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CarverFest is an annual get together of fellow Carver Sunfire and Phase Linear Audiophiles. CarverFest began in 2007 by Tom Trietz & James Sauter, and has been held every year since, in the Great Smokey Mountains of NC. There were 14 attendees that first year including Tom, James, Ray Campbell, Dave Sauter, Gary Gore and his son, Pam Klevenger, Skip Foley and Tim Hall, Mark Lucas. Help identifying the other four would be appreciated. We hope to be able to add a picture of some of the first group soon.
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  2. We are pretty full at this point, if everyone follows through. I am working on rates with the owners. We did not have an increase last year. The rates were the same for two straight years. My initial conversations are pointing towards about a 5%. I will finalize soon and post a new copy of the calculator. On another note....I spoke to Peggy and Bob Carver a few days ago. She was very adamant that they would be there this year. I hope they follow through.
  3. That is great news. I am very pleased that you are planning a return. I look forward to seeing you again.
  4. Hi, I would like to request a Treehouse for the full 14 days. TIA, Steve
  5. Hi Ed, yes, I do expect to return and thank you for reserving Treehouse C for me. My current expectation is that we will be there for the final weekend, at least, as we were last year. So, likely a Wed 11th through Sunday 18th stay. But, we may stay longer.... all depends on my work schedule. Mark me for those days, and if anyone else is trying to get in, Treehouse C can be available before/after 11-15th. Thanks for all you do to organize this.
  6. Cabin 1 Doug has dibbs Cabin 2 RobertR has dibbs Cabin 5 Could be available with special arrangements with Tim's group Cabin 6 Ray has dibbs Cabin 7 Jerry and Nikki have dibbs Cabin 8 Ed and Randi have dibbs Eric and Lori Ann will join Cabin 9 Martin and Charlie have dibbs Cabin 10 Harry, Carollee and Mark have dibbs Cabin 11 Kirk and Russ have dibbs Treehouse A Greg and Jenny have requested. Treehouse B Bob and Carol have Dibbs Treehouse C Kurt Schieding has dibbs Treehouse D Brian T and Patricia have dibbs Loft 1 Tammy has dibbs Loft 2 Don and Terri have dibbs Loft 3 Peggy and Bob Carver have dibbs
  7. Please use this thread to request cabins and ask general questions about reservations, etc. I have listed last year's attendee that will have dibbs. Please let me know as soon as possible if you intend to repeat in your cabin.
  8. Carverfest Cabin Reservation Rules and Guidelines The following is an attempt to update and state more simply and succinctly the guidelines going forward. The changes are intended to protect previous attenders but also leave room for newcomers to attend and establish their claim for future years. 1. Members who have rented a cabin the previous year for a stay of at 7 or more nights, of the official 14 Carverfest nights, will have the undisputed right to the same cabin the following year as long as a stay of 7 or more nights is again planned. The intent to exercise this right must be communicated by March 1 of the upcoming year. 2. Generally if a member skips a year, said member will lose their rights under this Rule. Exceptions may be granted for severe health conditions, health concerns or other extreme and unusual circumstances. 3. Members who have rented a cabin the previous year for a stay of at least 7 or more nights, of the official 14 Carverfest nights, will have the right to claim any other cabin that meets any of the following criteria assuming a stay of 7 or more nights is again planned, a. The cabin was empty the previous year b. The cabin was occupied for fewer than 7 nights of the official 14 Carverfest nights the previous year. c. The previous year occupant is moving to another cabin or has declared they will not exercise their rights under Rule 1. 3. In the event Rule 2 applies, precedence will be given on a first request basis. Request must be made in a public post to the Carverfest Reservations thread or communicated to the designated coordinator who will in turn post in the Carverfest Cabin Reservations thread. (added for those that might not have the ability or desire to visit the forum) 4. It is important that we have some rules and guidelines but the over riding intent is to protect members that have stayed for any period of time the previous year. They will have the right to any otherwise unspoken for cabin for the same time period if is not claimed under Rule 1 or Rule 2. In other words a newcomer will not take precedence over a prior year attender under any circumstance. VERY IMPORTANT NOTE CONCERNING THE TREEHOUSES AND LOFTS Music in the Lofts must be kept very low unless all three lofts are occupied by our group. It is our general consensus that the only pecking order that exists is one of common sense. Complete consideration will be given to previous year cabin occupants. Previous occupants will be given sufficient time to state to their intentions to attend again before a cabin is allotted to a newcomer. There have been issues in previous years with loud music in the Treehouses. Going forward the rule concerning systems in the Lofts and Treehouse units will be strictly enforced. Unless all Treehouse units are occupied by our group no music loud enough to be heard in adjacent units will be allowed. The same rule applies to the lofts. Music in the Treehouse rentals must be kept very low unless all four Treehouse units are occupied by our group.
  9. Well, it is time to start thinking about and making plans for Carverfest 2024. This will be the 18th edition of the longest running audio festival event of its kind. Please watch here as I will be posting cabin reservation information, etc, Carverfest 2024 will take place again at Watershed Resort (part of Stonewood Cabins) near Bryson City NC. The event will run officially from Wed September 4th through Wednesday September 18th. You certainly do not have to stay 14 days, many come for a long weekend or only 6 or 7 nights. We get significant discounts that are more attractive the more days you stay. You can actually enjoy these rates from Tues night, September 3rd through the end of September.
  10. I again want to say thanks to all who attended for showing such great hospitality to me and my wife. It was my first time to attend and I truly enjoyed it. Mostly, I enjoyed meeting like-minded folks who love music and high quality audio. Just a super bunch of people, all around. And, the location is great, too. The cabins are very nice, and the Smoky Mountains are great for scenery and adventure activities, and Bryson City is even a nice little town to visit. I'd love to come back again next year to stay a bit longer and bring some of my own gear to show others. Thanks again to all who organized the event and all who made us newbies feel very welcome.
  11. Sorry I could not attend, It has been a while. Thank you Carol for the FB pics.
  12. Well after much anticipation CF23 is quickly coming to an end. The last few groups will be leaving the mountain in the next day or so. By my count, we had a total of 38 attend for some portion of the event. While we have not kept exact records over the years, I think this is the most since perhaps the 275 amp build year. It is certainly the most since covid (2020). We had a bunch of good food. The entire group was hosted for dinner 5 different nights. For the fourth straight year, The Stonewood group hosted a Saturday night party with great BBQ Chicken and Ribs along with live music. It was a great time. One big negative was Bob Carver was not able to make it. We are already hoping that he can attend next year. We had one newcomer and his wife, Kurt and Beth. We are certainly expecting and hoping that they return next year. I would like to invite others that attended to add comments to this thread. Positively stated suggestions for improvement are also welcome. Mark your calendars, CF24 will be September 4 to September 18, 2024.
  13. Guess you mean Cabin 10? If there were a Cabin 20, that really would be different... See you soon, wherever. RR
  14. We are down to about 20 days!!!! It is looking more like Bob may actually make it. Remember, while most of the cabins are spoken for there are several nice reasonably priced hotels close by. We welcome day guests. If you live close by (or not) drop in. The best time if you can only pop in for a day or so is the second weekend, Sept 15-17. The Stonewood Cabin owners throw a very nice party for us Sept 16 evening. Good food and a cover band.
  15. Thank you @jazzman53! We are looking forward to it! I may be bringing some of my DIY speakers with me... (if I can manage to actually get my projects done, lol). And, I would love join you all for some hiking. I'm not fast either :).
  16. Hi Kurt, It will be a nice to welcome you new folks to the Fest. There are no official names for clan (or at least none I would care to repeat in polite company)... maybe we can come up with some 🙂 Some of us hike the local trails at the crack of dawn almost every morning at the Fest, and we'd love to have you join us, although we may be too slow for you (I'm 70). I've noted in a couple of your posts that you have a DIY sub and other projects going, and there are several other DIY guys here (me too) so the Fest should be great fun this year, as usual. We'll be looking to see on the 14th! Charlie
  17. I will be bringing one of the unsold pairs of my Jazzman MkIII electrostats, which will be for sale ($5k, non-negotiable). I had earlier announced that I would sweeten the deal by throwing in my older pair of Ripol subs. However, I just sold those subs so the only sweetener is the price. I will also be bringing three TFM-25 amps, a Logitech Transporter, a DBX Venu 360 DSP/Crossover, and my sexy new Ripol subs.
  18. one month from today, I will be arriving in Bryson City. Can't wait to see all of you.
  19. I am bringing a pair of AL3's. There has not been pair of AL3's at CF in the 9 years I have been going. These have a little problem, and I am hoping to lean on some of you to help me solve the problem. They sound great and perform well as long as you use a powerful amp. I will probably bring a 400x7 and undecided on the preamp as of now.
  20. I look forward to meeting all you famous Carverites for the first time (Carver Fans? Carverheads?...... is there an official name for members of this clan?). My wife, Beth, and I will be in the treehouse 14-17th. We're gonna try to do some hiking while there, too. If there is any event or arrangements I can help with, let me know. I am an above average cook....and an even better grocery shopper. I'm glad to contribute in any way. My best talent is listening to and appreciating great sounding music :).
  21. I look forwatd to seeing everyone again. Cabin 20 usually has something cooking, but it will be a bit different this year, so we will keep everyone posted as time goes on.
  22. As we quickly approach CF2023 I wanted to start discussions concerning planned get togethers. Randi and I will host our annual seafood boil Monday evening Sept 11. I am just going to prepare for everyone that is scheduled to be there at that point so no RSVP required. I will reach out to Stonewood and get a count from them. Look forward to seeing and visiting with all of you plus our Stonewood friends. Mike has told me that Stonewood Cabins will again host us for a last Saturday night party at The Yard. I am hopeful they will have Sugar and her group performing again. I know BobS is hoping so as well. This is Saturday September 16. I am hoping to twist Don's arm to host an around the Loft Firepit get together. We can make this a simple bring your drink of choice affair. It was so much fun last year as we gathered there and remembered some of our old friends that have been lost. More on a date for this later. If others of you want to host an event and publicize in advance, please post here. Sometimes lunches or dinners are impromptu with last minute word of mouth invites and that is fine also.
  23. Just about 4 weeks from the start of CarverFest 2023. We have almost all of the cabins rented. For the first time since I have been attending the Treehouse Units are full, at least for the peak (last) weekend. We are delighted that BrianT and Patricia are returning for the first time in several years. We also have first timers in two of the Units, Andrew Bolen and Kurt Shhielding. It is great to have new people. 3 of the 4 Treehouses are only rented for the Sept 14-17. There is still the opportunity for others to take advantage of the earlier days, like the weekend starting Friday, Sept 8. I just got off the phone with Bob and Peggy. There is still a chance Bob will make it for a few days. More as I know more.
  24. Here we are a few weeks away from another CarverFest. The early comers will start arriving on the mountain almost exactly one month from now.
  25. Five weeks until Carverfest 2023! FYI: I will be bringing an pair of Jazzman MkIII ESL's which in new-unused condition and will be for sale. Sorry Kirk-- I just sold the pair of used RiPol subs I was going to throw in as a package deal. You should have bought them when you had the chance (you snooze, you lose). Here's the For Sale notice:
  26. Good morning All, We are only 128 days away from CF23. It is shaping up to be one of the better attended in the last few years. We are very happy to have Kirk and his group in Cabin 11 again this year. We also have two newcomers for the Treehouses for the last weekend. All Treehouses will be occupied the last weekend. Again, don't let the lack of cabin space keep you away. The cabin owners also own several cabins that are off the resort but close by and there are several hotel options. We would love to have many more newcomers. Ed

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