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    • Hi Folks,   I just wanted to send out a very big Thank You to everyone for your patience with all my off-the-wall messages and commentaries over the past couple of weeks or so.  I have no doubt I've caused more than a few of you to shake your heads and "not again!"   I've spent most of the last couple of weeks being with my wife in the hospital, in ICU, and I've basically used C! as a way to try and keep what shreds of my sanity are left, herded mostly together.   That's meant I haven't always thought through some of my rejoiners, comments, or responses, not to mention having been a veritable pest at the best of times (though I'm not sure that's any different than normal?).     After a real roller-coaster, of one serious issue after another, over the past couple of weeks, Betty is now starting to come around, and start to be coherent, again.  I'm hoping to see her moved back out of ICU, to a "normal" hospital a room, shortly.  It's still going to be a while before she's likely to come home, but the light at the end of the tunnel is no longer accompanied by a train whistle.      I'll try to exercise a bit of restraint, going forward, but Thank You, all, again for your patience and indugling me through all this - you have actually helped more than you can probably imagine.  
    • Steve Miller Band   Abracadabra  (HQ)    
    • I have a spin clean system and I like it. While I haven't listened to vinyl after cleaning (no device yet) I have cleaned some records with it.........grin
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    • eaandh  »  Daddyjt

      I have a C-1 that needs to be repaired and I noticed you were local and had the "Carver Repair Team" tag on your profile.  Are repairs to C-1's something that you do?
      As a little background, I purchased the C-1 and a M 1.0 a couple of years back to get a feel for the Carver gear.  I quickly found that I loved the sound of Carver but that the sound was slowly degrading and moth balled them with the intent of having both restored.
      Recently I dusted them off, hooked up the C-1 to some Yamaha HS-8 powered monitors, the M 1.0 to a pair of JBL 4412's, found I still loved the C-1, but there is a steady thump every 1 second or so coming through.
      After hearing the C-1 again, comparing it to other integrated amps, the need to have it repaired first (the M 1.0 second), became a priority. 
      I know very little about repairing electronics and any guidance would be appreciated.
      Thank you,
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    • 4RUNNER  »  Daddyjt

      did you get the emails about hard drive
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    • AndrewJohn

      Big Thank you, Greg for the migration..., looks very good, even with the loose-ends you mention.  😁 
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    • Brian_at_HHH

      Way to go Greg!  Thank you for all the hard work!
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    • Steven Dean Jackson

      Ola'  Some of  you might remember me as 
      Staticvar in the past. I've been away for a few years. Looking forward to hooking up with you all again.  
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