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  1. That might be one of my all time favorites. There is precision and jazz in the same space.
  2. 4krow

    Do you know any jokes?

    Daddyjt, That is gold. It is even out of the reach of my best humor... Now if only the chain were just a bit short of the intended goal.
  3. Good to know. looks like things are headed that way in general for music, etc.
  4. 4krow

    A pleasant and unexpected surprise.

    HA, I thought that it was just me. Sometimes a sound, a smell, a color, sets off almost everything I need to go back in time.... but not always,. in a couple of hours, days maybe, it comes back to me.
  5. 4krow

    Do you know any jokes?

    The doctor told me that I have a 90% chance of death from my illness, but there is only a 10% chance of that. Groucho Marx Man, that Groucho was something.... what ever happened to him? I heard that he got sick. On my gravestone, I want it to read, "I TOLD you I was sick."
  6. I wish that I read some of this thread awhile back. This is such amazing topic, given say, a 20 year period. Seems that everything has changed, and changed again. Vinyl was king back in the day, and i am glad that I owned a rig worthy of keeping for so long. Once I moved on to CD, things were actually pretty good, but the recordings made a big difference just like it did with vinyl. Years went by, and I finally tried SACD. For the most part, I found it to be impressive, but as luck wins out, SACD had become more difficult to find and too expensive for my taste. Only a couple years ago, did I even try computer audio. Of course, that only works for me with FLAC files and using FooBar to read them. Totally NOT using Windows anything. The result is great, but I get annoyed by my inexperience and sometimes the way some programmer thought when he assumed everybody already knew all there was to know about using a computer. I tend to like the CD player concept, but only if I have a decent player to begin with. As of now, I own Emotiva C-3? player, and also a Rega Apollo R player. Neither one is satisfactory on it's own, so an outboard DAC was the answer. Yah, I am still not totally in love with it either! Dam, I miss my Cayin CD player with tube output. One other thing worth mentioning is that I like the Dragonfly Red DAC over the other outboard DAC. The Dragonfly is only used with the computer though.
  7. 4krow

    Yanny or Laurel, I heard Laurel

    The Laurels have it mate.
  8. 4krow

    Going too far?

    Unbelievable PDR! I was beginning to think that I was the only one out there who felt this way. Phones, FB, most all news, etc. are ALL in the same category to me. And yes, I do realize that I am in the extreme minority. Don't care. I never answer a ringing Cell Phone, because I have never owned one. I very rarely answer my hard wired home phone (It rang just now as I am typing this. Does that obligate me to stop and answer it?). There is so much out there that is more important to me. I couldn't care less about what my sister ate for lunch, or how far someone ran with their dog. BTW, we ate at a fabulous Japanese restaurant today. You should have been there. I will post photos ASAP.
  9. 4krow

    The best packing job I have ever seen...

    ......................LT, That is dangerously OCC, and I am jealous! Really, everything that you can imagine has to be considered when this packing stuff down. You and I tried our best to out do each other, but this guy has got us both beat!
  10. 4krow

    The best packing job I have ever seen...

    I strive to beat the shipping services at their strong attempt to damage just about anything given to them. Packing is almost an art. Look at the shape of the unit, it's weight and balance, and what would be most prone to damage (usually the front panel). Then apply layers of protection, each one thicker and more shock absorbent that the last. Never underestimate the value of double boxing, or using wood panels on the outside perimeters of the shipping box (within the box of course). The examples shown above are the top of the heap, but still, in spite of the crate or flight box, each had to be properly packed inside.
  11. 4krow

    3-way Electronic Crossover Karma

    Personally, I have no need of it either, but am just curious as to it's abilities. Could you post a bit more info or a link? Thanks for such a great offer. I wouldn't be in anyway, since I am still enjoying the great Aerosmith CD Karma from not long ago.
  12. 4krow

    How the OUTER ear shapes our hearing.

    I was beginning to think that I was one in millions in the world who still used their ears more than most anyone else for information around me. Fact is, that most people have the ability but choose to ignore it. Now, I see more and more distraction from all that is in front of us. Technology in general is robbing us from real life. This video gives me some hope that all is not lost.
  13. 4krow

    The Dude's BillD modded C-1 Karma

    Keep it tight dude, don't bail. Just smile like you got it, even if you don't man. They don't WTF you'r gonna choose. Make them sweat man. Take a deep drag, then pause, and say, What do you expect ME to do, huh? Kiss it? Then read their faces and you'll know how to abide.
  14. 4krow

    The Dude's BillD modded C-1 Karma

    Not in Rod, but I AM laughing my butt off at the Big L. Yes, yes, gonna have to watch it now.
  15. 4krow

    They grow up so fast...

    Seems only proper that add a photo here. Our kids could have very different lives. We should/are so proud of them for the success that is.