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  1. Welcome you are in the right place for all things Carver!
  2. Welcome Kenny You couldn't be in a better place for all things Carver! The Tech's here are the best! Good Luck!
  3. Welcome that TFM-35 is a good amp get it recapped you will be glad you did!
  4. Zumbini how did you activate the toolbar over the post to insert pictures?
  5. Please add me South Kingstown, Rhode Island
  6. What are you baiting up with for those Halibut clam bellies or squid?
  7. Nice Rig Maskinisten !! Good Luck with it! Where I come from I can't live without a boat I live on the Atlantic which is why my preferred weapon of choice is a 26'6" Sailfish with 23 degrees of dead rise (essentially a Knife) with twin 150 Yamahas and 190gal tank(for good range) radar ,chart plotter outriggers and host of goodies! A serious fishing machine.
  8. I practice Energy Law and am a former Special Assistant Attorney General in R.I.
  9. Panama Red New Riders of the Purple Sage https://i.ytimg.com/vi/uyPYM5uUViI/mqdefault.jpg
  10. Looking Good! Great effort! Funds Sent
  11. jghhagop

    Space Bar

    The Saab 9=5 head all freshened up and cut, went on with a new head gasket runs like a champ with 348 K on the original lower end. I have done all the small caps on the TFM 35 and Blue Light Mod. I have to do the Big Daddy caps, pre driver and VAS transistors. I need someone to walk me through a bias check etc. before I break it in?
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