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    Here’s the system today. Bonzoro 4000t pre Carverfest 275 tube amp VPI Scout 1.1 tt Ortofon 2M Black cartridge Oppo BDP-103 disc player Carver TX-11b tuner Snell C/v speakers
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    No FLAC, yet... Rabbit ears for WXPN... Ford was perfect colors to match the 'fest amp! Muchos gracias a Bonzoro! That 4000t is as transparent as any preamp I've ever had, and that's over 100 units... I'd have to spend north of $4K for something that might be better! It's like a BillD done one better.
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    As I mentioned elsewhere, I just don't play these anymore. 5 Genesis CDs. Discs are good, cases are mostly good. Pick a number between 1 and 69 Random number draw in ~ 24 hours.
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    Below, this is what turned me on to Ravel. Applause to all performers across the globe!
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    Here it is: AndrewJohn! Please PM me your address..
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    Your system looks awesome Kevin! Congratulations!
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    Good luck, AJ, on the Lottery as well. Rod deserves a cut.
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    I need some karma.... Thank you for offering Rod. I'll put in with 8
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    Good luck to Genesis fans. Not IN. Thanks Rod.
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    I am going to kick this off by venturing into sacred ground... The other night I realized that I just don’t care for <Gasp> Pink Floyd any more. There, I said it. Thing is, I LOVED PF as a teen, and even into my ‘20’s. I realize that I have been forcing myself to like them for a long time now (after all, DSOTM is hearalded as one of the best albums of all time), and the other night I just couldn’t do it any more. I still like parts of Division Bell and Momentary Lapse of Reason, but that’s about it. Maybe the rest has just been over played, or maybe my tastes have evolved... who knows. Anyone else have a similar experience?
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    Dude, you SO need help! But I have dibbs because I didn't listen and watched it. Where thex@#$% do you find these? No, wait, I DON'T wanna know!!! Somebody pass me my straitjacket, please?!
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    I'm in with number 57, thanks for the Karma Rod and good luck to everyone.
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    WOW! So cool! Thanks, Charlie!
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    Congrats Kev, enjoy that without tubes......grin
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    Nice Karma, in with 28......grin. Thanks!
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    Nice setup Kevin! I like that tube amp....grin
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    I have a 45 minute commute to work and can’t understand why radio has the same songs in an endless rotation. There are so many worthy songs from all of these great bands that get no airplay. Would it be too much of a bother to put some in now and then? That said, Pink Floyd, Zepplin, The Who, the list goes on. ray
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    Nice looking system Kevin. Are you streaming FLAC through the Oppo?
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    Damn nice Kevin.......Enjoy! The rabbit ears?......for the tuner?
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    Yeah. Don't obsess about the delivery system, enjoy the music.
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    For me it's Radiohead and U2. I think both of these bands amassed such large follwings and success that the music didn't matter anymore. They knew people would buy it regardless. Radiohead was the worst offender. To me it sounded as if they were trying to aggravate their fans with atonal noise and if you didn't get it you just weren't cool.
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    Congrats Kev. Thanks for the generous karma Charlie. You have raised the bar.
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    Congratulations Kev. (You know it doesn’t have tubes, right?)
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    I really don't have anything on the "I don't listen to that anymore" list. Growing up in the backwoods of Florida in the 60's, music was the big deal so I grew up with radio, 45's, 78's and 2 TV stations......Music is a time machine for me......
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    Sacrilege! Slade Headpins Mott the Hoople I wonder if it's my present system though, because I don't dislike them on the system in my truck (Dodge factory Infinity with a modest sub). The Martin Logans are not very forgiving.
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    Thanks Barry...I just ordered the knobs along with some other stuff I couldn't live without....lol. Carter
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    Oh boy, this just gets better and better.....
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