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  2. Flyby of Jupiter aboard Juno, did you see the dolphin?
  3. WE all get depressed at times. The next time you are thinking its all a bit too overwhelming, or that the universe is against you, just remember: He probably wasn't thinking this way at the time, but since YOU are mass, the universe is always giving you a hug!
  4. It's always arousing when things turn out to be the opposite of what was expected (e.g. we'd thought that interstellar space would be even colder than interplanetary space, but it seems to be 54,000 degrees (F) at the heliopause) NASA’s Voyager 2 Discovers New Details About Interstellar Space
  5. Lord Huron - the night we met I had all and then most of you Some and now none of you Take me back to the night we met
  6. An alternative to String theory that has some merit
  7. Yeah, this stuff is crazy; total exposure with no buffer between your flesh and the ground.
  8. The flyers are getting an adrenaline rush from skimming mountain tops. It's all fine until you hit a down draft.
  9. I think Michael covered this in the clip I posted? Also, Dr. Hoffman brings up the issue in his video, and both seem to be indicating that the construct of a societal 'reality' has to exist, and other 'conscious agents' (as Hoffman puts it) are vital to the framework of reality. Couldn't it go the other way as well? It seems a very narcissist friendly ideology, and narcissists tend to be very ambitious?
  10. The world is real. Other people are real. Understanding this is part of a child's socialization. Solipsism is a primitive and passive belief used to justify a lifestyle of doing nothing.
  11. Thanks for posting this; Hoffman's ideas are fairly exotic, but (I think) reasonable.

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