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    I've had my rebuilt system (BillD C1 and MkII, Opt2 M1.0t) for a while now, but I haven't actually had the chance to really listen to it. In at I accused @Daddyjt of only connecting the bottom-most LED on the M1.0t. My wife had a scheduled overnight stay in the hospital (nothing serious, just unpleasant) but it left me with the chance to turn up the volume past 1 and wind things out for a little while... Holy CRAP this system has power!!! Clean, Clear, Fantastic sounding POWER! 😵 @Daddyjt I'm sorry, I was wrong - I finally got the 2nd LED on each channel to blink ... just, but I think my ears will be ringing from it for awhile. I can't imagine what it would be like I actually pushed that amp beyond this. That long ago joke about sending the voice coils across the room doesn't seem so far fetched right now. Right now the cats hate me, but OHHHH, that sound!!! It is just amazing! Thanks one and all for your help and encouragement on this crazy journey (especially @Daddyjt as well as @RichP714 and BillD for their amazing creations)!
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    Hey everyone. I ended up at the Carver site after buying a M1.5t and C-1 combo for cheap. Prior to buying I had solely bought and worked on Pioneer, Sansui, and Marantz. It had been a slow week on the local sale site when that combo popped up. I knew nothing about Carver and when I googled the 1.5t and saw 350 watt/channel I thought it was a mistake. After a little more research I pulled the trigger. 1.5t was listed as having an occasional pop. I recapped with kit I believe Carver site member sells on epay. Also did his BillD upgrade to the C-1. I did something wrong with the C-1 upgrade and in trying to run down my mistake I was continually directed to this site as the place to be. Sooo I joined up. Instead of fixing the C-1, I ran it with a phono preamp as I couldn't bring myself to not listen to the system that was driving my JBL L150A's better than anything else I'd had to date. I've come into another C-1 that I've made the same mistake with. I'm guessing that will be something I address here sooner or later. Also picked up a M400a a couple of weeks ago for parts or repair that the owner was selling for someone. When he hooked it up, his woofers jumped and he freaked. Got it home, ran it with small test speakers. Works fine, ran all day, cool, no issues. Looks like today or tomorrow I'm going to come into a tfm 15 & 35 in trade for a Sansui 8080db. Addiction confirmed. I'm in the process of gifting or selling off my other receivers and amps. Happy to be running Carver and excited to learn more about the audio equipment that people either really love or really hate and you can get for a reasonable price as some people believe it is too much trouble to fix.
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    Hey Charlie - The faceplates are here. Thanks a bunch. They will come in handy to help some member with shipping damage or just a ratty C-1 face. To all members. If I miss a future member request for help finding a C-1 faceplate please let me know.
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    I love this time of the year... The Elk rutting season - I don't think I will ever get tired of hearing the bulls bugling outside my bedroom window in the middle of the night.
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    Bump. I can't stop looking at this beautiful set-up.
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    Hey Brian, glad you finally made it here! I remember my trip(s) out to your place well. How are the Polks holding up? Did you ever look into the RDO 194 tweeter upgrades I told you about? as for a C1, I’ve got you covered. In fact, I’ve got a backup one with the BillD mods we can slip into your system, and you can audition it for as long as you like (it’s just collecting dust at my place!). PM me your number (I can’t find it in my phone any more, from last year), and we can chat. welcome again! PS - that Klipsch sub is still in the box, lol🤣🤣
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    It is awesome to see another new face here. Welcome to the nut house. 🙂 The BillD modded C-1 has several things changed to help it sound just that much better than stock - much improved op-amps, metal film resistors in the signal path, better quality caps in the audio path, MLCC caps, the phono input capacitance is changed to better match today's cartridges, the headphone circuit is modified a bit, etc. Bill took a logical, deliberate look at the unit as a piece of electronic gear and said "What do I have access to today that can make a measurable, listenable (if that's a word?) improvement over an already well designed pre-amp? His results speak for themselves. Probably the biggest improvement most folks report isn't audible in a sense - it is how quiet the unit is with no signal. Hiss, hum, etc. is astonishingly low or non-existent. A few others here have added other physical design improvements & other electrical modifications (improved RCA jacks, better feet, better cover screws, balanced outputs, improved power supply, remote volume control, etc.) and just made it that much better & user friendly. The results have been measured and reported here on the site and there is tons of documentation on how to do many of these mods yourself available here as well. Please don't be shy - ask questions. No haters here - we won't allow it. This is truly one of the best places you could choose to hang your hat in cyberspace and we are happy you are here. Now post some pictures of your gear so we can all feel a little better about our own WAF compromises. 🙂 🙂 🙂
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    I have to agree, completely with many of the comments - it's clear that over playing is one of the biggest causes of ear plugging events, along with the "that just t'ain't music" items. I took Kevin's question to be which songs you used to like / listen to, but now can't handle. I thought a lot about this, but in the end, I have to say that while there are many songs that wind up in this zone, temporarily, they all eventually cycle back around to be okay to listen to, again. I guess I just really like what I like, and avoid what I don't.
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    The Grand Rapids Metro Cruise was this weekend. Traditionally the week after the Woodward Dream Cruise so as not to compete. A little backstory. My father and uncle purchased a Dodge/Dodge Truck/ eventually added Midas Motorhome franchise in ‘68. It was NE Grand Rapids. Most of you know Chrysler built the Wing Cars in ‘69 and ‘70 to dominate NASCAR and for homologation purposes had to build at least 500 cars. 504 ‘69 Charger Daytona’s were built, of which the Hemi 4 speed was produced specifically for NASCAR teams to thrash. Most were destroyed racing them, a few gutted race cars were restored and survive. I believe Pettys ‘70 Bird recently was a no sell at auction at $3.5 million. The second most desirable, after the 4 speed of course, would be the ‘69 Charger Daytona, Hemi automatic. My father and his brother sold one of these, from Northfield Dodge, in April of ‘70. Nobody wanted the car. I know the person who owns it, he’s currently the second owner. 50 years later, here it is, in the parking lot of my extended family’s dealership. The owner has the original window sticker (monroney) the original bill of sale, the original Northfield Dodge sticker on the trunk lid, the build sheet, and the complete service history. Thia car is truly a unicorn. Im trying to get a photo op with my father and the car together, as he is probably the only dealer left alive in the country that sold one new.
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    Good example, David. "Regenerative braking systems" is an area that is of a top-secret engineering focus at the big auto makers. They are in a race against each other to competitively capitalize on this challenge. China is behind - they are democratizing the past e-solutions they have reverse-engineered from Tesla, et al., (batteries and power trains) and they are good at that. Braking is a focus of innovation where solving the challenge of distance with the "First Law of Thermodynamics and the Law of Conservation of Energy which states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed; energy can only be transferred or changed from one form to another." Conservation of Energy will be the key to long-distance space travel - ultimately. We live in interesting times. 20 years from now, things will be very different. Going backwards to some former "time" when we "greedily consumed" (everything) and were "familiar and comfortable" with (everything) is not progress, plays on our emotions and resistance to "change" (the only constant) and is just really stupid thinking... (my opinion - you may differ, and that's OK).
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    Another "lost" John Coltrane album Blue World article, NPR
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    Cumulus Media, Inc. Entercom Communications Corp iHeartMedia, Inc. I haven’t listened to broadcast radio in over 20 years. Same crap over and over. Because of this I have very few songs/artists I can no longer stand. However, living in Selma AL for less than 2 years in the mid 80’s destroyed Sweet Home Alabama and Freebird. Just can’t listen to those songs at all after all these years.
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    Can I get an Amen 🙏 brother......
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    Ah, OCCD enablement, at it's best! Since my first day, here, I've always been able to count on you folk for total, complete, and absolute support on the OCCD, and beyond, front. 😁
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    Just hand me the whole bottle - I don't want to leave wonderland. @4krow - I'l stick to the red pills. I don't thin I could handle being n your situation! Not that I wouldn't want to try it, mind you... Yes, I knew i would be a monster, but I'm barely waking it up, and it's already threatening to knock things off the walls ... like the paint and plasterboard. 😯 Love that phrase - yes, Mr. Carver certainly knew, and still knows, ow to completely twist the laws of physics! Thank you, again, for the incredible work, my friend, but you, sir are a bad influence. You're just lucky that Kappa-9's are so rare, or I would be seriously tempted! In my case it's a very rare occurrence, but yes, I did take advantage of the situation! 😀
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    I am glad you got to “stretch their legs” a bit Brian, and thanks for the kind words my friend😉 Hats off indeed to @RichP714 and the late BillD for their pioneering spirit and dedication to the upgrades. You cant break the laws of physics, but Mr Carver sure knew how to bend them... PS - if you really want to see this meters dance, get yourself an Infinity Kappa 9 pair😈
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    Brian_at_HHH found out the pleasant beastly power the mkII mod has. Yes your ears will ring long before you reach the peak output. I’ve listened at levels ranging up to about 3-4 LEDS and most times that’s more than enough. It just keeps getting better!
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    After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill - the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill - you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes. You took the red pill.
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    Some new ideas that differentiate the Big Bang from inflation, and a bit about (perhaps) why (or at least how)
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    We're officially in our new house now as of a couple months ago...finally. I had the upstairs finished out which is about 15.5'x 36' so I have good space. Since weather was kind of crappy and muggy yesterday, my wife and I worked upstairs some today. I decided to put the Belle clones on the 15' wide "short wall" and I feel they sound better this way. I ran them on the VTA ST-70 for a little while but it's just too damn warm this time of year. I hooked up my fully rebuilt Carver M-200t (thanks @dennismiller55 ) which, honestly, sounds a little better on the Belles. Obviously its 4x the power, too, so it's coasting along pretty good. Then, today, I got my Infinity Quantum 3's back after them being stored (and lightly used) at my best friends house the last 10 years. Man, I forgot just how damn good those Watkins woofers sound. Also hung up the album frames I made 12+ years ago back in Texas and hung my guitars and guitar picks I've collected through the years. I still have another system in the same room to the left of my chair with the Onkyo P-3000R preamp and my M-1.0t MkII Opt 002 that runs various speakers I including Cerwin Vega VS-150's, Celestion Ditton 44 Series II's, JBL L1's, and a couple other small speakers. I can move my chair around and listen to either setup. Obviously, I've got some extra gear sitting idle. Lol.
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    Very nice room, and equipment/systems, enjoy the tunes.............
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    @Packratt I may have found what you were looking for... There is now an 'Unread' button at the top of the topic page. Give it try. It takes you to the last unread post.
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    T eDumper: "The dump truck, at 45 tons, ascends the 13-percent grade and takes on 65 tons of ore. With more than double the weight going back down the hill, the beast's regenerative braking system recaptures more than enough energy to refill the charge the eDumper used going up." Everyday, drive it up & down the hill gravel road neighbors ruined with 'we-can-fix-it' ignorance. Yes, schadenfreude, but who would not want an eDumper? ✌️
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    neat party trick; turns causality on its ear
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    I worked at a Pizza Hut in the 70's during high school, and first college years. Closed every night. We'd turn up the jukebox that the vendor never seemed to change out songs like: Joe Cocker's "You Are So Beautiful." Bee Gees anything. And, just about any mid-seventies over-played radio-tune that was on that juke box. Funny, I can smell the pizza writing this and when I hear those songs. My brain somehow also hears the sound of the "table-top Space Invaders" arcade game we had in the waiting area that the volume was in parity with the jukebox. HEADACHE... Agree with the Rap comments..., but I go one further, any rap artist after power/fame using cRap as their "talent" platform that assumes they have some undeniable right to lead and influence "people" on other fronts, I have to turn off, just because its so wrong and violates every moral and ethical bone in my body. Learn to speak real "English" please. You know who these people are..., they visit/hang-with the worlds presidents, monarchs and dictators like they are some kind of royalty, while at the same time, existing in the tabloids for mistreating women, doing drugs, or some other vice. How does this not make every human puke?
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    Welcome Bwest, The world would be an empty place without Bob Carver and his innovative genius.
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    You can't spell crap without spelling rap !!
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    I just let Bruce have his way with the fine woodworking. Do you like the teak and mahogany combo? I do. You can see why. So far, Dennis has been the donor of the circuit board, parts (not cheap) and electronic work. Then it made its stop to Bruce's shop where you see the result here. The only input that I have had so far is having Bruce mount a silver dollar that I sent to him on the top (sorry, no not a real one, but still classy), and having Bruce make a cutout for the rear panel brass mounting plate for RCA & switch. It will probably come to my place by next week, where I will assemble the brass plate, and likely remake many of the connections with some fancy silver wire just to follow this high wire act. We all have had a great time making this a group effort. Perhaps something else will gel in the future.
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    Happy Birthday DrummerJuice! I hope you have a great day!
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    Yah, that's where I kinda screwed up. I took both pills and let them fight it out.
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    This past weekend, I finally replaced 8 of the capacitors that Bob (Carver) had told me to replace in my HRS-12 subwoofer that had a constant buzz to it no matter what the volume level. It fixed about 90% or more of the buzz and made listening to my Belle clones much more tolerable. I love the dynamic sound of the Belle/La Scala models but their lack of low end kind of takes the enjoyment away so it's finally nice to have some LF extension now. A horn loaded sub would be much better, and I will build one some day, as the efficiency and sound matches better than a small sealed sub. Thanks for the comments, everyone.
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    Neil Young Hey Hey My My (LIVE Farm Aid 1985)
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    Thank You All! Apologies for being "lMIA" The house has occupied 145% of my time, but happily we are in our home as of Aug 1. The list is still very very long but with less stress to complete. Paul
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    Loverboy Lovin' Every Minute Of It
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    Congrats to the winner and thanks again for offering it up......
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    Violent Playground Tupperware Party
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    1. When I hear one from my selection played by the neighbors I will never play it again. 2. Music that IDK. lol 3. I worked at a mall for several years. When Christmas time approaches the whole building echoes with these tunes, at home I find myself bored and tired of... you know? ber months coming...
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    Worked at a local burger joint thru high school and summers the first couple years of college ('72 thru '74), this was on the jukebox, and probably was played 20 times a day. Mark
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    I'm a relatively recent arrival, and admit I was quite taken, aback at the welcome I got. I can honestly say, the folks here are every bit as great as they see, and more. I had always been enamored of Carver gear in my younger years, but I always saw it as out of reach. Until very recently, I was running off a non-Carver receiver, too. No worries what you run - one bonus of this group is they are not sobs, or they hide it well. As for expensive, yes, and no. You may spend a bit, bt I can promise you will be hard pressed to get better gear (and sound) without going to a system 10X the price. Carver equipment, as I learned, was not hugely expensive in it's day - it just sounded like it was. And now, with many people selling off 2-channel systems for surround sound, it's surprisingly cost effective. The one gotcha is that due to it's age, it will need to be recapped, etc. - there are lots of folks here who can do that for a surprisingly decent price, if you aren't one to tackle it yourself. That brings us to the BillD update for the C1. In layman's terms, it involves updating many of the internal components of the already great C1 preamp, with much newer, quieter and better components. It goes way beyond a Cap-Job, and brings the C1 up to date to rival or best many state of the art preamps, for sound. There are also some other ad-on updates as well, that the tech's here can tell you more about, but it's a way to get a high-end preamp for very reasonable $'s. You will soon be overwhelmed by OCCD - it's insidious, addictive, and unavoidable, so just embrace it. I was happy with a C-9 SH unit, until I got bitten. 3 more Carver devices, and 2 major overhauls later, I still watch for bargains everywhere. Take our time, and enjoy the quest. Until then, enjoy the music. Don't worry about your system's home. We're (mostly) human here (aside from a few, self-declared aliens). We mostly have or have had spouses, so the compromise for marital bliss is truly appreciated.
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    Looks like @Sk1Bum is the winner will send to @dennismiller55 for scanning please pm me your address. Am busy till Monday so will go out then ..................................... Glad I could help you both fill in the blanks ................ David
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    WOW! Outstanding workmanship. I salute ya’ll big time!
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