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  2. It look like i will end up with this task if the wind didn't change... ( I have 2 inverting...) A diagnostic sequence and an MKII procedure for the M1.0T inverting... The winter will not be long enough ?
  3. Yes, most of the Tech oriented people here (myself, the mod team, the repair team, and others so inclined) are likely to be familiar with the technical differences Personally, of my four M-1.0t mk II, only one is inverting; i much prefer the non-inverting on both technical and performance merits. The service manual includes schematics for both versions; the differ considerably, and a new troubleshooting sequence (and expected results) would have to be imagined.
  4. Thank you for the answer ! Nobody have to work unless it's necessary... By the way, anyone ever studied the difference between the two beast ? I figure that the troobleshooting sequence are the same but we must adapt to some difference in the circuits. It will be helpfull to know if there is any difference in term of block diagram. ( I have two inverting...)
  5. There is no hope for such from me; maybe someone with more free time will do one, idk. The differences are substantial, but the theory of operation section is mostly valid, and the guide can be re-interpreted for the inverting version by those skilled in the art
  6. Hi, is there any hope for such guide for the M1.0T Inverting ??? Or the differences are not that big ??? Thank you very much, i will take one anyway !
  7. I've put the guides up for sale, again, although I agree with Greg that the human touch is more powerful, particularly with those not accustomed to the magnetic field operations. Any proceeds (I pay for shipping mailers, printing, binding and shipping) will be sent to Greg to support cee-bang. They are BOTH available here

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