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  4. Didn't really know papa here, just wish that I had. He seemed to make it work wherever he went. And helping high risk kids is at the top. It is sad to hear this news.
  5. Styx Renegade __________________________ FYI: Editer is Spazing Out and is Retarded
  6. Here is Greg's site for you to look at the info for both the C1 and the 500t https://nelionaudio.com/index.php?/services.html/carver/
  7. Thanks for all the feedback regarding the C-1000. Although it may be a great addition to my collection, it's possible serviceability issues, could make it a poor choice. I was wondering if anyone had a good recommendation regarding a M-500t and a C-1 combo for my application, since I don't need a tuner. I realize that I will need an optical to RCA adapter to get audio from my TV to make this application work. There's such a combo for sale on eBay by their owner, who is changing out his equipment. I'm sure that these units are easily serviceable and if Greg is still on this chat, can you send me your fee to upgrade both units along with latest mods for the C-1
  8. I wonder if the C-1000 is really a true Carver product or if it was a modified unit based on an existing or partnered design. The reason I say this is because the front and back panel layout of the C-1000 are very similar to the Rotel RSX - 965 DD/DTS receiver (75 watts/channel) that came out around the same time. Google some pictures of that Rotel receiver and you will see what i mean.
  9. Welcome! Don't listen to the internet noise about Bob Carver.
  10. It was my understanding of the historical folklore that the Carver Knight Shadow subwoofer and the C-1000 receiver were both really Sunfire products..., with Carver Corp. labeling, as a last ditch final-days effort to resurrect Carver Corp, before bankruptcy... I have both, the C-1000 is on the shelf now - and I found it pretty nice, if you can live with an HDMI converter for video. If the price is right, it's a fun thing to experience, and one may actually like it. as for servicing..., pretty much all 30+ year old Carver (and other) vintage gear has its unique servicing/refreshing needs..., that enterprising OCCD hobbyists always find a way. Curious to ask, if Greg @Nahash5150, has had the cover off the one he mentioned he has in his shop, or another unit, and his opinion on whether the C-1000 can be serviced/refreshed?
  11. I’m extremely interested in everyone’s opinion regarding the C1000. Roland has told me it isn’t really a Carver, so that’s why nobody will work on it. I guess I’ll change my search to a 2000 or another AVR 100. Thanks for everyone’s input.
  12. For all the Carver baskets, mine has never overheated since 1991 and is performing to Carver published specs and better as per Roland Barr who worked on mine.
  13. The C-1000 has only composite and S-video so it is useless for video switching. (not all that important to me or many others). I owned a used C-1000 in 2004 and it spent 6 months in the repair shop. It was horribly problematic. The sound was nothing special. Granted it could have been a bad unit all around. It has pre-outs for all channels but you can't use it as a 5 channel amp on its own. They look great but frankly if something goes wrong with it I think it will be very difficult to get it repaired. There are simpler and better options. My 5 cents. (we don't have pennies anymore in this country so minimum is a nickel)
  14. As I recall, the C-1000 was the ONLY Carver-branded component Sunfire would service after Sunfire acquired what was left of Carver Corp. I also read recently that Bob originally intended to operate both brands although we all know that didn't really happen. Coupled with your recognition of similarities between the TGIV and the C-1000 it makes me suspect the latter was actually made by the combined Sunfire/Carver. I'm open to learning if I'm way off base with this supposition.
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