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  1. With our hard drive talk. Using the Newegg promo number you can get a WD 4tb external drive USB3 $80. Their email was yesterday I got sidetracked, sorry. With our discussion talking about storage for our libraries I thought some would consider.
  2. Oldtexasdog, Alexa is cheaper than having a kid to do your musical wishes. 😃
  3. I decided to order a few CD's different formats. Not to judge what's best as that would be a fail test as nothing compares. I was able to round up a few classic rock titles to at least appreciate what they offer. It's been something I'm overdue for myself and as listening pleasure for oneself is a unsaid mantra I believe we do that here. I can't remember all but old mofi, new mofi, HDCD's,XRCD,bluray,DVD's those last 2 from box sets as the old you to say and video is partially involved within the set of discs. A few others should arrive tomorrow like SACD's before anyone ask why aren't they representing? One title today was one of my early mofi vinyl fav's from long ago. I don't have any vinyl anymore but still appreciate the Zen of Vinyl as oldtexasdog mentioned. So definitely the cone of silence will be used and journey back in music but digitalized. Speaking of digital, digital download is also involved. As I said I went for format variety. With all the talk of this thread sparking a listen down weekend. The thought of a well made 180 gr lp still leaves a lil twang of wanting. But that won't be happening now so not to spread resources too thin. Daddyvw I hear you, my "streaming" would be different than what is meant anyways. Interesting back up you're using. More old school technique. Iamjohngalt I am very interested with what your sound off has to say. I've been wanting to do similar so hearing about it will be followed. Replies have been great and interesting what people are doing nowadays. Though asking Alexa to stream is ahead. Of the curve. I can't decide if that's lazy or smart. Probably both I don't know right now maybe oldtexasdog will offer a bit of feedback with that?
  4. Actually open source software for ripping closing in on 20. The concert community was tight and active. P2p killed the spirit of sharing. I miss those days talking about music and shows on the forum. All my tech questions asked here is me catching up is because I have not done much the past 10 years. Dusting off the old noggin get getting to finish digital integration from a few years ago. Out of all things a crazy persisting virus is slowing my progress to a crawl. The disc listening has been enjoyed. I have noticed a small cadre of dinosaurs here. The stereo listener is not totally extinct species. Zum you know I was asking about hybird SACD's. The earlier posting of those charts cleared most of my questions. Now eager and waiting to hear one. Iamjohngalt. My asking about sound cards was an effort about sound cards vs usb. Also hoping to see any comments about power supply noise or other negative factors.
  5. Zum Thanks that really breaks it down so well. Seeing a bunch of realeases saying hybird led for me to ask. I wanted to know before I spent money. Does any of you that loads onto a harddrive do you back that up. Also those download are you downloading in wave or flac. Thanks also to some that gave some excellent info with some of this. I didn't quite like the idea of paying digital almost the same cost as physical. But there is a ton of bonus material especially on some rock classics. Then I saw only the "cover" art was downloadable. I suppose that is the remnant of loving album art and the different goodies from first presses. I know no one buys jewel cases now, not seeing all the art even just digital is missed. Which is a much rarer event though I just order bluray bridge on the river kwai with a special booklet case clearance at 3.99 I believe. Dvd's offered some interesting art/packaging and blurays so much less. Btw there were some interesting mofi cds released yesterday. Dcl and Itchitch 4 tb drives are low priced. Can a music fan ever have enough storage? Pdr very nice, I noticed the Chinese earlier this year had quite a few toploading cd transports. But yours is a definite topper. Xavionics you reminded me about how special a well made/produced with a good master offered great sound. Although I was careful I always worried especially with hard to get albumsm I remember an NME article talking about album collectors offered a quote about "my wife was real good. But some of those records are really rare". Wow streaming is so popular and some of you have nice sets for that.
  6. I was looking at a couple of the mofi releases and I saw the phrase hybird SACD. If someone can spare a dime about hybird SACD? It does not ring a bell to me. I wrote a couple of nights ago and never made it to the submit button. Those FLAC'ters on hard drives anyone going through 3rd party sound card or just what your pc came with? Any of the oppo fans waiting for their last release also looks to be a masterpiece?
  7. I was thinking how much work and time spent each day 20 years ago compared to today. I won't say lazy but high mileage has slowed me up and lessened my work I have to do here. The several in here I use to say vinyl junkies was great to see. Somehow digital junkie doesn't really ring my ear. Those still cruising fm was good to hear. Variety is a spice of life. No reason to let the Carver tuners sit around. I appreciate all the comments about all the formats. Also it's good to here a real cross-section. No shame about what works best for you as some seemed fearful of what they use. Anyone here able to comment about any music service (ie audio fidelity)? Also the SACD's were interesting as I was doubting was semi-negative comment from audiophile critics. All these comments did clear some things for me. To me there are professional haters or at least biased or stuck. Also another question can anyone mention aluminium discs? Or any other exotic material or format discs? I think those are imported from Japan.
  8. All my blathering I forget to ask daddyjt are you buying FLAC or do you do that yourself? Those buying this new quality for vinyl do you buy like 180 gram albums or is there a certain point when enough is enough? Way back when it was easy to collect mofi if you sold it. I've been scanning some services and outlets that have things I wouldn't mind giving another spin. Though sometimes you now wonder was I really listening to that? Some places sell dics as if they were Ming era vases. People buying cd's do you look for hi-quality first or fill them in as you can do it? Thanks for the feedback so far, its appreciated as there are many here caring about the sound of their systems. I haven't been able really keeping track with the market which is something trying to play some catch up deciding the best way to get a few great albums. Back to daddyjt you are so right on. The database took so much work with concerts. Sometimes I would look at the to do pile and I would tell myself "later". I like your reference idea, it makes so much sense for the music in your high rotation. Sometimes people wouldn't quite understand.my dating technique was much better in the natural appearance of dates with the chronological. Tracking of dates. Gold98gtp that is true there are so many things to go bump with recording. The first time I was listening to the first remastering of the Beatles with that all too memorable hiss and it was so diminished. It felt odd and great at the same time as your memory just shifted to not accepting all that hiss on the albums. Thanks for the heads up I rather get a well recored mixed and so on instead of being disappointed with the high cost of these hi-qual discs. If I buy it knowing the sound or transfer was not up to par thats my decision. Getting one when you have high expectations and it falls flat on the first listen is a bummer. Zumbini I haven't been as long as you but the miles have caught up with me. Since you do have a go o d size collection is it in one bedroom or do you have to spread it around? One excellent happening was the incredible price drop on hard drives. I still laugh thinking how great $10 dollars avmeg was. I like the physical media too. The difference between albums and discs size wise and the little surprises one could get from albums, especially first pressings with small posters. Every last days of the Fillmore had different tickets in each one. I don't know about you but color vinyl is so much more impressive between the size difference you can see an album spin and pretty much one can't see it while playing is also a factor. Don't get me wrong, I loved vinyl back in the day but if choosing makes buying easier thats my path of compromise. I was watching lord of the r8lings the other day and the extended dvd to me is so cool in looks and the booklets within. Blue ray doesn't really seem to have the same "shiniess" that a special edition has. But dvd's life seems to be more risky lifespan. Unclemeat decisions are a matter of personal taste and we all try to make do and enjoy what we can. I'm not a.streaming type but I try to understand the other side of the coin. Players even in the 80's could really be an unexpected surprise. So I hear you. Kve777 Your answer sounds gives the old argument its all about the listening. Which should really be the important thing to do. Spending so much time so one can is always a balancing act as the discussion about the time playlist. I myself lost almost 2 years trying to put some things together. A super nasty persistent virus put mt digital listening to a stop. So now I'm playing a bit of technical catch up. I always like subjects like this. You see the person as they are or trying to get to as music plays with each bit of the people we are about something we enjoy. Thank you guys so far it's provided a bit of clarify while trying to shop a bit. Also the better understanding of how I should shop. Please continue as some of these ideas provided a bit of dusting off with my brain. Interesting to see how many are into streaming or at least putting a toe in the water to check it out.
  9. loner_t I hear you I do. But even when the Carver was brand new there always was the question of "how do I get that to work. That was a common quest as whether you had Phase Linear, Mark Levinson or whatever else. It wasn't like one quality brand had more inputs or outputs. Holy Cow the first time I saw a c4000 was so awesome with all those options. Almost 20 years ago PC's and software really kicked things off again for me. So what if reproceesing a video took 8 hours (oh my lol). If you really want to music you will find a way to make it work. Every now and then an "unplanned smoke test" made that decision easier as whatever was out of action. I remember years ago dedicated dead heads were using eac going a snails crawl to weed out sonic artifacts. They offered quite a few shows with all that sonic correction on dvd-audio with 5.1. To me if you really wanted to listen to Old Bessie Smith you had to accept the sound quality of 1930. Ugh now I cant rememder his name but he traveled all around the country recorded people with a set-up in the back of his car. Sometimes that might be the only recorded instance with some of early artist. I can't remember exactly but I want to say his recordings were cut on acetate right in his car. I know some blues fan will probably enlighten us all. Look at what George Martin was able to do with the Beatles with only (4)? Track recorder. Having so many here that want the "tube" sound would take some digging as all that old equipment was gone by the 80's. When mofi did Heart's first album was in fact recorded at some small still hanging on working with a tube studio. If you're an elite listener thinking about Stereophile you had $10k set. Thankfully I never was it was hard enough with just albums. Look how fast 8track tapes disappeared. Reel to reel. People talk about all these different CD's gold, aluminium or a super format is it JVC Japan with XrCD or something along those lines. I bought the Cars first album without realizing it was a HDCD. I say listen to what you like with something you can afford and get to buy more music. Everybody is different and hear differently or willing to accept loss of quality for how old it is, maybe how punk they were and a thousand other reasons. I rather talk about positive things with music than being the eternal critic. That said I really enjoyed high fidelity with john Cusack jack black being in similar situations. Look at albums from 1989-1996 the whole lp world stopped. One major reason was the closing of some 29k small shops as the mall stores took over with selling about as much that you were paying for. All those get togethers just talking music and collecting went by the wayside. Corporations never understood that they were the ones that killed people buying whole catalog of artists. Almost Famous ( or the extended version called "untitled" covered so much about growing up with music in the 70's.
  10. Daddyjt I have to go through to see if any of the concerts have playback issues. FLAC is great always has been even when they started as command line tool. It is really lossless. Daddyjt I have to go through to see if any of the concerts have playback issues. FLAC is great always has been even when they started as command line tool. It is really lossless.
  11. I find it odd for all the technical talk not much on music. Then again when I was in the business we would talk music all day. Well that was years ago lets fast forward with these current times. I'm not asking which format is better then whatnot. I am curious how the peeps here get their music on what formats. Since you guys have me back to stereo listening (thanks to all btw). I have started to look around and cd's seem to by hit or miss on so many of these cd format. Mofi was around but certainly that was about it for different re-masterings. Now I see many formats but no real one stop shopping as it seems for titles seem to be very limited runs. Also anyone here buying hi-res digital recordings as their primary listening? If anyone wants to throw in about discs and the format they're available in? This is not about the best format. But if you like a certain format for whatever reason it would be most appreciated. For overall selection from what I have seen digital seems to offer the widest selection. I know things like mastering made a good difference back in the day. I am assuming that playing field is more or less equalized. I'm a rocker with blues and soul filling in spaces. Which is why I talk about limited selection. If someone finds Audio Fidelity subscription enjoyable let me know. Don't let my taste taint what you like. I'm just looking at the playing field trying to figure what's best form. One time my ex came home while I was listening to an lp with only hunting horns. The look on her face was worth the price of admission. I know I still laugh about it. She probably still thinks maybe I should be committed. Not really but the look and the next few questions were priceless. If there's something you don't like about a format. Please no comments like "Robust yet naive with an hint of spice on your aural sensations". So let me know if you rather not be in the spotlight send a message, text, email. Carrier pigeons are not always reliable.
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    Guess what's in the boxes!

    Top one on left is a amp.
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    Its a sign of the times they said...

    Working in the office can be very stressful. I was so thankful with the last census of working out of the office. Between stressful situations and office politics had me knowing the right move to do.
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    Finally! Just Scored an M1.0t - Happy Day

    Congratulations it's a great amp. The amp that won the "Carver Challenge" and made Stereophile throw in the towel in defeat.
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    3-way Electronic Crossover Karma

    Thanks, it will do someone good. Better than it just sitting there and finding a good home is better.