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CarverFest is an annual get together of fellow Carver Sunfire and Phase Linear Audiophiles. CarverFest began in 2007 by Tom Trietz & James Sauter, and has been held every year since, in the Great Smokey Mountains of NC. There were 14 attendees that first year including Tom, James, Ray Campbell, Dave Sauter, Gary Gore and his son, Pam Klevenger, Skip Foley and Tim Hall, Mark Lucas. Help identifying the other four would be appreciated. We hope to be able to add a picture of some of the first group soon.

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  2. The new agreement is posted in the files area...... Here is a link also...... Carverfest Watershed Agreement 5.27.20.pdf
  3. Version 1.0.0


    This is a new agreement with Covid-19 related information included.
  4. Ok. I have had a discussion with Watershed today. They are open for business and looking forward to our event. They were totally booked for Memorial Day weekend. There will an update agreement posted soon but here are the major points discussed today. Our main contact is changing to a lady named Ashlee Nelson. I think she is in the downtown office. It sounds like the Drinkwater's now have control of that office as well. We will have her direct phone extension and email. Our official deadline for reservations and 50% deposits is still July 1. However they are asking that we make reservations sooner if we can. They will put in the new agreement that deposits WILL BE refunded if Watershed is compelled to close by the govt or if anyone who make a reservation is in an area with an imposed travel ban. I will be providing them with a list of renters soon. One thing to remember is they holding the 7th and 8th. It is possible that someone would come in for labor day and stay until Wed morning. Our hold only covers September 9 through 22. I plan to go ahead and make my reservation early June. I have already booked labor day weekend. Watershed has increased their cleaning fees by 20% due to more intense cleaning because of Covid19. I asked them to waive this and in doing so agreed to not have the cleaning every 5 days. I think most of us did not really want them coming in every few days anyway. We will still have a contact for maintenance issues like firewood, propane, Garbage etc. I will post the revised agreement as soon as I get it. Ed
  5. I have spoken to RobertR and he is not attending unless he changes his mind. Greg and Jenny are also not attending. Greg told me they were doubtful even before Covid and the fire on their property. I will update the reservation list according. This means that currently cabin 2, cabin 6 and one treehouse are available.
  6. Is there a definitive initial deposit deadline set yet?
  7. It is only 112 days to the official start of CF2020.
  8. Ray and Mike were going to move to 12 but will stay in 11 where they were last year.
  9. Thats bad news, had Ray & Mike booked cabin 12 or cabin 11 Brian
  10. We are about 6 weeks away from the deadline to book and put down a deposit. I know that things are still somewhat unsettled but hopefully becoming clearer by the day. I would like to send Watershed an updated projection and list of renters in about a week. Right now all cabins are spoken for except one Treehouse and Cabin 6. Please reply to this thread with your intention as to Check in and Check out date.
  11. Randi and I have made the decision that we are going unless things get way worse than they are now. I fully expect that as the next 6 weeks go by things will become a lot clearer and CF can go on as planned.
  12. If you have not heard, Cabin 12 was lost to fire on March 13.
  13. It’s likely I will not come, if I do, it will be a day trip like cf15! Depends upon how things work out, and if unemployment comes through!
  14. I know that things are still up in the air but perhaps starting to settle down. I am still hopeful that we will be able to proceed with CF as planned. I want to start adding a few details to the Reservation List. Please respond to this thread or send me a PM with dates you plan to reserve assuming conditions allow.
  15. I think I seen #11 was open am I correct? if so put me down for that one.
  16. This is the way it works. You should go to the reservation thread and state your preference for an open Cabin. I will put your name by that cabin on the locked reservation list. That holds the cabin you for the time being. David will accept reservation requests based on a list that we provide. This is to insure cabins are left available for returning members. What cabin are you interested in?
  17. Thanks for the info. I just emailed David and we will see what happens.
  18. Welcome to the group. Right now Carverfest is dependent on the country opening back up. We are hopeful. If everyone follows through there is one treehouse (no lofts) and Cabin 1 in addition to a couple of larger cabins. Go to the Files Section of the soundroom and you will see some more information about CF and a tool to help you calculate rents for possible stays. We would love to have you. It is an event like no other.
  19. There may be a treehouse or possibly a loft available those are the smaller units dogs are allowed at an additional charge
  20. Are there any cabins or treehouses available?
  21. I am very curious about this Carverfest. I have a few questions about it and I see that the deadline for initial deposit was moved out to July 1st. Was wondering if there are any cabins open and if small dogs are welcome.

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