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  2. Hi All - this might be in the wrong spot if so pls move. just got the above speakers hooked up to sunfire processor and amp. room is 33' by 26; vaulted ceiling (14"). carpets in front of speakers but all in all a bright room. speakers are off back and side walls by 5'. speakers are toed in and sweet spot is noticeable. looking for any tips on setup; speakers are a bit fatiguing for listening....might be sound bounce caused? thxs lee
  3. 1) Sound Rooms must be Open or Public. Closed or Private Rooms are not permitted. All Sound Rooms require approval from an Administrator. 2) The Sound Room owner, and who he chooses as Leaders, have moderation powers over their Room. All forum rules apply. Giving Room owners and leaders grief over moderated decisions, including removal of content, is prohibited. All members of a Room must accept that the Owners and Leaders of the Room have full control of the content posted. 3) Members should Report abusive posts. All complains should be reported to the forum moderators, not the Room Owners. 4) Please respect the rules and theme of the Room established by the Owner. Subversive behavior will be penalized. 5) Do not complain, report. Reporting problems to the moderators forces us to solve the issue. Complaining just makes you look...um...silly. Have fun! Hashy
  4. Oh crap.... I thought I could flirt with Raven privately here!?
  5. Thanks. We're still discussing this. The more feedback the better.
  6. This is nice....since many of my posts are off topic anyway!lol Thanks for doing this Greg!
  7. It's a valid concern, but obviously Sound Rooms are not intended to distract from the Main forum. What they do is give some members the chance to start a focus group where like-minded like-interested can gab about, while not consuming the main forum with chatter. They can moderate it themselves as well, and carry on with their interest without having to deal with uninterested chatter. Another way to look at it is a place for things like CarverFest to live. Multiple topics can be created about the event, and even add dates to the Sound Room calendar and files and galleries all related to CarverFest. This also gives the coordinators of the Carverfest a place to set the agenda by having full moderation of the topics and membership, and create an atmosphere totally dedicated to their event. I must clarify something about Sound Rooms: Private Rooms, that is, Sounds Rooms that are hidden and members must be invited, are NOT ALLOWED. My idea is more closely related to Sub-Forums, and not to be used as a tool to exclude people.
  8. This site on the other hand is exceptional to your point in that it is entertaining new ideas with willing participants. It is also a site being cared for and moved forward by a great group interested it's continued growth. That this test is being discussed in the open forum shows a growing interest with thought toward interesting ways of expanding to accommodate. I would just not want many to go behind the curtain and talking, while the main page becomes dull to new members or those entertaining membership.
  9. As forums age(and their participants) they tend to go by the wayside or morph into/onto something else like twitterbook. Many of my forums have become strictly social meeting places (to arrange get-togethers like SabMagNOE and CarverFest) as members have moved on to other bikes. Same people different rydes. Listeners tend to cycle gear and move on also so you'll see them come and go. Other than the CarverFest project amplifiers and Lightstar, I have no Carver gear in my home rig. I do however have a pile of it in the office. Right now its all about the tubes...... ray
  10. Would this create a loss to the main page topics, I wouldn't want to see it start to go more dormant like the other site.
  11. The Recently Posted In is a start, and when there is a lot of activity, you can still miss things. The very best way to stay plugged in is to use the Activity Stream. You can create your own streams as well, even activity on Sound Rooms that you are a member of. That way, you won't miss new topics. I'm hesitant about feeding Sound Rooms into the Recently Posted In because then it kinda interferes with the greater forum activity.
  12. Totally agree, however, you can't follow something if you don't know it exists. If new Sound Room topics are limited to only the sound rooms and removed from the main feed, it's difficult to keep current with new topics.
  13. Totally agreed with that concept. Used the "Favorite" thing in the old site to do what "Follow" in the new site does way better. Really like the new features you are turning on, Greg. Thanks for your patience as I learn them. ?
  14. You should follow content you are interested in. You can manage your followed content anytime in your profile. It's a super powerful feature of this website. Understood - that is what this test room is for! I'll make you a Leader so you can play with more of the tools.
  15. Got it! It was a conceptual thing - function of how I got there. When it jumped from the entry point to the Sound Room, my head was still back at the entry point. I entered through Browse -> Forums, in the "Recently Posted" list, I thought the "Test Thread" you started was just that, a topic in the normal place. I see now that it jumped into the sound room. It's just me. I can learn. I get it now. Thanks!
  16. When you enter the Room, you see the Activity Feed at the Home screen. You can click on one of the activity items to enter the room's forum (if it was a post), or you can go to the Room's Forum tab, in this case it is the 'blah blah' tab. Basically this is its own forum, it just displays a little different than the main one.
  17. I like it showing in the Recently Posted feed so it's easier to keep current without having to pop all over the site. I get what AJ is saying, it's the way it's displayed in the Sound Rooms area - almost like a summary of the topic, but not the topic itself.
  18. I don't understand what you mean by where to post? You are posting inside the room right now... This topic shows up in the Recently Posted feed, but that can be changed so that Sound Rooms don't do that.
  19. Thank you Greg. I had joined, my avatar is in the members list, and just re-checked. I'm still not seeing where to post. It's probably me, and I'm just missing it.
  20. That's because it is an 'open' Room - you can see its contents, but you have to join the Room before you can post. Yes.
  21. Interesting. When you are in the sound room, it presents the thread. But I didn't see a way to post to it, from within the sound room. I may have missed it. But, if it is a "test" of a new feature - just sharing that observation. I can see value. Wondered, however, if content is searchable..., say, if you (Greg) and I created a sound room to work on some project..., like an amp, or ??, and created some valuable thread that we then wanted to share, could that then be published as a normal thread or otherwise made accessible to the forum? ...sorry for the questions - just "testing." ?
  22. Sound Rooms are clubs for members to join. It creates a place for members to dedicate to something - especially for vendors. They can be 'open', like this one, where any member can join and see it, or they can be 'closed' so that members have to be invited, or they can be private, so that members have to be invited and only members can see it. And of course there are 'public' sound rooms where anyone can see and participate.
  23. If someone whips out a jar of Vaseline, I’m outta here....

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