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CarverFest is an annual get together of fellow Carver Sunfire and Phase Linear Audiophiles. CarverFest began in 2007 by Tom Trietz & James Sauter, and has been held every year since, in the Great Smokey Mountains of NC. There were 14 attendees that first year including Tom, James, Ray Campbell, Dave Sauter, Gary Gore and his son, Pam Klevenger, Skip Foley and Tim Hall, Mark Lucas. Help identifying the other four would be appreciated. We hope to be able to add a picture of some of the first group soon.

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  2. Well we are getting close. Only 42 days until the official start of CF2020 on Sept 9. We have a good group planning to come but will miss a few regulars that could not make it for various reason. The reservation list is accurate as far I have been informed. There are still 2 Tree House units empty, unless Watershed has rented to general public. We would love for a couple of you to make last minute plans and attend.
  3. Saturday is the last day to order and pay for Carverfest T-Shirts, etc. Don't miss out!!
  4. Sent you a PM with your total.
  5. Ed Can you please get me 1 x Large Black 1 x Large Ice Grey Shipping to the Great Whit North K1B 4L2 Let me know what the bill is and I will pay you by PayPal. Brian
  6. Ed, T shirt order as follows: Men’s (1) XL and (1) M in Charcoal Heather, (2) 2XL in Navy Women’s (1) M in Navy, (1) L in Purple and (1)2XL in White All in number #2 option Thank you Ed for taking on this project once again. Don
  7. OK, Here's our For Delivery order: Val: One Ladies M in LIME. One Medium CHARCOAL Sweatshirt. Kevin: Two Men's 2XL in CHARCOAL HEATHER, Two Men's 2XL in NAVY, and Two Men's 2XL in DEEP RED. One 2XL CHARCOAL Sweatshirt. Ruby: Nothing at the moment. Seven T-shirts, Two Sweatshirts, Nine pieces in all. Full Graphics on all. I'll send you $200, extra postage is expected. If it's more, let me know. Ed, Thank you for your efforts! We really appreciate you! RIP, Wayne.
  8. Harry Williams has correctly pointed out that my prices at the top said tax included. If I have sent you a message with your total please deduct the sales tax. It will be simply the sum of the items listed. Two of you have already paid I will be returning your sales tax via PayPal.
  9. Sorry for another question. I am assuming she wants the ladies T. Correct?
  10. Black caps and yes on the small.
  11. What color Caps? Also XS is not an option. Small is the smallest for ladies. Is that ok?
  12. We would like the T's mine being XL and her's XS. Both of ours will be black and we also would like 2 caps. With all logo's.
  13. My order is all Mens shirts/with logo on front CF info on back and Wayne on the arm. 1 Ash grey XL 1 Kelly green XL 1 Teal 2XL 1 Lime 2XL 1 Charisma coral 2XL 1 Charcoal sweat 2XL
  14. There is clearly enough interest to proceed with taking orders. I know that many of you already responded on the other post with the items you would like bit please reply here again. Please revert to the other post for questions and comments. Reserve this post for just orders. That will help me keep it straight. I have also decided to open up the Men's and Ladies' T's to all of the color options. I am posting the links below again for color selections. The sweatshirts will still be limited to Navy and Charcoal. The Caps will be limited to Black and White and will have embroidered logo. It will look like this.....caps.pdf Prices: Men's T's - $13 each with a $3 upcharge for sizes larger than XL Ladies' T's - $15 each with a $3 upcharge for sizes larger than XL Sweatshirts - $23 each with a $3 upcharge for sizes larger than XL Caps - $17 each The shirts and sweatshirts can be ordered two ways. 1. Carver Logo on front pocket area ONLY! 2. Carver Logo on front, CF info on back and RIP Wayne King message on upper Arm area. Here are the links to see the t-shirt colors. Men's https://www.hanes.com/hanes-beefy-t-crewneck-short-sleeve-t-shirt.html Women's https://www.mygildan.com/store/us/brows ... ctId=5V00L I would like to place order by August 1. Please respond to this thread with you order. I have included sales tax and setup fees in the above prices. However, as in the past each order should have $4 added to it to cover the cost of at least one shirt for Bob and Peggy. If you do not specify shirts and sweatshirts will be provided with front logo, back CF info and RIP graphic. if you are not attending I will still accept you order. These will be shipped after CF. Please add $15 to cover the cost of medium flat rate USPS shipment. I know this seems is complicated and I apologize. You should be on my end of it.🤯 Ed
  15. Yes. I think the caps will be very similar to that.
  16. Ladies Tees Pink XL, Sapphire XL Men's Tees Black 2XL, Charcoal 2XL All with Black and a White Hat......Depending on the style of cap......Are they going to be a low profile cap? Something like this would be great...... Thanks ED, for making this happen again...
  17. Great Idea, Ed. KISS, is good, your color choices are a good selection. Please put me down for 1 - Mens T-shirt - XL - Charcoal Heather 1 - Mens Sweatshirt - XL - Charcoal 1 - Ball Cap - Black 1 - Ball Cap - White Thank you for doing the legwork on this, it's not easy, I am sure.
  18. I booked Cabin 11 last week. Thanks for the help Ed! ray
  19. I'm in for 4 tees and a sweatshirt, size XL: Tees: ash, daffodil yellow; maroon, white, Sweatshirt: Charcoal
  20. I'm good for 4 in 2XL men's T's, 2 in charcoal heather, two in purple.
  21. I'm in on a couple of T-shirts Ed. ray
  22. My wife and I are interested in a couple T's and cap for myself.
  23. Yes, like the KISS principle. Also, love the RIP honoring our dearly departed friend Wayne. He will certainly be missed at CF this year by all. Thanks Ed for putting all of this together. The Deal’s are definitely in if you move forward.

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