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  1. dennismiller55

    Favorite Soundtrack

    Played today from Apple Music. Enjoyed it. Thanks.
  2. dennismiller55


  3. dennismiller55

    WTB: C-1 Champagne

    PM sent.
  4. dennismiller55

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Kingman!!!!!

    Happy Birthday Wayne.....
  5. dennismiller55

    Favorite Pictures

    Gas prices when I was in High School: Just after graduation: And this is what the Government did to help with the shortage: Even the car manufactures thought 55mph would be around for awhile. Oh yes, they also tried to convert us to using the metric system:
  6. dennismiller55

    What are you listening to?

  7. dennismiller55

    What are you listening to?

  8. dennismiller55

    67bird's toy box

    Very nice. Welcome.
  9. dennismiller55

    What are you listening to?

  10. dennismiller55

    Happy Birthday Kevin

    Enjoy your special day Kevin.
  11. dennismiller55

    Dadvw’s 2-channel setup

    Very nice!
  12. dennismiller55

    ECS-U Christmas Karma

    Nice Rod. This processor sports all new electrolytic capacitors (muse Non-Polar caps in the signal path). It meets all performance test outlined in the service manual. A very nice clean unit.