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  1. itchitch

    What’s happened to our media?

    This topic jogged my memory... Does anyone remember when the national tv news broadcasts used to have an “Opinion” segment? The crude graphics would literally flash “Opinion” at the bottom of the screen. It it is possible that this still happens but I wouldn’t know. I stopped watching in 2000 on election night when Tom Brokaw said “I think we won” ... or am I wrong
  2. itchitch

    What’s happened to our media?

    There has always been some element of bias in the media... Korea/Vietnam -McCarthyism - Cult hysteria of the 60's and 70's but... ... I believe the "professional" newspeople kept their personal opinions muted. The press came unhinged when the 2000 presidential election was decided... they lost their reporting skills and concentrated on what "they believed" should be reported for the "greater good." That event set the bar for "gloves off" reporting from both sides. I won't get in to the PC culture reporting other than to state that the "Cambridge police acted stupidly" incident granted an entire new license to reporting.
  3. Great effort Perry... The cost surprises can really take the fun out of a project... I ran in to a few myself.
  4. itchitch

    Happy Birthday itchitch

    I had a very nice birthday with my family. My wish was granted... for everyone to join me at a high end audio dealer in Denver. Both children appreciate the Carver systems they have in their respective bedrooms but, I wanted them to see the outrageous products that are available. My daughter found a spot on the floor - between some Avantgarde Acoustic Duo XD's (she said they sounded better than the $125k Sonus)
  5. itchitch

    Happy Birthday itchitch

    What a nice gesture guys! It was nice to sleep past 5am today. Thanks!
  6. itchitch

    Back Again... Rising from the Ashes

    Good looking system and family!
  7. itchitch

    Niles Volume Control Karma

    Great Karma (not in) but... I believe these are the NON impedance matching units... which are better for guys like us.
  8. Good work Perry. Did your CNC "save" your project so that a reorder can be done more easily?
  9. itchitch

    Itch's Secondary System (Main HT - Audio Room)

    Those are the Lighthouse Star LEDs.
  10. itchitch

    Itch's Secondary System (Main HT - Audio Room)

    Good observation about the sub. At moderate levels there is no rumble. The kids tend to use Spotify the most. It is no longer stocked... take a look at Wayfair - the make is by Darby Home
  11. itchitch

    Itch's Secondary System (Main HT - Audio Room)

    I found a nice equipment cabinet on Overstock (inexpensive but solid wood) to replace the makeshift end table setup for the secondary system. The new cabinet looked so empty with the CT Seven and TFM-45 ... so I felt compelled to fill it.
  12. itchitch

    O' Scope and signal generator

    I noticed that there are no cables attached to the front of the unit... will I need to buy a Mueller Probe? As far as what use these will get ... I will finally be able to answer YES when wrf is helping me and asks if I have a _______ (fill in the blank)
  13. itchitch

    Favorite Soundtrack

    By far my favorite of all time!
  14. itchitch

    The Going Rate...AKA: In the ballpark?

    M-500t Range of sold units in the past three months: Unmodified $250 - $525 Recapped and/or mkII $650 - $800 It's always best to find one locally - shipping these amps gets expensive. The eBay/PayPal fees need to be accounted for - units sold locally should be ~14% less.