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  1. I have upgraded my Pre/Processor to a Marantz 8801 and am offering For Sale my Sunfire TG IV that I bought in 2004. The unit operates perfectly and was used till yesterday, when I installed my new one. This unit could not be in better shape. It was taken out of the Box, placed in my theater rack and has operated from there since then. As some of you might know, I take really good care of my audio equipment. Included are the manual, radio antenna, remote, power cord, glass stand, yes, they actually used to come with a glass stand and the original box. If anyone is interested, please P.M. me. I am asking for $600.00 + shipping to the members of the site. Thanks, papajoe.
  2. Papajoe

    Status of that Super Sized custom amp.

    I thought the original plans were for a large bullet proof custom built chassis? From the looks of the final product using the Silver 7 chassis, I think that Bob had a great deal of influence on DR. K's project. Smart move on Bob's part. Nothing like having some extensive R and D work done on someone else's dime. LOL Papajoe.😁
  3. Papajoe

    Hi all. Well, I'm back. Site looks wonderful.

    Daddyjt- Yes, I live in Salt Lake City. Where are you located? Papajoe
  4. Since I have been way for a while, I was wondering what happened to that custom amp that I believe his name was 'Dr. K' was building? Custom built everything. Curious, papajoe
  5. Papajoe

    Hi all. Well, I'm back. Site looks wonderful.

    Cuda- By using the OPPO's 7 channel out to the TGIV's 7 channel ins, I am using the up to date decoders in the Oppo to decode the DVD and streaming audio. There is one problem inherent in doing this, the 7 channel' in' on the TG IV, bypasses its tone control and surround sound capabilities. So, you have to set all the 'surround sound' settings in the Oppo for that input. Had to 'carefully' read the manual to find that out. Now, if I feed a Dolby Digital signal into the TG IV like from the TV, I have to also set-up the TG IV's Surround settings for that input. What has made me think about the decoded audio signal is, since the Oppo and the TV both have the VUDU apps on them, I am able to listen to the same 'streaming' movie on both unit. Almost at the same time. Meaning that to do so, I must log-in to VUDU on both units, which give VUDU a slight problem, easily solved by loging in each time I switch units. The sound difference is quite amazing between the Oppo's present day decoding and the older DSP on the TG IV. Hence, is it better to have the TG IV refurbished with the 2008 firmware or invest in a newer unit? Keeping in mind my financial status.
  6. Hi, To all my friends who are still on here. "HELLO" I have been busy creating sculptures and enjoying my retirement. I tried to get on the site a while back; but, I could not get in. The work that you have done on here is amazing. My Kudos to the people who did the work. The 'Carvers' have all been behaving themselves. Now that I have a 4K TV, I have been using them more for theater sound. But, I have returned here also to get some of our members sage advice. I have been using my original Sunfire TG IV as the preamp/processor in my theater. I have it configured so that the recently purchased Oppo BDP105 is fed thru the 7 channel inputs and the TV's Digital audio out is routed through the Sunfire surround sound. But, i have noticed that the Sunfire surround processor when compared to the newer one in the Oppo, has lost some of its discreteness. I know that you will probably say "when was the last time it was refurbished"? So, that is my problem, is it worth it to have it refubished? The firmware that is available is still from when they last produced it in the 1990's. Do you think that a complete refurbish, all caps, resistors, etc. , and installing the old firmware, will do any good? Thanks, Joe
  7. Papajoe

    What do you do for a living?

    Retired; but, still creating my Welded Steel Sculptures.
  8. Hi Guys, Since I am no longer recapping Carver Amps, I have a set of 8 Ohm 'dummy loads' that are available to the first taker. For you who don't know, 'Dummy loads' are used in the place of a pair of speakers when 'burning in' an amp after rebuilding. Just PM me with your address. Papajoe
  9. Papajoe

    Return of an old member

    Thanks for all the welcome backs. Papajoe
  10. Papajoe

    CarverSite upgrade status - Donations needed

    Sent some money to keep the site going. Papajoe
  11. Papajoe

    Return of an old member

    Hi All, Well I am back and raring to go. Been very busy since before Thanksgiving with commissions for my Menorahs. I have tried to logon a few times; but, have not been successful. I have not acquired any new Carver gear, just enjoying what I have, as always. Papajoe
  12. Papajoe


    There is an M 4.0T for parts or repair, finishing today on E-bay. I have bid; but, it will probably go above my $200.00 max, so have at it. http://www.ebay.com/itm/172352245328?_trksid=p2055359.m1431.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT Papajoe
  13. We assembled the Thiel CS3.6s yesterday. It took about 2 hours to assemble the first one and 45 minutes for the second. Hooked them up to the TFM-42 and they sound wonderful. Much better than before they self destructed. I think it is the fact of having the crossover rebuilt to the latest edition, that helped. I found that at normal listening levels, the TFM-42 is showing just the bottom bar and the second bar will flash occasionally. I cranked it up so that the preamp volume knob was at 11 o'clock, the TFM showed 40W power, which is 80W @ 4 Ohms. That was very, very loud. I can't see that pushing only that amount of power will ever distort. How dare they blame the Carver. Papajoe
  14. There are many unanswered questions about these Thiel CS 3.6 speakers before I got involved. The previous owner had fried the tweeters and midranges. What size amp he used, we don't know. The dealer knew the guy and took them in trade. The dealer had the tweeters and midranges rebuilt by Thiel service. We asked the dealer "what about the crossovers"? He said " they never get damaged, I sent a photo of them to the service for evaluation, with the drivers". The dealer reinstalled the drivers and put the speakers 'for sale'. My neighbor called me and asked for my opinion. After some research, I told him "don't do it". He did it and when he started to put the TFM-42's power to them, guess what happened? Brand new drivers and old 'comprimised' crossovers, all went 'boom'. This is where the amp comes in, the dealer, did then and still does, blames the amp. That's when I posted on the site and WRF told us about his exact same adventures with the same speakers. Assembly and testing tomorrow. Papajoe