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    This weekend is the 150th anniversary of the completion of the transcontinental railroad at Promontory Point in northern Utah, commonly referred to as the “golden spike” event. To commemorate, there is a week long celebration in Ogden UT (about 10 miles north of me). This celebration kicked off Wednesday, with a very special arrival - Bigboy 4014. 4014 is the only operational Bigboy steam locomotive in existence. It lives in Cheyenne WY, and steamed over to Ogden for the festivities. I decided to sneak out of work for a couple hours, and post-up along the route to snap a few photos of this rare event. The crowds that this drew all along the 30 or so miles of the route I drove looking for a good spot for photos were nuts. Every bridge, overpass, pull-out and off ramp were jammed with people. Police had to close the right lane of the freeway near the ramps, as cars were parked nose to tail. I ended up finding a semi-hidden mud road that I followed for about 5 miles, then got out of my truck and hiked 2 more miles to find a great spot without freeway or houses in the backdrop, and no people. The sound of this thing was unlike anything I have ever heard (felt) before - true reference level bass! It probably helped that I was only about 10’ from the tracks... here are a few shots from the passing, along with a link to the article about the event: https://kutv.com/news/local/big-boy-locomotive-arrives-in-utah-for-150th-anniversary-of-transcontinental-railroad
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    Hello, First of all, I'd like to apologize for the extended outage. The server hosting company (A2 Hosting) was viciously attacked by Malware viruses and caused a massive Windows Server shutdown. We were one among many servers that had to be shut down then rebuilt after the attacking programs were cleared. After our server was recovered, we ran into DNS issues this week, but now I think we've got them cleared up as well. Some of you were patient, some were not. All I can say is, these things happen from time to time and there isn't anything we can do but clean up afterwards. If you have any questions, please contact me. I'll be sending out a mass email to inform all the members of the situation. Special thanks to Rod and Dennis for taking the brunt of questions and criticisms. I'm very sorry about all this. Truly. Regards, Greg
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    Nice work Greg - thank you for all your work and dedication. To the a-holes that bitched and moaned, get a grip. It’s a web site, not your life. Personally, the down time made me appreciate what we have here that much more. Oh, and I guess this is the end of the recent activity at the “other” site🙃
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    Happy birthday Gary. You would have been 58 today and likely out hiking or riding your motorcycle. Rest in peace my friend.
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    AN OUTSTANDING remake of a pivotal scene by some EXTREMELY talented fans - Disney needs to hire these guys ASAP.
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    Just saw this tonight with my son - This series just keeps getting better! The third installment raised the bar yet again - new and creative fight scenes and locations, fleshing out of supporting characters, just the right amount of humor, and impeccable sound and cinematography... Highly recommended!
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    I comissioned member Bonzoro to build me a WOPL Phase Linear 700b . Only had it since Monday and I'm having a BLAST! Can't say enough good things about the quality of his work. Also Kudos to White Oak Audio! Approx. 700wpc into my 4 ohm Polk SDA SRS2's . Also, I believe I have the very first new REV.G control board from WO. Enjoy:
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    Stumbled across this movie recently, and enjoyed it again. It came out in 1996. Stars Ewan McGregor (very young), Pete Postlethwaite, and Tara Fitzgerald. It's an exceptional story, and quite complex with several subplots involving labor unions, mining, economics, business and change. The movie knits these elements together in a setting of a declining town, it's culture and 100-year-old brass ensemble, that will inevitably end-of-life along with the economic infeasibility of the mine and people's over-dependence on their employer. Lots of interesting analogs with today's foolery of turning back the clock. But the music is incredible. I had to dig out the soundtrack I had purchased back then. I dare you to listen to this through to the end. Flugelhorn anyone?
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    Well, one of the things I'm going to do, which I've been meaning to do, is back up the member emails so I can send bulk notifications when the server is down. Also, you are all welcome to register at my business site, Nelion Audio, where there is live chat and a forum if you ever want to stay in touch if the site goes dark for some reason. Anyway, I have plans to create contingencies for the next time... This really got me by surprise. Never been through anything quite like it. It was BAD.
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    PM sent to the members who contacted me about fixing me up with a serviced C-1. I am most interested in your reply. Please get back to me. I want to cancel a seller on Reverb who is getting back to me on Monday with a UPS shipping quote. His C-1 is over priced and not serviced. Hate to make the guy go out of his way for nothing. I want a serviced one. Thanks again. Don't know if the photo will load but here is a shot of my Carver M-500 recently serviced and purchased on ebay last month.
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    Thanks for the kind words all! The locomotive (with tender) is 133’ long, 16’ high, and weighs an astounding 1,250,000 pounds. Here’s a brief excerpt from Wiki - The 25 Big Boy locomotives were built to haul freight over the Wasatch mountains between Ogden, Utah, and Green River, Wyoming. In the late 1940s, they were reassigned to Cheyenne, Wyoming, where they hauled freight over Sherman Hill to Laramie, Wyoming. They were the only locomotives to use a 4-8-8-4 wheel arrangement: four-wheel leading truck for stability entering curves, two sets of eight driving wheels and a four-wheel trailing truck to support the large firebox. According to a Union Pacific executive, the class series originally was to have been called the "Wasatch". One day, however, while one of the engines was being built, an unknown worker scrawled "Big Boy" in chalk on its front. With that, the legendary name was born and has stuck ever since.[2] Eight Big Boys are preserved today, most on static display at museums across the country. One locomotive, No. 4014, was re-acquired by the Union Pacific in 2013 to be restored to operating condition. The locomotive's restoration was completed in May 2019, and it has returned to service as the largest and most powerful operational steam locomotive in the world
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    I want to offer a HUGE Thank-You to @Nahash5150 for what I know was nothing short of a Heroic effort to get things back and running! I had been watching the DNS activities amongst other areas, and had enough of an idea what was happening. Everyone should be truly impressed that things are back so soon, and so well. Incredible job, Greg, and all who were involved. Thank you!!! (I'm still holding @DrummerJuice at fault for his attempt to "take over the world" having caused a cosmic divide by zero to break the site).
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    Jazzman53 I have a Harman Kardon system I bought new in the early 80's. Next to it was the expensive Carver gear that I could not spring for. I thought the HK was awesome and still do. I have a complete HK system, Amp/ preamp [PM 650] the matching Cassette Deck, EQ and manual Tuner in the Champagne finish, looks new. I bought the matching CD player years later but it died and I through it in the dumpster at work cause it cost more to repair it then replace it back then [90's]. I Have a great Denon Cd player that is still going strong. I also have a pair of AR 48 speakers I bought at the same time [replaced the drivers a few times]. I still love the system and plan on using the AR's with the Carver stuff. I may feel the need to upgrade speakers down the road but so far I love them. Thanks
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    I've been away for a while but before I explain why here's a Zack update. Just before Christmas Zack bought a 2007 Mazdaspeed 6, a car he has been interested in since high school. (A friend and fellow Eagle scout owned one.) He no longer needed the Saab I loaned him that summer so I flew up to Boston, spent 2 days hanging out with him and his roomies, and we drove the 9-3 back to Chester for the holidays. In February Zack started the course work for a Masters in Engineering and Computer Science while continuing to work part time for Cadence Design Systems. Assuming he can schedule the classes he needs he should graduate this coming December. By the way, Zack recruited his former fratmate and current roommate Luke, so now they both work for Cadence Design System. (Cadence actually opened a small office in Boston specifically for them.) This is a photo of Luke and Zack taken while I was in Cambridge in December.
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    I am very proud to report that Zack received an award from MIT for "excellence in 6-A Industrial Practice". He was also given a substantial cash "bonus" by Cadence Design Systems for the work he did for them that resulted in a patent and became the basis for his master's thesis. Here's what MIT says about the 6-A program: The 6-A program is a partnership between MIT and some of the most innovative companies in the world. It allows students to pursue a leading-edge industry project while simultaneously working towards the completion of their MEng thesis. This is the 99th consecutive year the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at MIT has offered this special Program. 6-A offers intensive well-mentored educational state-of-the-art internships complementary to classroom education at selected leading edge member companies who have a long-term relationship with the department and who understand that our undergraduates are capable of making a real contribution to their companies. The students typically join the program as Course 6 juniors and seniors, and complete a series of three- and six-month work assignments at their chosen company. Each student is assigned both an industry mentor and a faculty advisor, and the work students complete during their stay at the company is then used towards their MEng thesis. In addition, in most cases, the 6-A program covers the full tuition of the MEng degree as well as competitive salaries during the time the student is at the company. Students receive academic credit for each assignment. This is the only way to receive credit for work done at a company or to use such work to satisfy any academic requirement. 6-A students are able to graduate with their class. More than 2,500 alumni have gone through the 6A program over the years. Many of them have become leaders in their fields, a few examples include : Amar G. Bose – 1952 (Philco) – MIT EECS, Founder Bose Corp. Cecil H. Green – 1923 (General Electric) – Founder Texas Instruments (deceased 2003) Raymond S. Stata – 1958 (Philco) Founder Analog Devices Andrew J. Viterbi – 1957 (Raytheon) Founder QUALCOMM Markus Zahn – 1968 (Raytheon) MIT EECS, Director of 6-A 1994-2015 Vincent W.S. Chan – 1971 (RCA) MIT EECS, Past Director, Laboratory for Information and Decision Systems (LIDS) James L. Kirtley, Jr. – 1968 (Raytheon) MIT EECS William J. Lenoir – 1962 (General Radio) Astronaut Alan V. Oppenheim – 1961 (American Electric Power and General Electric) MIT EECS Thuan Pham – 1991 – (Hewlett-Packard Co.) CTO of Uber
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    I have one, full recap, BillD modded with Gundry dip mod installed. $500.00 plus shipping.
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    Just a quick note. I have a recapped DTL for sale. I only paid $110, and then maybe have another $20 in parts (new tranny, caps). It's your for $130 + shipping. Cosmetically it is in great shape.
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    Many thanks for the warm welcome back gentlemen. It's great to feel appreciated. As for my absence, it started as a short break which I needed after 8+ solid years of daily visits to the CarverSite. I was frustrated about the lack of movement on the BillD Legacy Gear Auctions (6 years into that project and the "best" gear has yet to be made available) and depressed about my inability to positively affect the treatment of (now former) site members. I was planning to return to CS! after the holidays but I came down with a nasty strain of flue followed by what turned out to be bacterial pharyngitis (a form of strep throat), and tonsilitis (yep, I still have 'em). I didn't leave the house for almost 2 months except to see the doctor. I was almost back to "normal" when my carpenter buddy Mark called me about a big install job in North Carolina. I was low on cash so I packed up and spent 3 1/2 weeks working with him in and around Raleigh (the client owned a group of a dozen or so car dealerships) and sleeping in Comfort Inns and Best Westerns. When I got home I spent another month clearing up a bunch of small jobs for some of my regular customers that I'd put on the back-burner while I was sick. A special thanks to Dennis Miller, Rod Haggerty, David Clark, Dadvw, David H, Blues Pwr and wrf who called, emailed and/or messaged me while I was AWOL.
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    I just wanted to say thanks to everyone that spent time getting the site back up. I had no idea how addicted I was to this site until I couldn't log on. Again....thanks! Carter
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    Thank you very much! This made my day. Love me some BIG IRON!!!
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    Thanks Greg. All of this must have been very frustrating for you.
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    Thanks for getting it back together Greg. It’s soooo nice to be able to communicate with like minded folks again.
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    +1 If I need to review a schematic, I usually just go to this site and load it live. A few weeks back, I downloaded the ones I use most frequently. Glad I did that. Kept me going on a few projects but sure is good to be back live. Great work Greg!
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    +1! Thanks to all who fought through the issues to get the site back up! Yea, I went through some withdrawals, and peered into the 'other site' for relief. And thanks to Jim for fixing my login on JCS. Again, just want to say THANKS! What you guys do on this site is greatly appreciated.
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    Nahash, I am very appreciative for all you do to keep us up and running. it is greatly appreciated. As for the complainers, it reminds me of a couple weeks ago on the day Ben & Jerry's gives away free ice cream cones. I was going into the medical supply store next door and heard a large group of teenagers complaining that the line wasn't moving fast enough. I guess even free ice cream isn't enough to make some folks happy.
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    Nice to be back, big thanks to all involved. kcetp
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    A HUGE congrats to Zach! Well earned and deserved. It was your postings about Zack that showed me that this was a community, not just an audio group, before I joined. Keep the updates coming, and give him our best wishes. I, too, am really glad to see you back. As long as you are okay, the reasons are completely okay. I can completely understand your reasons, and I hope the break helped. Try to keep things fun, as much as you can - you care enough that it can easily get to even the best. Thank you for coming back - your quiet voice of reason, and sage info mean a lot to us. I hope you've shaken the flu, and made many a competing car dealership jealous.
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    Hello all, I just joined to learn more about Carver. I just bought my 1st Carver amp [M-500]. Now I am looking to buy a nice, clean working C-1 preamp in Silver [my 1st choice] or anthracite. Freshly serviced preferred as I am not an electronics tech. Thank you in advance.
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    @zumbini , you and Zack are welcome to it. 😀 To me, that rates below the level of those weird coloured ketchups they had for kids a few years back. BTW, nice to see you back - you had played such a key roll here, and while I'm sure you were enjoying a much needed break from things, you were definitely missed, especially by those of us with much to learn. Oh @#$%, who am I kidding - the truth is I was beginning to worry, and thinking of asking if anyone knew that you were okay. Glad to see you seem to be fine.😌
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    Glad your back , recovered and re-rested , very much missed reading your posts
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    So please don't ask me how I ended up at my wits end and breaking down. Pages torn from books we never read, 'Cause we're plugged into this grid. Don't pull this plug right now, Or then we really have to live. When I die, will they remember not What I did, but what I haven't done. It's not the end, that I fear with each breathe. It's life that scares me to death... When we built these dreams on sand, How they all slipped through our hands. And this might be our only chance. Let's take this one day at a time, I'll hold your hand if you hold mine. The time that we kill keeps us alive. Your words won't save me now. I'm at the edge feeling the sweat drip from my brow. Get a grip on yourself is what they say, Every hour every day. Hands over my ears, I've been screaming all these years! We came in search of answers! We left empty handed again! Shots fired into the sky... Are now returning! Where the fuck will you hide! From the laughter in the closet, some alive But the door hinges are squeaking letting in thin shards of light. And now our hands extending outward, Quiet comfort they invite, And do we dare take what they offer? Do we step into the light? When we built these dreams on sand, How they all slipped through our hands. And this might be our only chance. Let's take this one day at a time, I'll hold your hand if you hold mine. The time that we kill keeps us alive.
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    Looks like my response disappeared with the outage but I did receive the case and love it! Carter
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    It's hard to know what is being looked for; may be open up a contest?
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    Thanks for all the hard work- really missed the site
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    Thanks fellers. I stand corrected. The new control board is a 'G1' . It has a 'dual mono' layout & check out the American flag. I like that on my gear. This is Bonzorro's picture:
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    Thank you Greg, and everyone that worked to address this. I've lost work via "hackers" and it's no fun. More wasted time on such PITA activity by non-doers. I can relate to the surprise. Double redundancy is my friend, now.
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    You dont know what you got till its gone....I didnt like the parking lot. Thanks for everything you guys do.
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    Let me add another voice to the chorus - Thank You Greg! I think Daddyjt summarized it best - “the downtime made me appreciate what we have here that much more.” I’m not sure that I ever got past the initial withdrawal - Damn, I missed this place and all of you mutts.
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    Truly a great job. Stood up as a leader. It's great CS is back. The vault of technical knowledge collected, discussed and shared in this site is priceless. Keep it up Nahash ( I haven't done any mods on my Carver gears yet and got worried that CS is gone forever..LOL ).. While CS is down I kept reading on the Nelion Audio chatbox and Jim Clark's site to check news on CS aside from clicking my browser's shortcut from time to time 😊, and learned that Jim's partner is from the Philippines.. Thanks, nice to read from you guys again..
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    Yes, It's great to have you back. I've missed your informative posts.
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    Listened to it again this morning. That piece, Rodrigo's Concerto, is moving. The irony of that clip, in its entirety, actually brings tears to my eyes. Lots of good music and performance moves me like that. If you want to skip the irony, the music starts about half-way through. (The irony continues to the end, with the flash-over video to the negotiators concerning the future of the mine...)
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    Well done Mark! I love the black and white photo you posted. I appreciate your effort to get the great shot and to separate yourself from the lemmings. Years ago I worked on a Travel Channel show called "Tricked Out Trains" I took a lot of train rides around the country on private rail cars. The owners of these cars called the train fans "foamers" (meaning they foamed at the mouth when they saw trains that they liked). -PhilDent
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    Glad to see the site! back on line. Thanks to all who worked to get us back on track........
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    Thanks for all you do Greg. To all the complainers, all I have to say is "Get a Life".
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    I can only imagine the poor folks that depended on AS for their hosting that also depended on their web site for income.
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