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    Nice find, I'm listening now .. thanks. kcetp
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    That's awesome. Probably stolen for my avatar.
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    I discovered a new FM station quite by accident just scanning the spectrum with my TX-2. Springfield has a fairly new station that started up in September last year. They play strictly blues and jazz with absolutely NO commercials other than the station identifiers. They're funded entirely by donations, and if you're interested, you can stream them live from this link. tunein. com KWPQ 103.3 You can check out the station here: KWPQ 103.3
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    Play it LOUD!
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    My start to the afternoon - "New Morning" ~ Bob Dylan.
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    Porn star Christiana Cinn says Domino's Pizza delivery driver offered her $200 for sex I guess he should have went for the “Hot and ready” at Little Ceasar’s instead... http://www.foxnews.com/lifestyle/2018/03/16/porn-star-christiana-cinn-says-dominos-pizza-delivery-driver-offered-her-200-for-sex.html
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    Here's a few more cover photos that IMHO are entertaining, on point, visually attractive and/or make good use of the space: Jazzman53 showing off his handiwork. (If you haven't seen his awesome DIY speaker projects check out Yet another project ) A great choice Dennis! I'm pretty sure that's a wolf James, and he's glowing because he's been exposed to high levels of radiation Keep 'em coming folks!
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  22. The car stuck in the tunnel screws up a significant portion of the city's transit system. There are many, many signs, flashing lights and a concrete barrier that's over a foot high, yet people keep driving into it. Always in the early AM hours on a weekend mind you... Any car that makes it inside was traveling at a high rate of speed and the suspension is usually trashed by the time it comes to halt. You can't get a tow truck in there and the crane is the most expedient method of clearing the track.
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