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    Long overdue photos of the Carver Reference System
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    Well many know that to aid my fathers business I sold everything and held a Karma Raffle for my then M-1.0(t) Opt. 002. Before the Big SDA's sold I was using a NASA TFM-42 a loaned unit from LT. When the SDAs sold I decided to sell everything and return the TFM. I had been getting an itch to rebuild something and several members where willing to loan me items in order to get a system going. But I was not ready. I stumble upon the Polk RT-16 deal and pick them up along with the Goodwill Toshiba SD-9200 DVD player (Google It, wonderful machine) I backtraced the guy I sold my Yamaha RX-V2700 to and he was willing to sell it back at the same asking price (neat guy) Well I need CARVER POWER here comes LT again to the rescue and loans me a Carver A220 Amp and oh is life so good again plus speaker cables donated by new member Halfbaked I now have a worthy little setup.
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    Link is to Josie, here's peg
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    It's amazing - I sit here, reading everyone's opinions, amazed at myself. I am truly a dumbass sometimes. (Some may argue all the time...) To have really thought that myself and my brothers are the only folks who think the Beatles, Stones, Dylan, etc. are just not that good. Really. I have assumed for many years that EVERYONE at least liked the Beatles a bit, most seem to love them. I rarely stated that opinion because I had been thoroughly trashed by others in the past for such blasphemy. I have friends who would buy every damn remaster CD they could find, hoping that "this one" will finally have the "great sound" they are so sure must exist for their catalog. For me, Ozzy is an example of a great performer, writer, etc. that has a voice that is arguably not musical at all, yet somehow fit the Black Sabbath band like a glove. The same goes for AC/DC - Brian Johnson did a good job carrying the sound of the band forward, but he is no Bon Scott. Dom made a good point earlier - music IS personal. I love Boston, Journey, Kansas, Rush, Whitesnake, REO, Black Sabbath, Molly Hatchet, The Allman Brothers, Hank Williams Jr., The Outlaws, AC/DC, etc. Not because they are particularly awesome singers, writers, etc. but because every one of those bands released songs that imprinted themselves in my mind. When I hear "Slide It In" I am instantly transported back into my 1968 Camaro. It had a bad-ass Alpine cassette deck, driving a Sanyo 50 WPC amp running to 2 Radio Shack 2 Way Crossovers, driving a pair of Emminence 10" woofers in the 3/4" thick plywood rear deck and a pair of Kenwood 6 1/2" co-axials in the front doors. All my friends were running the classic "500 Watt" graphic EQs into Jensen tri-axials, or something similar. I lived in Tampa at the time (a big city compared to my tiny hometown) so I was able to find such gear. I assembled the stereo and tweaked it, getting it "just right". When I drove back home that 1st weekend with the stereo, all of my friends were flabbergasted at how my "little" 50 WPC amp could easily outperform their "500 watt" graphic EQ systems. Some of them had two or three of those things wired in their cars. They did get loud, but did not really sound good. I used to think I was a sort of music freak because of the breadth of my likes and tastes. A single song that hits me right by an artist I would never give a 2nd thought to can easily cause their CD to end up in my collection. Outside of a single Usher CD, I own no rap. I do own opera, classical, jazz, heavy metal, classic rock, country, easy listening, pop rock, etc. Music is my single greatest joy in life, outside of those family and friends that I love. Nothing comes close. It has cost me 10's of thousands of dollars during my life. I don't regret spending a single cent of it.
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    Glad to find this Carver community! You must be an exceptionally bright and discriminating group. :-) I first bought a M400 cube back in the early 80s to power my beloved Allison: 1 Speakers. Now I have a TFM-25 that was powering a pair of B&W 802 Matrix speakers, that is until the amp totally failed - no output at all. My opening question is basically what now? Should I take the amp to my local repair guy and see what he can do? Should I look on eBay for a replacement? They seem reasonably priced there but I guess it's a roll of the dice. For that matter what should I do with my old M-400 which I haven't hooked up in many many years that on last use distorted badly and clipped and would shut down? I apologize for the remedial newbie questions but perhaps you more knowledgeable and experienced Carver hands can point me in the right direction. I have a limited budget and don't want to waste time and money. I'm a musician and music addict but know little about home audio other than what sounds good to me. Thanks in advance! Bill P.S. If this question should be posted elsewhere please feel free to correct me.
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    That sucks man. If a forum member buys the 500t that needs the relay, I will replace it for free if you ship it to me on the way to its new home. I will even cover half the shipping from me to the final destination. OR, if someone handy with a soldering iron buys it, I will send them a relay. Good luck Charles...
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    Being a kid, having a dad, having a kid, being a dad–through it all there is music. Enjoy the day!
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    Two of the best practitioners of double bass - Ray Brown and Niels-Henning ϴrsted Pedersen - with piano master Oscar Peterson
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    There are a lot of Jazz pieces with great Bass lines but my all time favorite is in another direction all together...
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    Best bass I’ve ever seen...
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    I have fairly broad musical tastes - I’m up for most anything but rap and opera. That said, there are a few great, even legendary bands that I know I should like, but for whatever reason, I just don’t. For example, The Rolling Stones - I’ve tried many times to get to where I like them, but I just can’t get there. I have respect for all that they have accomplished, but outside of 3 or 4 songs, I just don’t like their music. Anyone else have a similar experience with a group or singer?
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    Currently listening to my Salute to the Services The Military Band by Felix Slatkin and The Concert Arts Symphonic Band, the least I can do to honor America and all those great patriots who gave their lives for freedom. God Bless America!!!
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    I would like to trade a "Happy 4th of July" for a "Happy Canada Day", straight up, no tariffs attached.
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    Let me throw in my two cents on this thread. The idea of putting some graphene in a solvent on electronics seems like a bad idea to me. After it dries, is it friable and when disturbed will it start shedding conductive particles that could short something out? Putting this on circuitry involved with the AC mains sounds like a real safety hazard to me. And how putting this on a fuse could change the sound in any way is a total mystery to me. Expectation bias is strong in everyone, and not subject to conscious control. I realize that for me, this could result that I won’t hear differences where it could be possible that someone else could. So although I do blind types of tests sometimes, I also depend on good scientific research to guide me to what is important. As far as interconnects go, I recommend that everyone take the cheapest POS one that they have, and do some form of blind test against their best interconnect in what they think is the most sensitive part of their system. This is easy to do, although it must be blind, preferably double blind in a method that allows for quick changes. I sometimes do this in what I call one and a half blind (as opposed to double blind). My middle son has absolutely no interest in my stereo hobby, and no knowledge at all about the subject. So although it takes some quid pro quo to get him to cooperate, I can teach him to change what I want and perform some simple AB blind evaluations. I find that I can measure changes far beyond what I can hear. And no, I’m not deaf, I can still hear to about 14 kHz before things start rolling off (not bad for my age I think).
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    I would hardly classify this as Way Offscale. It is central, pivotal, seminal to understanding a basic human flaw, and how it affects this entire hobby. As I have written lately, and not so lately - Anticipation Bias is extremely powerful, and present in all of us. This is just another example of the results of letting it go wild. Audiophiles, or the Golden Ear crowd, or whatever you choose to call them, don't have any better hearing than anybody. They just have far more creative imaginations. RobertR
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    I came across a listing for “Rare High-End Denon DVD Player” on the local classifieds yesterday. Turns out the “Rare” distinction is not entirely accurate, and the “High-end” would be argued by some -However, I had one of these several years ago that I karmaed off, and I’ve missed it at times over the years. I’m a big fan of the Denon players - great build quality, and nice sound. Anyway, this one was listed for $200, which is already a good deal. I asked if they had the remote, and he said no, so he’d go $125(?). A quick eBay search found a factory remote for $30, so yea -proud owner... it really is in nice shape - going to give it a whirl this weekend.
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    i dont normally make my own topics, i'm pretty shy.... but i wanted to introduce myself, and say hi to everyone
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    Steely Dan's PEG from Aja. https://youtu.be/PgG1E5UVFwk
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    I think this would be a very fair trade.
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    Was surprised... Put in a Carver piece into one of my vintage systems at our new home... Never thought about it. Always thought the Carver equipment was eia rack sized with the handles removed.... Had to use a shelf, but it still fits in nicely...
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