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  2. +1 Ditto on all that's said. Really miss core contributors like you.
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  4. Cream Whiteroom (LIVE Farewell Concert HQ)
  5. Happy Birthday Gary, R.I.P. miss seeing your informative posts and opinions
  6. Brian_at_HHH

    New Jazz Albums

    Zack has great taste. That was very enjoyable. Thanks very much for suggesting it.
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  8. ---------Yah, but where is the dude that was Holding the key?-----------
  9. zumbini

    New Jazz Albums

    I have been a fan of jazz since high school thanks to a man named Ollie Berger who provided sound reinforcement for our production of West Side Story in 1968. Ollie taught me a lot about music, audio, recording, miking techniques, etc while I worked with him on and off until he passed away in 1987. At his funeral I was surprised to learn from his widow that he had bequethed his entire collection of 50's and 60's jazz to me (about 3,000 LPs and a few 100 RTR tapes). Sadly I have to admit that there are still many titles I haven't listened too. I pretty much stopped adding to my music collection soon after Zack was born (November 1995). When he started college and joined the jazz combo he was constantly asking me for suggestions for new (old) material so I ripped several hundred classic jazz titles for him. In return he has been sending me links to new jazz (No BS! Brass Band, Plini, Snarky Puppy, etc.) and buying me CDs for my birthday, Christmas and Father's Day. One of those gifts was this 2018 album by the Norwegian rock/jazz/fusion band Owane which is reminiscent of 70's fusion goups like Return to Forever. Hope you enjoy it. Owane biography: Øyvind Owane Pedersen - Born May 27, 1993 (Sortland, Norway) OWANE is the artist moniker for musician Oyvind 'Owane' PEDERSEN. Oyvind started out as DJ Owane with most of his online exposure related to electronic dance music among other projects, but under project OWANE PEDERSEN goes through what he calls discovery of his inner jazz mentality. With the help of his music producer and recording engineer Josef 7, he released 3 records up to 2018.
  10. A flat from a key, now THAT takes talent! I'd say "well done," but it's kinda the opposite. For me, I managed to pick up a fairly large bolt, once, straight into the center of the tread. It couldn't have been more perfectly aligned. Oops.
  11. Deep Purple My Woman From Tokyo (LIVE Kiev)
  12. That was a pretty good remake on that song Dom, and I like the guitar in there in place of the yodeling! I wish he would have stayed more true to the length and original notes of the song for full effect.........grin. Thanks for the post Mr. Carverpedia and other things considered.........grin
  13. Gary Hoey covered Hocus Pocus on his 1993 release Animal Instinct, and it's instrumental so NO YODELING!
  14. Happy Birthday Gary, gone but not forgotten. R.I.P.
  15. Miss you Gary, I think of you every time I crank up my rig. I still remember the "wall of sound" from the first fest.
  16. Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young Carry On
  17. Stephen Stills Love The One You're With (HQ)
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