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  1. itchitch

    What are you listening to?

    https://youtu.be/An2a1_Do_fc ok. I am trying to add this from my phone. Fail
  2. I am using the free trial on AVAST. It's perfect for hotel internet etc... They have a pretty good 'free' MAC cleaner. My wife had a bunch of spyware etc on here desktop. https://www.avast.com/en-us/store
  3. I may have a Dennis Miller TFM-45 or a HiTech TFM-45 audio available in the next few weeks
  4. Some may remember my FIRST eBay Carver purchase.... I have the matching faceplate!
  5. itchitch

    SOLD: 3 BillD Silver C-1s for Sale

    Ok. There’s some weird shite on Imgur
  6. I think about him daily! I really hope someone has an answer.
  7. itchitch

    Itch's Main Audio and Home Theater System

    The most amazing tracks I have run are those ATMOS and THX demo discs. THX - Amazing Life is a short spot that really shows off a HT system. Especially at THX levels. The SVS sub knocks pictures off the wall three rooms over. Most recently I watched Arrival on blu-ray THX ... some very immersive scenes.
  8. itchitch

    Itch's Main Audio and Home Theater System

    I decided to try a new pair of Klipsch Heresy III's. They fit well in a vacant space in my HT cabinet. The 901's were just too high to enjoy (no flames you haters!) So, the 901's came down from the top and the Heresy went in to the cabinets. This made room for Sk!Bum's Carver Sign KARMA ...! .
  9. itchitch

    Quick Intro

    Welcome to the site prISM !!!! You will find a wealth of knowledge on this site. Great people too. Its been unusually slow the past few months around here. Don’t get frustrated if you don’t see many responses. Many of the members have “extra” equipment and may be able to satisfy your need for a Carver foundation. Most of this vintage gear will have to be refreshed.... the internals need new capacitors etc. The technicians here do many types of modifications as well. What speakers are you thinking about driving? Where are you from? Itch
  10. itchitch

    Clearing the air / Russ Kall merchandise.

    I can’t help myself: All of these events happened before I joined this site. It is unfortunate that many of the issues were not handled professionally nor maturely. A few of the people I respect the most on this site have taken the high road even though they were negatively impacted by what transpired. The face plates that RK offers give many of us the opportunity to have brand new looking vintage Carver gear. I purchased one of the black 1.0t faceplates and it satisfies my OCD and my OCCD. It is attached to a Hashy mkII (not MK2). If and and when I sell the amp I will disclose any ambiguities that may arise by the similar but different nomenclature. This type of cosmetic upgrade allows enthusiasts to purchase a sound but cosmetically challenged unit at a discount..... Send the amp to one of the techs here to be refreshed or modded..... perpetuating Bob’s work even further. I had some aluminum lens brackets custom manufactured for my M-500t’s. The limited production run really worked well! My intent was to have a large supply to offer to other enthusiasts/owners. For a host of reasons this did not materialize. BUT.... I did obtain the SOLIDWORKS files over the weekend and am investigating alternative manufacturing possibilities. I will keep you posted on a separate thread. If RK provides a cosmetic improvement you desire, then buy one. If if you don’t want to transact with RK ... then don’t. Now, can we please allow this thread to drop off and move on?
  11. itchitch

    Society woes

    Drake isn't all 'that' bad... I am forced to listen to him in the car with the kids. I don't mind Post Malone - Logic ........ I will say that Spotify (and others) have helped my teenagers broaden their musical tastes... more so than our age group when we were teens (I'm 56.) I come home to stereo wars in our house ( daughter has a TFM-35 and some KEFs with a sub - son has 500t mii and a CTSeven with some Polks) I hear Zepplin - YES - Supertramp - Sinatra - Gerry Rafferty - Cat Stevens - Fats Domino along with the music of their generation. When my son saw Joe Walsh play guitar live in Denver last week.. he was amazed.
  12. itchitch

    Wrong Smoke Alarm

    Mine beeps for a few hours AFTER the battery is removed!
  13. itchitch

    Overpriced 'deals':

    I used to lust over these when I was a teen (Schaak electronics stores.) I couldn't afford them then and it looks like I can't now! DLK Model 3
  14. itchitch

    Bands/singers you “should” like, but don’t.

    I saw Springsteen for the first time at Madison in 1980... three and half hours and the environment was electrifying. Being 18 at the time with a good buzz on.... Flash forward 15 years... older, sober ... not so much. There are plenty of artists that have ruined it for me.... they became POLITICAL at their concerts. James Taylor did that at Red Rocks... the crowd booed him. I truly believe he was shocked by the crowds reaction. I took a chance and saw him again four years later... not one peep of political garbage. Full redemption. Actors do the same crap... De Niro - arguably a best actor of our time - is dead to me... a total POS. (FYI - He started his bs back when GW was in office.) I PAY to see you sing or act .... save your opinions for another medium! P.S. I was never a fan of Katy Perry's music but now she is ugly to me.
  15. itchitch

    Carver Etched Glass Karma

    Arrived safely and satisfies my OCCD (...for today!) Richard , THANK YOU very much for the great KARMA!