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Announcements, special offers, and discussion about fine products for audio enthusiasts made by Ten Octave Audio. Welcome from fxbill and iamjohngalt!

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  2. The C-1 is excellent, has lots of features, I have a c-1 as backup. I find I never use SH as I have Polk SDA’s and almost never have used tone controls. The ten Octave unit is Bare bones, which is why I like it. You need to consider if you run vinyl a phono stage will be needed. I am enjoying my Ten Octave very well, it’s a superbly made, well crafted instrument! barry
  3. I would also like to be in on this and have sent a pm. Planning on using it with my 350s. heard the praise on the 275s running it so it should be similar. I was thinking of getting a C1 and having it upgraded but this looks like the way to go. Thnks so much for offering this. Mark
  4. Hi, B-Man, Frequency response 20-20,000 Hz +-3db Schematic is being updated for publication with a users manual. Power switch controls power to the transformer, so off is off.
  5. Nice job guys !! Looks to be well built and if Travis is enjoying it so much it makes me curious. Any measurements / specs you can share ? Is a schematic available with purchase ? Is it a "real" power switch or is the unit on all the time ?
  6. I just started a thread about these adapters and their use that includes some info about the 6N1 and 6N2 tubes and rolling tubes in the preamp.
  7. I use a set of these adaptors in my 2011 Carverfest tube amp in order to use 12AX7 in lieu of 6AX7/6N2 tubes without rewiring the pin sockets. They work great!
  8. There are adapters available to allow extensive tube rolling the the new preamplifier. They're available on Fleabay for a nominal cost. These adapters can be used to roll 12AX7's in place of the 6N2's and/or to use12AU7's in place of the 6N1 tube. Our preamp case height was specifically designed to allow room to use these adapters without any height restrictions placed on them. Also...in most cases the 6DJ8 can be used as a sub for the 6N1 directly although the gain is slightly different. In these cases with the 6DJ8 or 12AX7's and 12AU7's ( with adapters ), it's all subjective as is the case with all tube rolling. To each his own although we have tried many combinations with excellent tubes and brands and have both felt that the "EV' or "EB" series 6N1's and 6N2's have a better sound than anything else we've tried....and the prices on these is far less than on most other tubes since they can be purchased from Russian surplus dealers. Just make sure that you insist on the "EB" or "EV" suffix to the tube. They are the extended life...( greater than 5000 hours and greater than 10,000 hours in some cases ) and the ultra low floor noise level and low microphonic models. They are extremely quiet with exceptional tonal qualities. The "OTK" printed on the tube signifies the quality control "stamp of approval" signifying that they were approved for military use and are of the highest build quality and specifications. Silver plated anodes and triple mica units are the most desirable, but also a bit more costly and harder to find. ( When I say more costly...they are still far below the price of any quality 12AX7 you can purchase...less than $10 per tube in most cases and as low as $5 per tube in some cases. )
  9. For you tube rollers, these adapters can be inserted to use 12AX7's instead of 6N2's in the LP1 preamplifier. (Adapters are available on Ebay.)
  10. Hi, Wayne, we did look at offering a black face plate. Our fabricator doesn't do that in house and it was extra cost so we decided to stick with the natural anodized.
  11. The tubes included are as follows: Up front near the controls are 2x 6N2's, behind them near the input/output jacks is one 6N1, and near the power supply is a smaller 6Z4 rectifier tube. The faceplate dimensions are 17 3/4" wide x 4 1/2" tall x 1/4" thick. (Chassis is 17" wide x 4" tall x 12" deep.) Yes, that is correct.
  12. I would love to get one of these, but it will be several weeks before I can budget the funds. Will "members only" pricing be available after the end of March? Thank you for this offer. It's much appreciated even if I don't get a chance to take you up on it!
  13. @iamjohngalt Great price for members...thanks for the special consideration. What is the size of the faceplate? I see there are three OTK 6N2-EV tubes. What is the size and brand of the fourth (smaller) tube?
  14. The Ten Octave Audio Model LP1 tube preamplifiers are now in production. This is the production version of the preamp that was previewed at the Carver Fest 2018. Each unit is currently hand-built when we receive an order, although we are planning to have several in inventory for immediate shipment as time allows. The normal price on these units offered wholesale to retailers will be $699.99. We expect the retail pricing to be about $999. We are offering a special price for one unit each to current (as of March 3, 2019) Carver site members (until the end of March 2019.) That price is 569.99 plus actual insured shipping from 30233 (plus sales tax if applicable.) This price includes a custom made double wall shipping box with dense foam inserts to prevent any damage in shipping and it should be reusable. Technical features of the LP1 Line stage tube preamp: double thickness printed circuit board to prevent flex or damage from repeated tube insertions for those who love to roll tubes! double thickness copper traces on pcb 4" height allows buyer to use 12AX7 tubes with adapter if desired uses ultra low noise, minimum 5000 hour life 6N2-EV mil spec tubes that have much lower microphonic levels and lower floor noise than even the best 12AX7s available Cardas audio grade silver solder used for the entire build Tube rectified power supply high quality sealed ALPS potentiometer volume control heavy (16) gauge powder coated steel case on all sides audio grade capacitors... MKP, Panasonic and Wima used in the audio path carbon comp resistors selected to optimize audio quality and used in specific locations where carbon comps produce a higher quality sound in tube applications. Allen Bradleys are used in most cases. ground plane grid for lower floor noise Regulated and fully adjustable DC power used for all audio tube filament voltages. This is rarely found even in the most expensive units relay switched inputs RCA shorting plugs included for unused inputs heavy duty heat sink on filament voltage regulation transistor custom wound power transformer gold plated RCA jacks thick custom anodized aluminum faceplate We think it sounds great, too. Feedback about the early units produced: “freaking awesome” “first impression is wow!” “I am BLOWN away with the 275/10 Octave combination. It’s as good as anything I’ve ever heard.” “Sounds better than my Sunfire.” "This is an amazing preamp. I think I've finally got a system together that I'm really happy with. It pairs perfectly with the 275." Trav0810's review: To order please send iamjohngalt a private message and include your email and cell/text contact so we can make arrangements for payment, manufacture, and shipment. Bill (fxbill) and David (iamjohngalt) Ten Octave Audio
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