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  2. Got a second reply back from KAB... I do believe in arbitrarily replacing Caps that are over 20 years old...
  3. Great Idea! Your always one step ahead...that's why your our leader! Thanks...
  4. I'm going to make an 'Audio Heaven' group for the those that have passed on.
  5. @Nahash5150, Should TNRabbit be white letters and designated as retired or R.I.P.? As your still working on this tab...sorry if I'm jumping the gun.
  6. Today
  7. I'd still suspect a failed cap or something in the power supply to them since both are not working. If one was dead it would point to a failed LED. If both went dark at the same time then it's more likely it was caused by something else powering them.
  8. you could check with Deltronics either in North Chicago, or at Woodridge Il. I have two of these turn tables in the shop at woodridge getting the lift arm part replaced. I supplied two plastic printed replacement parts that always break on these turn tables (was a weak design) that plagued these turntables. One is mine the other is my daughters. http://www.deltronics.com/
  9. Got a reply back from Kevin at KAB Yes, the Pitch and Speed Controls function properly I also found a Repair Manual online... Demo Video KAB sent me...
  10. I added the 'Community' tab because the 'Browse' tab was getting crowded. Now all the member related matrices are all in one area. Working on the group legend and other stuff to tighten it all up.
  11. It's hard to say, but lots of times if there is a bad cap the circuit downstream either gets no voltage or AC voltage when it should have DC. That can either cause components like IC's to not operate or short out. You should probably re-cap before trying to replace the displays. Look for a service manual on vinylengine.com for a schematic.
  12. Thanks Honey Badger, I haven't yet disassembled my unit, I still need to repair the broken "Cueing-Cam Ring", I'm trying to make a game plan and get all my Ducks in a row of things I need to do while it's apart and have as many of the items / parts on hand to hopefully have it apart only a short while. Re-Caping the power supply sounds like a good thing to add to the list, so hopefully I can get my Hands on a list of the Caps needed as well? You may be onto something, there could be a failed Cap in there attributing to dark LCD panels?
  13. Good idea. I'll make a group color legend.
  14. I know there’s a breakdown of the colors somewhere Greg. Could it be linked or copied/pasted on that page? Otherwise, nice. It’s cool to be able to have a one page directory of sorts.
  15. HB thanks for the info, I had been reading up on many of the old posts and threads here on CS to see what has been and should be done to both amps. I will give them both a listen after they are refurb'd and see if my ears like one over another. I currently don't have any speakers that I can Bi amp but hopefully that will change at some point or just more speakers in general. Like @Dadvw says its all about the hunt and I am just enjoying feeding my OCCD
  16. The 4.0t is the same amp internally as the TFM-45. There were minor changes/updates made so the earlier 4.0t might be slightly different in sound if used as bridged-mono amps. Bi-amping would be a good use of them together since they are the same design.
  17. LCD's were invented in the early 70's, in production by mid-late 70's. Those shown in the photo look like LCD panels; if not LCD what else could they be? LED? Have you tried doing a re-cap of the power supply electrolytic capacitors, randog?
  18. The hunt is the best part.......the find is the prize....grin. Not a game hunter, but Carver gear?............grin
  19. As Bill Maher says, speaking of the coastal metropolises “The fly-over states have become the passed-over states, that’s why red state voters are so pissed off. They don’t hate us, they want to be us.” Yea, right Bill...🤣
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