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  1. jvandyke_texas , Only 1 card . Geforxe GTX 1080 TI . i9 7900X cpu. The system is 2 years old. Nothing it cant run yet
  2. Iv'e been a gamer since the Atari 2600 came out. Into pc games now mostly. Turned all 3 of my kids into gamer's as well ( Bwa ha ha ). Although a couple of them play World of Warcraft, you cant win em all They are working on my grand children as we speak I have played alot of sim racing games. Grand Prix Legends, Project Cars 1 and 2. Into space sims also. Heres a shot of my pc setup
  3. Great to hear from all of my FL people that your all ok. Here in Deland we had a big tree in the backyard , but missed the house and just clean up the yard. Lost power sunday night but got it back wed at noon. I used to live in the Keys about 20 years ago and still have a lot of friends down there. Heard from almost all of them and so far all are good, just lots of damage. Like most Floridians, they will rebuild and overcome this. And be stronger for it. Cheers to all of you. E
  4. I love threads like this!! To see all the diversity among all of you is awesome I work here as a mechanic/ operator. http://www.power-eng.com/articles/2016/12/fmpa-s-cane-island-power-park-important-to-florida.html https://www.facebook.com/pages/KUA-Cane-Island-Power-Plant/207406809272846 Next month it will make 19 years at the plant and I still love my job !! Its a 742 megawatt combined cycle site . Before this job I was at a 25 mw diesel plant in the Florida Keys for 13 years. That was great also.
  5. Lol , I took a narrow picture on purpose You can't see what is piled to the left and right of the system And thanks for the comments from all . Bill
  6. Thank you Very much guys !!!!!!!!!! This place is such a wealth of information and just all around great people that i'm greatful to have found it . All the best to each of you ! E (Bill)
  7. Hey mask , Great post !! Very interesting . Reminds me of where i work . Not as much constuction involved , but still a power plant Our newest unit ( #4 ) wil have it's official dedication ceremony next week , although it has been online for a couple of months already . They must still do the dog and pony show for the suits http://fmpa.com/index.php/power-generation/power-facilities/cane-island-power-park
  8. Thanks for all the comments guys!!! Jazzman , i havent hooked up the DCX yet , but am very exited about getting it . Guitar center had a great sale for the 4th of July . Best to all
  9. Hey all , Here's the latest CL score . M-1.0t for 50 bucks !! And it works great !!! Very clean inside . Called the guy and asked what model it was and he didnt know . Took a chance and told him I wanted it . I was very pleased to see what is was . Some slight scuffs here and there but in very good shape for its age. Will do some serious comparison listening in the coming weeks between this amp and my Emotiva's . Here's an inside shot after taking the top off
  10. Believe it or not , $ 200 for them !
  11. Hey all, I curse you all for this occd that you have infected me with !!!!!! In the words of Kyle and Stan ( southpark ) You Bastards !! Just kidding Picked up a pair of AL-III Plus speakers today from Criagslist in central Florida . Ad was on there for a week or so . So I email him and arrange to go look at them today as he still has them. No one had contacted him yet !! He didnt have them hooked up so i didnt get to hear them but they are very clean . As im ready to leave , he says " Wait a minute , i forgot something " He comes out with an Onkyo M-501 amp that he forgot he had in the closet ! Throws it in as he does'nt need it anymore !!!!!!!! Free !!!And it's Spotless !!! On the way home i buy lotto tickets just incase this isnt some freak stroke of good luck Anyhow here they are , And thank you all for the Wealth of information on this site !!!!
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