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    Here’s the system today. Bonzoro 4000t pre Carverfest 275 tube amp VPI Scout 1.1 tt Ortofon 2M Black cartridge Oppo BDP-103 disc player Carver TX-11b tuner Snell C/v speakers
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    No FLAC, yet... Rabbit ears for WXPN... Ford was perfect colors to match the 'fest amp! Muchos gracias a Bonzoro! That 4000t is as transparent as any preamp I've ever had, and that's over 100 units... I'd have to spend north of $4K for something that might be better! It's like a BillD done one better.
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    As I mentioned elsewhere, I just don't play these anymore. 5 Genesis CDs. Discs are good, cases are mostly good. Pick a number between 1 and 69 Random number draw in ~ 24 hours.
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    Below, this is what turned me on to Ravel. Applause to all performers across the globe!
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    Here it is: AndrewJohn! Please PM me your address..
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    Congratulations AJ, and thank you Rod for the excellent karma!
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    Once I get the "copper cactus" up, I won't need the 'ears'. I have to wait until the solar panels are up and running. Anybody who happens to be in the area can come listen.
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    Congrats AJ and thanks Rod for the excellent Karma!
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    Congrats AJ! Thanks Rod for the excellent Karma! i have 4 out of 5 of these, some on vinyl, also rarely get played! Enjoy the music AJ barryG
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    what do you think about the 4000t as a match for the tube amp?
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    I need some karma.... Thank you for offering Rod. I'll put in with 8
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    Good luck to Genesis fans. Not IN. Thanks Rod.
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    Congratulations Kevin!!!
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    I completely agree. Until just recently, I was in the truck for a minimum of 2 hours a day commuting. Even with XM it got so bad that for the last year I was almost exclusively audio books and podcasts.
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    Did you coordinate that Ford on the screen through Velocity TV?
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    I have a 45 minute commute to work and can’t understand why radio has the same songs in an endless rotation. There are so many worthy songs from all of these great bands that get no airplay. Would it be too much of a bother to put some in now and then? That said, Pink Floyd, Zepplin, The Who, the list goes on. ray
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    Nice offering - if my vinyl weren’t packed up in the black hole that is the east end of my basement, I’d throw in what PF records I have? future karma?
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    Nice looking system Kevin. Are you streaming FLAC through the Oppo?
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    Yeah. Don't obsess about the delivery system, enjoy the music.
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    Congratulations Kev, awesome karma Charlie!
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    For me it's Radiohead and U2. I think both of these bands amassed such large follwings and success that the music didn't matter anymore. They knew people would buy it regardless. Radiohead was the worst offender. To me it sounded as if they were trying to aggravate their fans with atonal noise and if you didn't get it you just weren't cool.
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    Congratulations Kevin, and thank you Charlie for an awesome karma.
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    I agree - I actually like Mike Rutherford’s work on Mike + The Mechanics better than Genesis. So much of Genesis was SO overplayed. I especially like “Par Avion” - I find the lyrics somewhat haunting and the tone of the song intriguing. Thanks AJ - I was never into Zepplin much as a kid, so I’m still liking them (plus my son loves their music!) - although I will admit I’m tired of Staiway to Heaven. as for running counter-current, I enjoy the discussions that evolve when we abandon “group think”. If you think this topic is controversial, you should hear the discussions when I say that The Godfather movies are overrated, especially in light of Goodfellas, Casino and Donnie Brasco! Talk about sacrilege!
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    Genesis. It made sense at the time, but I skip over that section of my collection every time now. See Karma sub-forum!
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    Without killing brain cells thinking about it: Presley (almost every thing) and the Nicks/Buckingham iteration of Fleetwood Mac. And I''m sure at O dark 30, I will wake up and think of raft of others.
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    Thanks Barry...I just ordered the knobs along with some other stuff I couldn't live without....lol. Carter
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    Good morning Carter, Les Wolf of Circuits and Concepts has an eBay store and sells these! https://www.ebay.com/itm/Speaker-Select-Knob-for-CARVER-THE-RECEIVER-MXR-130-150-900-2000-/220881903753?nav=SEARCH tell him your a member of the carversite for a discount! i hope this is what your looking for, they are much better made than originals! barry
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