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    CARVER site! Catalogs Carver Sunfire 1982 2004 1986 2005 Titanium series 1989 XT 2006 1990 SubRosa 2007 1990b HRS 2008 1991 401 2008 1991b 1992 1993 Winter 1993 Summer 1994 Winter/Spring 1994 Mobile 1995 1995 Brochure CARVER site! Ads ALS-III ad Bob Carver LLC Amazing Loudspeakers Amazing Platinum Loudspeakers C-4000 CT-17 CT-7 DTL-200 Lightstar M-1.0t M-4.0t M-4.0t M-500t M-500t MXR-2000 SDA-490t Sonic Holography TFM amplifiers TFM-25, C-16, TX-12 TFM-75 TX-11a TX-11a PM-1.5 CARVER site! Retail Price Sheets Carver 1979-1989 Retail Pricing 1993 Retail Pricing 1994 + Retail Pricing
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    If you like the vinyl experience you might try upgrading the cartridge. You can't compare vinyl to digital with out considering the turntable and the cartridge. I would agree that my CDs sound much better than my Rega Planar table with a $400 cartridge. It sounds dull and lifeless compared to my Linn LP12 table with a $1700 cartridge that is worn. (I'm planning to upgrade that cartridge soon) The Linn out performs my Carver 490t SD/A CD player by a mile. I don't have a SACD to compare but I will have to check it out. But it's not fair to compare vinyl to other sources with out a professionally tuned, quality table with a high end cartridge. For example: just changing the VTA can make profound changes in the sound. It's not just about the vinyl quality but also how it extracts the information from the grooves. Not trying to ruffle feathers because SACD might be better . I am very open to try it out because who wouldn't like their system to sound better. I just want to make the point that there is more to vinyl than the vinyl.
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    Post your favorite cover songs.... Here's one of mine....... Enjoy......
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    Dire Straits - Brothers In Arms Kansas - Leftoverture
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    Resurrecting this post from years ago: The Toto classic, Africa.
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    Congrats, thanks for sharing that lovely family photo. Everyone has such a nice smile and look so happy together!!
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    Yeah, I think Charlie is most deserving and was a very good choice for this recognition. Now, I have to admit I originally thought - here's a guy who is just trying to pad his post count toward full membership. However, I really liked Charlie's taste in music and thought, what the hell, he's introducing me to some really good stuff - I sure hope he doesn't quit posting once he hits 200. Well, thankfully Charlie hasn't slowed down. Congratulations Charlie - it's a well deserved honor and we all benefit from your posts. Very glad you're here and willing to share your tastes.
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    The original Night on bald mountain/Pictures LP on Telarc sounds great. Also if you come across any of the YSL Japanese pressings from the 1970's they were the prefered audiophile pressings during that era. (They went out of business in the early 1980's so are quite hard to find)
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    The Cars - Greatest Hits
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    Apologies, could not resist. Coltrane or Marsalis, then. Mozart Marriage of Figaro or Magic Flute.
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    If I may suggest some classical and jazz... Karajan - Mozart - Requiem - this is hard to find. I suggest listening to it on UTube first. Berlin or Vienna Philharmonic on a Deutsche Grammaphon recording. Ellington at Newport - here . Or pick any Classical and Jazz vinyl that you like.
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    All museum applicable choices...timeless.
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    Thanks for sharing. I'm hoping to be spinning a newly built table this summer.
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    That's a sweet looking turntable,and I bet with a sweet sound... I have a couple of the vintage Technic MLK 1200 Turntables.
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    added 1989, 1991a, 1991b and 1992 catalogs (thanks to Balok)
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