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    • I think I still have several quad disc in my collection too. I know they are all in mint condition.
    • Jimmy Buffett, Life on the Flip Side was released on  May 29, 2020.   "Jimmy Buffett opens his 30th studio album with some thankful notes of reflection. “We all know just how lucky we are,” he sings over a breezy, south-of-the-border-tinged melody on “Down At the La Di Da,” an ode to a perfect beach bar “at the end of the world.” One song later, he pauses to wonder, “How did I get this lucky?” over the infectious island-tinged groove of “Who Gets To Live Like This.” Of course, as a pirate looking at 73 who’s worth $600 million, Buffett has a lot to feel good about, and he continues mapping out his surfy, sandy corner of pop music utopia with the chill, friendly warmth of a multi-millionaire you wouldn’t mind sharing a tropically-themed 3 p.m. IPA with, especially if his gold card was on the bar when the last round came."   You can read the rest of the review here...    
    • You can buy remotes. The one I bought has a USB receiver. Bluetooth could be another option.   In the past, I've used a mouse.
    • Yep, I still have the Marantz 4400 Quad Receiver, in its original double box, that I purchased in January 1975 at the Navy Exchange in Yokosuka, Japan when I transferred back to the US. I also have the Marantz SQA-2 Decoder and Marantz RC-4 4-Channel wired remote that I bought with it; both in their original boxes also. And, yes, I still have all of my Quad (SQ and Discrete) LPs that I bought way back then and a JVC Discrete Demodulator.
    • Barry, MY Quad amp has the SQA-2 plug-in adaptor. I also have the Marantz model CD-400B (CD-4) disc demodulator component. I'm using a Pickering UXV w/ D-4500Q stylus for my (shibata) cartridge.     The 70's are still alive at the house of Dennis47!  😂
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    • oakley104  »  Glasgow Grip

      Happy B-Day, hoping you got yo enjoy your day !!!!
      · 0 replies
    • Rob

      Looking for an MI 802 board for a TFM35 if anyone has one. 
      · 0 replies
    • sewickley

      Hi Carver Family, I have been reading content here for about six months, and I thank all for their vast knowledge and input. I am the original owner of a C1 and M500t since 1989, while raising and caring for family, my audio sort of took a back seat to family needs. I never seemed to have the time or space to trully enjoy my system (AR9 speakers, 1981). Now that I am retired, I finally have the time and space, but, its time to recap and upgrade! I was planning to recap the AR9's, but as luck would have it, I was simply replacing the speaker cable connectors, and the amp did not power up. The meter lights are on and the needles move as if there is  output, but no sound. I have been browsing the content here  which is quite helpful. My background helps in electrical industrial design, but amplifiers and sound circuits are little different animal. I have the service manual and will take voltage readings and compare them to the manual. That's about it for now. Not sure where I should post this. Any help will be appreciated.
      · 4 replies
    • oakley104  »  Dnspy007

      Happy B-day, hoping you have a great day, enjoy !!!
      · 0 replies
    • Rob

      Anyone have parts for a M1.5t? 
      · 5 replies
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