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  1. Papajoe

    Storage backup suggestions

    Packrat- Get out of the 'hard drive dark ages' and just go with a 'cloud based' back-up. I have been using 'Backblaze' for years and it has saved my ass a few times. It is automatic, you never have to wonder if your back-up is working properly. If you haven't considered this option, investigate it now. The cost is $5.00/month; but, the 'peace of mind' is enormous. Papajoe
  2. Hi all, While many of you were enjoying Carverfest, I was having hip replacement surgery. The original one that came with me body, just plain old wore out. Everything went really well with the procedure and I am home, recovering now. I have been suffering with a bad right hip for a long time now. It was showing as a persistent problem even when I was working. I would just put it off as tired from work. Finally, after I retired, it started getting really annoying. So, I swallowed my 'male pride' and went to the orthopedic center. When I saw the X-rays, I could see the actual truth. No cartilege left between the ball and socket and lots of little pieces of bone in the area. The doctor said that he could see that it had happened over a long time period. When they removed the ball, it was also cracked. So, I have a plastic relined socket and a ceramic ball on a titanium shaft. No pain, no limp. Just need time to let it all heal. Feeling pretty good and, as planned, starting on the refurbishment of the TFM-9, to keep me busy. Papajoe
  3. Papajoe

    Happy Birthday Blues Pwr

    Happy Birthday.
  4. Papajoe

    Recognition to DennisMiller & Donations

    Happy trails- I will second that.
  5. Papajoe

    SOLD: Carver Fest Speakers with stands

    It would help me decide, if I saw a photo of the speakers?
  6. Papajoe

    Carver Reference System

    Sounds like you have put all that behind you. But, I think that you should give your system a name. This way, if someone asks what you do with all your money, you can immediately say that you toil at work every day and spend all your free time and money on ___________. Papajoe
  7. Papajoe

    Carver Reference System

    Hi Dr. K, You say that you are always looking for improvements to your system. Well, don't stop there continue to the next level, a Surround Sound . Use your present system for the Front Channels and custom building the rest of the 11.1 Surround Sound to match. Think, many more amps and many more speakers. Each one can be an improvement on the previous one. Sound like fun to me. Papajoe
  8. Papajoe

    Wrong Smoke Alarm

    Habitat for Humanity. Sound like a perfect solution. Thanks, Papajoe
  9. Papajoe

    Wrong Smoke Alarm

    Hi, I bought a First Alert BRK Hardwired smoke alarm with battery backup by mistake. I use a 110V AC powered one in my shop so that I can shut it off when I am doing something that produces smoke. Plasma Arc cutting, etc. The new one has a battery backup making it work all the time even when the power goes off. My first thought just leave the battery out. Then it emits a signal every minute to tell me that the battery is missing or low power. So it has to go. The first person to PM me gets it free. Papajoe
  10. Papajoe

    Carver Reference System

    Dr. K.- It is great to see your fantasy system come to fruition. It has to be shared. Do you charge admission for limited discerning audiences to a concert played on your system? Papajoe
  11. I live in Salt Lake City and they filmed the TV series 'Touched by an Angel' in an old mansion down the street from me. The cast and crew would park in the 'LDS Ward's' parking lot on the corner. They also filmed all the 'High School Musical' movies in 'East H.S.' downtown. Papajoe
  12. Papajoe

    Newer site information

    Hi, I am having trouble finding two things on this newer site. First, where is the place that I can send PMs. Secondly, how can I put my component list on my profile when answering a post? Thanks, Papajoe
  13. Welcome to the group. Papajoe
  14. Papajoe

    Message when I log-in.

    Wrote too soon. Still happening. I will write to Malwarebytes about this. I have also been getting 'riskware' warning for other sites. Papajoe
  15. Papajoe

    Message when I log-in.

    Fixed. Thank you