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  2. Happy Birthday Gary! What a great friend...R.I.P.
  3. Miss our Sunday talks my friend.
  4. Happy birthday Gary! You are missed!
  5. Happy birthday Gary. You would have been 58 today and likely out hiking or riding your motorcycle. Rest in peace my friend.
  6. Happy belated Birthday 🎂
  7. Today
  8. BarryG

    Heinz Mayochup

    Lol, makes me think of this song! I actually saw them do this live, it was fun after a few beers!
  9. MLB111

    Heinz Mayochup

    Yeah, I think so.....especially women.
  10. My report is mundane as well. When a new home was being built next to mine, I caught nails every week.
  11. Crushed stone topping on rural Maine roads. Some are very sharp.
  12. Totally my fault, hit a curb in the magnum. Trying to find a 2 yr only rim sucked (awd)
  13. A number of years ago I hit a screwdriver (shaft minus the handle) on the highway. Not only did it puncture the tire, it punched through the alloy rim as well. The tire was destroyed, but I did have the hole in the rim repaired.
  14. Thank you @zumbini, Just ordered the EU 180g remaster of this - still in Mono, I believe.
  15. The last five years or so, I've had more flat tires than most, it seems. About one every 7-10 months. Nothing special, all paved road, freeway driving. Thank heaven for the Road Hazard Warranty at Discount Tire! A couple weeks ago, I get the TPMS warning on the dash. I have a slow leak on one tire, so I knew (thought) I had a couple days to get air. Came out to the car end of day, and couldn't tell what caused the flat, until the next day. Weirdest flat tire I have ever had. It must've been a whole set of keys, because I can't imagine how one key got propped up to go perpendicular to the road, alone. Anyone missing a set of keys?
  16. @compwaco, please give us a report on how it sounds! Awesome deal - these are harder to find these days, in perfect condition.
  17. MayoChup reminds me of this wonderful mess (or do I mean "miss"). And the name (either one "Smuckers" or "Goober"), well, that really seals the perception.
  18. Charlie

    Heinz Mayochup

    +3 on the Miracle Whip...….
  19. I guess enough good beer will make anything palatable...?
  20. Years ago I lived in Germany and I remember one of the popular street foods was "Pommes Frittes Rot Weiss". Translated this means "French fries red white" It was French fries with the thin, tomatoey Euro style ketchup and mayo. I'm sure "mayochup" is equally popular in certain parts of Germany as well.
  21. Billy Idol Cradle Of Love (Remastered)
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