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  1. niccolosito

    Mini DPS 2x4. Karma

    I never get tired of losing so I'm in, Jim. 50, please. Thanks.
  2. niccolosito

    HAPPY 2017!!!

    All the best for 2017 to you and yours, loner-t!
  3. niccolosito

    HAPPY 2017!!!

  4. niccolosito


  5. niccolosito

    Instant Karma (Fixit)

    Having been born in the last year of the Fabulous Forties, I'll go for 49. Thanks for the great karma, Charlie.
  6. niccolosito

    Home alone with video

    Something like these ladders on my then new to me M-4.0t, Mr. Z? Didn't even notice they were different from stock until Gene mentioned it.
  7. niccolosito

    Home alone with video

    Only folks of like minds will understand the joy of being home alone, even for just a few hours! I'm very fortunate that we have a large bedroom(25x22+-) that's well away from the other rooms that I don't have to wait for everybody to be out when I'm at it. Even then, I'm like a fish alone in an aquarium when left by myself in the house. Watching those dancing lights, that was really, really loud, Paul. Didn't see the reds come on, though. Inexhaustible powah!
  8. niccolosito

    Age poll with a twist

  9. niccolosito

    Age poll with a twist

    Will be 67 years old in a couple of months so that makes me so far the most ancient of Carverites. A concrete proof that I started my music appreciation journey with vinyl, although my very first record prchase was Don Rondo's 78 rpm "The King of Holiday Island" in very breakable shellac. We all owe the lp and the 45 our everlasting appreciation but the digital medium is where my pocketbook is at right now. Surface noise was an issue I was never able to satisfactorily manage. Even my virgin vinyl fresh out of the box Mo-Fi Beatles Collection lp's were noisy even from initial playing. It's probably my TT choice that magnified the noise problem. IIRC, I read somewhere that Shibata styli were more forgiving with noisy lp's but with a B&O TT, I had no choice. Their's has a different shape and maybe more prone to noise. Just random thoughts here. Lastly, I remember thinking maybe SH made surface noise stand out and more noticeable. Any thoughts on this, young fellows?
  10. niccolosito

    Happy Birthday, mp3.

    For more than 30 years, I worked the graveyard shift and luckily, we were allowed to listen to whatever music source we can come up with. To keep us awake rather than sharpen our music appreciation skills, I would say. I just wish I had the foresight to save the portable players I accumulated through the years as there was quite a bit. Yamaha and Panasonic had these nice integrated FM radio/headphones. I bought probably one of the the very first Sony Walkmans sold. Went through a good number of other cassette players and FM-only players ending up with what I consider the best of them all, the Panasonic RQ-J20x, the first portable with dbx NR. Not long thereafter came the cd players in the mid-80's. All that time, I had to carry a bag full of cassettes, then cd's and it was a hassle. Then came the mp3 players and suddenly, I was travelling light! My Creativelab Nomad Jukebox Zen had more than enough space for my growing cd collection. Unfortunately, I didn't really enjoy it as I retired a couple of years after getting it. Nowadays, some people avoid mp3 discs because of bandwidth limitations but personally, I was very happy with my Nomad. My working days would have been a lot more comfortable had the mp3 technology been invented much earlier-no need to flip the cassette or change cd's. Or carry the bag! Excellent sound, portability, and ease of use are the technology's best assets.
  11. niccolosito

    Happy birthday America

  12. niccolosito

    Another passing.....

    R.I.P., SCOTTY MOORE. He was a true trail-blazer and a pioneer in rock whose guitar licks are as memorable as a young Elvis' voice.
  13. niccolosito

    Hibernator's Home Theater

    Thirteen speakers and topnotch amps in a 20'x20' room? That will be one hell of an entertainment room by any standard! Keep the OCCD ward posted!
  14. niccolosito

    Muhammad Ali RIP

    Going through life as a teen in the 60's, there were two news items I cannot escape from-the Beatles and.... Muhammad Ali or Cassius Clay as he was first called. The Beatles I embraced whole-heartedly but living in an era where modesty was the preferred policy along with honesty, Ali's over-abundance of self-confidence and one thousand words per minute mouth was a bitter pill for me to take. After he punished Floyd Patterson and refused to finish him off mercifully, I began a long wait for him to lose and gloat seeing him knocked out cold and defeated. But no one can do me the favor except for the Feds who managed to retire him for like three years... temporarily. Then came the court decision and Joe Frazier. I was enjoying myself seeing Ali getting beat up by Joe and finally, someone was able to show the loud-mouth, I was saying to myself. To my eternal surprise, I felt no joy from seeing the man knocked down with his back kissing the canvass just before the end of the fight....instead, I was overcome by an overwhelming sense of pity and compassion for the man. It didn't feel good at all seeing him unable to back up his word as being the greatest. From that moment on, I've been on his side, yelling at the tv for him to get off those ropes when he was inexplicably letting George Foreman pummel him mercilessly. I went with my father to watch him fight Joe in what I personally consider the greatest fight ever-the Thrilla in Manila. His subsequent ups and downs in life seemed like my own and I'm sure this was felt universally. God blessed Muhammad Ali with unparalleled boxing skills but His greatest gift was giving him a magnetic personality and humanity that presidents, kings, celebrities, and ordinary folks alike found irresistible and Ali used it to benefit mankind. Rest in peace, Muhammad Ali.
  15. niccolosito

    What are you listening to?

    To honor and salute our fallen heroes for their ultimate sacrifice, I always play the above cd on Memorial Day. Also, on the Fourth of July. It contains the best-played and arranged Sousa marches you will ever find.