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    I spent some time over the rainy Memorial Day weekend to complete a FULL capacitor upgrade on a Phase Linear Model 5100 Series Two. I had done the C-1 a few months ago. I find the PL tuner to be faster and more responsive than than the CT Seven. My wife, who wishes there be no electronics in view, was very complimentary of this display! (One more shout out to Bruce for his fine work on the cabinets!)
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    My favorite Gin, Bombay Sapphire.
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    I have a 2013 Road King Classic with the 103 engine and 6 speed tranny. Bought it used with 900 miles on it. The only mods I did myself were: Vance & Hines true dual header pipes, V & H monster rounds exhaust (live in an older neighborhood), programmer, big sucker air intake with 55 caliber air filter cover, lighted skull horn cover and multiple upgraded chrome accessories. Don't plan on getting a cam as it's just a crusier. Also, installed Motorcyle tunes 5" kicker speakers on the handlebars with Cerviv Vega amp mounted in the left saddlebag and also have Bluetooth capability. May install a subwoofer in the saddlebag as well...
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    My slow old 56 pan.... messin with the boss after he cut down our parking sign...
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    Glorious day for a ride in the Northeast. Here's my FXDI that I brought home on xmas eve 2005. I was going to leave it stock. LOL. Storz Performance 55mm inverted wide front end, Works Perf rear suspension, extended forwards, chrome bits.... etc.
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    B&O , Yamaha, Onkyo and others FOR SALE BLOW OUT! ALL MUST GO! MAKE AN OFFER - For each or for the whole lot. Single Owner, beautiful, clean and well cared for. Visit HERE
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    Not New But Tough to find..........
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    Nice toys guys !!! My comfy, sporty, old-man ride: 2016 Suzuki Bandit 1250 ABS. Not ZX-14 power but plenty of go for me. Super smooth, great torque, 45 MPG when cruising. I bought it used in July of 2017 from a guy who bought an Indian to replace it. It had 3,248 miles on it. Bone stock. He said it was too fast and not comfortable enough for him and his wife. I guess he didn't realize the throttle is variable, not just an On / Off switch? I stole it for $4,500 but had to drive to Hickory, NC to get it - 4 hours one way. Dale Walker Stage 2 Performance Kit: (Installed by me) EFI Stage 2 Supertuner PAIR System Removed Secondary Butterflies Removed K & N Air Filter Airbox Cover Modified Dale Walker 1" T-6061 Mirror Spacers Dale Walker 1" Handlebar Risers HealTech Speedohealer Speedometer Calibrator HealTech Speedohealer GPI With TRE HealTech MM5 Multimeter Delkevic Carbon Fiber Muffler (Quiet unless WOT) Cox Radiator Screen Puig Front Fender Extender Corbin Seat Apollo Heated Grips Zero Gravity Sport Touring Windscreen Puig Windscreen Deflector RAM GPS Mount Skene Motorcycle Safety Lights (https://www.skenelights.com/) ADV Monster LED Headlights LED Brake & Turn Signals GIVI Xtreme 15LT Tank Bag GIVI V47N Top Case With LED Brake Lights, Liner Bag & Top Luggage Rack GIVI V35 Side Cases With Liner Bags Home Made Top Case Luggage Rack With GIVI Monokey Top Plate GIVI Monokey Side Case Luggage Rack Home Made Case Savers with Puig Adjustable Footpegs Marine Grade USB Power Port Marine Grade 12V Power Port I need to take some updated pictures - many of the upgrades were done after these photos were taken. My homemade case savers with highway footpegs. Blue is the stock dyno plot, red is after the Dale Walker Stage 2 kit install and tune. Mega torque at low RPMs. Nice.
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    My wife and I got invited to a party. It was great to act like normal people and not worry about masks and social distancing nonsense. The point of my story is that I brought the food, so I smoked a brisket and a pork shoulder. They look a little charred, but most people liked the bark the best.
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    Sorry but all I could post was what I used to have. Actually I always thought that crotch rockets wouldn't be a very comfortable bike until I got this and it changed me mind. This bike was a blast to ride and I miss it. And of course another has been. Miss this one too.
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    I still have the Marantz 4400 Quad Receiver, along with the Marantz Wired Remote and SQA-2 Decoder, that I bought at the Navy Exchange in Yokosuka, Japan when I was preparing to transfer from VAW-115 aboard the USS Midway (CVA-41) to RVAW-110 at NAS Miramar (January 1975).
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    My big Marantz was a 2385. Sold it in May of 2009. Pics are long gone, but it looked like new and had a brand new wood cabinet. Like this: If you're just going to look at it, it's the best receiver I've ever had. If you want to actually listen, I like the Carver Receiver 2000 better.
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    Here are some more pics of the modded Amazing Platinum's that I picked up. I have them hooked up to a stock C-11 and a stock M-1.0t with a Marantz CD 5004
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    1999 Stage 3 Street Stalker Fatboy. Mikuni carb, Screamin Eagle 2 Cam, Drag Specialties CompuFire Ignition, CNC ported heads, 10.5-1 compression pistons, Vance & Hines 2 into 1 exhaust, lowered 2".
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    Not shown in this pic but have added the Termignoni exhaust system includes a new ecm. I've had since new has just under 20, km on it My touring bike completely stock got it a couple years ago has 15, km on it and my offroad rig is my avatar
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    C-11, TX-11a, TFM-42, Sony DVP-CX777ES, Klipsch KSF-10’s. Love it! Retired a Receiver 6250 I’d used for many years. Time for some love.
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    Raul Midon, The Mirror was released on March 13, 2020. "In Raul Midón’s new track “The Mirror,” the Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter and guitar virtuoso considers the mirror as a metaphor. “I am fascinated with the mirror as a metaphor for how we teach each other by our behavior,” Midón tells American Songwriter. “Every relationship is a mirror reflecting back to us all of our virtues and faults.” You can read the rest of the review here...
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    Oli Silk 6 will be released tomorrow, May 29, 2020. New Bounce is a single from that album. "With a string of choice albums to his name and a profile that makes him the United Kingdom’s favorite smooth jazz keyboard player, the superb Oli Silk is back with his sixth solo project, the appropriately titled ‘6’. The first track to be serviced to radio is the ultra smooth ‘New Bounce’ that features the always excellent Vincent Ingala and if this choice number is anything to go by ‘6’ looks like being a real gem." You can check for a future full review here...
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    I think @kve777 mentioned having an 11b a few months ago.
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    Understanding how genetics influences problem drinking can help us help those at risk... https://www.zmescience.com/science/problematic-drinking-genetic-study-3252342/
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    This is my baby; 2012 Kawasaki ZX14R SE. 230 RWHP stock, 310 RWHP with NOS. Top speed 200 MPH+ with Yoshimura headers, Takai racing coils, Dynojet Power Commander, Carrozzeria forged aluminum rims, reflashed ECUs, etc etc etc....
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    Free with a $50 purchase at King Crimson's Shop DGM merchandise shop. Marketing in times of pandemic...🤷‍♂️
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    My wife and I drink Black, Red and Green tea. When we go to China we always bring back aged tea. I love tea and coffee.
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    I really enjoy gin too. My fave is below: But lately I prefer rye whisky and my fave is there below:
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    3rd Force 'You Gotta Be Real' from Collective Force 2019
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    2001 FXD bought new in 2000. Stock (carburated) TC88 motor, V&H staggered duals, solo seat, tach, highway pegs, throw-over soft bags, chrome covers and controls. Luxury blue pearl paint and spokes were the options I changed from the pearl white and mags it was scheduled for prior to build date.
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    ...and very cool at any speed!
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    My Wife and I have been on a Gin & Tonic kick since the Covid started. We really like this one distilled in collaboration with the Historic Empress Hotel in Victoria... and yes it's purple!
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    Apothic Crush tonight during a Music and Merlot Red Wine Session.
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    I've never been much of a Tequila fan, but since cinco de Mayo, the wifey and I have been on a Margarita kick - made with fresh squeezed lime juice, triple sec, and simple syrup.
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    I am slowing beginning to build my Carver stack and would like to keep with the black theme I have going on currently. Am located in Central N.C. Looking for a working SD/A 490t CD player ( or best equivalent quality Carver model) Also Looking for a TX-11b tuner or maybe at TX-12 would look nice thank you for your consideration
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    I have a mint 490t that I bought with my TFM-75 in 1993. It has a set of NOS gold pin Mullard's in it. Feel free to PM an offer. The only reason I'm selling is because I bought another one and modded it with a rhodium plated IEC plug and rhodium rca connectors....and I'm wanting an OPPO-105.😁
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    The Raspberry Pi Foundation beefed up its latest Raspberry Pi 4 Model B with double the amount of RAM at the top end and other goodies... https://hothardware.com/news/raspberry-pi-4-8gb-ram-64-bit-raspbian-os-beta
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    Club 1600 '1600 Broadway' Released March 2000
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    Hey @4krow, this stand alone Gundry board sounds like another cigar box project, with a built in power supply.......grin
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    Chris Standring 'Hip Sway' released March 2000
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    That was the goal - to make the forums accessible as an archive here. I'll need to contact James.
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    Is there any news on this front? I know there's a lot of good reference material particularly from the earlier days in that archive. It would be nice to see a searchable database made linked through here. If it's a question of funding I'm sure we can collectively pull it off.
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    The receiver is SOLD! Also, the Gundry board is always available as a product. Just let me know if you want one. No limited supply.
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    There's no thread for "idiotic banter", but I just had "one of those moments" where, being the moron I am, I accidentally went to the Carver Yacht owner's forum by accident and actually spent a while there looking at yachts and thinking how nice it would be to have one of those bad boys and be able to float away from all the covid noise, controversy, BS and madness. I daydreamed a vision of a huge Carver Yacht (maybe a timeshare of forum members here) with the proud bold name emblazoned on the stern "Powerful. Musical.Accurate." Of course we'd have to install a killer sound system...well there's no law against dreaming (yet). 😉
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    I am in the beginning of the making of the Mother of all C-9 units. of of of. I like of. Series one with one of those fancy dancy faceplates. Whoa.... you said variac? I have the mother of all variacs rated for 7.5 amps.
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    ZZ Top Got Me Under Pressure (HQ Remastered)
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