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  1. 4krow

    Question for the experts

    I would never put a diode in an audio circuit! I only get every other word as it is.
  2. 4krow

    Do you know any jokes?

    I forget, was it Schroedinger who said "There is more than one way to box a cat?"
  3. 4krow

    B&W 802 on CL

    Excellent speakers, excellent ad. In fact, I will use some this when advertising the C-9 units in the future. You know, the scammers and rotting in hell stuff.
  4. 4krow

    Do you know any jokes?

    Umm, was he Irish? I'm sorry guys, sometimes I just get away from myself. RanDog, As it turns out, I am Irish/English. Never really knew that until a few days ago. I do appreciate many forms of humor, unless I am taking someone to task just for the sake of a joke. Actually, I am not into many sexually loaded (pun intended) humor, mostly because it is just too common. I seem to like the bizarre best because you can't predict the punch line.
  5. 4krow

    Do you know any jokes?

    Since I am part Irish, expect a bill from my therapist.
  6. 4krow

    Do you know any jokes?

    So much for letting it go
  7. 4krow

    SOLD: 3 BillD Silver C-1s for Sale

    Congratulations LT. Sometimes it feels like you could offer to give some products away, and still have no takers.
  8. Seems to me that the trouble with bracing is that it's like trying to brace a cracker. When these things get old, they just need to go the way of 'Old Yeller'.
  9. yet, when they don't get into the equipment, they will get everywhere else. I hate the dam things. When I receive such a shipment I have to open it up in my shop, but never in my house.
  10. Peanuts are the herpes of packing. You can never get rid of them all. I have found remenants not only on the exterior but the interior as well. If I have no choice, then I will put them loosely in a plastic bag. At least they are contained.... yes, I know, what if someone pokes a hole in the bag without your knowledge.
  11. Unfortunately, nearly all of us have a poor packing story. Most surprising is when it comes from a retailer who ships (used) equipment on a regular basis. Then when confronted, is pissed by the fact that he is held in any way, responsible. I second the quality of LT as a responsible shipper. I think we had a contest going on there for awhile who could do the best job with shipping. He never disappointed. I just read your post. I agree that with some equipment, extra considerations should be taken. In those cases, I like to use a multi-layer of materials that vary in density from soft to hard. If double boxing then I may have the inner box hold the unit firmly, and then the outer box is used more for absorption of the destructive forces of shipping.
  12. 4krow

    Karma: CT-3 with Remote

    Dennis, I also have a unit (not Carver) gathering dust. Now I have to dust it off. See what you have done? Not in BTW.
  13. 4krow

    help for hero's

    Sh!!!!!!!!!!!T can't even cancel post. great
  14. 4krow

    A few "life" updates...

    Well, that explains the slap in the face for being honest about the dance.