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  1. New release. Sometimes I am in the mood for some head banging tunes. This is really good.
  2. @Brian_at_HHH > Que'd Steve Rothery up this AM. NICE! Thanks.....
  3. Very nice James. You and Susan will be very happy there.
  4. @kve777: I don't think others appreciate Carver Receivers quite like you and I do. 😉 Really though, the 2000 Receiver is like having an M-200, C-1, TX-11A, C-9, with a remote all in one box. Great for a shop or office for above average performance listening.
  5. I received the manual yesterday from @4RUNNER. Scanned today and made ready for inclusion into our NEW manual database (soon). Mailed today to you @Sk1Bum. In the mean time here is the manual if anyone needs it now: Carver 4000T Owners Manual.pdf Thank you.
  6. If you want to verify if the meters are at fault you can do this. WARNING - Do this at your own risk. There is a chance if you wire this up wrong or the voltage is to high you could burn up a perfectly good meter movement. You will need a 1.5V battery, a couple of resistors from 5Kohm to 20Kohm. Wire the battery negative in series with a resistor to the meter negative. Start with a 20Kohm resistor. Momentarily connect the battery positive to the meter positive. If the meter deflects left disconnect quickly. Reverse the battery polarity and try again. You should see some deflection. If the meter pegs full scale disconnect and find a larger resistor. If the deflection is between 0 and full scale your meter is likely good. You can also try a 10Kohm resistor. This time the meter deflection should be greater than what the 20Kohm provided. Note: my drawing is wrong. Wire battery negative to meter negative. Here is a bit more complex test method. Wire the test setup as shown in the drawing below. Make sure the pot is at maximum resistance. When connected you should get a small amount of meter deflection. Turn the pot until the meter is at full scale. Read the current. This will tell you what the meter is rated for at full scale. Note: my drawing is wrong. Wire battery negative to meter negative. In the video I am testing a Carver M500 meter. This meter is showing 500mA at full scale. This is a good meter. Music: Roxy Music "In Every Dream Home A Heartache"
  7. Your gear looks great. Thanks for sharing. Though meter can go bad I think it is unlikely. Especially both meters. Let me think and come up with a plan to test them. Do you have a multimeter?
  8. Finding replacement meters is going to be a challenge. Since both meters are not "budging" I would suspect the meter drive circuit first. What troubleshooting have you done so far?
  9. Hey Charlie - The faceplates are here. Thanks a bunch. They will come in handy to help some member with shipping damage or just a ratty C-1 face. To all members. If I miss a future member request for help finding a C-1 faceplate please let me know.
  10. Thanks for the Karma. PM Sent.
  11. Our copy of the owners manual is not the greatest. I would love to scan this copy. Can it come to me first then on to the lucky winner? I will pay for all shipping charges.
  12. Nice clean system. I bet it sounds great. But I don't see a comfy chair to kick back in.
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