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    No, Z, it's the same document. You have to look very carefully for the subtle details. The schematic is for the 760, but shows asterisks on the extra output transistors, and associated resistors, plus a full-length heat sink, all of which are omitted on the 500/753 models. So same boards, but those in the less powerful versions are not fully populated. The 753 is nearly identical to the 500, but of course has one more amp channel board, and all that goes with that: another meter, another set of parts on the mother board in front where the amp boards plug in. I suspect also a different power transformer, capable of higher wattage. And for the 760, I'd guess higher voltage secondaries, as well. I haven't looked at it for a while, but I think if you check the parts lists you will find a few references to the 753, where there are differences. Maybe a 753 face-plate with three meter holes, etc. The manual issue was a pretty sloppy rush job, it seems, done on the cheap. Probably relates to the fact that the company was on it's way to going belly-up. Sad, because these are really good amps. Wish somebody knew what the bias setting specs were... RR
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    Christmas music - various artists
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    Hope you had a good birthday Dom!!!
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    A little late but Happy Birthday Rod!!!
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    A-500x, A-753x, and A-760x all covered in the same manual. It's very thin on information - schematic and parts lists only. RR
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    Happy Birthday Dom, and here's to many more happy ones
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    Zack stayed in Boston for holiday. He and his frat mate Luke coordinated Thanksgiving dinner for about 20 of his SAE brothers and a few of their parents and siblings. All those days in the kitchen with him are paying off!
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    Again, many thanks to the fine folks who made this happen!
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