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  2. So is it determined that the board from the Marantz MA500 would work in the AV-806x? I have one with channel one not working
  3. Rob


    The last pair on Ebay went for 300.
  4. I think I paid $100 for my two stands back in 1991 or 92.
  5. Anybody know if there is a service center that in the Houston area that could service Carver amps? Maybe even do the MKII upgrades for my M-1.0t ? Any pointers on some things to look for before on my AV-806x before sending for service? Channel one does not seem to put out any sound.
  6. Thanks, need to part with a little to make room. Hard to decide what to part with.
  7. Been an audio fan for a while and used to drool over the Carver stuff at Circuit City but could not afford it then. I now own a few and have passed on a few. My current list of items is below, an odd mix probably 2 X C-1 M-1.0t M-1.5t AV-806x recent purchase but channel one not working sold: CT-17, TFM-4.0, TFM-15CB, TFM-25 Non Carver Yamaha M-85 Bryston 4B 2X Bryston 2B-LP Adcom GFA-5800 Speakers: Dalquist DQ-8 Dalquist DQ-28 Klipsch KLF-20 Klipsch RF3 II, RC-3 II, RS-3 II Infinity Kap
  8. Today
  9. Rob


    Mine are series 1. The very first model and I don't have the stands. I have watched the prices of the stands and they are so expensive. Wish I had a couple pieces of wood and a lathe.
  10. Funny how AI works. They know when you see those prices you'll soil your pants.
  11. @Rob are these the same ones you have?
  12. Update pending - please stand (or sit) by....
  13. My mother is in assisted living. The place is an assisted living "chain". With these Covid times, I must make a scheduled appointment to visit her which means I search to get the phone number. This search has obviously affected the ad content that I'm currently bombarded with. Now - In addition to getting constant ads for all of the high end Audio sellers (who I will NEVER purchase from), I get daily ads for adult diapers. LOL. Pathetic....
  14. I watched Social Dilemma and Recommended it to friends and family. I don’t use Social Media at all, and this supported my suspicions and my reason for staying away. I switched my browser to DuckDuckGo a few months ago and have no reason to go elsewhere. Haven’t watched Broadcast Networks in many years, Netflix has lost me, I’m on the fence on YouTube (to pay or not to pay), Amazon Prime still holds some promise. I should thank them all for pushing me away, it’s just a waste of time anyway...
  15. Welcome to the site. You have definitely chosen the right place.
  16. Bose 901 series VI sitting on the pedastals and using the provided EQ.
  17. True Jeff but - it gives one an inside look by the developers - not some partisan crap. It's very dangerous how the AI works. Unintended consequences
  18. Happy Birthday and I congratulate you on your outstanding choice of name for the site.
  19. I almost watched that last night but realized that I don't have to. All I need to do is look around with eyes opened. Everyone's head buried in their phone, sucking up the misinformation and propaganda. People becoming more isolated by this little screen. Not sure when the iPhone came out but I distinctly remember the Moto Droid as a fall 2009 launch. It's only taken 11 years to do all this damage ......
  20. Happy Birthday Bryan, hope its a fantastic one.
  21. I have mentioned this before - if you have Netflix you should really watch this: Social Dilemma
  22. New additions are built to help organizations better respond to threats and protect applications and data in the cloud... https://www.darkreading.com/cloud/mcafee-launches-xdr-browser-isolation-cloud-app-security-tools/d/d-id/1339330
  23. Paracetamol, or acetaminophen, is one of the most popular painkillers in the world... https://www.sciencealert.com/accidental-overdoses-are-on-the-rise-for-the-most-widely-used-painkiller-in-the-world
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