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    Here’s the system today. Bonzoro 4000t pre Carverfest 275 tube amp VPI Scout 1.1 tt Ortofon 2M Black cartridge Oppo BDP-103 disc player Carver TX-11b tuner Snell C/v speakers
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    No FLAC, yet... Rabbit ears for WXPN... Ford was perfect colors to match the 'fest amp! Muchos gracias a Bonzoro! That 4000t is as transparent as any preamp I've ever had, and that's over 100 units... I'd have to spend north of $4K for something that might be better! It's like a BillD done one better.
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    As I mentioned elsewhere, I just don't play these anymore. 5 Genesis CDs. Discs are good, cases are mostly good. Pick a number between 1 and 69 Random number draw in ~ 24 hours.
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    Below, this is what turned me on to Ravel. Applause to all performers across the globe!
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    Here it is: AndrewJohn! Please PM me your address..
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    Once I get the "copper cactus" up, I won't need the 'ears'. I have to wait until the solar panels are up and running. Anybody who happens to be in the area can come listen.
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    One reward for being on this forum & being fortunate to attend a CarverFest is to meet folks & experience gear that otherwise would not be within the realm of possibility, much less imagination. Seeing your system back home, beyond Cabin 5, is a real treat, Kevin. Thank you; molto bello! ?
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    Kev Nice Ford, sorry I should have said Tube Amp ? Brian
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    It's a superior pairing. System is dead silent. No noise, no hum. Full, open sound with great imaging and presence.
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    what do you think about the 4000t as a match for the tube amp?
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    It's a cat thing - we don't learn so we'll...too much curiosity for safety.
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    Congratulations Kevin!!!
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    Nice setup Kevin! I like that tube amp....grin
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    Did you coordinate that Ford on the screen through Velocity TV?
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    Nice offering - if my vinyl weren’t packed up in the black hole that is the east end of my basement, I’d throw in what PF records I have? future karma?
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    Damn nice Kevin.......Enjoy! The rabbit ears?......for the tuner?
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    Congratulations Kev, awesome karma Charlie!
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    Congratulations Kevin, and thank you Charlie for an awesome karma.
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    What an awesome Karma Charlie - thanks for the contribution to the family here.
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    Sacrilege! Slade Headpins Mott the Hoople I wonder if it's my present system though, because I don't dislike them on the system in my truck (Dodge factory Infinity with a modest sub). The Martin Logans are not very forgiving.
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    Without killing brain cells thinking about it: Presley (almost every thing) and the Nicks/Buckingham iteration of Fleetwood Mac. And I''m sure at O dark 30, I will wake up and think of raft of others.
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    Good morning Carter, Les Wolf of Circuits and Concepts has an eBay store and sells these! https://www.ebay.com/itm/Speaker-Select-Knob-for-CARVER-THE-RECEIVER-MXR-130-150-900-2000-/220881903753?nav=SEARCH tell him your a member of the carversite for a discount! i hope this is what your looking for, they are much better made than originals! barry
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