    • Welcome @BigB, glad you found us!  Keep us posted as you put your 500 back in service.  
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    • Ranster  »  Bob Craver

      Welcome to the site! im new here also!
      · 0 replies
    • 4krow  »  RebeccaB

       I would be interested in the Carver C-9 unit FOR $100 + SHIPPING if it is still available. LMK, how you would like to be paid. Here is my shipping address:
      235 N. INGALLS ST.
      · 7 replies
    • Olskool

      hello All ! Olskool here …bought a Carver C-19 preamp today …Being shipped ..fingers crossed it gets here  undamaged ,,,unlike my last two items Ive had shipped . Been doing this for years and had very little problems until last week .
        The Carver TFM55x had one handle smashed sideways and right channel scratchy and hums barely plays  …
        waiting on FedX for ins adjustment ..hope it isnt too badly damaged .! Both items were not packed so well …
        When I ship something out it is packed as good as i can get it and its not going to be moving around inside the box ,,that is for  sure . Crunched up paper is NOT packing material . imo
      · 2 replies
    • Drkavon

      How do I run my Sig as a mono amp
      · 2 replies
    • SBrekken  »  4krow

      I was told you are the one to go to about rebuilding C-9's? I recently purchased one and when SH is engaged I get a high pitched noise. when not engaged it's dead silent. I was thinking recapping, new RCAs,,,,,, your thoughts?
      · 7 replies
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