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The CARVER site! welcomes both visitors and newly registered novices.  At the same time, we are most interested in building an online community of engaged members.

To that end, we highly encourage that new users become active on the many forums available on this board.  

Registrants that are revealed as SPAM posters will not advance any further; those that show interest in becoming part of our community will advance from Inbound to Novice within a few posts

Novices that engage the community will advance to Member status after 100 posts.  Member status includes access to some forums that are unavailable to both guests and novices, and helps to ensure that the CARVER site! community will thrive.

Item# 1 - It is impossible for owners and operators of this forum to confirm the validity of all posts on this forum. Posts reflect the views and opinion of the author, but not necessarily of the forum owners and operators. If you feel that a posted message is questionable, please notify an administrator of this forum immediately.

Item #2 - You agree not to post any abusive, vulgar, obscene, harassing (aka trolling), hateful, slanderous, threatening, sexually-oriented or any other material that may violate any applicable laws. Doing so may lead to you being permanently banned from this forum. Note that all IP address are logged and may aid in enforcing these conditions.

Item #3 - You agree that the owners and operators of this forum have the right to remove, edit, move or close any topic at any time should they see fit. As a user you agree to any information you have entered above being stored in a database. While this information will not be disclosed to any third party without your consent the owners and operators cannot be held responsible for any hacking attempt that may lead to the data being compromised.

Item #4 - This forum system uses cookies to store information on your local computer. These cookies do not contain any of the information you have entered above; they serve only to improve your viewing pleasure. The email address is used only for confirming your registration details and password (and for sending new passwords should you forget your current one).

Item #5 - You agree not to use any automated tools for registering and/or posting on this bulletin board. By failing to obey this rule you would be granting us permission to repeatedly query your web server.

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If all you want are manuals, there's no need to register, they are available for download here.


If you are registering from a domain other than a home account (at work, for example) there is a chance that your mail server will block the confirmation email. If you don't receive a confirmation email, you either typed your email address incorrectly, or your work mail server is blocking the incoming mail as SPAM. In that case, notify me so I can clear your faulty registration, and either try again from home or have your mail server accept incoming mail from Nahash5150@gmail.com
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