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  1. Trav still has one listed in Members Gear with remote mod.....?
  2. Keep in mind you need to use taller feet if you incorporate this type of faceplate. I found out the hard way and dinged a stock 500t
  3. I am a big fan of the Best Buy recycling cart. It may have been a 1/100 but a very nice M-500 was just sitting in it. There was a C-1 there too but it was early in my OCCD and I had no idea that it had value - passed on it.
  4. Looks great Dennis! (especially the BLK faceplate - makes me proud )
  5. Welcome Nick! The Sunfire is a wonderful amp.
  6. Big Fan of his in Defending Your Life
  7. Bush 41 met him at the gates.... with a "giant sucking sound."
  8. Set up an eBay alert for TX-2's. Many times they sell for under $50 with the rack faceplate. (Especially from Goodwill and pawn shops - they typically don't know the true value.) WELCOME TO THE SITE!
  9. I have pictures of this one if anyone is interested...
  10. Happy Birthday! 🎉🎊🎁🎈🎂
  11. It is where the cool kids hang out!
  12. Greg, I am always excited/relieved when an amp makes a journey without issues. It's a wonderful amp. Itch
  13. My new favorite comedian... very very very dark humor.
  14. That's only five I have never seen nor do I think you have seen APP!
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