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    Do you ever find yourself tired of the seemingly constant flow regurgitated movie offerings at the box office? Avengers End, End, End game (and this time we mean it), Spider-Man 17, the latest Disney butchery of the Star Wars franchise, Fast and Furious 15, and on and on.... Well then you’ve come to the right place. I watch a lot of movies - some good, some bad, many “ok”, and a few great. My focus in this thread will be to primarily spotlight some great movies, with an emphasis on “off the beaten path” films that you may not have heard of. Commentary is welcome (and encouraged), just be respectful and remember - we all have our own tastes. Here’s to hoping that my own may align with some of yours. My maiden offering is the 1999 Mel Gibson film Payback. This film is a delightful mix of crime, drama, sardonic humor and suspense. Aside from the masterful story, the most intriguing feature of this film is it’s cinematography. It is shot in a muted, almost sepia style that reinforces the mood of the film. Outstanding supporting performances from William Devane (Interstellar, Dark Knight Rises), Kris Kristofferson (Blade) and Lucy Liu (Kill Bill) round out this gem of a film, that has a nice twist.
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    One of my favorites is The Count of Monte Cristo. If you like a real good vengeance movie that is not violent in nature, this is your movie.....grin
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    Although " The Count of Monte Cristo" is my favorite, my #2 and #3 are " The Hunt for Red October-Sean Connery" and "Shooter- Mark Wahlberg" respectively.
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    Well guys finally found a 390t down at a stereo shop completely rebuilt (supposedly) looks to be in really good condition. Plays nicely. Bummer it didn’t come with handles..... so a diy er like me has some parts from a tfm55x that has some handles that are the same size just gotta drill 2 new holes and I’ll have some handles lol paid more then I wanted to pay but at least I got one
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    heavy metal...... used to collect the magazine also. drew this in HS. I wonder where I got my influence from. can hardly draw a stick figure now.....LOL
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    My favorite is Hunt for Red October! I have it in every format, VHS, Beta, 8mm, Laserdisc, DVD, BluRay. And of course, the movie poster is on my theater wall......grin
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    This is one of them on the list of my fav's. It was actually filmed on the Gettysburg battle sight, which only a select few have been done. Has some great actors in this movie.
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    OK, no one has mentioned all the spaghetti westerns..., and of course, the list of greats with Clint Eastwood..., but for me, it's Sergio Leone's early epic, Once Upon A Time In The West (1968). If you can find it, get the wide-screen - the cinematography is excellent. This movie is a revenge battle between Frank (Henry Fonda) and Harmonica (Charles Bronson). Fonda doesn't know why Bronson has come after him and his notorious gang - which you learn in the end (I won't spoil it). This movie came out when Fonda was recognized and type-cast as a hero character in many post WWII films. To see him play the part of a ruthless killer turned moviegoers off and actually hurt the film's success in the box office - but critics eventually recognized it as a significant film of its time (1968). The movie is excellent work by Leone, with a star-studded cast - and is one I check out every so often. The violence (killing and against women) is tough to get through in some places - like in the very beginning when Frank kills a small kid in cold blood. But understand, Leone is making the point and stretching the boundaries about how "wild and lawless" the early west really was. Gangs of bandits and killers like that led by Frank (Fonda) were not uncommon plagues upon towns, trains and dirt-farmers trying to live and just scratch out an existence each day. While at the same time, those same lawless gangs were exploited/used by the upper 1% at the time to move "progress" forward at the expense, pain and loss to the lower 50% - that is, to build railroads in this movie - but the analogy is made and one can conclude oil, gold, and other industries did the same thing. Excellent epic cinema - lots of gunfight violence a little sex, and intense mystery-drama demonstrate that life had little value as the story plays out with stars like Fonda, Bronson, Jason Robards, Jack Elam, Claudia Cardinale, Woody Strode, and many others you'll recognize. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt000064116/
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    Billy Idol White Wedding (Pt 1)
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    Somewhat "historical semi-fiction" is this one of my favorites..., Having lived in Houston, been on a few oil rigs, and worked in the Oil & Gas industry, I know people like this movie portrays. There Will Be Blood (2007) IMDB: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0469494/fullcredits Directed by Paul Thomas Anderson and Starring Daniel Day Lewis, as Daniel Plainview with a very long list of unknowns. This Movie is an adaptation of Upton Sinclair's 1927 novel "Oil !" The story is about the early California Oil discoveries in the central valley as prospectors looked for get-rich and cutthroat activities to get rich "first" off the inevitable value that Oil was to have. There's some extreme story lines here that make one really realize that the over-romanticized elements of getting rich off the economic riches of the earth are not all that they are cracked up to be. D.D. Lewis is a silver miner, and strikes oil instead..., and the rest is about the way his life corrupts on his ruthless quest to screw everyone around him to get ahead. His life does not turn out well.
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    Happy Birthday to my good friend Mr Pwr .......... Well you've done it again......... 😉😃
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    I enjoy history related movies, especially ones that shows our past and rights that have been restored. And not to be negligent in respect this one's on my list too.
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    For me "Shooter" is one of those movies that I stop to watch if I happen across it while scrolling thru the stations. Stop every time and watch whatever is left. I'd guess others do this as well (with different movies). Shooter is somehow on this list for me. Not sure why?
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    I am a Kevin Costner fan. To many to list but I will throw this one at you guys. His movies are fun. Sean Penn. An Incredible actor. Watched this just last night on Blu-Ray.
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    What I meant was it plays no skipping nice n quiet etc etc. im pretty sure it’s rocking stock tubes so I’m sure I’ll be upgrading those in the future. i haven’t listened to it on my system yet took me 3 hours to drive it home in 105 degree weather had to get my beauty nap in haha just got the tfm55x handles installed almost looks like it belongs Tubes are marked 6dj8 ecc-88 guessing stock
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    I went down to West Chicago - it was a ZOO. Very cool, and this picture is from the overpass, to get to the other side of the rail yard. It doesn't do the size of that engine justice. I got down there, but couldn't get close - it was shoulder-to-shoulder once I did. I'm going to go down first thing in the AM Sunday, and see if I can get close to it, around dawn. The traffic jams there with pedestrians everywhere in that small town really made it difficult / almost dangerous to get around. Thanks for the tip, Mark. I would have missed it if you hadn't posted the message.
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    Oldie but a goodie!
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    I really enjoy the Tom Clancy based films (except Patriot Games - I don’t know why, but that one never did it for me). This clip from Clear and Present Danger was one of my go-to demos during my Laser Disc heydays... I loved Marisa Tomei in My Cousin Vinny (and she was not hard to look at either!). So many great one-liners - “Whatta you, a fookin’ World traveler?” ”Yea, you blend...” ”My biological clock is tickin’ like this (stomping foot)!”
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    My favorite directors are Akira Kurosawa, Alfred Hitchcock, Peter Weir, Francis Ford Coppola, Satyajit Ray, Bernardo Bertolucci, Ang Lee, Merchant and Ivory (and a few more...) . The Criterion Collection has some real gems.
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    Another one that doesn't seem to have quite the catalog of knowledge is SoundHound. I use it and Shazam. I find SoundHound to be better for me for how I use it - I capture music unknown to me and then, when I am shopping at McKay's I pull up the history and start looking. I know Shazam has the history as well but it has "stranded" me a few times at McKay's, leaving me unable to retrieve my history shopping list. If you guys get down to TN & NC be sure to take a shopping list and plenty of $$. They have new and used CDs, LPs, DVDs, SACD, etc. Most are used and priced from $.25 for "very scratched" to regular price for an in-demand, new or unusual release. FWIW - I have bought tons of the very scratched items and never had one not play. Most music is divided by genre and artist - except for the very scratched section. Those are just added to the shelves as they come in. It's a real easter egg hunt looking through them... The book selection and video selection is massive as well. It is easy to spend hours in the stores... http://www.mckaybooks.com/our-story
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    I guess as I age I should get used to seeing these, but it doesn't mean I have to like it... 😞 RIP Rutger - great talent indeed. The Hitcher was an obscure movie he played a serial killer in. It was an intense, somewhat strange movie back in the day.
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    Doubt this is off the beaten path? I know there was a recent remake, but I just don't think it could possibly compare. No desire to see it. I bought this movie on DVD about 12 years ago. I'd seen it several times over the years, but wanted to see it again. I used to watch a lot of movies with my kids, mostly Disney and the like. Youngest was probably about 10 at the time. They wanted to watch it so .... OK. They sat thru the entire movie - loved it .... it's 2.5 hours long.
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    When I have 3½ hours to kill: and what a cast: Elizabeth Taylor ... Leslie Benedict Rock Hudson ... Jordan 'Bick' Benedict Jr. James Dean ... Jett Rink Carroll Baker ... Luz Benedict II Jane Withers ... Vashti Snythe Chill Wills ... Uncle Bawley Mercedes McCambridge ... Luz Benedict Dennis Hopper ... Jordan Benedict III Sal Mineo ... Angel Obregón II Rod Taylor ... Sir David Karfrey (as Rodney Taylor) Judith Evelyn ... Mrs. Nancy Lynnton Earl Holliman ... 'Bob' Dace Robert Nichols ... Mort 'Pinky' Snythe Paul Fix ... Dr. Horace Lynnton Alexander Scourby ... Old Polo Fran Bennett ... Judy Benedict Charles Watts ... Judge Oliver Whiteside Elsa Cárdenas ... Juana Guerra Benedict (as Elsa Cardenas) Carolyn Craig ... Lacey Lynnton Monte Hale ... Bale Clinch Sheb Wooley ... Gabe Target Mary Ann Edwards ... Adarene Clinch Victor Millan ... Angel Obregón Sr. Mickey Simpson ... Sarge Pilar Del Rey ... Mrs. Obregón Maurice Jara ... Dr. Guerra Noreen Nash ... Lona Lane Ray Whitley ... Watts Napoleon Whiting ... Jefferson Swazey
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    I have a long list of these - (I’m probably going to embarrass myself here!) Road House Aliens Lethal Weapon (1 and 2) Kill Bill (1 and 2) Smokey and the Bandit (1 only) Cannonball Run Predator Commando
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    Paul Collins Beat - On the Highway.
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    Not a big Tom Cruise fan but this is a good one.
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    Someone very wise shared this with me..., 1. don't ever listen with an intent to "respond..." 2. listen with the intent to "understand," then 3. ask questions, to learn more, until you do, then 4. avoid human nature's call to "hear what you want to hear..." 5. if responding infers someone else is wrong, don't respond, it wasn't your responsibility anyway... 6. if you attempt to infer someone's an a__hole, you will appear a bigger one... 7. let the "crowd" in the long-term, uncover who the real a__hole is... 8. silence says way more than human nature allows humans to fully know. That has served me well on the internet, and email... (I have crossed the line a few times, and it never turned out well)
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    Dennis Miller and I are putting our collective heads together. Just the way that I like it too! He does all the thinking, and I do all the window dressing. So keep your eyes wide for the 'Dennis Project' to morph into the 'Greg and Dennis Project Presents:' Act one: The first take.
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    Soundgarden Fell On Black Days (HQ)
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    What tubes does it have? What do you think of the sound?
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    Looks like Big Boy 4014 will be in Chicago this weekend...:-) https://www.cnn.com/travel/article/big-boy-worlds-oldest-locomotive-trnd/index.html
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    The Doors Love Me Two Times (LIVE Europe 1968)
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    That was such a great piece ..... "lost like tears in the rain"..... Rutger wrote that himself as he thought the original was too wordy...
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    Nothing on that list that isn't, at least, good fun. No embarassment there! Totally cool! I had not seen it until fairly recently (within the last couple of years), so I looked it up. I watched the B&W version, first. It is still incredibly relevant and very well done! I still collapse into a fit of literal hysteria when I think about this one - something to do with the "toaster" in it. Took me ages to recover when it first came out.
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    I'm not a Huge Tom Cruise fan, but I did like Collateral, as noted above. And, with the new sequel coming out, I have to say I have watched the original more than a few times..., that is Top Gun. The audio effects through surround sound continue to be my go-to DVD for running my HD AV system through its paces. The list of actors in this movie back then..., wow. Cruise, Val Kilmer, Anthony Edwards, Kelly McGillis, Meg Ryan, Tom Skerritt, Michael Ironside, John Stockwell, Barry Tubb, Rick Rossovich, Tim Robbins..., (What a list of Bad Ass Attitudes) - and many more really made this movie. Top Gun. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0092099/ I can't tell yet if the sequel is going to be as good..., we'll have to wait. I imagine, however, the flight scenes, and sounds, will be awesome.
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    Great pick Mark one of my favorites, a bad guy with a code. Yes I agree a young Lucy Liu looks pretty hot in the black dominatrix outfit, pretty funny she kept on working even while Mel came in, nice touch. Also lets not forget the unforgettable Maria Bello, and the always sultry, Deborah Kara Unger (from Highlander: Final Dimension)
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    Two of my favourites!
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    Some of the movies I keep watching back..I like the attitude..
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    One of my favorite movies...
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    Well, maybe an update here. The Kharma expands. It was just too big for Dennis and I to handle alone. Bruce (Rockstar4U) may be joining the effort in the woodworking department. I won't give up any secrets just yet. We got some kool ides in the oven though.
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