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  2. I watched a woman 'clean' 45's taken from a jukebox that was left in a barn. Yes, beyond dirty. She used soap and water while wiping across the grooves (just like dishes, right?) It was just too late by the time that I saw her. The rag wasn't even that wet, so there you have it, muddy, scratchy, even more ruined, records.
  3. Don't you mean that there aren't enough "features," (aka bugs, errors, and glitches) so you need to add more in to achieve the proper quota of issues? Good luck!
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  6. UPDATE: I have more updating to do to fix the errors the previous updating created...
  7. Maybe for the fine details, but the spirit of things are easily captured...
  8. James - what product worked for you?
  9. You might need a high fps rate to see cones moving and meters bouncing accurately.
  10. The best thing to do is compress it with Format Factory (free download). You can tweak the video and sound compression separately to hone in on the file size you want. A video editor (there are many) can help you crop and trim the video length for a small file size as well. The overall file size is dependent on the video resolution (360p, 480p 1080HD, etc), the video compression (mp4, avi, etc), the sound compression, the frame rate, the motion and color detail, and of course the total time.
  11. It's a video of my pm1.5a and cerwin vega 380 se's. Any idea what the length would have to be (1 mb ) to download without any problems? Thanks
  12. Hello, You have a max file size limit of 1Mb. Once you become a full Member, it increases to 5Mb. May I ask the details about this file?
  13. Just want to know if I can download a video I made using Lunapic. If so how long of a duration can it be? Thanks
  14. Joe Zawinul & the Zawinul Syndicate: 75 We saw this ensemble at Blues Alley in Washington, D.C. (2007, I think). Check the super-charged rhythm section on this, Orient Express, with bassist Linley Marthe über-grooving.
  15. Worked for me. A lot of old records were brought back to life with black silent backgrounds. Once you set up your cleaning area and have a helper it only took me a couple of hours to clean maybe 2 dozen records. These were all very old and dirty never had been cleaned LP’s. Some of them had to go for a double treatment. Full disclosure though-I have not tried other methods.
  16. UPDATE: The old YAF link redirects are now working again! My dev had to rebuild the converter to play nice with the new core update. I'm tellen ya - website management is the new coal chimney cleaning business...
  17. I just purchased a spin clean for $125.00. I did a listen before cleaning my wife's original Hey Jude album and after. The spin clean brought this album back to life for sure. The only other step would be to discharge the static, then it was almost completely free of clicks and pops. I used one of those inexpensive static discharge brushes.
  18. It is important to use the right method correctly. Being a bit of a fanatic about cleaning in general, I see everything from mopping floors with a dirty mop and water, to cleaning lenses of your glasses with a dirty shirt. Today, I sat at a freshly cleaned table in a sandwich shop that had a thick film of soap in the place of dirt....... So, in cleaning an album one concern that I would have with a brush type method, is not to push the debris along as you clean. Unfortunately, the list gets longer. I too, owned a VPI machine, and for more than one reason was not impressed. The machine had suction all right, enough to pull the brush tightly to the vinyl! Not that the old Discwasher brush is the best method either, but you can 'roll' the brush as it sweeps the dirt out of the grooves. Spin clean sounds like a viable method. I would have to try it first.
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