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    Zack is finishing his senior year at MIT with graduation scheduled for June 8. Hard to believe it's been almost 4 years since we drove up to Cambridge for the first time. He'll be coming home for about a week starting May 23, then back to MIT for graduation (BS in Engineering and Computer Science, BA in Music), then a week off before he starts a job with a company that is going to pay him well and support him while he pursues his Masters degree. (I've already forgotten the company name but they are another data transmission/management/communication tech start up about 20 minutes northwest of Boston.) On the music front, he recently started up a jazz/funk band with a few friends. They had only been together for a few weeks when they did this Herbie Hancock number for a live audience. and here's a Pink Floyd cover:
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    Power corrupts. Trusting Google or any other large powerful organization to use such data for the benefit of the individuals who create the data is unwise based upon human history. My interpretation of the video indicates that the goal is to convert humanity into a controllable hive of workers to benefit those who manipulate the data. Keep the power and your personal choices to yourself. Do not give away the power to enslave you.
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    Welp its official from yesturday I am a USPS employee!! 🏠📬✉️🚐
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    I just finished a full-boat C1 (BillD, gundry, and remote volume) and a 4.0t refresh. This is how the customer shipped the pieces to me - The standard has been set:-)
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    HONEST, this video is about audio and hearing, NOT guns... This is an insanely interesting 10 minute video that will shed light on a few VERY interesting phenomenon that are directly related to what we all love about great audio.
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    Wow, great offer..... IF, the receiving party has an unmodded C-1 that they would be willing to give up for Karma, I'll do an upgrade to it and give it back out for another KARMA freebie......
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    I've been searching for a nice preamp (or three) to go with the upcoming CarverFest amps. I had my hopes on getting another Conrad Johnson Premier 17LS, but they are not cheap. Nor readily available. This morning I spotted a Hegeman HAPI 2, with rare outboard transformer, that had been completely gone through. I made an offer, was countered, made a counter to that and struck a deal. I know Bob speaks highly of Stu Hegeman and this pre got great reviews. Hoping it pairs well with tubes.
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    I think this one was done very well (wooden crate by @xavionics).
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    Hi Everyone! Just wanted to let everyone know my quest is over (for now :))...! Finally got myself the amp I wanted - an M1.0t. This one is the inverting model, and the owner says to his knowledge it has never been opened. No issues apparently... He was using it bridged to drive the sub in the picture (it has a blown plate amp). I asked the seller to throw the sub in and he graciously agreed. I have not seen this baby in person, I should receive it soon. My brother did the transaction for me and tells me the face plate looks really good (not perfect, but very clean)!
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    Long time lurker from on and out of the hospital. Now this is sort of a bucket lolist item but the bucket is not to have regret with things I that I can do now. I don't know about others but when you are with most women you have a living room. When not one has a man-cave. Which right now I am trying to settle in one which involves a whole face lift and trying to put items in places that work for me so no pix yet as it is a work in progress. I started getting back to listening a couple of years ago. At the time I had m200t's for me. Then I felt some electricity on one of them and moved to the bedroom Both need refurb any of course I needed something quickly. So a pair of TCM-15CB's. As I have walked away from 3 times already I figured that would be as far as I would go. Speakers were Definitive 10 a's. I would double check but too tired to go look. As my interest was rekindled I picked up a pair of Martin Logan esl's. Some might noticed that I went for a m1.0 MkII's. This was one piece of gear I really wanted to listen to since Stereophile threw the flag in after accepting the Carver Challenge. Now paired with Martin Logan the thrill has been so enjoyable. This is a semi quick intro as some gear not mentioned but will fill in some blanks next time. One last side note. If a woman has trouble with 5 feet of speaker shes not for me. I don't need a "Living Room" anymore and decided to always have a man-cave. I've wasted too much and want to enjoy the rest of this ride. I did notice others living in Florida. I'm in the West Palm Beach area maybe some sort of meeting/gathering if others are interested.
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    For someone whose need is to listen to music. also they're in need of some gear to enjoy their music. I giving away a brand-new SSL 3-way Electronic Crossover. Model SX-310. The box has never been opened. I bought it to provide a specific purpose and then decided to go a different route. Looking for someone trying to upgrade and not in a position to buy. This is for someone in need. This is not to be sold. Just re-karma Shipping included for CONUS.
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    Hi Guys, I thought this might be useful to some. I've seen some older posts with dead links to Audio Critic issues. I found this site that has active links. Some great Carver articles in there! http://www.biline.ca/audio_critic/audio_critic_down.htm Enjoy!
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    Im happy to inform to my Carver Bretheren that I got the JOB!