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    Here are some pictures of the finished buffer.
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    Amazon launches Amazon Music HD with lossless audio streaming Amazon has a new, high-quality streaming tier of its music service called Amazon Music HD. It’s priced at $12.99 per month for Prime members ($14.99 per month for everyone else) and you can add it to your existing Amazon Music subscription for an additional $5 per month, whether you’re an individual or family plan subscriber. What you get for the additional cost is access to over 50 million songs in what Amazon is calling HD (16-bit, 44.1kHz or around what you’d expect from a CD), and then “millions” in Ultra HD (24-bit, up to 192kHz), which the company says is the highest available quality for any music streaming. https://techcrunch.com/2019/09/17/amazon-launches-amazon-music-hd-with-lossless-audio-streaming/ https://www.amazon.com/music/unlimited/hd
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    I have a couple 8track players and a few tapes I’m willing to part with: The tape case shown is full of quad tapes. The rest of these are stereo tapes. I also have 4 or 5 empty tape cases.
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    @dennismiller55, and @4krow, how is the heat dissipation of the Mahogany? Does it operate better with the lid open? just curious.
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    Hello all, I'm looking for a nice home audio 8 track player/recorder. I've been looking at the Pioneer H-R100 and it is recommended by Barry's 8 Track Repair. I'll consider other 8 track decks though. It doesn't need to be a recorder. Why do I want one? I just do. Thanks....Carter
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    I have a Dennis Miller modified Black Face M1.0t MKII Opt 2 for sale. This was upgraded from a M1.0t that I have owned for many years. It developed a problem and I decided to invest in the upgrade just to keep from seeing it parted out. It has one the new black face plates that Russ Krall is selling on eBay. I am just trying to get my investment back. I will let it go for $650. The unit is still in Dennis' shop. The buyer will pay shipping from Dennis. Here are some details from Dennis.... "I just wanted to let you know I finished the amp. Right now it is in my shop system for listening test. The Black Faceplate looks good in my all black system. My normal amp is a M500t with the black faceplate. Troubleshooting was easy. A cold solder joint on a small pre-driver transistor. I find these old amps suffer from a lot of cold solder joints. So I went over the whole amp looking for weak joints and fixed them the best I could. Over the years we have made some improvements to RichP’s original work. Same electronics but the mods are all on adaptor boards now. Looks nice and makes doing the work easier. This is the first amp I have used Nelion Audio’s (Greg Garska) new High Voltage Capacitor Board. Very nice easy install. You might want to show Greg the attached pictures and tell him what you think. I ran the amp for over 100 hours continuously averaging 100 Watts. The amp never took a hit and ran mildly warm to the touch. The mag coil is one of the quiet ones. No turn on growl like I have heard on other amps. "
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    I have two pairs of CF Speakers with stands. I have been using in a surround system that I am dismantling. I use it so little I have decided to go to a high quality sound bar system. I plan to sell one the pairs. We paid $625 for the kits including stands. I will let this pair go for $500. Buyer pays shipping. Message me if interested. I also will eventually sell a Sunfire 200x5 and Sunfire TGP5 from this set-up. Ed
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    Sure is! I have a box of quad tapes too. I remember back in HS a guy had a GTO with a quad player and 4 6x9’s. Edgar Winter’s Frankenstein (you know what part I’m talking about) was cool swirling around the interior.
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    Puddle of Mudd Blurry (Acoustic Cover)
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    Congrats Dennis! You managed to hold on to the planet, for another year, while it's been spinning madly and trying to throw everyone off! If that isn't an excuse to go celebrate and live it up, I don't know what it!
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    XTC Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead (Remastered)
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    Happy Birthday Dennis. I hope you have a great day!
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    Have a rocking and a.... sir!
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    Midnight Oil Beds Are Burning (HQ)
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    Amazing work, Beautiful, not sure if I need it or not, looks so good it's hard not to lust after it, but have an X10-D have had it in my main system and now run in my den system just not sure I hear enough difference to make it worthwhile for my ears. Would love to try it. If I were lucky enough to win I would karma out the X10-D ... David
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    Personally I would rather have a belt than a long (ohc) chain. They age according to heating and cooling cycles and weathering, as rubber based items do, not necessarily according to mileage, but are much less expensive to replace. As for followers, once again they are easy to inspect in an ohc engine. So if it’s a follower-roller issue, lack of enough lube/contact surface to cam issue, it’s easy and cheap to identify visually. Even if it’s a durability issue with the roller/bearing itself, it’s a relatively inexpensive part to replace and easy to identify the impending failure. Not to state the obvious, but you simply being aware of the strengths and weaknesses of your particular engine will get you tens of thousands of more miles out of it. And I also immensely enjoy wringing my tweaked machine out in that sweeper or long straight away......... Matters not if it’s asphalt, dirt, snow or water.
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    Back when I was still shopping, I decide I wanted the TTS (EA113 engine) over the TT (EA888 engine) since the EA113 seemed more likely to tolerate tunings (better forged internals at least), although I'm nervous about the cam follower (evidently a known issue with the EA113 (that and the timing belt rather than chain); I'm at 65K now, and have had it checked three times since new; no wear yet, so maybe they fixed the issue; It's only $40 part, and I've paid more than that to have it checked (I don't want to mess with the banjo bolt, I can't really work on my own cars anymore) SO, I'm not setting out to turn it into something that it isn't, I'm just very enthusiastic about it in general, and like to enjoy the drive. Thanks for all of this info btw.
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    I am on first. My system is all solid state, and I would love to test the tube waters. I'm not afraid of the tube red pill, and I would love to see how deep the rabbit hole goes. Personally, I don't see how the sound of a Bonzorro 4000t with an M500t mkII could be improved, but I'm willing to be convinced that it can. Not only that, I've lusted over your cigar box creations since I saw the pics of the first one, and if I'm selected as the lucky recipient of the Greg/Dennis/Bruce project, it would be like having my cake, eating it too, along with the butter cream icing and ice cream. Many thanks to the three of you for making this available! oh, and if y'all change your mind on the RNG, put me down for 43.
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    Generally Rich, Audi and it’s parent company makes a pretty strong bottom end,( crank etc.) The torque convertor auto transmissions are weak, but the dcts are pretty strong. If if you are tuning, you are changing spark timing and fuel delivery ( and valve timing if you have a vvt engine) Considering this, the most important advice I can give is, -as the engine makes more power, make sure you are able to feed it more air (‘cold air’ intake), make sure you are able to get rid of more air (decent exhaust mods) and as stated previously -because most of these are bolt-ons, make sure your stock cooling system and lubricating system are monitored closely. Seeing some of your previous posts I do believe you have done most of these bolt on mods..... If you are not racing (ie putting more than a 50% ‘duty cycle’ to those mods), allowing the cooling system to ‘catch up’ after a nice full power pull, you will not have any issues, as the human factor of overengineering is already built in to the driveline. I put short periods of 15 psi boost to a cast bottom end in my Dodge Omni GLH-T built for 9, no extra fuel so I know it’s running lean as hell, listen to the pistons rattling with preignition, at 110,000 miles. Pretty much beat it like a baby seal, and it has lasted for 15,000 miles like that. But I do let it cool, talk to it nicely, pray about it once in a while....... 😉
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    I had been waiting for this..., avoiding the temptation to invest (more) in Tidal's subscription plan. What, if any, are the advantages of Tidal, and their 19.99/mo price point, now that Amazon has re-set the market price at 12.99/mo? Seems a no brainer, but I'm not an expert here.
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    @xavionics, isnt' that technics player a Quad? very nice!
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    Very cool nostalgia! The Technics is the same player I had back in the 70's. I remember it stopped working but I don't remember what I did with it. I wish I still had it.
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    So, if Dennis is ready, and all is swell, let's hear from a few good men. Things like 'it goes with my decor' will even be considered. But mostly, what would compel you to own such a piece...... Let me start, even though I am not in the running: I own a system that is all solid state, and an influence of tube sound has been a liking of mine for a number of years. See, that shows a possibility of promise. Otherwise, your trying to read a random number generators output, when instead, we should be trying to read you. Who's on first?
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    I have a Zenith D638-W Player/Recorder here if that is of interest.
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    Depends explicitly on how the motor is tuned, how it is cooled, and how it is lubricated. If that engine runs rich enough, cool enough, and uses enough and proper lubrication, a long time. Also, using the grey matter between your ears when extreme circumstances are present increases longevity exponentially. If you beat the engine with lots of boost ignoring temperatures and preignition, make sure you have your tech on speed dial.
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    Grinder Blues - Burn The Bridge
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    That looks great Ed! Nice price, good luck with the sale. Nice work Dennis!
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    The Last Question by Asimov takes this one step further.
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    Elon Musk had an interesting take on all this. Basically, we are all contributing to creating the ultimate AI. As technology increases and collects and stores and networks more human data - the data, the actual network, will eventually become the AI that controls humanity. It's not an if, but when.
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    Thanks but I saved a copy of a post that showed the cover. Charlie is sending me the file.
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    With a good UI, Linux (or U*ix, in general) is much more appealing.
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    When I worked for a security company, our facial recognition software and capabilities were the spearhead of our marketing. Companies want it. Especially public works like city transit and municipal office buildings. Spying on people is becoming less and less a concern, especially because it is all for 'your own good'. It doesn't seem like a problem for 'law abiding citizens' for now, but by the time people start to figure it out, it might be a crime to question it... I just have to say I don't think it's right to infringe on people's right just to catch some 'bad guys'. I believe people should be taking their security more seriously, and that includes things like women learning basic self-defense and awareness to protect their bodies. For some strange reason, people generally don't think it's their responsibility to learn how to protect themselves and their loved ones. They simply expect that the government will protect them. It's a very dangerous belief.
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    Daily lives on Facebook 'like' counts horse-race mirror attempts at such 'social' ladder climbing. Black Mirror episodes can be very dark sometimes. Fear and paranoia are exploited and in the name of 'security', surveillance is foisted on masses, for 'their' own good.
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    uuummm... drivers license. I bet all those people who did those DNA family tree tests had no idea that LE would start snooping thru them, did they.....
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    Colloquially, using hyperbole in conversation, and today in social media, has become commonplace. Ironically, this concept or malady (whatever you feel like calling it) has been studied and well documented by psychologists, philosophers, scientists/researchers who study logic, legal experts, human behavior scientists, and daily by lawyers in courts trying to find the truth. The human nature to use "faulty generalization" has been a source of failure in the news and entertainment lately, and in history (remember Orson Welles 1938 radio drama "War of the Worlds" that caused widespread panic). My mother was a college English teacher, and my brother and sisters and I had our proverbial knuckles cracked regularly, for such misuse of language. I still fail, regularly, and am guilty of making faulty generalizations from time to time. Defined, 'Faulty Generalization' "is a conclusion about all or many instances of a phenomenon that has been reached on the basis of just one, or just a few instances of that phenomenon. It is an example of jumping to conclusions. For example, we may generalize about all people, or all members of a group, based on what we know about just one or just a few people. […] Faulty generalizations may lead to further incorrect conclusions. Expressed in more precise philosophical language, a fallacy of defective induction is a conclusion that has been made on a basis of weak premises. Unlike fallacies of relevance, in fallacies of defective induction, the premises are related to the conclusions yet only weakly buttress the conclusions. A faulty generalization is thus produced. This inductive fallacy is any of the several errors of inductive inference. (I cite Wikipedia for most of this text above and below, the definition in my Freshman logic class textbook is less clear!) I like the list of synonyms for the Faulty Generalization that are cited in Wikipedia: Hasty generalization Illicit generalization Fallacy of insufficient sample Generalization from the particular Leaping to a conclusion Blanket statement Hasty induction Law of small numbers Unrepresentative sample Secudum quid When referring to a generalization made from a single example, it has been called "Fallacy of the lonely fact." When evidence is intentionally excluded to bias the result, it is sometimes termed the "fallacy of exclusion" and is a form of selection bias. No follow-up question on my "Worthless Information" piece here..., just something that I keep in mind when watching the news, these days. Click 👍 if it sparks thought for you. Some just call it "Bull Shit." LoL 😉
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    side note: those springs are MSS triple springs; a progressive spring on top, and a softer spring on bottom (all custom made for MSS by eibach). They were designed on an Audi TT-RS with magnetic dampers, but don't require mag ride to function. The original idea: Audi seems to have decided that understeer is safer than oversteer, as most of their models push a bit in stock configuration. Also, the magnetic ride shocks, although very very very nice, have a tendency to feel too firm in sport mode. William contacted the mag ride development team, and started testing various spring rates trying to find the optimum spring rate to match the magnetic dampers. A typical 'solution' to understeer is to add a thicker rear anti-sway bar, which is a nogo for me because: a. All of the aftermarket stuff is WAY too stiff (abot 350% stiffer than stock), and the ride quality suffers greatly b. With a sway bar, the car's suspension is no longer 'independant' with one side influencing the other I wasn't able to find a slightly stiffer rear bar; then I heard about this company out of England. The progressive spring sets the ride height (mostly) and handles heavy deflections. The softer spring let's minor deflections be absorbed better. End result; at launch there is much less squat driving straight feels both firmer and smoother (weird thing to say, and hard to describe unless you feel it) turn in is improved significantly, and getting on the go pedal just pulls the car through the corner with neutral handling. Understeer is gone, the car no longer rakes back when you accelerate, it remains stable, balance composed. Can't say enough about these springs.
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    Now, remember this in order. It was Dennis who donated and soldered most of the board and parts. Bruce did the outstanding woodwork, and I cut out the brass RCA jack plate, and mounted the connectors and switch. Then I ran mostly new wiring and other minor details about the build. At the moment, I am working out a wiring glitch that I have caused. All in all, it is a striking piece.
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    Getting closer, BUT, fighting a glitch. Death to glitches.
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