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  1. Based on recent weather patterns I will be shoveling snow and cutting the grass! Attending the Marines Memorial ceremony in Golden
  2. RK’s faceplates are very nice... especially the 500’s 😎
  3. I just released TREE HOUSE D. I have some family conflicts during CF 2019. Itch
  4. Words I never thought I would type in a Google search......................................... “Miss Canada Camel Toe. “ (Clear history)
  6. This why I sit in the back of the plane ... they never crash going backwards!
  7. Keep in mind that I have serial numbers one and two! The lucky winner is in for a treat.
  8. Several months ago I commented in the chat window that I wished there were wood cases available for Carver C-1’s, similar to vintage Marantz and McIntosh gear. I received a PM from Rockster2U (Bruce) soon after that comment. We chatted back and forth a few times and that was it… I received a mystery box last weekend from Bruce. These pictures document THE BEST GESTURE EVER! Bruce took it upon himself to design and build custom cases for my system. His work is outstanding. The finish, materials and design surpass any offering from Marantz or McIntosh. Not only did he build a case for my C-1 but, as you can see below, designed and built a custom case for my TX-2 (it has the rack faceplate attached.) These cases are beautiful. They transform Bob’s classic industrial design in to display worthy works of art. Bruce, thank you for the kindest of unexpected Karma! Itch
  9. Welcome to the site Drew! There are a number of TFM 35/25 recap threads on the site. I would read read through them and determine if you have the skills and equipment necessary for a DIY. ITCH
  10. Is this a 'milestone' birthday? Do something fun!
  11. A more macro point of view! (No offense to our brothers north)
  12. My name is itch and I have OCCD. I have found the dollars go further if you if you can buy locally. Patience
  13. Happy Birthday Paul ... I hope you have better things to do than read the well wishes from us!
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