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  3. Dr. Hook And The Medicine Show The Cover Of The Rolling Stone
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  6. I see a lot of great movies in this thread. And there seems to be a possible underlying Mel Gibson theme? Why am I not surprised? (I've said it before--this site/ forum is just plain full of cool dudes). Here are a couple that I feel don't get as much credit as they deserve: This is a gem of a movie that never got the respect I thought it deserved. I've always thought Alec Baldwin's performance was Oscar worthy. It's cool as shite from the first lick of Norman Greenbaum's "Spirit in the Sky" over the opening credits. I think it just veered a little bit too whack
  7. Watched this from Amazon Studios, last night. slow at first, but once you settle in, it unfolds..., having gone through similar things the main character goes through, both literally and figuratively (not for writing down here)..., this movie kept me up most of the night thinking about it, and reliving my own casket-side experience. One can and likely will pick up widely varying and different messages - depending on your perspective and experience. I do think it is worth watching, if nothing else, to get more people thinking, who have forgot. Starring Steve Carell, Laurence Fish
  8. Incubus 11 AM (LIVE HQ Los Angeles California)
  9. That conrad-johnson EV-1 phono preamp showed up today and what an upgrade from the Jolida. You can't really review a component in a vacuum but this mated up so well with the other stuff this stereo finally sounds the way I wanted it to. There's more depth, more detail, it's tonally balanced so it's not too lush or too strident, dynamics are there if the piece requires it, it just really complemented the rest of the system. I could never get that turntable to sound quite right and the culprit was the Jolida. How this would match with somebody else's system I can't say but
  10. I'm listening to the sounds of 1984.... on the medium I had at that time. That's right- cassette tape. Believe it or not, it doesn't sound too bad. Even without the Dolby Noise Reduction turned on, lol.
  11. When I think about updating/refreshing my Polk SDA-1C speakers' crossovers..., I have the same feeling that arrests me in my tracks before I spend a few hundred dollars on caps and components and what not..., just send the crossovers out, have the guy that did 100s of these with volume-purchased components, and be done with it..., I still have yet to do that..., so the SDAs sit.
  12. I just remembered, the fellow who runs the conrad-johnson forum was one of the first guys to modify the Jolida JD-9 and he sent me a link to parts and whatnot. Okay, I can do that and then I started pricing caps and op amps and decided this is stupid, it looks like around $400 for a bag of parts to dink around with so just bite the bullet and buy something more upscale and get it over with.
  13. Top Dead Center...Kevin Cameron; technical but very interesting.
  14. It should be here Wednesday, I'm looking forward to hearing it. I think it'll be a good match with the CJ-5 and Ortofon 2M Black cartridge. The fellow I'm getting it from used it for a bit, bought a different (more expensive) c-j phono stage and kept this as a back up. He put in new tubes, played it for a few hours to make sure it worked okay and to me it comes. I would have preferred a gold face but the one on eBay was too beat up and has a duff tube, one I was looking at on Usaudiomart was gone so black will be fine. I'll hang onto the Jolida as I'll
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