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CarverFest is an annual get together of fellow Carver Sunfire and Phase Linear Audiophiles. CarverFest began in 2007 by Tom Trietz & James Sauter, and has been held every year since, in the Great Smokey Mountains of NC. There were 14 attendees that first year including Tom, James, Ray Campbell, Dave Sauter, Gary Gore and his son, Pam Klevenger, Skip Foley and Tim Hall, Mark Lucas. Help identifying the other four would be appreciated. We hope to be able to add a picture of some of the first group soon.
  1. What's new in this room
  2. All 3 Lofts are booked. Look forward to visiting with our Carverfest family. Tammy is in Loft #1, Don and Terri are in Loft #2 and Bob and Peggy are in Loft #3. As Ed mentioned, Keena is new so be patient with her. Very sweet lady but she is learning.
  3. I have not been able to get through to Keena on this line. The main number for Stonewood Cabins is 828-222-0802. Keena is struggling a little bit in her new role since Misty is no longer with Stonewood. Please be patent with her. Again, when you call to make your reservation know what rent you are anticipating from the calculator. If the amount she gives you is different by more than $50 bucks please ask her to recheck.
  4. Welcome to the CarverFest soundroom. I look forward to meeting you and your wife this Fall in Bryson City.
  5. Here is an open link to a Google Sheets copy. You won't need Excel to open it https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1qc7X7xEWD3LeCxyw6DNnZy1gE3YC5h92DsDIGCsS-Fs/edit?usp=sharing
  6. My wife and I would like to attend but I'm not sure if anything is still available. This would be our first stay so not sure how we would get on the list. Any help on this is appreciated.
  7. Cabin 2 - looks like RobertR is 2 weeks, and Angelo is 1st week, Greg/Jenny and Brian (B-Man) is week 2. So Robert is looking for another 1st weeker...
  8. Please proceed to get your deposits in. Give Keena a call or an email with your cabin number, check in day and checkout day. She will send you a rate quote. You can visit a link on the quote and get your 50% deposit paid. There was alittle confusion at first and some rates were quoted that were incorrect. Please let Keena know if the quote she gives is more than about $50 different than what the calculator indicated. She will correct. I think Bob and Carol win the price for the first to pay their deposit securing their spot. Please post here when you have put your deposit down so I can update the attender list. Here is the contact information again: Pam Delk - pam@stonewoodcabins.com - 904-318-6250 Keena Armachain - keena@stonewoodcabins.com - 828-237-1307
  9. New information……Bob and Peggy have decided to trade places with Jerry and Nikki. Bob/Peggy will be in one of the lofts and Jerry/Nikki will be in cabin 7. We are all pleased that Bob and Peggy are going to attend.👏
  10. We are all certainly hoping that Bob and Peggy attend this year. When I last spoke to Peggy a few days ago she was unsure. She still has some concerns about Covid and flying. Jerry and Nikki have expressed a desire to move to Cabin 7 on the off chance that it becomes available.
  11. No hope I can use this - nothing seemed to work, so I deleted it.
  12. Version 1.0.0


    Use this to estimate rate for any cabin any number of nights.
  13. Ok, we have rates for CF2022. With inflation and labor issues I was expecting an increase. Bottom line is your stay should be up 10% from last year. I was really expecting more. I am going to put an excel spreadsheet in the file section that will allow you to calculate a rate for any cabin by inputting the number of weekend nights (Fri / Sat) and the number of weekday nights. When you call to make your reservation the amount they tell should be very close to that estimate. If it is not please message me and let me know. The deadline for completing your commitment to attend is June 1. By this time you need to have contacted Watershed and finalized your reservation with a 50% deposit. This is a non-refundable deposit unless you purchase the trip insurance they offer. We have new contacts this year. Pam Delk - pam@stonewoodcabins.com - 904-318-6250 Keena Armachain - keena@stonewoodcabins.com - 828-237-1307 I will provide them with a list of renters by Cabin. If you are not on that list they will not accept your reservation. That list will be the current list that is in the Carverfest 2022 Cabin Reservation List on this forum. Please message me with questions. Ed
  14. I hope to have these rates and the Calculator posted in the next week. I am expecting an increase of about 10%.
  15. Ok. I am glad you are still planning to attend.
  16. Hello ED. Wanted to let you know that my wife and I found a campground on Fontana Lake about 10 minutes from the resort where we will be staying so we won't be in the cabin with Greg and Jenny.
  17. Okay thank you. I was confused by his user name here. Good news! Glad he is okay.
  18. We are in the process of locking down rates for 2022 and hope to have them in the next week or so. After we publish the rates we would like for everyone to reach out to Misty and firm up your reservation and put down a deposit by June 1 latest. All cabins are spoken for except for a couple of Treehouse units. It is important that those that are holding cabins proceed to commit so that others may move in the gaps if people back out.
  19. We have confirmed they Bob Schinske is fine.
  20. Greg, the only Bob that I know of is Bob Schimke wifes name is Carol.
  21. Somebody messaged us on FB and said that 'Bob from Michigan' passed away. I'm assuming this is Bob Smith? Can anyone confirm?
  22. Great. Thanks for the information. I will make sure it is documented as such. It will be great to see you back.
  23. Me, Harry and Mark will be in cabin 10 same as always, every other year. Ray will be cabin 6 full ride as usual. Thanks - didn't get any notification about this until today.
  24. Thanks. I have corrected the reservation list to reflect.
  25. James the discount structure is a little different now. There is a 40% discount for stays of 1 to 8 nights, 48% for stays of 9 to 13 nights, and 54% for 14 or more nights. There is an excel spreadsheet calculator that is updated each year that allows a user to plug in Cabin number and dates and get an estimate of the rental. It is usually accurate to within few dollars.

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