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  1. Yesterday
  2. Very cool. At first thought that I was listening to Martin Denny.
  3. Couldn't agree more Ken. Barry Galvin is a gentle giant of a man. A good soul. Barry is one of the only people you will ever know who has died twice. Special guy. Thankful to know BG..
  4. That very sharp tip of pain during illness reminds us how fragile we are. When one of our brothers hurts, we all feel a little pang inside. Barry has always come off as a gentle soul. Wish that more people (including me) were more like that.
  5. Hey everyone, this holiday season continues, and it's that time for thinking of others. Please keep Barry in your prayers. He hasn't popped in here in a while. But he shared with a couple of us recently that he may be spending Christmas in the hospital. He has attended past Carver Fests in the past, so some of you regulars at that event may be a good lifeline. If you know his phone number, or email address..., you are a connection that I think he would truly value a message or call from. Nothing sucks more than not being able to get out and be with family for the holidays. Thanks in advance for your thoughts for Barry.
  6. For all you collectors out there @K6BUK has dug up a preliminary version of the Carver C-4000 preamp Owners manual. Now posted in the manuals. Many thanks to Michael.
  7. Great White House Of Broken Love (Full Version Remastered)
  8. Last week
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