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News, Products and Technology from todays Bob Carver Corporation founded by Bob Carver Feb 2022.
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  2. Agree. It will be back eventually. The Black Magic 25 is very nice as well. Impressive that economical 19lb amps can sound that good.
  3. It's a real shame if the 275 cannot continue on in some form as it really is a wonderful little amp and lets face it a lot of people simply cannot afford to wet their feet with a $5k amplifier.
  4. Customers are reporting back that Steve Guttenburg "nailed it" and is "right on" with his review of the RAM 285.. Steve sent the amp back after the review. Steve is an honest man. No strings attached. He serves his viewers well.
  5. This is the traceability issue with having many past licensed owners and the reason the Black Magic products, we hoped to continue, must end. The Crimson 275s were built in 3 locations. I have record keeping from none of them. Printed serial number stickers are easy to duplicate. The liability and warranty coverage became uncalculatable. Our warranties are long and iron clad. Many have expired by now. The products have proven very reliable. With Bob Carver LLC. and BC Audio LLC. founded by Bob, Peggy, Lerma and myself, we know our customers directly and we know our liabilities. We continue to update Crimson 275s from past companies at no charge in good faith. We offer service through our authorized service centers for Carver designed products going back to 1970. The RAM 285 is our first product. It will take us forward from here.
  6. What? They didn't use Nomex? A good cover should provide protection from house fires.😊
  7. It would have to be some material that doesn't shed any lint or particulates on its own. I'm thinking something like a black, thick Tyvek?
  8. I've used those covers on my tube amps. I don't like them. They start smoking after just a few minutes... What? Off when you use the amps? Never Mind!
  9. I think it's a great idea but I like looking at my M500t even when it's not being used. Can't get enough of the big meters. 😀
  10. Sounds like a good follow-up question? 😉 hell, why not see how low he'll go on the price, offer him a low-ball ... , indicating "since these are not really Bob Carver Amps..., and no 10 year warranty..., how about $950?
  11. Great idea. some simple percale, flannel, or even terry or light material (like what bed sheets are made of, for the top, sides, and back of the cover. The front might be something more interesting like quilted or? to dress up the background of the Bob Carver logo. ...in thinking about this - the back needs some flexibility stretch or elasticity, to deal with all the cabling and rats-nests we have acrued over the years.
  12. I have each of my Carver amps and preamps on individual shelves of my Sonus racks. They are not stacked. I like the idea of having component covers for my C-1, C-16, M1.0t, TFM-55 with a Carver logo embossed on the front....at an affordable price 😄
  13. I'd be interested in covers assuming reasonable pricing. In my mind, they wouldn't need to be anything fancy. Just a light cloth shield (that's washable) to keep dust at bay. Up here in the northeast it's not uncommon for homes to have forced hot-air heating. No matter how many filters are installed, it seems dust gets evenly distributed everywhere. And it's worse if you have pets. And regarding stacking, I'm re-thinking that. I have always stacked/racked my equipment - probably a holdover from my radio/recording studio days, but I keep thinking about a 2" floating walnut or cherry shelf where I could see/display the pieces. I think it would look striking. So a cover for the amp(s) and preamp would be a nice-to-have.
  14. I'm all for supporting the efforts of a person providing a service with a product that I feel protects my investment during the periods between use.
  15. I personally like looking at my amps, naked, out in the open (the amps, that is). My wife, on the other hand, would probably be all for covering them up when not in use.
  16. Excellent feedback. Thanks guys. It's great to have a group of people to bounce ideas around with. We are a small company and the multiple points of view at TCS are appreciated. Your thoughts and opinions are similar to the focus groups leveraged in larger companies. Thank for sharing your thoughts as always.
  17. The seller is EJ Sarmento dba wyred4sound in Atascadero, CA They also lifted the display pics from bobcarvercorp.com Is a cease-and-desist order in order?
  18. That's what I thought too, and it begs the next question: If they are new from you, why do they have the Carver logo on them?
  19. What about if the approach is "by platform"..., meaning, the footprint of these amps is close, right? (I'm not going and measuring mine at the moment..., but if the length and width is fairly standard, and the height, perhaps, for manufacturing simplicity, the design is 1x, 2x, or 3x height? Yes, I know the m500 is a tad taller, but may be close enough? What I'm thinking, @Ar9Jim, is if you made a standard cover option for SS gear, and sell it for 1-component, 2-component, or 3-component heights. Then put the Carver logo on the front, centered. Let buyers choose based on how tall their stack is in terms of the number of components high, they have in their stack. Just in general, though, for me, my rack is pretty tight, I couldn't slip them off and on easily. However, for anyone that has their stack on top of a piece of furniture, like, say a sideboard or table or?, they could easily cover and uncover their stack. ...just a thought, on how to make this simple, so you don't have to create a cover unique to each SS amp made. ...the issues? I see: 1. the m500 is slightly taller, as noted above. 2. the m500 has optional handles, changing the width - I would ignore this... 3. Some of the TFM amps (the 55 and 35, have optional handles affecting width. 4. Some components, like the SD/A 390t also have optional handles. 5. Some of the black faced components are taller than amps, e.g., a Tape Deck, 6. Some components have different depths, e.g., the SD/A 490t - easily hidden, so not really an issue. If volume (clarifying: the number of units!, not the audio volume LoL) is low, none of these would prevent a standardized amp cover from meeting the needs of a lot of amp owners. Worthless information, I'm sure - just a few thoughts worth absolutely nothing.
  20. Seems like in plain English, that's an admission that they are "counterfeit"..., and, well, who knows what is actually under the hood in the chassis. Could be left over parts for Bob's design..., might be Wyred4Sound's amp design..., or an abomination. Most buyers would not have a clue. Jim might have to change his phone number LoL!
  21. My thoughts... On a tube amp, they make some sense, but the other Carver amps (maybe with the exception of the M-400), they are often stacked. I have an M-1.0t, M-0.5t, M-500t, and several of the TFMs; I can see any application from my perspective. I couldn't use them even if I wanted as the amps are always stacked. Does anone stack an M-400? There may be an application there.
  22. Hello, We have been offering black amplifier covers for tube amps and customers like them. Obviously tube amps are not stackable and dusting them is not so simple. There was an Email asking if we had covers for the vintage M-500. We are not sure that a cover for vintage SS amps that are stackable is worth the effort. What says TCS focus group? Any suspected interest in a cover for M1.0t or M500 with the vintage CARVER logo and model # embroidered on the front?

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