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  1. The Last Meal Throughout history, prisoners condemned to death have customarily been offered a special "last meal." In premodern Europe, it was a symbolic social act where, by accepting the last meal, the condemned was believed to forgive the executioner, judge, and witnesses. Although alcohol was once used to soothe prisoners and keep them from lashing out during the execution process, alcohol is now generally barred from these meals. What are some of the last meals chosen by notable inmates over the years?
  2. Solar Sails The electromagnetic radiation carried by solar wind exerts pressure on surfaces that absorb or reflect it. Though small, this force can be harnessed and used as a form of space propulsion requiring no fuel. Solar sails are lightweight, highly reflective devices that harness this force and, when attached to spacecrafts, may be used to modify their orbits, perform fine trajectory corrections, and even drive interplanetary flights. Has a working solar sail ever been successfully tested?
  3. No Basement😪 deep sand soil here.
  4. Hanks all. Yep pine needles—got me a blower but they get into everything!
  5. Here is a shot of the new digs in NC. Just finished and moving in. Garage is insulated and will be setting up my new bench and workshop there. Nice view of the woods from the back also. Nothing fancy just 2000sqft. Garage 30x30. Outside the city in the country so had to dig a well and put in septic. Would have thought we were rebuilding the Biltmore for the time it took. Everyone down here is like on island time-not like TX at all.
  6. The Mary Celeste In 1872, the Mary Celeste, a brigantine merchant ship, was discovered drifting in calm seas in the Atlantic Ocean—unmanned and apparently abandoned. The crew's disappearance is considered especially unusual because the ship was seaworthy when found, its cargo was still intact, there was an ample supply of food and water on board, and there were no clear signs of foul play. The case remains one of history’s greatest maritime mysteries. What are some theories about the crew’s disappearance?
  7. John Cage (1912) Cage was an American avant-garde composer and writer. In the 1930s, he began writing all-percussion pieces and proclaimed the use of noise as the next musical horizon. In 1938, he introduced the "prepared piano," an instrument whose sound is radically modified by various objects placed on the strings. He developed the idea of indeterminacy, music that is not strictly controlled. The notorious 4'33", probably his most famous piece, consists of 4 minutes and 33 seconds of what?
  8. George Eastman Receives a Patent for His Kodak Camera (1888) Eastman was an American industrialist, inventor, and philanthropist. Interested in photographic processes from an early age, he invented roll film in 1884 and perfected a camera designed to use it, called the Kodak camera. In 1892, he established the Eastman Kodak Company and began to mass produce his inventions, transforming photography from an expensive hobby of the few to a relatively inexpensive, popular pastime. What was his contribution to the development of motion pictures?
  9. For better mileage I would look into the rear gear ratio. Putting in some shorter gears in the rear (Highway gears) unless your doing a lot of towing would make a world of difference and not cost that much.
  10. Welcome Eric-Kick back, stay a while, and enjoy a group, of I sure you will find, of like minded folks.
  11. Mars Makes Its Closest Approach to Earth in Nearly 60,000 Years (2003) In its most favorable position for viewing, when it is opposite the Sun, Mars is twice as bright as the brightest star in the sky. The Red Planet was even more visible in 2003, when it made its closest approach to Earth in nearly 60,000 years, passing within 35 million mi (56 million km) of us. An email sent during the 2003 approach has spawned hoax emails saying that during an upcoming approach Mars will appear as big as the Moon. When is the next time Mars will be as close as it was in 2003?
  12. Congrats-and thanks for the karma offering!
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