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  1. Welcome to the site. If that is your 2 channel system what does your home theater look like? Papajoe
  2. Happy Birthday, Kevin Papajoe
  3. Rockster2U- My system consists of 4 M4.0 Ts and I was really 'reaching' by asking you about the trade. LOL Papajoe
  4. Rod- No new Menorahs till that time comes around again next September. Papajoe
  5. Merry Christmas to all the members. Papajoe
  6. Rockster2U- I've heard of 'thinning the herd' ;but, getting rid of a M4.0T? How about a trade- I have a 'just refurbished' TFM-42 that belonged to NASA. Still has the NASA sticker on it. Papajoe
  7. Papajoe


    Brian D. I read your post and thought to myself 'Compression'. You know, I cannot ever remember hearing that term used in terms of 'vinyl' . It seems to me that the 'term' was first used in regards to digital recordings because of the large size of the sound files and the restraints of the recording 'medium' being used. Papajoe
  8. Happy Hanukkah to all my Jewish friends on here.
  9. I live in Utah and those are all the tourist people. If you want to stop, that's what the ABS is for. I know that having to stomp and hold that brake pedal down and listening to that 'ratcheting' noise can be annoying; but, it really works. Papajoe
  10. Hi Guys, A few of you know that I am a Welded Steel Sculptor. For the last 10 years I have been creating 'Menorahs' to sell at the local Jewish Community Centers Hanukah Market , held just before that Jewish Holiday, each year. This year is no different. Even though I had hip replacement surgery 7 weeks ago, I planned ahead and created three Menorahs during the two months before the surgery. This is one of them
  11. Did you ever think of listing on Augiogon. I call it an ebay for high end components. I have had some good luck selling some Carver gear on there. I bought a receiver off of TMRaudio.com. Not sure how they deal with buying equipment. Good Luck. Papajoe
  12. Packrat- Get out of the 'hard drive dark ages' and just go with a 'cloud based' back-up. I have been using 'Backblaze' for years and it has saved my ass a few times. It is automatic, you never have to wonder if your back-up is working properly. If you haven't considered this option, investigate it now. The cost is $5.00/month; but, the 'peace of mind' is enormous. Papajoe
  13. Hi all, While many of you were enjoying Carverfest, I was having hip replacement surgery. The original one that came with me body, just plain old wore out. Everything went really well with the procedure and I am home, recovering now. I have been suffering with a bad right hip for a long time now. It was showing as a persistent problem even when I was working. I would just put it off as tired from work. Finally, after I retired, it started getting really annoying. So, I swallowed my 'male pride' and went to the orthopedic center. When I saw the X-rays, I could see the actual truth. No cartilege left between the ball and socket and lots of little pieces of bone in the area. The doctor said that he could see that it had happened over a long time period. When they removed the ball, it was also cracked. So, I have a plastic relined socket and a ceramic ball on a titanium shaft. No pain, no limp. Just need time to let it all heal. Feeling pretty good and, as planned, starting on the refurbishment of the TFM-9, to keep me busy. Papajoe
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