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  1. oldtexasdog

    100 CD Karma

    Congrats Hew1ew1-great karma-enjoy the music!!
  2. oldtexasdog

    100 CD Karma

    Awesome Karma! Not in as it will be a year before I have a place to play them.
  3. oldtexasdog

    Happy Birthday danowood!

    Another Birthday Boy!! Happy B-Day-Enjoy!
  4. oldtexasdog


    The original post link say’s it all very well!! I like both and each has it’s place.
  5. oldtexasdog

    Happy Birthday Nahash5150

    Got a little shine left from NC? Happy B Day!!!
  6. oldtexasdog

    What's cookin?

    That curried chicken is one long recipe!! Long cook to!
  7. oldtexasdog

    What's cookin?

    Doing some Korean Fried Chicken in Gochujang sauce with Combo fried rice for a side.
  8. oldtexasdog

    What's cookin?

    Son in Law harvested a Doe so it’s venison chili.
  9. oldtexasdog

    Winter Driving

    I have a 1998 Caddy DeVille with front wheel drive and only 45K original miles we save for icy/snow driving-it just keeps trucking.
  10. oldtexasdog

    Happy Birthday xavionics

    Happy B Day!!
  11. oldtexasdog

    Happy Birthday Rod H

    Happy B-Day Buddy!!
  12. I think a stick for albums that are truly excellent recordings would be read. Need to list Artist Recording mix Production company Missing anything?
  13. Welcome! Enjoy the ride.
  14. oldtexasdog

    C-1 Karma

    Outstanding Karma. One of the many things that make this site great , along with the great people that are here!!
  15. oldtexasdog

    Happy Birthday Rockster2U!

    Happy B-Day!!!