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    Zack just signed a 1 year lease on an apartment in Cambridge with his fratmate Luke and BFF Michael. They move in September 1. Typical of the Boston area, it's small (about 600 ft2), expensive ($2,400/mo) and street parking is by permit only and hard to come by (Zack has my Saab until he completes his work/study program at Cadence Design Systems in Chelmsford around the end of the year). On the plus side, each of them will have their own room, and it's within walking distance of MIT (about the same distance away as the SAE house).
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    American hero. https://nyp.st/2NfVjPT
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    After decades of interest in audio, I probably have run the gamut of magazines, websites, and other information/reviews. I found that publications such as Stereophile, Audio, and TAS, among others were mostly fronts for ads. Then there are the Glass Audio, Voice coil, and many others in a different vein that have some interest to me. Not that Voice Coil isn't just another big ad, but it does include patent applications for audio that are interesting to me. Having said all this, I am always interested in knowing what else people enjoy reading and why, so, what is your choice?
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    Uhm...engineering manuals. 😶
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    Congrats to Zack, and pat yourself on the back Z. You've done a helluva job on the most important job any of us will ever do!
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    Brave in life, as in death. RIP Senator McCain.
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    What's the difference between ignorance and apathy? I don't know and I don't care...
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    The ratio on an igloo's circumference to it's diameter = Eskimo Pi
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