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m500t with mods ****SOLD****

m500t with mods ****SOLD****
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Amp is SOLD.


I need to sell of some off my gear. Trying to avoid ebay if possible. I thought this unit might interest someone here. Price is below my cost.

This is a great sounding m500t. It has the potted transformer which I bought from a member here to replace the factory unit which was really buzzy. It has a replacement black face and the top has been painted, though still has some wear marks and imperfections.

Additionally - I added some mods in the power button. The left LED is blue and illuminates when the unit is on. The right LED is red and illuminates when the output relay is open. I designed this little circuit and have had it installed for several years in 3 units. All still work perfectly. It takes only a few mA from the mid-rail. The pics of the blue don't do it justice ... it's the deep blue that everyone likes. The circuit uses the unused relay space. Additionally, the factory relay has been replaced.


$500 + shipping (FedEx Home delivery) or best reasonable offer. Paypal "people you know" option.


Questions please. More pics on request.

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