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  3. Lock down your files with one of the most secure forms of cryptography. https://www.downloadcrew.com/article/36098-finalcrypt
  4. Great - it's good to have someone filling the gap between the West coasters, and those of us, more mid-country (I'm just East of Toronto). Not much, from the East Coast, at least among active participants, right now.
  5. Happy Birthday Men! May your day be blessed and you enjoy your day.......grin
  6. Welcome to the site Chris! You have some nice gear especially since you bought it new! Refurbing your gear was a good idea since you plan to keep it. Send some picture of your gear when you get a chance. We love pics.........grin
  7. Congratulations Charlie! Merry Christmas to you.........grin
  8. WELCOME @Chris Della Mattia! Nice Carver system... Good luck selling those Silver Amazings and fixing your DTL 50 CD player.
  9. Hope the three of you had a great birthday!
  10. Pearl Jam Chloe Dancer & Crown Of Thorns (2011 LIVE Toronto)
  11. @weitrhino, Dynavox no longer stocks the honeycomb, there is a replacement with paper cones, similar to the newer woofers with specs matching the honeycombs. Last I looked they were back ordered!
  12. Welcome @Chris Della Mattia. You have found a very cool place. Keep your eyes open up on CA, you might find another pair of Amazings listed for sale - a good way to avoid the shipping. OCCD is not curable..., you are a lifer, it seems. (OCCD = Obsessive Carver Collecting Disorder - 😉 ) If you are offering up your Silver Amazings, post a picture or two, if you have one, and let folks know what you are looking for. Glad you found us, welcome to the Party!
  13. Days Of The New Touch, Peel And Stand
  15. I'm interested in one of the TFM-45s. I'm ok with the unit that needs the thump fix. I'm also not sure of what a reasonable price would be for the unit. Based on the feedback you've received so far, do you have a target price established?
  16. Shaman's Harvest The Devil In Our Wake
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