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About This Sound Room

CarverFest is an annual get together of fellow Carver Sunfire and Phase Linear Audiophiles. CarverFest began in 2007 by Tom Trietz & James Sauter, and has been held every year since, in the Great Smokey Mountains of NC. There were 14 attendees that first year including Tom, James, Ray Campbell, Dave Sauter, Gary Gore and his son, Pam Klevenger, Skip Foley and Tim Hall, Mark Lucas. Help identifying the other four would be appreciated. We hope to be able to add a picture of some of the first group soon.

  1. What's new in this room
  2. It'll be good to have you back!! How long do you plan to stay? Any idea what you might bring in the way of a rig? ray
  3. As far as I know Treehouse C was empty las year. I will put you down for it.
  4. Jerry and Niki would like to come back this year. We would like to get into a tree house if any are available. Possibly C?
  5. Welcome JerryJ12 to the Carverfest Soundroom!!!!
  6. Welcome Randi to the soundroom!!
  7. Welcome to all of our new members. The latest is Bob and Bob and Carol. Treehouse dwellers. All should help spread the work to previous CF attendees to join here.
  8. Russ (Unclemeat) emailed and ask me to put a hold on Treehouse C. Bob and Carol contacted me yesterday and confirmed that they were planning on Treehouse B again.
  9. Please reach out to him and encourage them to attend. My last conversation with him did not sound promising. I hope they end up coming.
  10. If Al & Mel are taking cabin 6, and they still have room for me 2rd week I would love to join them, and hopefully Frankie. Brian
  11. Same as last time, a few days on the futon couch!
  12. I just posted a new topic called Reservation List. This is a locked thread that I will update as people express interest or make reservation. Keep posting to this topic and I will update the locked thread. I am still waiting to hear back from the cabin owners concerning reservation procedures. I am pretty sure it will be in the next few days.
  13. This will be a continually updated cabin listing. You cannot post to this topic. To express interest in a cabin or discuss reservation related issue.....post to the Reservation Discussion topic. Cabin 1 Empty last year - Up for Grabs Cabin 2 Last year occupied by RobertR, Greg and Jenny, BMan (No word from them yet) Cabin 3 Empty last year - Up for Grabs Cabin 5 Empty last year - Kevin has feelers out to try and put together a group Cabin 6 Last year occupied by Al, FrankieD and BrianT (No word from them yet) Cabin 7 Last year occupied by Eddie and Bob - expecting them again - not sure of dates yet Cabin 8 Last year occupied by Ed and Randi - planning to come in 2020 Cabin 9 Last year occupied by Martin and Charlie - expecting them again - not sure of dates yet Cabin 10 Last year occupied by Harry, Carollee and Mark - expecting them again - not sure of dates yet Cabin 11 Last year occupied by Ray and Mike. Will not stay in tis cabin 2020. Up for Grabs Cabin 12 Empty last year. Spoken for by Ray and Mike Treehouse A Last year occupied by Doug Henderson. He is planning to attend again!! Treehouse B Last year occupied by Bob and Carol. They are planning to attend again!! Treehouse C Empty last year (??) - Up for Grabs Treehouse D Empty last year. Russ (Unclemeat) has asked to hold this cabin Loft 1 Last year occupied Eric and Lori Ann - They are planning to attend 2020 Loft 2 Last year occupied Don and Terri - They are planning to attend 2020 Loft 3 Last year occupied Wayne and Tammy - Hopefully Tammy is attending again Watershed Pointe Empty last year (??) - Up for Grabs
  14. I believe I would be interested in a bunk for a few days.
  15. Group photo from the first Carverfest in 2007. I am told there were a total of 14 attendees. I know that Mark Lucas was there but not at the time of this photo. Perhaps one of the old timers can identify the persons in this pic.
  16. Just a quick update. I have spoken to the Watershed owners again. We are continuing to work out details and should be able to communicate specifics next week.
  17. Feel free to use the Pics on DVD's I gave out on the Carverfest I went to to this room.
  18. sea

    Carverfest 2019

    I wonder how many of those hats he has!!
  19. Count Lori Ann and myself for Loft 1. I may or may not be proudly representing a stack of Kingman's Phase Linear gear! WooHoo!
  20. If we have cabin 5 I’ll be there!
  21. Terri and I plan on being in 1 of the lofts again.

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