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  1. Wow - eBay? Buy it Now?
  2. RIP Barbara Bush

    Smart. Amazing sense of humor.
  3. Slide open those doors, flip the speakers, fire up that grill!
  4. M500t rack handles

    I couldn't agree more. I have bought six pairs and they all vary in color... some may have faded, some may be different production runs.
  5. Interest in M 1.0t + C-1??

    I would suggest a mod move this thread to FS/WTB part of the forum. Pictures would help! Good luck
  6. Industrial Look - 1.0t C-1 Bracketed TX-2

    LT - this picture was taken before I replaced the led indicator. I have to take a new picture and replace the current one. This system drives a pair of CL purchased Polk Monitor 70 II with a PSW 505 subwoofer. It's perfect for them... nice boomy bass and plenty of power to listen to cRAP with their friends.
  7. Happy Easter

    Happy Easter (early for me... next Sunday) the Greeks get everything on sale this year.
  8. New Canuck Member!

    Welcome to the site! There is usually member gear for sale on the site. Most has has been refurbished in some capacity and you avoid the eBay premiums. Itch
  9. Venmo vs. Paypal - Thoughts?

    I am not a Venmo user so my comments are based on the reading I have done following the announcement that eBay will slowly transition from PayPal to Venmo as the primary payment choice. It it is my understanding that a “comment” must be included with each transaction. You need to go through your Venmo account privacy settings to hide them from the public or friends. Non on credit card transactions are free... similar to PayPal F&F
  10. Itch Testing Photo Album

    Is Chiro's picture in 'my' photo album?
  11. Itch Testing Photo Album

    That is pretty cool Dom. This was really just me testing the picture upload on the new site. (...and a little dig as well)
  12. Itch Testing Photo Album

    Red is the new blue...
  13. ...and it gets better!

    Your luck will turn!
  14. The Banned Game

    My first self banning .. For using LOGIC and COMMON SENSE in an argument
  15. It is no secret to those on this site that I was obsessed with the M-500t. I used to think the 1.0t looked too plain. The fact that the meters didn't move unless you pushed the amp seemed pointless. Fast forward to today. I love the industrial look of this stack! The build of the 1.0t is so much more substantial than the M-500t. The case itself feels bullet proof to me. I know full well the TX-2 is not the strongest product in the Carver line. I had purchased one as part of a group of items and it sat in a box for quite some time. It requires a rack face plate to match the C-1 and 1.0t. These are difficult to find. I was able to obtain one and quickly realized that it was necessary to lengthen the feet of the TX-2 and the component above it. The face plate extends extends an inch in either direction. Here is my new favorite stack for the kids area: C-1 BillD (Kev) 1.0t mkII (Hashy) TX-2