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      Welcome to the NEW CarverSite! If this is your first time logging in, and you were a member of the old site, please go to the top right and click 'existing user'. Click on 'forgot password' and enter the email you used to register on the old site. You will receive a confirmation email. Click on the link and follow the instructions. Enter your password and you should be all set. Please contact me if you have any problems at Nahash5150@gmail.com   Click on the icon in the far upper right corner after you are logged in and go to your profile. Update your avatar and cover photo if you wish. Please also visit the 'account settings' and go to your Signature and correct any dead space or pictures. You are allowed up to 4 lines of text, including a 100x500 picture.      


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    The new site seems great, and is tremendously improved when used with my iPad. I know that this new carversite took a lot of work, so I say THANK YOU TO: Nahash5150 - Administrator Gene C - Administrator B-Man - Administrator Daddyjt - Moderator Balok - Moderator Zumbini - Moderator Doh-R - Moderator DennisMiller55 - Moderator
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    There's a feature called Cover Photo in your profile that only a handful of members are using so far. It allows you to insert an image as a background (max file size is 500kb). (It also displays when someone hovers over an avatar.) Note that the software will stretch any photo to fit the width of the window, but only a narrow section will be visible (you can only raise or lower it) so a long, narrow image or geometric pattern is ideal. I will be calling out the best (and worst ) cover photos so have fun with it! Here's the image I used (my brother Matt's artwork): This is what it looks like as a cover photo: This is the popup (aka member card) you see when you hover over a member's avatar:
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    Insert picture or video You have likely noticed there is no "insert picture" or "insert video / YouTube" buttons on the New Topic composition toolbar at the top of the post box. You can either copy/paste or drag n drop pictures directly into your post so long as they are jpg / jpeg / png or gif files. Your image will first appear in an 'upload' window at the bottom of the screen, once the upload is complete, click on it and it will load into the body of the post at the point of the flashing cursor. As you add images they will all appear in the upload window. Resizing is available directly by left clicking on the inserted picture and dragging one of the corner frame points to change the size. Also, you can edit the uploaded picture by double left clicking on it which will bring up the 'Image Edit menu. Direct image links Web images: right click on the image and select copy image then paste directly into your post. You do not need the image link location. Resize as required. YouTube Videos Click on "Share" on the YouTube page. The highlighted link will appear, copy and paste. There is no need to get the embed code now. Removing images If you are editing a post and want to remove an image, You must to go to the Uploaded Images box at the bottom of the page and delete the image there. If you delete it only in the body of the post, it will not actually go away.
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    I am proud to announce my oldest daughter is expecting around September this year. This will be our first grandchild. As you can tell we're excited. Unfortunately I will not be able to attend this years CarverFest. Sorry guys, family trumps Carver. So my space in Cabin 5 is now open. Please PM @loner_t if interested.
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    I have been holding off on these waiting for the new site to be up and running... It is a box of 100 CD's. They are assorted titles with a little bit of everything. (I suspect they are mostly things you have heard of...) It is open to all members (200 posts) Just say in and I will have my granddaughter draw a name out of a hat on Sunday 3/11
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    Our guide for quality does have a baseline in audio - fidelity. For example, if we knew for certain that we owned a power amp that was ideally faithful in reproducing the audio signal into a speaker without distortion or coloration, then we would be listening to the highest quality component we could ask for. The reality is that power amps are not ideal, they distort into a complex load, like a loudspeaker, in various degrees. The 'tube sound' for instance is, like I have stated many times before, is the tendency for the amp to resist changes in output impedance due to complex resistance changes in the speaker. Pure SS amps struggle with this, and can clip quite easily. Tube amps struggle with high output impedance, thus causing microphonic effects and speaker cone ringing. There's a lot to know about audio. There's a lot of science, experiments and engineering lessons that we all have access to. What I don't like to see is people sticking to their own way of thinking simply because it's what they are used to thinking about, then offering up a cop-out like 'we all have our own opinion' or 'everyone hears differently'. While those are true to some extent, that shouldn't be the end of the discussion. How can you ever know for certain your way of thinking is infallible? Isn't it reasonable to support your views with objective, verifiable measurements and formulas? We should strive for knowledge with the resource of this forum, not simply yak to each other how we think audio should be. Because really, if there's no sure way to arrive at quality, and fidelity, and therefore ultimate carefree gear, then we're just wasting time talking about it all. "It should sound like it isn't there" - BillD When you no longer think about your components when you listen to music, you have arrived.
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    To kick off the new site and to perform a long overdue update, I offer the latest incarnation of a couple systems. The main system got rearranged a couple weekends ago to this configuration. My Subterranean Lair saw extensive modifications during 2017, resulting in this (so far). With me now being a contractor and no longer a hospital employee, I lost my office at work. I think this is a suitable replacement.
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    FUCK YES! I fixed the old link addresses. For those that are bewildered : on the old site if you linked to a post or topic in your post, you were posting data from the old database so that browsers knew where to go on the old site to reach a post you were reference. After the conversion, all those old Post and Topic IDs didn't exist anymore, so all those links were dead here. Well, after working with the devs, we finally were able to incorporate 're-write rules' so now all the old links will point to the correct post here! I'm so excited - I just elimiated a shit ton of work for the mods.
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    All of the mods are working our way through the multitude of topics and threads on the site, fixing broken links, re-formatting damaged posts, and archiving outdated material. One of the real problems I run into while doing this, is I forget what my mission is, and find myself reading the posts and threads I'm cleaning up. I know, it sounds silly, but trust me - it's hard to stay on task. Recently, while performing my task, I found myself reading some of Gary's (TNRabbit) old posts, and found myself wishing the man were here to see the new site. Left me feeling pretty sad actually, so I went and dug up a video he posted long ago - The video in question happens to be one of the first things I looked at when I was cruizing the site as a newbie. It still remains one of the coolest music videos, IMHO. Rest In Peace, Gary - Wish you were here....
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    Jim James "Regions of Light, Sounds of God" Santana "Havana Moon" Bombino "Nomad" Jeff Beck "Emotion/Commotion" The Blues Project "Projections" Pink Floyd "A Momentary Lapse of Reason" Neil Young "Phsychedelic Pill" Gregg Allman "Southern Blood" Dan Folgerberg & Tim Weisberg "Twin Sons of Different Mothers" Buddy & Julie Miller "Written in Chalk" .to name a few..
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    Thanks PMAT for the suggestions. I had a much longer ad in the first draft, I raved on and on about how they sounded and how they were the best thing since sliced bread. The more and more I read it over, I felt like a used car salesman. I guess I'm sorta meek and shy away from a hard sell, I figure once someone hears them, they can't deny how great they are (just my opinion). The Emeralds are a bit off-scale type of speakers. Being open baffle which a lot of people are not familiar with. They need an external active xover and bi-amplification ... so not for the average buyer who just wants to attach speaker wires and go. I also figured that once someone hears them and we're talking, I'd mention that I'm moving on to another set .. the Von Schweikerts and that's why I'm selling. I felt odd to mention in the ad that I'm moving on to better speakers, which would diminish the Emeralds. Anyway, I thought that I'd start with my local craigslist before I posted to the various hi-fi market places like Audio Mart of AudioGon. I don't have the original shipping boxes so I wanted a local sale. Here are the Emeralds and the Von Schweikerts, I apologize for the poor quality cell phone photos.
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    last weekend while at the swapmeet picked this up cheap. was done up in 2000 by a company called colorplak. 33x21 on a 3/8thk backer. http://colorplak.com/
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    A while back I got a PM for an Ebay link "I saw this on ebay tonight. I know you've got a pair of S7's so you might like to have it" went and bought it, a few months past, not sure what to do with it. Finally had an idea, went to goodwill found a frame, now we have this... So yeah, thanks......
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    Yeah - I have to rebuild it manually, but this engine now has the capability to do it, with even more flexibility.
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    Trying out my ability to post pics from my phone. Here is a shot of my bedroom system
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    All, I have found a way to fix internal links that weren't converted yet. At the old forum, we could post links to other topics and posts. All those links still have the old addresses, so they are not working right now. However, once I get around to it, I will be able to fix them. So hang in there, a fix to all those great links is coming.
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    We still enjoy pictures of any setup. Modest or not! What makes it special is its yours. Were audio buffs and its not a competition!
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    Always liked that image. Are you aware of how it came to be? The Classic 1997 Pink Floyd “Back” Catalogue Poster
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    I nominate Gary and Bill for CarverSite! Hall of Fame! Do we have a Hall of Fame? Maybe we need one...
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    He passed while drinking Bourbon! Heart attack, but still, great to go while the wife is getting a refill? http://www.1077thebone.com/2018/03/05/rip-russ-soloman-the-founder-of-tower-records/ Full Story Here: http://www.sacbee.com/entertainment/music-news-reviews/article203542104.html He took a small record shop in his Dad's corner convenience store and went Global, before "globalization" existed! Google "All Things Must Pass" for the Documentary about Solomon and the Tower Records 'culture'.
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    Here's what I acquired.
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    The measurement of 'quality' requires a solid, agreed upon definition of what 'quality' is. That is not possible. We can measure certain aspects of quality but because quality itself lacks certain definition we cannot agree what such a measurement would be. In the best selling philosophy book of all time, Zen And The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, author Robert Pirsig posits that 'quality' is the interaction between subject (sound) and object (the listener). That interaction is necessarily different for every listener simply because no two listeners are exactly alike. Therefore 'quality' remains an abstract without an agreed upon interaction. It lacks control except by the individual.
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    If you reply to your own post within 60 minutes, they will auto-merge. This is a global time frame that can be adjusted. Good question!
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    Many thanks to the administration and moderators on all of their hard work to get the new site up and running. I know that all of you had many thankless hours in this venture. Great job!
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    Thanks for all the work to bring this to fruition. Feels kind of like watching my grandson discover the features of a new gift !!
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    Very nicely done.
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    This is greatly appreciated.
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    Many thanks indeed! The site looks great
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    It's been said the 'Image is everything". Managing your profile and personal settings You can access your account settings by clicking on your name or Avatar at the upper tight hand corner of most screens. The pull down menu gives you a number of options Profile is where you can load or change your avatar - It's called Profile Picture in this software BTW. Click on the image button to access the image menu: "Account Settings" will take you to your personalization options plus more: