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    Last Sunday Hi-Fi Bourbon and I made the trip to Barlow, KY to the residence of MRHP in order to retrieve a 2018 Carverfest amp kit (so graciously brought back by MRHP) and to visit/audition his audio system. One word describes the experience..."AWESOME". MRHP was very welcoming and his laid back demeanor made us feel as if we were visiting and old friend. A taste of Carverfest without the Bob C. factor. After an inventory of the amp kit parts we soon began playing with the toys. And what toys! We started listing to a system consisting of the following components: Sunfire tube preamplifier (not sure of model #), Carver Baby black tube amps (monoblocked), Dahlquist DQ-20 speakers, dual DIY subwoofers powered by Sunfire Architect's Choice Series II (625 x 2) amp and an Oppo BDP-103. The sound was very detailed and crystal clear and the subs kicked me right in the ass! I remember thinking "this is very close to the sound of a live concert". Excellent system synergy. We then swapped the Baby Blacks for Carver 180 tube amps (monoblocked) w/KT-120 tubes. The additional power produced a whole new level of dynamics and realism. We continued the audition with some tube rolling on the amps and preamp. Amazes me how tubes can change the sonic signature of a system. MRHP has a wonderful collection of rare vintage tubes. Some of the equipment we did not have time to listen to (as we didn't want to wearout our welcome) was a Lightstar amplifier and a TFM-75 amplifier. Another, of note, aspect of MRHP's components is his collection of early production pieces: TFM-75 (serial #1), Baby Black amps (serial #1 & #2), and 180 amps (pre-production prototypes' pre-serial #d). Quite the collection! Hi-Fi Bourbon took a few pics on his iPhone and I am hoping (With MRHP's permission) he will post them on this tread. Everyone loves the eye candy...๐Ÿฌ Also, if I have made any misstatements about the components, maybe we can get MRHP (who recently joined our site, but is a long time member of our sister site) to chime in, elaborate or maybe even post additional pics. I think there are pics of some of his equip. on the "Carverfest 2018 Open Discussion and Pics" thread: page 3. Bottom Line is I was very impressed and came away with one prevailing thought...I need to rethink the need for adding the extra realism of a good subwoofer(s) to my system. Special thanks to MRHP for the most enjoyable visit... AS a side note we were unable to listen to his 2018 Carverfest 275 amps because they are still under construction. Hi-Fi Bourbon will be assembling my 275 amp kit, so I ask that if he has questions members here respond if you have the answers. Thanks in advance... Bob Carver equipment rocks!!!
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    Hereโ€™s the system today. Bonzoro 4000t pre Carverfest 275 tube amp VPI Scout 1.1 tt Ortofon 2M Black cartridge Oppo BDP-103 disc player Carver TX-11b tuner Snell C/v speakers
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    I was quite sick last week, still recovering. Worst flu I've had in a decade at least. Anyway, we've been busy. Turning over repairs and mods, cutting and splitting wood for the winter (yeah, I'm late) and loads of prep work for the business. I'm ready for scheduling work. I no longer have a year long waiting list. I also take everything - even outside of Carver. Prices are negotiable right now, as I don't have all the resources I need, but getting there. Peace!
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    Go right ahead and post pics I don't mind at all. If I can figure out how I'll put up some more pics after HiFi-burbon.
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    So.... you think your sub really puts out bass...and you like it? This might just be something you'd be interested in. I have 2 of them and am giving away one. It an ADC subsonic equalizer / synthesizer model DSS-100. Basically it's a bass booster for half of the unit and a bass synthesizer for the other half. Any note or signal passing through it at 100hz or less has a signal synthesized at exactly half of that frequency and it is controlled by a slide switch on the left. On the right is just the bass boost. You can either select to go through your main amp with the output or go to a LF amp...your choice. If you want really gut busting bass this will do it....and it sounds quite good! This particular one has a bad bypass switch in it that has been wired in the "on" position.....and I used it for years that way just sliding the control all the way down when I wasn't using it. It works fine that way, but I just discovered a guy on Fleabay that was selling a switch that will fit it perfectly so I bought it. You mission......should you decide to accept....is to either continue using it the way I did or install the new switch yourself. As soon as it arrives I will send it to you. Your second "mission" is to try to stop your furniture from walking away when you use it! It is also missing the side screws for the cover...which are in a box with thousands of other "orphan" screws. I'm sure you can find some for it easily though....they're pretty standard. You won't hear that 10hz note, but you'll sure feel it!! Post if you'd like it.
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    Thanks for adding me to the Caver site. Looking forward to being part of the community .
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    Give away via a random number generator. Please say "In" for those wishing to receive. The drawing will be Monday evening around 8 pm est This vinyl, 180gr half speed master, sealed of Dire Straits Brothers in Arms has done some traveling via USPS. Not sure the places its seen, thanks to USPS, but took a month-long vacation. Amazon reshipped my copy and this one showed up, Amazon said keep I'll cover all shipping costs, and will request that USPS take a more direct route this time Hoping my landlord (aka Son) will allow me to set up my system with some borrowed speakers and take my copy for a listen in the near future! Those of you in the know, know Paul Current standings / numbers. 1-100 BTW Dnspy007 63 Dennis47 47 Kve777 77 BarryG 8 OldTexasdog 22 4Runner 33 Madmike46 13 BrianD 42 Jeffs 58 Soulsurfer 50
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    Thanks guys! @Bean The console looks interesting...but I think that beast is all yours! Also, For what it's worth, my new phone number is 231-388-2309. This will be Nelion Audio's service number.
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    Since I forgot to make any statement about selection if more than one wanted it I think I have to say Charlie....it's yours! PM me with your shipping info and I'll get it out to you. It might take a few days to get it packed up and shipped..or if you don't mind waiting for several days I can ship it with the new switch that I just bought for it. Let me know!
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    Splitter cables arrived yesterday. Now the amps look busy... Thanks for the tip itchitch. Monoprice in Canada in case somebody is intrested, https://www.primecables.ca
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    I want to salve the wounds of all the participants that didn't win the Brothers in Arms Vinyl Karma. I have an extra multi channel DSD/SACD copy of Brothers in Arms. If you're interested, enter a number from 1 - 100. I plan to generate a random number on Wednesday. Good Luck!
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    Lazy.....havn't updated in years......lazy. Im almost done my basement HT system. Need to refinish the second sub (it will go in the right hand corner) and the rear arrays......i have Wharfedale Mach 9s for rears right now....meh. The center channel also needs to be refinished and I want to build a grill cover for it. The ribbons on the arrays and center are fabulous, crystal clear and the height of the arrays add a "Theatre" effect thats very, very cool. Can hardly wait to add the rear arrays... The gear is Onkyo AVR and the rest is DVD, satellite, etc, nothing to note. The TT is a Rega P3 on a slate "L" plinthe, (I need to buy a motor for it) with a RB-300 arm with an AT 440MLa cart. Crappy cell phone pics for your enjoyment.....๐Ÿ˜ I'll post more when completed. Bought a new amp a while back..... I'm a fan of the Musical Paradise stuff. http://www.musicalparadise.ca/store/index.php?route=common/home Local designer/engineer here in Edmonton, getting international recognition now. Good for him, a real nice guy. I own his Mp-401, first heard Baloks in my room, had one shortly after. Both the 401 and 428 are point to point wired. This is MP-428, a 300b/2A3 amp. http://www.musicalparadise.ca/store/index.php?route=product/product&path=66&product_id=53
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    As I mentioned elsewhere, I just don't play these anymore. 5 Genesis CDs. Discs are good, cases are mostly good. Pick a number between 1 and 69 Random number draw in ~ 24 hours.
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    Yeah. Don't obsess about the delivery system, enjoy the music.
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    I really don't have anything on the "I don't listen to that anymore" list. Growing up in the backwoods of Florida in the 60's, music was the big deal so I grew up with radio, 45's, 78's and 2 TV stations......Music is a time machine for me......
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    was thinking of replying to the same add then saw your post he was asking more a week or two ago if you need it picked up my son lives in Vancouver could probably help you out
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    Playing: David Aaron Carpenter & London Philharmonic Orchestra - Dvorak; Cello Concerto, Op. 104; I. Allegro (Arr. Vieland & Carpenter) [1:45/14:21]
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    This will probably be worth picking up if you are into SACD at all. Due for re-release this December. (This might be the one to break me out of my PF malaise ๐Ÿ˜Ž) https://store.acousticsounds.com/d/133316/Pink_Floyd-Wish_You_Were_Here-Hybrid_Multichannel_SACD
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    iPad came in the mail today. Iโ€™m posting on it right now. Pretty cool piece of gear. Thank you so much, Charlie!
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    The author is spot on about many of his opinions, but I have to question whether he's listened to any of the ultra high quality vinyl releases. That said, I do enjoy the ritual of vinyl, selecting the album, removing it from the cover, placing it on the turntable, cleaning it with the Disckeeper, ... I love the warmth that is missing from many CDs, but I don't love the static that is a constant battle with vinyl. Rod summed it up best though: Amen!
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    Hey everyone, looks like his buyer fell through, now I just have to arrange for someone to pick it up or ask him to hold it until next week when I can drive over there! Seller just called me and said he will hold it until I can make it there!