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  2. Which Constitutional Amendment gives the people the power to enforce all other provisions of the Constitution?
  3. Happy Birthday Bill!!! Hope that it's a great one for you. Enjoy😁.
  4. Nice haul there B-man!!! Great pics. Sure is fun to plant and watch it all grow isnt it. I enjoyed it more this year with the shutdown and all. Planting a garden has alot to do with believing in the future. And we needed some of that this year didnt we. Here is the very last of our heirloom tomatos. Pretty decent year. Got to pick them because it just gets too hot here for them to do much more this season. Now, it's time to plan for next season. I tried the cold weather type for a second crop a couple times. They looked good but they didnt taste much better than grocery store tomatos.
  5. Getting closer. Trying to pull the white connectors that connect to the main board; I don't want to pull too hard but they don't seem to want to budge. Am I just being too timid? is there a secret way to pull them?
  6. Seconded! Where's a third to carry the motion?!
  7. Welcome Ed. Looking forward to your post. In meantime kick back and enjoy the ride.
  8. Today
  9. Hi Ed Great to have you. Nice setup you have. Hope that you enjoy the group, it is lots of fun and just a great gathering of guys to hang with. Lots of expertise here and always willing to share.
  10. WELCOME @Bungelow_ed! Sounds like you're one of us already. Glad you found us...
  11. Dude the list of questions might be on the order of, Do you know the presidents name? Do you know the vice presidents name? What state do you liove in? Of course anyone answering any or all of these sort of questions correctly would have to be dismissed, and stand in a different line.
  12. Of course there should ... as long as I get to create the test and control the grading process.
  13. BTW, I was an expat for several years in both the countries that I commented about. I agree completely that level of happiness anywhere varies by individual. I wouldn't mind living in either one of those countries again, but their immigration laws prevent that (until I become much wealthier. ) Incidentally, Trump's proposals on changes to limit US immigration are very similar to those countries.
  14. Welcome aboard Ed!!! Glad to see you found us here. We're all addicted to Carver gear here too and really enjoy pics of the gear everyone has collected. So kick back, crank up some tunes, and stay awhile.
  15. Welcome Ed! Well said in the above statement. That is why we are all here.......this is the “support” group.....you support our OCCD, we support yours.......😂
  16. Thanks for the welcome Rob. Love your avatar!
  17. It's good to be aboard! I was a member many years ago. Looks like there is an active community with a deep knowledge set.
  18. Yeah, I got it bad. Probably incurable, just have to live with it.
  19. Just remember, folks - there are Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lies,_damned_lies,_and_statistics Statistics are absolutely wonderful, but are oh, so easily manipulated to prove ANYTHING, and Any Point of View.
  20. Thanks you for the warm welcome. Phoenix has been a great place to live while looking for a permanent retirement location. After looking for nearly 9 months I was finally able to by an acre outside of Show Low, where I'm having a house built. If progress on the house stays on schedule the move will happen in Oct. I'll miss the conveniences of city living, but am looking forward to a rural setting.
  21. I don't think these lists have the viewpoint of how happy an AMERICAN would be in that country, but rather how happy each COUNTRIES people are. If you're l;ooking for ExPat info: https://www.cntraveler.com/gallery/the-10-best-countries-for-expats?verso=true http://www.utesinternationallounge.com/expat-population-worldwide/ Expat population worldwide The top 5 countries with the highest share of expats in total population are Qatar, UAE, Kuwait, Jordan and Singapore. There are 6.32 million American and 4.7 million British expats living abroad. ... In the time taken for you to read this, 6-7 expats would have moved abroad for the first time
  22. I have a small 8' x 16' raised bed style garden. Green, yellow and red Bell pepper plants, Jalapenos & Carmens. Cherry tomatoes, Roma tomatoes. Yellow squash, zucchini squash. Sweet basil because I love the smell and like to cook with it when possible. This is what I picked about about 30 minutes ago: A more recent shot of the plants:
  23. Welcome to The Carver Site Ed. This is a fun place to be as you're about to discover. I lived in Phoenix from age 11-18. Nice place to live.
  24. Yes, there are many such charts, sources and intentions behind these ratings. I choose the US news (and world report) sites charts on quality of life because the agency is typically considered non partisan and neutral. They also provide a link to their 'best countries' charts, and they explain what characteristics have been added to this chart, which changes the ratings quite a bit. The data sources should be in there too. I have no doubt as to the status of your mom's cooking; unfortunately, I'm not aware of any statistics that can recover such granular data from a population sample.
  25. Welcome Ed !! I'm glad you are infected with OCCD and are willing to share that info with your new friends here. Once you get 5 posts or so I believe you can post pictures of your system(s). Please do so - we love audio porn !!
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