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  1. WOW! Outstanding workmanship. I salute ya’ll big time!
  2. Thanks for asking Greg Spectrum came out and flat stated no service. Verizon said for another 65.00 a month I could do a hot spot but only 15 GB of data per month at speed per sim. Looking into Windstream now (DSL) 25 to 50 GB speed unlimited data ( 40.00 a month cheap) but they are flaky on the speed from what I have read (get what you pay for I guess) but looks like the only affordable game in town till Elon Musk gets his Sats in orbit-LOL Any thoughts? Thanks again all for the help.
  3. Actually if memory serves me Bill D had one of those in his office system.
  4. Great Karma and they found a perfect home!
  5. Guess I will go down to Verizon today and ask about compatibility with their sim and the Cradlepoint. I wonder if a VPN would help with throttling issues?
  6. Just got a e-mail add from Verizon for a 5G MIFI M1000? Looks like a jet pack and I don’t get 5G here just 4G but it is backward compatible. Price about the same as the IBR600.
  7. How about that MOFI 4500 4GXE LTE?
  8. No they do not. Thanks! I will look into that as it sounds like a good plan as long as it’s not crazy expensive going forward I don’t mind one time start up cost that much. Within reason of course. They told me I could pay them 3000.00 to run he line under the road-NOT!! Question though-as I was looking ata the IBR600 I saw a MOFI 4500-4GXeLTE-SIM4 for about half the price? Any good? Also would it help to put up a cell ant to get better reception do you think?
  9. Hope this is the right place for this if not please move. I just found out that I cannot have spectrum here and it is the only good service provider . The others are DSL (over the phone lines) and satellite ugh! I usually do have 2 bars of 4G on my Verizon phone and could get more with a yagi ant. So starting to look into a jet pack solution. Can’t afford crazy money but need internet for computer and TV. Any suggestions?
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