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  2. This is not, by any means, a cinematic masterpiece. However, it is AMAZING to look at the cast and try to comprehend how Tim Burton managed to get them all together. It's a fun watch and I always end up watching it if I stumble upon it while channel surfing. Jack Nicholson as President James Dale / Art Land Glenn Close as First Lady Marsha Dale Annette Bening as Barbara Land Pierce Brosnan as Professor Donald Kessler Danny DeVito as Rude Gambler Martin Short as Press Secretary Jerry Ross Sarah Jessica Parker as Nathalie Lake Michael J. Fox as Jason Stone Rod Steiger as General Decker Tom Jones as himself Lukas Haas as Richie Norris Natalie Portman as Taffy Dale Jim Brown as Byron Williams Lisa Marie as Martian Girl Sylvia Sidney as Florence Norris Christina Applegate as Sharona Joe Don Baker as Mr. Norris Pam Grier as Louise Williams Paul Winfield as General Casey Jack Black as Billy-Glenn Norris Brian Haley as Mitch O-Lan Jones as Sue-Ann Norris Jerzy Skolimowski as Dr. Zeigler Ray J as Cedric Williams Brandon Hammond as Neville Williams Frank Welker as the voice of the Martians
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  4. Charlie, I think you need the computer award with all the good info you post here. Nahash says there isn't one yet, but if they do create one, I nominate you for it........grin
  5. Apple's HomeKit Secure Video in iOS 13 allows smart home device users to encrypt security camera feeds end-to-end and securely store those videos within iCloud... https://appleinsider.com/articles/19/11/14/how-to-use-apples-homekit-secure-video-in-ios-13
  6. Lightweight application that makes it easy to prevent Windows 10 from tracking your browsing and usage habits. https://www.freewarefiles.com/W10Privacy_program_106948.html
  7. Brand new Nintendo Switch consoles (and Lite consoles) are 20% off with this excellent deal... https://www.gamesradar.com/save-a-massive-20-on-nintendo-switch-and-lite-consoles-today-with-this-limited-time-code/
  8. BarryG

    Jack Ryan

    Season two is excellent!
  9. Verizon's Disney Plus deal: How to get 1 year free, plus other cheap subscription deals Verizon is giving away a whole year of the streaming service with its Unlimited plans. Here are the best options for getting Disney Plus on the cheap. https://www.cnet.com/how-to/verizon-disney-plus-deal-one-year-free-cheap-subscription/?ftag=CAD3c77551&bhid=28605100220649198257483860093361
  10. A belated to the three of you! @67bird @Kjohn1234 & @MLB111
  11. I have no experience with Chromebook's but I do have at least 3 years experience with linux. I can say without a doubt that I don't miss Windblows.
  12. Chromebook is more than just a browser. It allows you to run Android apps and Linux apps. Here is how you can enable Linux mode on Chromebook. https://www.maketecheasier.com/enable-linux-app-mode-chromebook/
  13. dam 3 or 4 months ago would have been on the phone trying to make a deal. All my extra money just went to a new 5Th wheel, maybe someday. Someone is going to get a nice package ... Good luck with the sale
  14. I didn't actually sell them. Looks like the move is going to take place quicker than I expected, so it looks like they'll be moving with me!
  15. Welcome to the forum. Glad to have you on board.... Sweet looking system. Thanks for sharing...
  16. Happy Birthday Dom.... Hope all is well........
  17. Montrose Rock Candy (Remastered LP Version)
  18. Man, you guys are killing me. I wish I had the money for one those right now. But I will..........eventually.........grin
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