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    Sent my junkyard find Carver M-1.0t into Greg for restoration and possible upgrades.He seems like a great guy and an individual who Truely loves Carver equipment and the wonderful people who own Carver products!!!! kudos to him and the whole Carver family!!!👍
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    Well, My wife and I and the dog had a beautiful road trip today in Michigan. We headed up to Greg @ Nelion Audio to drop off the MXR for a renew. Got to meet Greg and look at some equipment and chat a bit. Thanks for the compliments on the MXR . Can't wait for the finished product!
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    I want to shout out to the person or people that thought enough of me to give an award. I just seen it in my email and it was a pleasant surprise. Thank you so much.
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    Will find out today if I go back to work next Tuesday
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    10 Yards of mulch dumped in the driveway. Guess I should get busy.
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    So when I try to say something in the chatbox it disappears when I submit it. So HAPPY EASTER TO ALL!
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    Idée Fixe is the real contagion.
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    Big Thank you, Greg for the migration..., looks very good, even with the loose-ends you mention. 😁
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    Way to go Greg! Thank you for all the hard work!
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    Ola' Some of you might remember me as Staticvar in the past. I've been away for a few years. Looking forward to hooking up with you all again.
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    I have to Carver m500t amps running a set of vintage Cornwall speakers and let soundcraftsmen eq a 2bx dbx
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    @Nahash5150 Thank you for getting the site back up. Much appreciated. Huge value here in this community.
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    Nothing is everything, and everything is nothing
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    hello everyone. sorry ive been absent lately i've been very busy for the holidays. i hope you all have been well and have had a great holiday season.
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    Front speakers are in the house! w000h000! After falling in love with the sound of some B&Ws at the audio shops, I hunted these down on Ebay. Went with the DM 303s with an LCR-3 center channel, the DS6 THXs are coming in tomorrow for the rears!
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    I have been reading the CF amp build thread with some outside interest. On one hand, I find it to be a simple build, and I like that. Then there is the pure fact that even simple must be done correctly to avoid serious consequences. That is the parallel that is useful for me. You see, I am attempting to work on a N. Pass design from years ago, that yes, is simple, but unforgiving. Since there is little in the way of information, except for one partial schematic, it is threads, that actually are just that, threads of a bit of usable info here and there. In short, I very much appreciate your input as to keeping the wheat from the chaff on these topics. Accurate knowledge is valuable.
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    Hi Greg, For Donations, can you direct me to the site, or info needed to do so.. $50.00, is that a good average of a donation ' , first time doing so. Thanks
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    I hope to get some awards worked out this weekend. I think everyone will really like some of the changes.
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    Hello everyone! This is the FIRST STATUS update on this forum. I believe it was @Daddyjt that nabbed the very last post on the old site. Maybe we'll make a special award for that - the Mud Duck award. Anyway, you may need to enable your status updates by going to 'Edit Profile' on your profile page, then toggling the slider to green, then save. Also, when you FOLLOW other members, you are alerted when they post status updates so you can always check out what's happening! More tips and tricks coming!
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