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Carver and Sunfire Gear


Carver and Sunfire Gear
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Just want to let you all know my plan for the Carver and Sunfire equipment. Greg turned me on to this little venture when someone from the Ohm speaker company referred another Greg from my area about someone that might be interested in the Carver and Sunfire equipment. 


Greg called me and asked if I would be interested in going with him and looking at this equipment and trying to strike a deal and get all Bob Carver related equipment for his stock so he could have it available for his clients. 


Then everything happened with Jen, and Greg wasn't in the state of mind to really do anything and gave me the go ahead to see if I could accomplish a deal for the equipment. 


So I was able to get another member to go in on the deal with me and get the deal made. 


So my plan is to sell the least amount of equipment possible to pay the price for the equipment  back and whatever is left over is a gift to Greg and Jen. So prices maybe a little higher than most people want to pay but it is only because of the goal in mind. 


I know there are a lot of people with needs on this site and I wish I could help everyone but I thought that since Greg started the ball rolling that I would try and get all this for him. I hope you all understand.


I will list a complete inventory of the Carver equipment. 


Please look at comments for items not available or sold. 


Thank you everyone. 

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CM1090 is Sold. 

Both C1's are sold.

TFM 42 sold. 

Sunfire Mark4 sub sold. 

M4.0t under construction!!

#7 M1.5t sold. 

Sunfire Cinema 7 not available. 

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Here is a list of what I still have from the previous load and some other items that I have acquired  or had before.  Along with boxes of parts, transformers, PCB's from various models. 


6200 receiver capped and running great

(2) MXR 130  Non working

MXR 130 parts unit

(2) MXR 150 Non working

2000  Non working 

2000 parts unit

PM 1.5 mono block                        Non working

PM 1.5 working

TX-11A parts unit

TX1-11 rough condition

(2) TL3200 parts units

SD/A350 not reading discs

Carver four zone multi-source multi-room central controller/amplifier

TFM 15cb

TFM 55x parts unit

CT29v parts unit 

some remotes

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Still coming are:

Tl3300 in box with remote and manual like new.

Tl3600 with a couple CD carts

CT13 Preamp

HR 752

its either a 875 or 895 receiver. 


And some amp parts units. 


I think that is all that's left of the Carver/ Sunfire equipment.

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