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  1. Our copy of the owners manual is not the greatest. I would love to scan this copy. Can it come to me first then on to the lucky winner? I will pay for all shipping charges.
  2. Nice clean system. I bet it sounds great. But I don't see a comfy chair to kick back in.
  3. Thanks Dick. Thought I would give it a try. Easy download and install. Easily imports Bookmarks.
  4. I got all this done the night before last. Did not even break a sweat. Two cord split and delivered. Now I am waiting for the wife to stack it.
  5. Thanks Charlie. I will put them to good use fixing up poor condition C-1's for other members.
  6. I would also make good wall art.
  7. Yes. For me it is just OK. But I look forward to the next season.
  8. I am a Kevin Costner fan. To many to list but I will throw this one at you guys. His movies are fun. Sean Penn. An Incredible actor. Watched this just last night on Blu-Ray.
  9. dennismiller55


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