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    Val's been taking care of a dozen or so monarch caterpillars, some of which went into the chrysalis stage about 10-12 days ago. Today two came out as beautiful butterflies!
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    Yes, in addition to his familiar captain's cap, The Audio Critic bestowed him a White Hat in the article The Good Guys in the White Hats and the Bad Guys in the Black Hats: a Guide for the Perplexed: "In audio, as in life, there are good guys and bad guys--good and bad manufacturers, designers, dealers, publishers, reviewers, editors, etc. Here you have them conveniently listed for reference. Who's a good guy? A good guy in the audio world is a practitioner whose efforts, in word or in deed, are aimed at the most accurate sound reproduction possible, at a price commensurate with the means to achieve it. Who's a bad guy? A bad guy in the audio world is a practitioner who has any kind of agenda, overt or covert, contrary to the aforesaid aim of the good guys. It’s as simple as that. Many, if not most, of the names that appear below have been discussed in our pages before, but a consolidated summary of our pantheon and of our demonology appears to be good idea at this point, as we have picked up a large number of new readers in the course of the last few issues. The list is, needless to say, far from complete; there are more good guys and bad guys out there than we could possibly be aware of. The idea here is to answer briefly the incessant questions we get that start with 'what do you think of' or 'how do you rate' or 'do you agree with' or 'should I believe' and so forth. Of course, those who are familiar with our audio philosophy will readily relate to these lists; the rest of our readers will get the hang of it before they turn the page... Bob Carver (Sunfire Corporation) Possibly the most brilliant audio designer of our time, an inventor rather than just an engineer. His work is nearly always on a level of technological creativity that makes one forgive his P.T. Barnum taste in product naming, advertising, and publicity. His specialty is solving the 'impossible' design problem, which he does often. He also happens to be a warmhearted and highly tolerant human being who seldom uses his vast intellectual advantage over not-so-bright critics and adversaries. In a separate article Consumer and Designer Prejudices in High-End Audio: A New Way to Examine Them find reference in the subheading The designer's dilemma. And, there is one further reference elsewhere regarding Genesis speakers & ALS ribbons that alludes me now, so happy searching. Thanks to all posting at Way Off Scale>Audio Publications!
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    Any forum member that purchased this will be covered under my warranty:-) GLWTS!
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    Especially for my fellow Californians - How do you know there is a vegan at your party? Don’t worry, they will tell you.
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    I don't need any cables Doug but I will make a donation to your son's GFM page. Please thank him for his service and wish him my best.
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    So I was chatting with a co-worker earlier this week about his Rega planar 3 turntable ( we both have the older version) and offered to help him trouble shoot/repair some issues he's been having and today he shows up at my classroom door (yes we are both teachers) with a model C 400 preamp that he proceeds to give me as a gift! He has had it for years and is currently no longer using it and was searching for a 'good home' for it. Very cool I know, but the interesting thing is the manual that came with it. It is all old school typewriter text with hand drawn diagrams and says 'Preliminary' on the cover. I thought it might be of interest to some here as a historical document of sorts. If someone would let me know how to post images i could put up a few pages and then if this is of any interest to anyone I could scan the 33 pages and upload it if someone could tell me how/where to do that.
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    A rare play for me. Very hip-hop for the 80's. But I am getting into it. 🎹🎸
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    First one out on a butterfly bush... This was the chaos in the kitchen with the caterpillars...
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    Audio is so subjective, even when we try to find the objective view, that it's almost impossible for a publication to not have a bias. Let's face it - all of us here have a positive bias toward Carver gear of any generation. The other thing to remember is that bias sells. It sparks contention and that gets people going. I'm not trying to justify it, only acknowledge some of why it's there. In the end read what gives you pleasure (put the Playboy's down, guys) but interpret things through a heavy dose of common sense. I wish I could suggest something good, but I haven't seen anything I've liked in years. I think that's one of the reasons I was so glad to find this place - all of you kind-of are "my" audio publication.
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    Zack just signed a 1 year lease on an apartment in Cambridge with his fratmate Luke and BFF Michael. They move in September 1. Typical of the Boston area, it's small (about 600 ft2), expensive ($2,400/mo) and street parking is by permit only and hard to come by (Zack has my Saab until he completes his work/study program at Cadence Design Systems in Chelmsford around the end of the year). On the plus side, each of them will have their own room, and it's within walking distance of MIT (about the same distance away as the SAE house).
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    Picked this up along with a TFM-45 and a TFM-15 from a local guy on craigslist. The amps both need a little work, but the tape deck was good to go! Even came with a remote. In pretty mint condition too. Now I just need to get a bigger stereo rack! -Geoff
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    Has anyone talked to Andrew recently? He hasn’t been on in several months, I’m hoping he is ok...
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    If you can, please help. My Son, an Iraqi war veteran, has MS and has been off work for 2 months due to a broken bone in his foot. You can read more on his gofundme page. https://www.gofundme.com/5rde6zc Every little bit helps, so please donate anything you can. I wish I had a big bank account and could help him more. Everything I have is tied up in Douglas Connection, and I'm sending him what I can, but it's not nearly enough. I've listed some cables and a rack below I have on hand so I can help him out more. To buy these cables all you will need to do is donate to his go fund me page. That's the best way I can figure to help him right now. OK Guys and Gals, here is a way to make a donation to a good cause plus get something you might need at the same time. I’m offering a Solidsteel S3-4 four shelf rack, plus several pair of Douglas Connection Interconnect, Power and Speaker cables at discounted prices to help my son though a rough patch. Some are new and some are used/demo cables, but in great condition. There is a minimum donation price for each item, but of course you have my permission to donate more if you want. Just click on the link and donate at least the minimum, then PM me and let me know what cables you would like and send me your address. Shipping is included in the minimum donation price. I’ll ship right away by least expensive way to any US address. New in box Solidsteel S3-4 four shelf audio rack. We got this rack to show at LSAF this year, but did not set it up because not enough space in the room. Retail $799 MINIMUM DONATION PRICE $599 New Alpha 2.1 OCC Balanced XLR Interconnect pair 4 ft. Furutech FP-601MG and 602FG XLR (2 pair available) Retail $549 pr. MINIMUM DONATION PRICE $349 pr. SOLD: New Bravo OFC RCA Interconnect Pair 3 ft. DCLRCA91 (4 pair available) Retail $119 MINIMUM DONATION PRICE $89 pr. Used/Demo Alpha OCC XLR Balanced Interconnect Pair 3 ft. Vampire Wire XLRF and XLRM Retail $235 pr. MINIMUM DONATION PRICE $139 pr. SOLD: Used/Demo Bravo OFC RCA Interconnect Pair 14 inch Furutech FP-110G RCA Retail $189 pr. MINIMUM DONATION PRICE $100 pr. Used/Demo Alpha OCC RCA Interconnect Pair 3 ft. Furutech FP-110G RCA Retail $322 pr. MINIMUM DONATION PRICE $199 pr. Used/Demo Alpha 11 Reference OCC/DUCC Power Cable 1.5 Meter Furutech FI-50 NCF and FI-50M NCF Retail $1415 MINIMUM DONATION PRICE $899 Used/Demo Alpha 10 NANO AuAg Power Cable 6 ft. Furutech FI-50 and FI-50M. Retail $1004 MINIMUM DONATION PRICE $649 Used/Demo 6 ft. Bravo 15 Power Cable Retail $318 MINIMUM DONATION PRICE $150 Used/Demo 6 ft. Select 12 Power Cable Retail $119 MINIMUM DONATION PRICE $60 SOLD: Used/Demo 10ft pair Bravo 14 Econo Speaker Cables Retail $129 MINIMUM DONATION PRICE $75 Used/Demo 16ft. Pair Bravo 12 Bi-Wire Speaker Cables Retail $338 MINIMUM DONATION PRICE $150 SOLD: Used/Demo 10ft. Pair Bravo 10 Speaker Cables Retail $184 MINIMUM DONATION PRICE $90 Used/Demo 10ft. Pair Copper Silver Hybrid Speaker Cables Retail $475 MINIMUM DONATION PRICE $200 Thanks everyone. Best Regards, Doug
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    From The New Yorker: The World’s Greatest Living Jazz Composer Celebrates His Eighty-fifth Birthday
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    The fifth one just emerged and flew away happily. Takes only a couple of hours from emergence to flying, maybe longer depending on the individual. They have personalities.
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    Talking Heads Once In A Lifetime
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    The Playmates BEEP BEEP
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