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Anthracite BillD C1 with Remote, Gundry and new PS


Anthracite BillD C1 with Remote, Gundry and new PS
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BillD C-1 asking $850



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I love that it has the remote mod. I’m curious why do some seem to be against adding the remote? Does it affect the unit sonically? Thanks for the info...

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I would say "generally no" it doesn't really affect the unit sonically.  It does mean replacing the volume control with one that isn't quite the same, but I don't believe there is any effect on quality, and if you are not used to a C1 without the new volume control, you would probably never notice anything.


I suspect that the reason some may not be inclined towards doing the remote mod, aside from just maintaining originalility, is that it's (a) difficult (b) a hassle and (c) very precise, finicky work that takes some very serious skill and far more patience than an normal human being possesses.   Oh, one more thing - it's also a serious Pain in the A$$ to do.  ;)


I was able to beg one of the great techs, here, (Daddyjt) into doing it for me, and I couldn't be happier, but I do realize what I asked of him, and it wasn't easy work for him, even with his skill level.   The precision, reqired, is something I wouldn't try to replicate, but I definitely appreciate what it took, and how welcome the remote is.


Please keep in mind, too, that the only thing the remote controls is volume, so it's not going to give you full power/source-selection/etc.  That was all I needed/wanted. 

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On 9/5/2020 at 8:05 AM, Dobe said:

Could you tell me the advantages of the power supply mod?

The factory PS does not provide enough current. With the additional remote needs, it is better to replace it with a stronger PS.

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