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  2. I'll be bringing pair of stats is anyone wants to test amps with them 🙂
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  4. Nice crop!!!! It is so much fun watching stuff grow.
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    Our Pepper garden is kickin. 75 plants. Super Chilli's, Cayenne, Serrano, Chinese, Hungarian and Poblano.
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    Yes, the Wart Hog. I remember them well having lived in Tucson for 17 years. It was no secret when they took off.
  7. Pulled from the owner's manual hope this helps: https://usermanual.wiki/Sunfire/SunfireClassicVacuumTubePreamplifierUsersManual490041.1949288206/view Tube type and location Phono Board V1 6DJ8 or 6922 MC amp V2 6DJ8 or 6922 MC amp V3 6DJ8 or 6922 MC amp V4 12AX7 MM amp V5 12AX7 MM amp V6 6DJ8 or 6922 Infrasonic amp Line Board V1 6DJ8 or 6922 Contour amp V2 6DJ8 or 6922 Line amp/Bal amp V3 6DJ8 or 6922 Line amp/Bal amp Note: 6922 Tubes are preferred as they have less noise and microphonics than 6DJ8s
  8. Hey guys, this message is for the guys whom have owned and figured out the dos and don'ts with the Sunfire tube control center. I have never had nor know ANYTHING about tube gear ! Over the weekend I made a long drive to pick up a supposedly original owner unit that was recently overhauled by Roland at -Hi-Fi. The owner said Roland did not like the tubes the owner had put in there. The control center does have the phono section. Ive read that these units (although magnificent), are very finicky to which tubes used. Please help guide me to which ones to use, and where to purchase. Thanks in advance guys !
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