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  3. Thanks, but I'm gonna call my journey a Galtey.
  4. I still have a CA 350 and FM 550 in my kitchen system. Have a matching pair in the basement I am working on, and have started rebuilding a CA 550, the big brother to the 350
  5. Now that is a cool story. Thank you!!!
  6. My first system was an '80s era Fisher component system from a local department store. Had a Fisher CA 350 integrated amp, FM 550 tuner, a MT 6420 semi auto belt drive TT, rolling rack, and Fisher DS 177 speakers. My mom put it on her store charge card, which she just paid off and told me the when she got the bill every month, it was my responsibility to pay it. If she had to make one payment, the system was hers! I think I paid over $700 back in the early '80s, and that was on sale! That's what started me down the rabbit hole that I am currently in! Thanks Mom!
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  8. Stevie Wright - Evie Parts 1,2 & 3 (Live at Sydney Opera House 1979)
  9. TISM - (He'll Never Be An) Ol' Man River (1995)
  10. This is also my test disc! I used this everytime I made progress on my C19 upgrade! I love this album! Definitely rocks the Vinyl Den main system (which unfortunately has been idle due to workload - both at work and at home!) A couple of my other favorites are Patricia Barber - Cafe Blue and Beck - Morning Phase. Both on vinyl. Very silent backgrounds and full of dynamic presence!
  11. Just sent this one around and holy smoke... that baby's get'n some mixed reviews!
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