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    I really should say hello to everyone since I Am a newb to this forum. I joined this forum after lurking on it for awhile and realized there are quite a few people very versed in electronics here. Way beyond my level. My music equipment voyage started in the early 70’s with the baddest radio shack speakers and zenith stereo,just a smokin! Then jumped into SAE amp and equalizer.Nice stuff. From there two different carver receivers and then ct23 and tfm35x, which I jam to now in my shop, to the likes of Robin Trower, Stevie Ray, jimmy lane,Melvin Taylor,etc. Still crank the tunes at concert levels at 60 yrs young in my man cave and build hot rods!!
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    Lots of folks on the site have interesting, different, cryptic, etc. user names. What's the story behind yours ? I'll go first. Most of you know my name is Brian. Because there are two syllables I have noticed that a lot of folks I know struggle to say my name completely. 🙃 It mostly gets shortened to "Hey B" or just "B". Many years ago a "new to the group" motorcycle enthusiast noticed most everyone called me "B". One evening after a dinner get-together his bike wouldn't start. Not being a mechanic-type guy he said "Hey B-Man, would you give me a hand with this?" and it just stuck with everyone. Almost all of my close friends call me "B" or "B-Man" now. My Mom & Dad and the rest of my family, however, still call me by the name my parents gave me, although my younger brother often calls me by other names. So, what's your story ?
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    My name is from my truck is a highly modified 1984 Toyota 4RUNNER I hand built myself took about 2 years to build 10 years of collecting parts. Started life as a 84 4runner 4 cyl but not many Toyota parts left body frame and tcase, has a 99 s10 4.3 motor 97 chev 2500 5 spd tranny, international scout rear axle and a home built front axle with scout axle shafts, very very proud of what I built, have been to Moab Utah for their Easter safari 3 times with it. Was in a tough time of my life (addiction) when I started the real build and having a goal was the best thing for me got me on the right path again sort of saved my life and marriage. Rambling a bit but is a good thing.
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    Okay, so I didn't complete the update yesterday because this new update is going to break some of our customizations. It's much more extensive than the norm, so I have to do some research, backup some files, updates some applications first, then do the engine update. Some useful new features and changes are a part of it, so I'll list these later. I'm going to work on the appearance things first, so if stuff gets weird, that is why. If you have any trouble or get errors, please let me know.
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    Nothing too over the top or super interesting about mine, Just a 69 Chevelle I have owned since I was a junior in high school. It is the second car I ever bought after having totaled the first one. Its been through more motor, paint and wheel combinations over the years and currently has a 496 cubic inch stroker motor that makes about 650 horse. Fast cars and loud music that's me in a nutshell.
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    This was the first Internet forum I ever joined, and didn’t realize I’d need a user name. The first thing that came to mind were my two kids - Jarrett and Taylor, and me being their dad, well.... there you have it.
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    Ist forum I ever joined was carveraudio.....didnt have a clue what to call myself..... Can think of hundreds now..... Initials it was and in every forum/site/game since 2007 im known as PDR or PDRCanada First name Perry....
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    Was playing golf with a friend of mine one day and he called me Kingman. It stuck.
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    Great Topic - and an opportunity to dispel any association with STD's (Visualize the movie Animal House) 1980 - 2am in the basement of the SAE house at Madison. I was a young pledge standing with my back against the wall with my fifteen pledge brothers on either side of me. Typical of the era (before hazing was a crime) the Pledge Trainer was handing out the pledge pins to each person in the lineup. He had consumed his share of Old Milwaukee from our 24 hour tap. His words - "I, (state your name) promise to..." He would then repeat your name back to you. He had much difficulty with ISKALIS... so he stated going forward my name would be itchy nuts. I was not thrilled (ummm why not Cool Guy or something....) Soon the name was shortened (out of convenience) to Itch and has been with me ever since. Customers - Friends - Girlfriends - Parents of girlfriends... to this day!
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    Mine came about back in 2001 when I started for an Audio Video Manufacturers rep firm when I was living in Tulsa and then moved to Denton, TX summer of 2003 and they needed a different email account to forward my work email to from the server. I had been in car and home audio retail starting in 1985 but was installing car stereos, putting bicycles, baby beds, and whatever else, at the local Western Auto store in my town starting in 1980. That got me to installing car stereos for guys in high school when I was in Jr High so it was quite the inlet with the "cool dudes with cars". I've done all levels including sales, custom installation/fabrication, management, ownership, then Manufacturers Rep from 1985 till 2009 till the Rep Firm I was with did major changed and I was out of a job. I had moved to Denton, TX in 2003, as mentioned, and set up that email account and the rest is history. So, nothing really exciting. But, now I'm back in Arkansas with a change of career paths (Network Administrator for the city I'm in) and not even in A/V anymore but changing it to "naguyar" would look kind of stupid so there's that. So I've just left it what it is as more seem to know that one. Well, in some places.
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    First, the warning - this is not a short story. It all started back in college. I was on the Ski Team and we were staying at a house near Ascutney, VT one weekend for races at Mt. Ascutney. Friday night several of us were sharpening skis and it seemed to me that everyone (five of us) was just moping around not really too excited about much of anything. This was the time of the Beatles double White album and I had a portable 8 track player. I slammed a tape in and when Rocky Raccoon started playing, I started jumping around, dancing and telling my teammates what a bunch of old ladies they were behaving like. That started it - my Captain pronounced that from here on out my nickname would be “Rocky Raccoon”. I wasn’t really impressed with the label but the next weekend we had a Ski Meet at Okemo Mountain and Sunday afternoon during the presentation of awards, the Captain of another college’s team who had just won both the Slalom and Giant Slalom over the course of two days stepped to the podium to receive his trophies. After accepting his hardware, he made a big speech about yours truly, “Rocky Raccoon” and presented me with a Gideon’s Bible. The name has been with me ever since. It was morphed into Rocky for the rest of my College Days and then I managed a band for a few years after College and one of my best friends started calling me “The Rockster”. When it came time to come up with some kind of handle, I just figured I’d use Rockster but to differentiate it from my real name I used “Rockster2U”. I told you it was a long story.
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    I built and raced Turbocharged cars way back in the 80's. My first Turbo car was a black 85' Nissan 200SX Turbo. Then I bought a brand new 87 Chrysler Conquest TSi Turbo Intercooled 4 banger in San Antonio Texas. The day after I bought it, I drove about 200 miles East to Houston where Gene Deputy boosted it to over 400 WHP at Texas Turbo Engineering. Now I drive a Twin Turbo V8 BMW 550i. Turbo is what all of my friends call me and thus it's self explanatory. Oddly, the 70 455 Ram Air GTO in my Avatar is now a normally aspirated 463 Cube 12.5:1 monster without any Turbocharging. I do want to live, and 600 horses in an old 70 American Musclecar chassis is more than dangerous enough for me to know precisely when enough is enough... Turbo
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    Nothing too cryptic about my user name, Zenith4me. I got hooked on Zenith tube radios a few years ago. I really like the look of the Zenith cube style radios such as the model 5S218. I have one that I restored a few years ago. I had two of them but I gave one to a friend for his birthday a few years ago. My wife usually just gives me an odd look when I'm carrying stuff in the front door but she likes the Zenith cube radios. Carter
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    Something I listened to as a teen, we had several of the Herb Alpert's Tijuana Brass LPs. Interesting backstory.
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    Would like to give my C-4000 to a new home. It just sits in a box at my home and would like one of you to enjoy it. I believe to headphone connection needs some soldering work if you want to use it. A great pre amp to play with. So guess a number between 1 and 100 before Sunday at 0800 and the closest one will have a pre amp show up at their door. I will cover shipping. Still wish I didn't sell my 4000t to a site member..... I blame my wife
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    HappyTrails: The trails are my happy place. From trail running, backpacking, mtn biking or just on the trails it is where I love. Add my dog Ashe to the mix and it just doesn't get any better. Inside the ultra trail running or just trail running world (no longer an ultra runner), I'm referred to as The Old Crow. I have long had a fascination with crows and ravens, and you see them in many things in my life. Inside the ultra trail world locally, If you were on an adventure run with me, we got lost in the woods and it exceeded 6 hours you received a hat and became part of the "club". There are 5 in that murder and 3 "chicks" That didn't quite make the 6-hour mark, but close. I'm well known for my lack of direction combined with my general lack of concern in being lost. As I am in my Happy Place
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    Nothing special with my handle. Got addicted to the blues at a young age and haven’t looked back. ......
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    Maytag- I worked as a firefighter paramedic- a friend and coworker of mine stared to do helicopter rescue and worked with the local county SWAT. I was recruited to be a tactical medic. Lots of great training and shooting. They- SWAT command needed a medic- my friend wasn't available and they couldn't remember my name and some how turned my name into Maytag. Knowing a name sticks and could be worse, I clung to it. I ordered name tags and business cards and changed my email. Maytag is the fix it guy and I was the medic so it worked....
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    Really easy I'm a packrat. And packrat with 1 t is always taken
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    All the guys at work called me Dano (like book em Dano from Hawaii 50) And I've always been in to wood work as a hobby, therefore Danowood.
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    My avatar is a hint. Lol My real name is Owen James Smith. Everyone called me OJ until the whole white Bronco thing in California. After a decade or so a buddy started calling me Juice and it stuck! I'm a drummer and singer in a local coverband who has a house gig and we play Fri-Sat 3 weekends/mo. And there you have it!
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    I don't think my user name needs any clarification (or does it?) 😕
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    I always thought this was a gorgeous amplifier...
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    Are in the air right now ??? https://www.flightradar24.com/
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    The Ten Octave Audio Model LP1 tube preamplifiers are now in production. This is the production version of the preamp that was previewed at the Carver Fest 2018. Each unit is currently hand-built when we receive an order, although we are planning to have several in inventory for immediate shipment as time allows. The normal price on these units offered wholesale to retailers will be $699.99. We expect the retail pricing to be about $999. We are offering a special price for one unit each to current (as of March 3, 2019) Carver site members (until the end of March 2019.) That price is 569.99 plus actual insured shipping from 30233 (plus sales tax if applicable.) This price includes a custom made double wall shipping box with dense foam inserts to prevent any damage in shipping and it should be reusable. Technical features of the LP1 Line stage tube preamp: double thickness printed circuit board to prevent flex or damage from repeated tube insertions for those who love to roll tubes! double thickness copper traces on pcb 4" height allows buyer to use 12AX7 tubes with adapter if desired uses ultra low noise, minimum 5000 hour life 6N2-EV mil spec tubes that have much lower microphonic levels and lower floor noise than even the best 12AX7s available Cardas audio grade silver solder used for the entire build Tube rectified power supply high quality sealed ALPS potentiometer volume control heavy (16) gauge powder coated steel case on all sides audio grade capacitors... MKP, Panasonic and Wima used in the audio path carbon comp resistors selected to optimize audio quality and used in specific locations where carbon comps produce a higher quality sound in tube applications. Allen Bradleys are used in most cases. ground plane grid for lower floor noise Regulated and fully adjustable DC power used for all audio tube filament voltages. This is rarely found even in the most expensive units relay switched inputs RCA shorting plugs included for unused inputs heavy duty heat sink on filament voltage regulation transistor custom wound power transformer gold plated RCA jacks thick custom anodized aluminum faceplate We think it sounds great, too. Feedback about the early units produced: “freaking awesome” “first impression is wow!” “I am BLOWN away with the 275/10 Octave combination. It’s as good as anything I’ve ever heard.” “Sounds better than my Sunfire.” "This is an amazing preamp. I think I've finally got a system together that I'm really happy with. It pairs perfectly with the 275." Trav0810's review: To order please send iamjohngalt a private message and include your email and cell/text contact so we can make arrangements for payment, manufacture, and shipment. Bill (fxbill) and David (iamjohngalt) Ten Octave Audio
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    Nice to meet you Perry, I’m Ray(Magnaryder) I joined my first internet mail forum in 94 or 95. SabMag centered around Honda first gen V4s. My ride du jour was a 1984 V65 Magna called Nightshade. So Magnaryder seemed appropriate
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    I'm learning to play the guitar. That pic is of an Epiphone Genesis that I bought. I'll have to take a pic of my Zenith cube. Carter
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    Some of you may already know me and my association with Phase Linear over the years. I shared a website with Dean Nissen (the last factory service manager at Phase Linear's Lynnwood, Washington location). I worked with Dean for 25+ years restoring Phase Linear gear. Here is a link to an archived copy of “THE OFFICIAL PHASE LINEAR (LYNNWOOD) HOMEPAGE” I shared with Dean. https://web.archive.org/web/20081011172518/hometown.aol.com/phasetek NOTE: Some of the links no longer work. By the way, I moved to northeast several years ago from the Seattle area. Ed
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    Shipping damage is the worst enemy of a Carver.
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    One of the participants in the group buy did not follow through with his purchase. I bought him out with the intent of keeping them. I have come to realize that I do not need 4 of these terrific little amps. As a result I am going to offer two for sale. These are assembled and tested with the KT120 tube upgrade. These will be the last two offered associated with the Carverfest project. I am looking to cover my cost plus a reasonable amount for the assembly time. PM me if you are interested. I want to be careful how I sell these. No matter what they will not end on Craigs List or Ebay. I am basically making them available to those that could have bought in the original group. I will NOT sell to a newbie with very few posts. I want to be sure I am not taking a sell away from Jim or Bob.
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    Mine's pretty easy - I love corvids ❤️ Ravens, crows, jays! Magpies...eeeehhh. But ravens are my favorite, their lore is so varied and vast that they truly are shapeshifters. In several mythologies, they're the connection between the universe (or spirit world) and ours, often granting messages or omens to those who watch for them. So it stuck as a pen name and continues to, even though I no longer use it for writing. For now. Maybe one day it will play phoenix 😈
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    Thank you gentlemen! There's a lot that has changed, although many of them may not be important to your typical visiting experience. This is just part 1, I'll post more changes as I filter through them. Here are the relevant upgrade notes (part 1): Major New Features / Enhancements Post Before Registering Animated GIFs Global Group formatting (whoohoo!) New Email Features: Email Statistics Email Advertisements Unfollow Without Logging In Core Added setting to display user group formatting in more areas (see 6 New Micro Features). Added less intrusive browser notification prompt in Notifications menu (see 6 New Micro Features). Added ability to show sidebar blocks to only certain types of devices (see 6 New Micro Features). Added ability for club owners to reorder the navigation tabs (see 6 New Micro Features). Added ability for announcements to be linked to an URL or be a title only (see 6 New Micro Features), improved consistency in how announcements are shown in different areas. Added a new UI for attachments, showing a box with some information about the file, rather than a plain line (see Turbo charging loading speeds). Removed Features Removed EmojiOne-style emojis due to licensing issues. Removed Gravatar support due to privacy concerns and performance issues. Removed the name of the content (e.g. topic) from the “Next Unread” link which could consume significant server resources on large communities. Then a patch: Core Made several adjustments to HTTP/2 push/preloading to improve overall performance of most requests and resolve minor bugs. Changed database connector so that a database connection is only established once it is actually needed. Improved performance of 4.4.0 upgrades for sites with lots of members. Improved performance of content item and comment sidebar blocks restricted to specific containers. Improved Post Before Registering to allow the user to remove their submission and email address. Changed the error message for a failed login the same regardless of the reason for extra security. Fixed an issue where guest "post before register" submissions may show up in widgets before the guest registers. Fixed several areas in the suite where images were not "lazy-loaded" as expected. Fixed link styling in announcement banners making the text difficult to read in some browsers. Fixed miscellaneous HTML markup errors. Fixed an issue where users could encounter an error by logging in with a new social account after already associating with a social account. Fixed Application icon getting lost when the datastore is flushed. Fixed an issue where the newsletter signup block was showing an error to guests. Fixed an issue with button spacing on mobile. Fixed an issue where streams may go missing if a guest member object is deleted. Fixed an issue where pagination may not work when 'rewrite FURLs' is not enabled. Fixed posts not retaining code syntax highlighting with some code languages. Fixed an issue where private conversations can be very slow to search. Fixed an issue with the Emoji shortcode popup when lazy load and Twitter Emoji are used. Fixed an issue with the setting for "Users can see records posted by other users" not being honored. Fixed an edge case issue where it was possible for the lazy load rebuild to affect embedded videos. Forums Improved performance of the post feed widget. Pages Fixed an issue where reciprocal "back links" may be incorrectly deleted from records. Gallery Fixed an issue where notifications for new images can send indefinitely. Downloads Fixed an issue where notifications for new files can send indefinitely.
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    "Andrew John" is my first and middle name. My parent's lacked imagination, so my younger brother was originally named "John Andrew" - but that was about the time they started drifting apart, so my mother changed my brother's middle name..., I started using the name in March of 2003.
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    Now that is a cool story 4Runner.
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    I was partial to this
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    You like big meters, huh?
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    My first purchase of any real stereo gear...VOTTs. Bought them in '72 even before I had an amp, receiver or anything...Hot Stuff!!!
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    Picked these up yesterday. Curious to hear your opinions before I give mine. Same guy has a pair of flagship Polks I dont need 2 pair of bad ass polks so my future son in law is buyi ng them upgraded tweeters 1400
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    I am continuing my quest to down size my out control group of speakers, etc. I have the following. I am about to list some on eBay but wanted to give you guys first crack. I can send pictures if any of these items. If you are interested please PM me. Carver AL3's - Black original ribbons. I would call condition a 8 of 10. ($800) Carver Hybrid Platinums - rebuilt ribbons, Honeycomb Woofers. Sound great. Also 8 of 10. ($900) SOLD Polk Audio SDA2B's - original interconnect cable included. 9 of 10. ($400) SOLD Polk RTA15tl's. Condition 9 of 10. Black Oak. Many of you heard these at CF last year and thought they were the best of the Polk Group that I brought. ($400) SOLD More later. I am teetering on selling a Sunfire 300x2, TFM35 amp, C16 Pre. PM me if you see something you can just not live without. Ed
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    Just initials, a former initial-to-sign-off (dcldc) but truncated. (Close to but not quite a palindrome, dclcd).
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    5 years ago here in this site this very day I announced that I was going to be a father, and this day has brought me joy and I want to give back some of that joy. In collaboration with loner_t (LT) we have a karma offering of a very nice Carver A-220 power amp. This karma will run for 1 week ending next wedsday. The drawing will be done by my daughter (BABY MKII) as she was known to the members back when she was born. This karma is open to all members of this great community. The only thing I ask is help with shipping. Thank you and good luck
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    My username came from my penchant of mooching off friends in Summit & Pitkin County CO for up to a couple of weeks at a time, and one time for almost a month. They started calling me the ski bum in the other bedroom or guest house. SkiBum is almost always taken for usernames, so I became Sk1Bum. My family, friends & enemies usually call me Dick, my enemies just say it a little differently than my friends.
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    Thank you for all you do, Greg.
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    I posted this several years ago and I believe it still holds true. It isn't the shipping company - it's the people. And many many people just suck...
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    Amp is mine. Iron courtesy Watershed 10
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    Always thought these Pioneer Spec systems in racks were great visually.
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    Memory coming back to me... 😀 When I was 12, I was in and out of the hospital..., my mother picked this up from the local Service Merchandise (my first music-maker) to keep me company when parents drove home for the night, two hours away from Blessing Hospital in Quincy, IL. In High School, there was a local "Lafayette Stereo" (on Lafayette street - not associated with the chain of stores) in my local town. I spent hours in that store..., saved up to buy Kenwood LS-407b speakers, KA-?? amp, KT-?? Tuner, KX-?? Cassette Deck and a Technics SL-220 entry level belt drive TT with an ortofon cartridge. The stack looked something like this (pick from internet): I had both the Rack Handles and the Solid Walnut side panels, which I swapped occasionally. I always coveted the TOL Kenwood of this era (mine was all I could afford). The TOL was some serious gear at the time, right up there with Yamaha and Phase Linear separates that were on display at the shop. The holy grail (I did not have, was the "b" version of these separates in a black faceplate (really "pewter"). I lugged these separates from dorm to dorm, home and off-campus rentals for years, keeping their original boxes. Even had them when I first got married. Wish I had kept them. Amp failed, and I sold the stack to a HS kid as a project. The Kenwood speakers were unique, they did not have a cross-over, but had tuning to the tweeters. I blew the tweeters more than once.
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    Not counting the tiny wannabe boombox (unknown Panasonic iirc) I started with as a kid with "big" 5" speakers..and then my JVC RC-M90 aka "The King" which I am still kicking myself for selling uber cheap to my now former brother in law since his died and i had a "real system" Ny "real system" I actually mostly still have.. scary enough. My Technics SU-V40 AA class integrated amp with a whopping 50WPC.. (actually given it;s class it actually punched wayyyyyyyy above its weight for quality all things considered unlike most of it;s so called siblings) Sadly it is dying and in a way that is actually how I ended up here now. Add to the amp a technics compact cassette deck (can't recall the model atm but it used the same head and part of the same circuitry as a Denon model at that time). A Sansui analog AM/FM tuner rounded it out with speakers I scrounged together with salvaged 8" alnico driven paper coned real rubber surround woofers from a 1960s massive "home unit" and tweeters being a simple 1" cone saved from a set of blown up pos fisher speakers.. rewired with a basic 12db x-over at 2.5K and poof... it was a system of sorts and it's been abused for litterally decades for my personal listening in various forms. Speakers are long gone.. but I still have the rest all these many many years later.. and since my amp is dying I was digging through box of old stuff and found some parts I got when I was much younger and was working on building my own custom amp.. that along with many other things got put on hold with my 1st son... and my love of Carver continues to be a dream unfulfilled. (Never yet have I had a chance to own anything Carver). That said I found this site actually while trying to research Bobs designs he ended up using for his Sunfire amps.. hoping i can adapt such to parts I have etc etc and make a sweet semi-clone of sorts on the cheap. Oh and hi ya all from here in canuckistan. New here obviously but already from reading looks like a fun plac with good people.. a rarity anymore sadly.
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    About 1974 or so; My first system was Panasonic cd4 quad-system small speakers, but sounded ok for the time! DSOM in quad! Now that was fun, I remember finding the perfect spot on LR floor to lay, turn off lights and play! @AndrewJohn it seems to me another thread on this topic exists too!
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    What I consider my first "real system" was what I purchased after a month of working my first job out of college in 1982. I was still living at home, so I had some income....grin. It was a Yamaha R-500 receiver, K-500 cassette deck, and Bose 301 speakers (don't shoot me). It sounded good compared to the cheap stuff I had prior to that. I eventually upgraded those components a piece at a time (imagine that) until I had what I could afford. I had gotten married, so that slowed down my audio pursuit. Since being divorced, I have built my dream system of separate components. I guess since this first system I have always had OACD.....Obsessive Audio Collecting Disorder........grin
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