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    I'm new to the Forum but I've been into Carver since 83. I bought my first component MXR-130 in 1988 I've just recently started to collect this stuff I have a long list of Carver stuff. C1 C9 M400t 2. M-1t's 2. Silver seven t's C-19 HR-752 MXR-130 2.TFM-45's TLM-3600 TL-3100 Silver edition's Platinum edition's Also a 5 disc and a receiver I don't know the model numbers off the top of my head. I'm restoring the speakers. Surrounds are done and I'm just tooling up to replace ribbons. I'm looking forward to snooping around the site and meeting some new friends with like interests. Thanks Ted
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    Here are some pictures of the finished buffer.
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    Sure is! I have a box of quad tapes too. I remember back in HS a guy had a GTO with a quad player and 4 6x9’s. Edgar Winter’s Frankenstein (you know what part I’m talking about) was cool swirling around the interior.
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    I have a couple 8track players and a few tapes I’m willing to part with: The tape case shown is full of quad tapes. The rest of these are stereo tapes. I also have 4 or 5 empty tape cases.
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    my complete system with photos of my "re-bulbed" M500T and my recently restored Thorens TD-165 Turntable with custom plinth and upgraded TP16 MK I tonearm
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    Hello all, I'm looking for a nice home audio 8 track player/recorder. I've been looking at the Pioneer H-R100 and it is recommended by Barry's 8 Track Repair. I'll consider other 8 track decks though. It doesn't need to be a recorder. Why do I want one? I just do. Thanks....Carter
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    Greetings @Teddyd! We're glad you found us! For all things Carver, you've come to the right place!
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    Seems like an impossible composition to me. IF we're looking into the sunset, (or sunrise) can the moon be fully-illuminated on the side that's facing us? The moon seems enormous. Yeah, it always looks larger when it's near the horizon, but that's just not believable. I say photo trickery of some sort.
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    @dennismiller55, and @4krow, how is the heat dissipation of the Mahogany? Does it operate better with the lid open? just curious.
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    I have two pairs of CF Speakers with stands. I have been using in a surround system that I am dismantling. I use it so little I have decided to go to a high quality sound bar system. I plan to sell one the pairs. We paid $625 for the kits including stands. I will let this pair go for $500. Buyer pays shipping. Message me if interested. I also will eventually sell a Sunfire 200x5 and Sunfire TGP5 from this set-up. Ed
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    I had been waiting for this..., avoiding the temptation to invest (more) in Tidal's subscription plan. What, if any, are the advantages of Tidal, and their 19.99/mo price point, now that Amazon has re-set the market price at 12.99/mo? Seems a no brainer, but I'm not an expert here.
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    Getting closer, BUT, fighting a glitch. Death to glitches.
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    STP Vasoline (LIVE KROQ Sound Stage)
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    The Cure Close To Me (HQ)
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    Thanks for the birthday salutations fellow Carver addicts. My 72nd birthday was filled with Guinness and Carver generated (loud) music. Thanks to Ed (sea) I purchased a pair of 2015 CF speakers for my birthday gift. Now I'm looking for a Sunfire Subwoofer to compliment them. Moral of the story is old age does not cure the OCCD!
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    Berlin Masquerade (HQ Extended Version)
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    WELCOME @Teddyd! Glad you found us. Very nice Carver collection you have there! Please post some photos of your gear when you can. We love the audio porn.
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    Welcome to the forum Sir. Glad to have you aboard......
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    Congrats Dennis! You managed to hold on to the planet, for another year, while it's been spinning madly and trying to throw everyone off! If that isn't an excuse to go celebrate and live it up, I don't know what it!
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    Midnight Oil Beds Are Burning (HQ)
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    Amazing work, Beautiful, not sure if I need it or not, looks so good it's hard not to lust after it, but have an X10-D have had it in my main system and now run in my den system just not sure I hear enough difference to make it worthwhile for my ears. Would love to try it. If I were lucky enough to win I would karma out the X10-D ... David
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    I am on first. My system is all solid state, and I would love to test the tube waters. I'm not afraid of the tube red pill, and I would love to see how deep the rabbit hole goes. Personally, I don't see how the sound of a Bonzorro 4000t with an M500t mkII could be improved, but I'm willing to be convinced that it can. Not only that, I've lusted over your cigar box creations since I saw the pics of the first one, and if I'm selected as the lucky recipient of the Greg/Dennis/Bruce project, it would be like having my cake, eating it too, along with the butter cream icing and ice cream. Many thanks to the three of you for making this available! oh, and if y'all change your mind on the RNG, put me down for 43.
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    Generally Rich, Audi and it’s parent company makes a pretty strong bottom end,( crank etc.) The torque convertor auto transmissions are weak, but the dcts are pretty strong. If if you are tuning, you are changing spark timing and fuel delivery ( and valve timing if you have a vvt engine) Considering this, the most important advice I can give is, -as the engine makes more power, make sure you are able to feed it more air (‘cold air’ intake), make sure you are able to get rid of more air (decent exhaust mods) and as stated previously -because most of these are bolt-ons, make sure your stock cooling system and lubricating system are monitored closely. Seeing some of your previous posts I do believe you have done most of these bolt on mods..... If you are not racing (ie putting more than a 50% ‘duty cycle’ to those mods), allowing the cooling system to ‘catch up’ after a nice full power pull, you will not have any issues, as the human factor of overengineering is already built in to the driveline. I put short periods of 15 psi boost to a cast bottom end in my Dodge Omni GLH-T built for 9, no extra fuel so I know it’s running lean as hell, listen to the pistons rattling with preignition, at 110,000 miles. Pretty much beat it like a baby seal, and it has lasted for 15,000 miles like that. But I do let it cool, talk to it nicely, pray about it once in a while....... 😉
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    @xavionics, isnt' that technics player a Quad? very nice!
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    Very cool nostalgia! The Technics is the same player I had back in the 70's. I remember it stopped working but I don't remember what I did with it. I wish I still had it.
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    So, if Dennis is ready, and all is swell, let's hear from a few good men. Things like 'it goes with my decor' will even be considered. But mostly, what would compel you to own such a piece...... Let me start, even though I am not in the running: I own a system that is all solid state, and an influence of tube sound has been a liking of mine for a number of years. See, that shows a possibility of promise. Otherwise, your trying to read a random number generators output, when instead, we should be trying to read you. Who's on first?
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    great composition or photoshop?
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    This may by a little too mainstream for some, and not quite really new, but it's the lead track off an album that I find myself returning to again, and again, of late. For what's ostensibly a guitar album, the balance of instruments is great - there's none of the "hear me - it's my album" attitude that can easily take over when an artist does a solo album. YMMV.
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    Now, remember this in order. It was Dennis who donated and soldered most of the board and parts. Bruce did the outstanding woodwork, and I cut out the brass RCA jack plate, and mounted the connectors and switch. Then I ran mostly new wiring and other minor details about the build. At the moment, I am working out a wiring glitch that I have caused. All in all, it is a striking piece.
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    I would say "generally no" it doesn't really affect the unit sonically. It does mean replacing the volume control with one that isn't quite the same, but I don't believe there is any effect on quality, and if you are not used to a C1 without the new volume control, you would probably never notice anything. I suspect that the reason some may not be inclined towards doing the remote mod, aside from just maintaining originalility, is that it's (a) difficult (b) a hassle and (c) very precise, finicky work that takes some very serious skill and far more patience than an normal human being possesses. Oh, one more thing - it's also a serious Pain in the A$$ to do. I was able to beg one of the great techs, here, (Daddyjt) into doing it for me, and I couldn't be happier, but I do realize what I asked of him, and it wasn't easy work for him, even with his skill level. The precision, reqired, is something I wouldn't try to replicate, but I definitely appreciate what it took, and how welcome the remote is. Please keep in mind, too, that the only thing the remote controls is volume, so it's not going to give you full power/source-selection/etc. That was all I needed/wanted.
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    When I was in high school I found the Don Rickles album Hello Dummy! in my Dad's collection of (mostly) show tunes. It made me laugh so hard I peed myself. 50 years later he still cracks me up. Rest in Peace Mr. Warmth.
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    I'm currenty working on a project in a CSX Rail switching yard and I ran accross this rail car the other day . The art work on this car is some one of the best I've seen. These pictures don't do it justice. Every time I see this car it freaks me out.....
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    Flashback Pic! Uploaded on 12/21/08 by @RichP714. According to the database, this is the first picture ever uploaded to the site in a post.
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    British train pics sent to me by a "pen pal"
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    Now you're just showing off... and I love it!
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    LT - I did run the sub with it "enclosed" in the cabinet... sounds fine. I assume my design should eliminate most... When I ran the auto EQ the sub did reveal all sorts of resonances in the room!
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    Love the rear access to the rack!!!
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    Speechless ...... Truly something to behold. There are nice systems and then there are really nice systems. Itch, this is beautiful - your wiring alone shows the attention to detail and organization you have put into this - I’d hate to see what your sock drawer looks like. Very, very nice my friend. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
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    The cabinet will most likely resonate with the Subrosa inside. You may have to experiment for optimal sound. The CRM2 stands look really nice.
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    I installed a fan cooling system in the rack (to keep the 350's cool)
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    I plan on modifying the wood panel under the TV and placing the Subrosa inside the cabinet behind fabric:
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    My brother's Trump caricature (not a commission, just something he doodled in his spare time):
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    Queens Of The Stone Age - Go With The Flow Your browser does not support this audio format.
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