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  1. frenchguy

    Carver TFM 42 for sale

    Carver tfm 42 amp for sale! cosmetics are a 9 out of 10! very nice unit! recapped last year by Greg Garska! will deliver to CF 18 free of charge! otherwise $40 to ship in the 48 states! asking $600. very low hours since recap! :-)
  2. frenchguy

    Wishing TNRabbit were still with us.

    yes, he is missed by many of us!! lots of his posts still out there! RIP Gary!
  3. frenchguy

    It's the Kingman's Birthday!

    Happy BD Wayne!!
  4. I had one of my tfm 42 amps refreshed @ Hi-Tech Audio Ltd & Rolland did a great job & the amp sounds great! only negative I could say about Hi-Tech Audio Ltd is Rolland has a pretty big backload of work so you will have to wait many months to get your amp back but really not much you can do, most quality audio repair places have a large backload of work! my second tfm 42 was refurbed by Greg, a aministrator on this forum! he did a great job & amp sounds great as well!! either one is a very good option in my opinion! Hi-Tech Audio Ltd is in Oregon & Greg is in Michigan so amybe go with closer place to you?
  5. I have a pair of AL3,s that are in great condition!! selling for $800. they do not have any issues! ribbons do not buzz!! woofers were replaced with the infinity mod by Angelo! upgraded crossovers as well! will not ship, must pick up in wisconsin!! I am 35 miles south of green bay, 200 miles north of Chicago! I drive these with 2 tfm 42,s vertically biamped! they sound fantastic! I run a Carver 5.1 200 watt sub with them for added bass! will sell sub for $150 message me if pics are needed!
  6. frenchguy

    What do you do for a living?

    I work in a paper mill in Menasha WI. I work in fiber prep & load pulpers to feed 4 paper machines. I work southern swing shift & have one weekend a month off! so next time you wipe your ass you can thank the people working 24 hours 7 days a week to make the paper so you can do that! :-)
  7. frenchguy

    Article about Carverfest written by David Ladely

    yes there will be pictures but I have not seen any of them so no idea what pics will be included! I subscribed to the Absolute sound so when it does come out I will post any pics along with the article!
  8. frenchguy

    Article about Carverfest written by David Ladely

    David sent it to me before it is to be published in The Absolute Sound Magazine in a upcoming issue! David attended Carverfest 2016 as Bobs guest!
  9. AUDIOPHILES FLOCK ANNUALLY TO CARVERFEST FROM THE US AND CANADA Each fall, a unique audiophile festival known as CARVERFEST is hosted in a two-week gathering of enthusiastic audiophiles at the Watershed Resort in the Smoky Mountains, occupying dozens log cabins spread over a forested hill near Bryson City, North Carolina. Each luxurious log cabin has spectacular views of the woods and the surrounding Smoky Mountains, well appointed with beautiful and comfortable interiors with fine furniture, modern appliances, and a large hot tub on spacious decks. All have rustic stone fireplaces, both inside the log cabins and outside for cooking or just enjoying the evening in front of a warm crackling fire. This well known Smoky Mountain National Park recreation area offers some of the most spectacular scenery to be found in the eastern United States, with such activities as river rafting, kayaking, hiking, rides on an antique steam locomotive, interesting hamlets, and tours of the famous Biltmore Estate in nearby Asheville. It's a place where lots of fun, much relaxation and camaraderie are had by all. Carverfest owes its creation to Tom Reitz, a long-time active member of the Carver Internet forum. Tom became friends with many members, but sadly, few had ever met each other. He was interested in finding a place where the members could get together informally with their wives or girlfriends in an environment conducive to discussing their interests in audio, displaying their equipment, and, most of all, listening to their favorite music. Tom decided the Watershed Resort, where he and his wife had stayed before their marriage, would be the perfect setting for the audiophile festival he had envisioned. Perfect is an understatement! In 2005, Tom broached his idea to his audiophile friends on the Carver forum - they responded with enormous enthusiasm! In the very beginning, Carver forum members Dave Sauter, his son James, and James's son Alex got together with Tom to make Carverfest a reality. Ten more enthusiastic Carver forum friends got on board and Carverfest was born! Since then, Carverfest attendance has grown each year. Fellow Carver forum audiophiles arrive from all over the country and Canada, together with their high-fidelity systems, then set them up in their respective cabins. The exclusively two channel systems include vintage Carver equipment, restored Phase Linear amplifiers and speakers, even the latest Sunfire amplifiers and several Carver Amazing loudspeakers along with many other Carver units of all type and flavor. A member of the Canadian contingent arrived with a beautiful and immaculate vacuum tube Silver Seven amplifier. We arrive by truck with our audio equipment in tow, we arrived by car with our amps and speakers in the back seat, and some of us come with only a large suitcase and a small system inside. A few of us come by air with several large boxes full of audio gear. But come we do! For the first two years, Bob Carver had no idea of the existence of this festival honoring his audio designs. As soon as he learned of its existence, Bob announced he coming for the next festival, so we all anxiously waited in anticipation of his arrival. Suddenly, on a dark, starless night, the stillness of the forest was broken by a desperate cry for help - Bob had run off the dirt road! We all ran out, and to our great surprise found a sheepish and nervous Bob with his car teetering over a ravine. Seven of us lifted his car up and put it back on the road. After that adventure, we all had a good laugh, and Bob Carver became an official and honored member of Carverfest! Carverfest is open to all! Whole families come from all over for a wonderful two-week vacation to be among those with a mutual passion for all things audio. We engage in animated discussions of the various examples of two-channel audio; some of us may also be engrossed in building projects while others may seek advise on improving their systems. Carverfest has no formalities; each cabin group decides the order of the day, with listening to each other’s stereos having top priority. Each system is set up to listen to, talk about, and most of all, to enjoy our favorite music. We might even sleep late, but soon we would hear a knock on the door, often by a single person and as the minutes ticked by, more and more folks would show up with another knock on the door. All are invited in to share listening to the system in each cabin, where we discuss the choices of equipment and other audio related subjects, then take our leave and go on to savor another great audio system. Music emanates from every cabin in the forest; in the evening, music rings out from the green forest in the mountains as the audiophiles within have wonderful "get-togethers" with friends from previous Carverfests as well as brand new arrivals. Two full weeks of audio bliss! Many of us just come with huge smiles on our faces! The largest log cabin has a giant lunchroom with long benches, suitable to work on building audio designs executed by some of the more technically gifted members, along with all the parts and instructions. Some of us from previous Carverfests had built small speakers, tube power amps, and a beautiful preamplifier. We brought them to the festival, then enjoyed the reward of listening to lovely music emanating from our own creations. Phase Linear, Carver, and Sunfire equipment designed and manufactured by Bob Carver, predominated. Included were Bob Carver’s original Amazing loudspeakers, a pair of Bob's Andromeda speakers of long ago, his Phase Linear, Carver, Sunfire solid-state amplifiers, and pre-amplifiers. Also included were Bob’s new powerful tube amplifiers whose unique design allows tubes to last, without declining, for 50 (!) years. Several systems included equipment from other manufacturers, including speakers by Ohm, Apogee, Klipsch, and Martin Logan as well as several tube amplifiers by well-known manufacturers, each reflecting various tastes in stereo equipment. A pair of magnificent home built electrostatic speakers impressed all of us with their technical sophistication and glorious sound. The builder, an extremely talented designer also treated us to a demonstration of the imaginative and unique construction process in the building of his speakers. One of the highlights of this year was Bob's newest design, a tall line source speaker and dual driver subwoofer, driven by a pair of Carver Raven amplifiers belonging to Eddie Mackiewicz. We all came to listen to these tall, majestic line source speakers and found ourselves immersed, even transfixed by the music enveloping and surrounding us with a realism we had never experienced with point source speakers. Longtime Carver forum member Russ, an electronic engineer by profession, set up an electronic service station, where he offered to repair anyone’s equipment without charge. Similarly, another forum member set up a ribbon repair station on the lunch tables behind his cabin. Some of the more technical members were in the lunchroom, working on their equipment. In past Carverfests, we built tube power amplifiers, speakers, even a pre-amp by hand from basic parts, allowing members to discover the rewarding experience of listening to beautiful music from equipment that we built ourselves at Carverfest! All present were welcome to watch, listen, and learn. Listening to the equipment and the sharing of stories and knowledge stimulated every participant as we walked from cabin to cabin. "Cookie" (Ray) made amazing dinners and breakfasts for all; each day we came together to have incredible meals served piping hot in his large cabin. Each day, we all gathered together to enjoy the gastronomical delights "Cookie" prepared for breakfast and dinners. We could not get enough of his specialty, delicious barbecued ribs. Around the midpoint of the festivities, those with a flair for cooking, mostly wives and girl friends, created a sumptuous multi-course dinner-to- be-remembered, served on a large deck from which all enjoyed the view of the Smoky Mountains. Afterward, everyone joined in various activities, including “Name That Tune” and dancing. Bob's wife, Peggy Piacenza, a professional modern dancer, joined the fun, entertaining all with her exceptional talent. During the festivities, some took advantage of the many recreational opportunities, which included rides on antique steam and diesel railroads, boating, hiking, river rafting, and visiting the local villages. Peggy enjoyed river rafting and hiking, and, with Bob and others from Carverfest, took a side trip to tour the fabulous Biltmore Estate and Winery in nearby Asheville. Clearly, Bob hugely enjoyed the festival, humbled by the devotion to his creations. He mentioned that Carverfest reminded him of attending the Consumer Electronics Shows, where he would go from suite to suite in hotels to listen and evaluate various audio systems but he enthused that the far more intimate Carverfest was "so much more fun as not to be compared". A more relaxing and enjoyable setting among friends sharing a passion is hard to imagine. The woodsy environment, the enthusiasm, spirit, and open friendliness of all who came, the beautiful music emanating from each cabin created an atmosphere for a bonding experience that has moved the flock of audiophiles to return each fall to Carverfest in the Smoky Mountains. After two solid weeks of being treated to audio bliss and enthusiastic conviviality, all were reluctant to leave - those of us who stayed to the end joined behind the large Carverfest banner to be photographed, their smiling faces reflecting their joyful togetherness. Having absorbed into their memories what was heard and learned from fellow audiophiles, we all look forward to chats on the Carverfest Facebook site, planning for Carverfest, 2017 Written by David Ladely.
  10. frenchguy

    Carverfest 2016

    Thats why we are putting all you guys in cabin 5!! keep you all in one place!! LOL
  11. frenchguy

    Carverfest 2016

    cabin 5 is a 3 bedroom 3 full bathroom cabin that also has a lower level that can sleep 6 people in the huge bunks, there is also a full bathroom down there making it 4 full bathrooms! plus it has a foosball table & pool table & washer & dryer also! each bed & bath is equipped with luxury bedding & towels! the kitchen is well equiped also with all appliances incuding dishwasher plus hot tub & gas grill on the deck! there is also a outdoor fireplace to sit around in the evenings with firewood provided & also lp for the grill is provided. the grocery stores are about a 10-15 minute drive away to bryson city! there is also a super walmart about 30 min away in Sylva NC it is the vacation on a lifetime guys That you dont want to miss! how many people can say they hung out with Bob Carver? not many Im sure! I dont think we have had many people come to Carverfest that only came once!! almost all come year after year!!
  12. frenchguy

    Carverfest 2016

    cabin 5 would be ideal for a bunch of different people as it is the largest on the mountain but also the most expensive, but if you have 6-8 people going in on it the price wouldnt be too bad! for the whole 14 days it cost $ 3200 but split up among a bunch of people it would be much less, plus if you are not staying the whole 14 days it would be cheaper also! these are luxury cabins so they are not cheap to rent but we get a very big discount for CF!! CarverFest 16 cabin list888-604-3075 – press 2, Kristi Parker, General Manager or Chris (mention Carverfest group!)kristi.parker@watershedcabins.comCoupon code #21736 has been created for our group for Carverfest 2016. Good for Sep only.Stay 2-4 Nights: 1 Night FreeStay 5-9 Nights: 2 Nights FreeStay 10-13 Nights: 3 Nights FreeStay 14 or More Nights: 5 Nights Free The only way to book with this discount is by calling and selecting option 2.. All of the properties that this discount applies to are on the Watershed Resort property.http://www.watershedcabins.com/