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About This Sound Room

CarverFest is an annual get together of fellow Carver Sunfire and Phase Linear Audiophiles. CarverFest began in 2007 by Tom Trietz & James Sauter, and has been held every year since, in the Great Smokey Mountains of NC. There were 14 attendees that first year including Tom, James, Ray Campbell, Dave Sauter, Gary Gore and his son, Pam Klevenger, Skip Foley and Tim Hall, Mark Lucas. Help identifying the other four would be appreciated. We hope to be able to add a picture of some of the first group soon.
  1. What's new in this room
  2. @sea Maybe you should suggest to the Watershed to take that old Airstream out of the lot down by Cabin 3, put full hook up in there and rent it out.
  3. Rob The last 2 times I have attended, I have flown into Knoxville so I can do Tail of the Dragon on the way in, and on the way out. It's so much fun. We always stop at Tapoco Lodge Resort (hwy 129) for lunch real good food and GREAT beer. Brian
  4. Thanks for the info. Just trying to determine if two birds can be killed with one shot, by making this a family trip. I'm the only one in the household interested in Hifi, haha.
  5. And just in case you want to do other things, there is rafting, kayaking, and hiking. You can also go to Cherokee NC or take 441 up and through the Smokey Mountains State Park over to Gatlinburg or Pigeon Forge TN. Plenty of family activities there to enjoy. It is definitely a great area to vacation and if you are into crazy road trips you can drive to the TAIL OF THE DRAGON. Check it out on YouTube. My wife and I drove it and it is wild.
  6. I was hoping one of the more frequent attendee's would chime in... Typically: Members will host "themed" meals on predetermined evenings at their cabins. Attendees typically "cabin hop" to spend time with each other - listening to the system or systems in their respective cabins. In past years - Bob would give a nice speech. There have been years when some dedicated members would put together kits - for attendee's to purchase and build. It's an amazing experience to build one of Bob's (or another members) design with them in the
  7. Itchitch, I appreciate the link to the cabins. Can someone share a typical itinerary/activities from a previous CF, speak to the overall going's on that happens over the course of the event? Is there an expectation/encouragement for participants to bring a system to share with others? Any pertinent info/tips/considerations for interested newbies?
  8. CS had a "sister site" that had much of the info you seek. Unfortunately it has been down for a while. The event takes place at Watershed Cabin in NC. The event is "organized" on this site... Here is a link to the you "attractions" in the area: https://www.watershedcabins.com/attractions.asp
  9. In my limited digging, I have yet to come across the proper forum. Is there a forum dedicated to CarverFest? I know basically nothing of the event and would like to learn more about it, specifically the logistics, events/activities, costs etc... to help determine if it's an option for me to attend a future event? Possible to make it a family (no HiFi interest) affair with other local attractions? Thanks in advance for your help.
  10. Jen and I will likely join RobertR in Cabin 2.
  11. Rob

    IMG_5315 2.JPG

    You are welcome. I placed the camera on a tripod and told people to use it and get pics but nobody did. I was hoping for more. But its all good.
  12. If Cabin 5 comes back, it may be worth a trip. 😉 Tentatively, yes!
  13. thanks for sharing
  14. I'd like to put my name on 11. I'm hoping someone wants to share. There are two bedrooms and a couple of futons. Must like dogs.
  15. I just called the camera shop and the film is finished. Tomorrow morning I will go get them and upload some pics. Hope they all turned out.
  16. Ray has contacted me and asked to place dibbs on Cabin 6 for 2021 leaving Cabin 11 up for grabs. RobertR has asked me put his name on Cabin 2.
  17. Cabins 5 and 3 are not owned by the main owners and have been excluded from our discount structure.
  18. Such a beautiful view!
  19. Please use this thread to confirm interest in particular cabins, questions, etc. CF2021 will officially run from September 8 to September 22.
  20. Just like last year this thread will be locked and will be updated as people express an interest to repeat in their cabins from last year or move to a cabin that was not occupied. CF2021 will officially run from Wed September 8 to Wed September 22. Cabin 1 Occupied in 2020 by Robert Anzaldua - Rob says they are coming back and will stay in 1 again. Cabin 2 RoberR has placed dibbs on Cabin 2 - Greg has said they plan to attend!! Cabin 6 Ray has placed dibbs on Cabin 6 Cabin 7 Eddie and Bob Cabin 8
  21. I started a gallery and posted a few pics. I did not have that many. Maybe some of you can upload a few.

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