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  1. oldtexasdog

    Worthless Information for those who Want to Know.

    Happy B Day Chet Chester Burton "Chet" Atkins, Mister Guitar (1924) Atkins got his first guitar by making a trade with his brother, and it was arguably the best deal he ever made. Although he struggled with shyness and suffered from severe asthma—he had to sleep sitting up and often fell asleep still holding his guitar—he became an accomplished guitarist and went on to release several hit records, develop a signature line of guitars, and help create country music's "Nashville sound." What did "Mr. Guitar," as he came to be known, trade to get that first guitar?
  2. oldtexasdog

    Worthless Information for those who Want to Know.

    Cyberpunk Cyberpunk is a subgenre of science fiction involving futuristic, dystopian, computer-based societies. Borrowing elements from hard-boiled detective novels, film noir, and postmodern prose, cyberpunk details the often nihilistic underground of electronic societies marked by rapid technological change. Typically set in the near future, cyberpunk plots often center on conflicts among hackers, artificial intelligences, and corporations. What are some of the most well-known cyberpunk novels?
  3. oldtexasdog

    hello everyone

    Welcome Jade kick back and stay a while.
  4. oldtexasdog

    Carver Etched Glass Karma

    Another Good Karma! Thanks.
  5. oldtexasdog

    Who uses which media for primary listening and why?

    Alexa is lazy and not the best audio but the selection is vast and you can just ask for a single song or album or artist or even type of music. She will marry effortless via blue tooth if your receiver-pre is so equipped.
  6. oldtexasdog

    Who uses which media for primary listening and why?

    Vinyl when I want to relax. TT system is the CF15 speakers a sub and a C1 and a M-500t MKII, Technics SL-1600 Orfton Bronze. As was said it's a Zen thing and the sound quality is very good with some of the new 180 gr pressings from Quality Records and others. For general, steam,-just ask Alexa to play and it is streamed to my receiver in 5-1. For specific artist jam or party (the CD collection is by recording engineer first then group) the Sony CD Juke Box. With the Sdhitt DAC going to analog to my receiver I am hoping on a real good sound from the dedicated B&W 801's when a just finished M.10t MK II opt 2 amp that Greg was so kind to repair gets here, (in transit), it's place is reserved for 2 channel only whith a pair of Sunfire True Subs, pre is a Denon AVT X3300W. I have not tested this configuration yet so am looking forward to it as the Schitt definitely improved the sound from the Marantz Super Audio DV 6500 in the other system. I can only imagine what it will do with that old Sony Juke Box through the B&W's !!
  7. oldtexasdog

    Prince Rupert’s Drop - awesome slow motion video!

    Definitely diffrent
  8. oldtexasdog

    FS: 3 more interconnects - High End brand

    Had to pass on these due to an unfortunate pop up expense.
  9. oldtexasdog

    Itch's Main Audio and Home Theater System

    Love the rear access to the rack!!!
  10. oldtexasdog

    Finally! Just Scored an M1.0t - Happy Day

    Your gonna love it!! Your also gonna want to re-address the caps before long so might as well do a MKII on it.
  11. oldtexasdog

    3-way Electronic Crossover Karma

    Very Cool Karma but alas I have no need.
  12. Congrads and thanks for the Karma offering!
  13. Good Karma there but no need so not in.
  14. oldtexasdog

    The Dude's BillD modded C-1 Karma

    Outstanding Karma Rod!! I have a BillD C1 already so I will pass. Good luck to someone your gonna love it!!!