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  1. Today
  2. Welcome aboard. Nice to have you here.
  3. Welcome @N58RG! Glad you found us...
  4. RBQ

    Clean M1.5t

    I love this amp. Before I put the cover back on I ordered the small caps for the power board and a few resistors that are running about 170-190 degrees. Maybe that’s normal but just in case. Other than that, it’s a nice addition.
  5. Welcome N58RG! I currently have a TFM45 at Nelion … and THANKS for the Reminder! I have two M400t’s that I keep meaning to email him about to get on their list.
  6. Welcome. Both the C1 and M1.5t may need to be refreshed.
  7. Yesterday
  8. Using the c1 preamp, the adcom didn’t have this issue, it had a different slight noise, I also have an old onkyo m501 amp I’ve had for 15 years and hooked it up and no noise at all so I feel I’ve eliminated the power outlet as a source for the noise and the speakers seem to be not doing it.
  9. Happy Birthday, even playing the blues - live it up!
  10. I'll order you some more halo polish, Dennis! @2muchbass, did you have the low volume quirk with the Adcom amp, or just now with the Carver? And out of blatant nosiness (I can't even justify it as just curiosity), what pre are you feeding things with?
  11. There's always got to be one, who drags us back to reality! 😆
  12. Welcome to the forum Sir… Glad to have you aboard….
  13. Welcome !!! You can't do better than Nelion for your audio needs - even if we are a bit biased here... 😀 Whatcha flying ?
  14. Yeah, screw all that welcome Chris crap - let's see some pics of the SS !!!!
  15. I happened on the Carver Site while researching info on Carver receivers. I have a M-400t that I have had from new that I just had refurbished at Nelion. Good folks. I have a reservation to have my Crown SL-2 Preamp refurbed as well by Nelion. Just finished upgrading my Klipsch LaScalas with Eliptrac 400 horns and ALK crossovers. Now making some Frankenscalas with the old parts for my hangar to be powered by a MXR 900 I bought but haven’t received just yet. Fingers crossed.
  16. Welcome @2muchbass! Congrats on your Carver equipment acquisition Search the site and read up on the BillD mod for your C-1 and Nelion's MKII upgrade for the M-1.5t. Just saying...not trying to be an enabler 😂
  17. Welcome @2muchbass We're glad you found us! There are many techs here onsite that should be able to help you with your situation if you dn't find a solution readily...
  18. Another year younger, and deeper in ribbons! 🎂
  19. It’s all original as far as I know, normal to loud it seems to sound fine, the issue I have is at low volume. When pre is volume all way down I can still slightly hear it when get close to speaker, it also has a distortion to it. A slight buzz coming out if it too, I switched the speakers and it’s still there . Once volume is up a little bit it sounds fine
  20. Welcome to the site! Every addiction starts somewhere, and that's a great place to start! Have fun, join in the discussions, and enjoy, the music.
  21. Welcome to the site! Is it possible to have too much bass? Welcome too, to owning Carver gear - I'll warn you, now, it IS addictive. I'm not sure what state you amp is in, but if it hasn't been refreshed (caps, etc.) that could explain any lack you may find it may have. In the mean time, have fun experimenting, join in on the fun, and take time to enjoy the music!
  22. Looks nice, I just bought the same type amp a few weeks ago
  23. New member here. Just bought my first set of carver gear. Got a M1.5t, c1 pre and a tx-2 tuner. Running a pair of older klipsch Epic cf2 with the dual tens. Sounds descent sometimes but I know I need to do some work to it. Switching from an Adcom 150watt amp and can easily tell the difference in power. Got some low volume issues, I going to look around this site and see if I can figure out what I need to do
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