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  1. itchitch

    NOS Transformer For 7t/9t (ended early...)

    I have ended this KARMA early due to the overwhelming response to have this transformer sent to Dennis Miller for his Tech Toolbox. (Carver363 agreed to this change) I will be sending the transformer to Dennis today! Itch
  2. I had bought this transformer in case of an emergency (when I owned the 9t's.) It is untested - still in it's original factory packaging. I will randomly pick a number between 1 - 200 ... closest without going over. Drawing is on Friday NOON Mountain time. Itch
  3. itchitch

    What does the W stand for?

    Sex drive never decreases.... only the number of opportunities does.
  4. itchitch

    SOLD: M500t & M500 mkII's for sale

  5. itchitch

    SOLD: M500t & M500 mkII's for sale

    I ran two 500t's this way. You can split the source signal for each channel and input it to each amp. Even though you are only using the output of one channel on each amp - both meters on each amp will be active.
  6. itchitch

    Hashy's Bench

    Way to go for it!
  7. itchitch

    A Star Is Born

    I am curious of Andrew Dice Clay's role in this movie!
  8. itchitch

    Not all modifications are good

    That’s what happened to my ‘73 Cuda in Wisconsin
  9. itchitch

    Sunfire Tube pre plus other equipment feeler

    Did you reach out to this ad at US Audio Mart? https://www.usaudiomart.com/details/649420438-sunfire-classic-vacuum-tube-preamp/
  10. itchitch

    SOLD: M500t & M500 mkII's for sale

    Blue Bread Board???!!!! You do understand what that will do to my ocd. 😱
  11. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Carver-4000T-Sonic-Holography-Autocorrelation-Preamplifier/142947750468?epid=16006868805&hash=item2148599244:g:ueQAAOSwflBbpYlP Maybe ask for better pics of this one?
  12. itchitch

    M500t MK II

    When are you going to Karma that ball to me?!!
  13. I love these stories! The pressures of a teenager in 2018 are so much more than we all had to deal with (social media etc...) There is no better feeling than when your children make you proud - the parenting successes are much more rewarding than occupational achievements.
  14. Chas, Welcome to the site! Your friend’s generosity may end up costing you thousands of dollars. One Carver piece is usually followed by the desire for more! Where are you located? itch
  15. itchitch


    I have been chatting with him on email ... said he's been busy ...