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    I had a visit with Santa today and was left speechless Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. Christmas came early for me thanks to Brian. I meet up with Brian aka @B-Man at a BP station in Cosby TN this morning to pick up my amp from him. Brian and I were to get together to build the amp, but Brians very busy schedule has prevented him from doing much past work. He and I were to meet up early this morning so I can get the parts and get off to someone else that had a bit more time. In something I have come to always be amazed at with the people here, Brian built the amp yesterday. Something I didnt expect and was blown away with him taking time to do so. Brian Thank You.
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    MERRY CHRISTMAS....remember the reason for the season!
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    As requested by everyone. It has taken some time to acquire the right set. I was lucky enough to find these two gems on eBay. My first venture went quite south with a C-1 and M 1.0 t set. Turned up DOA. Lucky enough I was dealing with an honest seller. Long story short, seller refunded my money and I found my new set. Sooooo happy with this arrangement. I now have a C-2 with a M-200t paired with a new set of NHT Classic 4’s. Here they are!
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    Merry Christmas Carver friends!
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    Happy Holidays to all, with good listening ...
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    Merry Christmas Everyone on the Carversite! May your OCCD orders be filled tonight and in the coming years.......grin
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    This Mustang is INSANE - and Ken Block is an incredible driver...
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    I got one of those disc polishers like @dennismiller55has........sorry Dennis, I was a copy cat🙀 https://www.jfjeasypro.com/shopnew/product/easy-pro
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    Recently upgraded M-1.0t. Non-inverting model. Faceplate is good, top cover has some scratches. $650 with Free shipping to USA. Upgraded with the full mk II opt002 treatment. Cap board by Les (circuits and concepts). Fulcrum boards and opt002 boards by Dennis (dennismiller55). LEDs are stock. Fully tested, burned in and ready to go. Bench tests at the full rated power of 460 watts/channel. Maybe a little more if the line voltage would hold steady.
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    Merry Xmas to all Carverites! Do not forget the Milk and Cookies!
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    Merry Christmas Everyone (our lab had been guarding her wrapped present for a week... we said ok tonight)
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    MERRY CHRISTMAS to one and all! 🎄 May the NEW YEAR bring all your Carver wishes!
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    Merry Christmas Everyone!!! I haven't been around much lately, but I plan to attend more regularly. Thanks for a great site and great members!
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    I can clear the Party Barn in two notes Merry Christmas folks, May all of your Christmas wishes be delivered at 100+ dBs
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    Merry Christmas Carversite!!!!
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    Merry Christmas to all you guys, it was fun meeting up with some f you at Carverfest 2018 Brian
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