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    Good on you Rod - once again you demonstrate why you are "The Dude". Ship it to me. I'll fix it and I'll ship it to the owner - no charge. I've built three of those amps - I actually enjoy working on them. 🙂
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    It seems one of our members paid to have one of the CF18 amps built for him. He received it and it is not working properly. The builder is unwilling to sort it out. I have arranged for the amp to be sent to one of our technical gurus to be corrected. If you would like to help in funding this endeavor, PM me for the particulars. I am not naming the parties in this debacle, and this thread is locked. This is not about shaming anyone, I intend to fix the problem, not the blame. I do not want to see any discussion or speculation of this matter in the forums or the chatbox. Thank you for your understanding and your support. Rod
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    Johnny Winter Rock and Roll; Hoockie Koo
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    Version 1.0.11


    This manual is 'unofficial' because the majority of it comes from the members here, and not from Bob Carver himself. Although Bob has been consulted on many aspects, it is still a collective project of us amateurs. Special thanks to @wrf, @BarryG, @Packratt , @RobertR, @The Raven, @kve777, @BrianT and others for making recommendations and finding mistakes. Cover Photo by madmike46.
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    The infamous (well here anyway) 'Dad-burgers' That's an 11" plate....
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    Canned Heat Woodstock Boogie
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    The fact that you are still getting firmware upgrades for a device older than 30 days is a strong testimonial for NetGear. Most company's abandon firmware support once the warranty is up or the next generation of the device is released. Thank you very much for the feedback - valuable for sure. I hear you Greg - RAID 5 requires industrial, enterprise class hardware and constant monitoring. It is not for the casual user. I've spent more than one sleepless night rebuilding corrupted volumes. Funny, I've had much more success with Seagate (back before they were purchased by whomever has them now) than I had with WD. I will admit that I have not had to work with a RAID in 5 years or so, so my data points are dated for sure. Thanks for the feedback.
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    I've never had any trouble with Netgear. The devotion with router and switch brands is all about familiarity (mostly). I'd go RAID 10 unless you're trying to store crazy amounts of data, like over 6TB. Go RAID 10, or if you can, stay with RAID 1, they are more reliable than RAID 5 or 6. In fact, I would never consider RAID 5 - too many nightmares involving that mess. I'm devoted to Western Digital NAS and SE drives. I do not trust Seagate. My WD NAS is 10 years old and still going strong. My 15 year old WD NAS still works as well (though it only serves as a back up of some of archives for now).
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    I have a NetGear ReadyNAS. Mine is a 1.04. Several years old now. I love it. I just replaced a drive that went bad over Christmas holidays. The whole concept of RAID, and rebuilding a lost data volume just blows my mind..., but it saves me from worry, and has saved me from disaster - at least 3 times. I have over 30 years of accumulated life's work, and data on it (since my time in Silicon Valley)..., plus music, media, etc. It has 4 3TB drives in it. I have not gone to SSD drives - speed is not an issue in these boxes. The last drive I just put in cost me $64, from Amazon. To have the best RAID system, you need to have 4 drives. I won't go into that - but I have a RAID in my desktop box, with my daily usable files on it, and it's just a mirror raid. The RAID 5 setup on the NAS is also my redundant backup for my desktop's 6 TB of data. If the box, or power-supply were to die, I would buy another new Netgear, latest generation. This is the one that I've been looking at..., not for any particular reason, as my old one is still kicking it strong. Link HERE These boxes (NAS) seem to have religious followings like some audio gear..., LOL. Some love Netgear, others hate it. I think you have to pick one, learn it, and stick with it. None of the UI's are perfect. But they are better every year. I've updated my firmware on my old Netgear box every time they tell me to, and I check the console monthly - or when I get a message that says a disk is weakening, or getting ready to fail. The other thing I like, or have had success with, is using the NETgear support community. Again, some hate that, some love it. It works for me. I also run their Antivirus app, and have never had an issue. This too is one of those religious things... Oh, yes, my Media system (Oppo, Sony...) at my TV can see this drive, and show pictures from it, or play movies..., once configured. Jump in, get one. Learn it, and use it. The benefits far outweigh losing everything. I hope this helps you make the move..., whatever decision you make. Here's what the REadyNAS monitor looks like. From here you can jump to your browser, to do more advanced administration. IF there's an issue with your NAS health, it shows up here and I check this 2-3 times a week. ...
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    Third Eye Blind Never Let You Go
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    This is Sea Change by Beck in 5.1 I've been wanting this for a while and finally sucked it up and paid more than I wanted to. It is mixed by Elliot Scheiner. I find his mixes to be stellar and to date have not found one that I did not enjoy. This one is fantastic.
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    Triumph Fight the Good Fight
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    Honeymoon Suite New Girl
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    Greg Kihn Band Jeopardy Weird Al Yankovic I Lost On Jeopardy
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    Eddie Money California Dream
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    The Cars My Best Friends Girlfriend
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    Cheap Trick I Want You To Want Me
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    Stone Sour Through Glass
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    Version 1.0.0


    This should help those that wish to remove and replace their M-500(t) faceplates.
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    Sadly on the 2nd of January Daryl Dragon passed away. He wrote some timeless tunes with Toni ray
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    Hillbilly sliders for late lunch today...
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    You just don't get it do you! So alienist you don't even realize it...I feel sorry for you. Steak and potatoes with shrimp scampi and cherry pie.
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