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    Just Enough

    Carver restoration by Greg
  4. “You’re only as good as your last envelope.” — Silvio Dante
  5. I want to shout out to the person or people that thought enough of me to give an award. I just seen it in my email and it was a pleasant surprise. Thank you so much. |-|

  6. "Whatcha gonna do?" Tony Soprano I saw another instance of 2 day delivery taking two weeks. I guess they using Lunar days,
  7. Welcome corkdust. Good to see another 895 owner.
  8. Hi Corkdust!!!! Welcome. You will like this group. Lots of talent, humor and always a willingness to help each other. It's a fun place to hang and be well entertained by some damn nice guys. Cant wait to see that gear that you have there!!!
  9. Joe Jackson Nineteen Forever (LIVE Letterman)
  10. My TWO DAY delivery from CO to MA
  11. Sorry but I am doing it again. I have to many cans that I can't return so we have decided to change our habits.
  12. Im living the SAD LIFE as I have no more beer
  13. There is a company in Richmond va that is/was supposed to be very good at doing. this. They used to be on one of my routes but I'm drawing a blank on the name. If you'd like I'll try to dig them up.
  14. We did all of ours at Costco. Not that much money and they came out great.
  15. I listed it on eBay today at noon and someone paid full price before I got out of work. $475.
  16. I went up in the attic at my mom's place 2 weeks ago and gathered a ton of equipment. Found three 8 mm bell & howe projectors which all work, slide projectors, three different camcorders from different eras, at least a hundred VHS tapes with movies on starting from 1980. Also, ton of audio gear from the 70s and 80s. Found my mother's wedding on 8mm film from 1955. I purchased a Magnavox VHS to DVD converter and have burned about 25 DVD' so far. I'm also looking at the wolverine 8 mm machine that will convert 8 mm tape to a flash drive. I heard that machine is very slow. Are there any other machines that will convert 8 mm film to DVD like the machine I have for VHS?? I have not found anything yet. My mother will be tickled pink when she sees all these videos especially her wedding.
  17. Group: Aging Album: Sentenced to Love Track: Beneath Heaven
  18. Welcome! Looking forward to your post.
  19. Yesterday
  20. Welcome to the site Corkdust! When you get a chance post some pics of your system! We like all things Carver and everything else.......grin
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