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  2. To say the least. When she is up to mischief (all too often) she very says in very clear english "ratNIK!" 😺 You can guess what her nickname is. We always know when she's into something she shouldn't be, or about to pounce one of the others. When they turn off, on my lap, they are great - they are what keep me going. With some luck, I may get a 1/2 hour or so of laptime today, depending on work. I'll try to dig out some decent pictures to add. Taking pictures of black cats is not easy. You either get a silhouette with eyes, or glare off the fur. I have to make sure I use a diffusion filter on my camera flash, and thank goodness for the green-eye removal in PSE. 😺
  3. Awwww they're adorable!!!! They all look happy and content. Post more pics! The Druid Grove is for everyone to post their awesome pets, plants, and stuff. Is the youngest still being a little whipper snapper?
  4. I don't know how wise I am - I am married, and I just have a well developed sense of self preservation. The key to a happy marriage is that I can run faster scared than she can mad! 😉 To be honest, Betty and I are lucky enough to share virtually identical tastes in decor, so that has always made it easy for decorating. I do think that a wall of terrariums would be incredibly neat, even though I admit I'm not into reptiles. Just remind Greg who is boss after you've done it. 😁 I think the biggest problem might be the rather large mealworm farm you'd need to keep them all happy. Besides, those darn mealworms bite! Now at the risk of taking things off the topic, here's a glimpse of my birthday present from last Dec. I often have 2 on my lap, briefly, but somehow on that day, this happened, and they stayed - for a couple of hours. My idea of ideal stress relief - just missing some great music playing. The only problems with this were the temperature - they are little furry furnaces, and there is no hope of a bathroom break when they turn off - they are in for the count, and so are you. 😺 I'm glad they held the count at 3. All 5 would have been way too heavy - there are no starving cats in my place.
  5. Wow! That's a burly iguana! I've never seen one in person that was over about 3', tip of snout to tip of tail. Always wondered where the big ones went to - and what happened to all the poor komodo dragons - now I know LOL You're wise and have great taste in home decor It'd be awesome! Just need to convince Greg of that...
  6. And the problem with that would be...??? Wow, now that's quite the iguana! What do you feed something like that? Komodo Dragon's? I'm thinking that sticking to cats and formerly hedgehogs is not so bad, right about now. Just Wow!
  7. A friend married a woman about 5' tall. They were raising Iguanas of some large size. When she took one to the vet, she had its head on her shoulder and its tail was dragging on the ground.
  8. If left unattended, there'd be no open wall space in the house. It'd be filled with terrariums, fish tanks, and audio gear creating a music-filled jungle!
  9. Wow - those Gargoyle geckos are quite the little fellows. Almost like a cross between a gecko and a micro-gator. Your big heart is showing again, @The Raven - good for you giving that guy a home. Besides, you probably needed a way to test a new Terrarium design, right?
  10. lol Right? And when we move I have to move the terrarium *anyway* so...would a scaley inhabitant really make a difference? heheh
  11. Sorry to hear that Torak is no more. It sounds like you need another right away - why wait? That Terrarium needs a horny resident to inspire your laundry boy.
  12. Maybe they were embracing their inner lizard lol That's why I had to remove her from the terrarium, though. Hissing and biting at me I could have tolerated for a bit in exchange for eggs of Torak's offspring (they're not very long-lived, so I wanted a son of his line). But attacking Torak for just breathing and inhabiting his own space - that was too far. Little wench.
  13. Yup, it's definitely a leopard gecko. They're cute little guys. You were so thoughtful and kind at Carver Fest, now this generosity with this abandoned gecko brings it to a whole new level For rehoming, you could try listing him/her in the pet area of your local Craigslist or if you know of a good, independently owned pet store you could check and see if they'd take him in either on trade or just to find him a home. Reptiles do ship well, too, but that's an option best left for spring/fall. A reptile breeder friend of mine says he's had decent luck with UPS next day shipping for his little ones. Oh, @Brian_at_HHH - speaking of geckos, check these out http://www.joshsfrogs.com/catalog/blog/2018/05/gargoyle-gecko-care-sheet/ Gargoyle geckos! A breeder gave a red/orange morph with a spinal issue to the pet store I haunt. Couldn't just leave him there...Great personality and super agile and boingy even with a crook in his spine like a Z.
  14. I'm definitely not a reptile specialist, so I wasn't thinking gecko, either - to me geckos are little tiny green lizards that are all over Florida (my in-laws live there). But the pictures I found certainly look the part - here are a couple of quick sites I found that seem to be your little friend, right down to the fat tail: https://www.petco.com/shop/en/petcostore/product/reptile/live-reptiles/leopard-gecko-5004760--1# https://www.thesprucepets.com/leopard-geckos-1236911 Wow, a 3ft Iguana - that's quite the size. I can imagine what it was like climbing you - I know what happens when I'm remiss with my cats claws, and in spite of be, um, er, very well fed, they aren't 3ft long. I'm not even sure how big a terrarium you would need for that size fellow.
  15. Thank you Brian... I seem to recall that he said that's what it was..., but it didn't look like any Gecko I'm familiar with. He (she) is very friendly although quite shy, but has a big tail that looks like a stack of inner tubes glued together! It has a really fat tail, but has blues and reds and lots of pretty colors on it. It just sits there hiding under one of the logs all day. He used to handle it all the time though. My last experience with a lizard was with an Iguana named "Iggy" that my daughter had when she was about 12. It was small when we got it and you could easily handle it. After it got to be about 3 feet long though even though you could still pick it up and it was friendly it would scratch the heck out of you when it wanted to run up your arm. The claws on it were like razors. I finally had to give it away. It was getting too big for our terrarium! Just looked them up....yes...that's what it is....and they live 20 years! I definitely need to find it a home!
  16. @fxbillsorry to hear your renter skipped out on you like that, but kudos to you for taking care of the foundling - that says volumes about your character! I'll have to leave to others to identify what sort of a reptile you have, but once you know you probably have a better chance of finding him or her a new home. Certainly a handsome little fellow or gal. Good luck! Shame they didn't leave behind some unwanted high-end stereo gear for you. ... added a bit later... Actually, after a quick search, I'm going to hazard a guess that you have a Leopard Gecko. The pictures seem to match pretty much dead on, especially if you take into account your comment about the colours. At least that might help get you some more info on care, and/or help find a new home for him or her.
  17. OK.... Need a little help here. A non paying downstairs tenant moved out owing me quite a bit of money....several months worth and just left everything....nothing of any value, but also left this, which I've been keeping alive since he left. What is it? It's very colorful...doesn't show in the photos, but has a really fat tail, is about 8 inches long and eats dried meal worms. What's it worth and does anyone want it? I have 2 pups and no use for it....I already have enough native snakes around here to cope with! HELP!
  18. Great story and another great looking terrarium. I know how that hissy, bitchy, bitey females can be. I was married to a couple (at different times) that could be described like that.
  19. Torak (RIP) was the awesomest of lizards. He was content to hang out on my shoulder or in my hair. His terrarium was right by my desk, when he was in there he'd cling to the lower rim by and watch me, occasionally tapping on it until I took him out, when he'd promptly perch on my head. I miss him 😥 Promised Greg I wouldn't get another one until after we move, but that might end up being a filthy lie LOL Dragon in the mist! The black markings on his back were really stark. Living hair fascinator lol This was his home - the lizard higher on the branch was a female I was going to use to breed him with. But, man, she was a bitch, as are most female mountain horned dragons. Gave her to a friend who was more interested in just the looks of the dragons and not handling them, so she lived out her life in all her hissy, bitey splendor lol Anyway, this terrarium also has a hidden filtration system behind the waterfall.
  20. @The Raven - it sounds like @Nahash5150 isn't a whole lot of help at feeding time - too much time spent on hunting down different kinds of "bugs," perhaps. Good luck, there.
  21. Thanks, guys! I'll be posting more Please also feel free to start threads here in the Druid Grove with your pets and habitats. I'd love to see them! Haha! Sounds like he had an adventurous childhood! What kind of spiders? Most crocodile skinks will live 5-8 years, but a few have eked up into the 10-12 year range - but that's pretty rare. Maybe the King snake will continue to be handed down through the generations I hear you guys have iguanas, too. It's one of the many highlights for me when we go to Carver Fest - to watch those little blue lizards playing on the porch and climbing up the cabin. We had a snake behind the outdoor fireplace this year, but he was pretty shy. Didn't get to see him, Steve K. did though and we kept on looking. They love earthworms. I put earthworms in all the terrariums and the lizards hunt them down. It's neat to watch nature in action!
  22. That is a great terrarium; really colorful. I don't want to hurt Aurora's little skink feelers but I stumbled on the word "cute."
  23. They do love the bugs. Especially squishy bugs like grubs and maggots! Bleeeehh!
  24. Living here in FL, we have gotten used to skinks, lizards and Lord knows what else.....I have hundreds of them running loose all over the place and even in my home. Fascinating creatures and they eat all the bugs so I don't mind them at all. Good job on the terrarium!
  25. Nice setup! What's the life expectancy of the crocodile skink?? I setup many reptile terrariums back when my son was 5-7 years old. Very much into crawly things: spiders, skinks, various other lizards, snakes, etc. So many crickets to buy. Eventually most everything died off and he lost interest. The remaining survivor is a Cali King Snake that I somehow inherited when he was about 8-9. My son will be 28 in a few weeks. That makes the snake 23 years old ..... not sure it's ever going to die?? Loose in the house once for 3 months ... no food or real water .... found it in the basement and threw it back in the tank, no worse off for the experience.
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