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  1. dm55 Is Going To Be A Grandpa

    Dennis, In my experience, being a grandparent is better than being a parent. The reasons will become more obvious as time goes on. Congratulations!
  2. I built a set of folded horns, and what I remember specifically was that the driver was designed to meet the requirements of a bass horn to begin with. Low excursion, high Q, low resonant frequency, etc. In spite of this, there is nothing wrong with experimenting with an idea.
  3. Last Post

    Just curious. Anybody know what the last post was for the old site?
  4. It did arrive last week. It sounds good with the tube equipment, but even better with SS. Also, I prefer headphones to speakers in this case because the speakers that I have are too harsh for some material.
  5. FWIW, I have placed a couple of C-9 ads on US Audio Mart. I have two C9's available. One is $250 with a very good looking chassis, and has a bunch of magic inside. The other even has a separate regulated power supply, and sells for $270. It is uglier on the outside, but has a nice personality. ...Looker shown here:....
  6. Its a sign of the times they said...

    There are a lot of similar stories out there. I didn't believe them until it happened to me. That was 11 years ago. I could never could go back to that life. It took time even after it was all over, but now I am happier and more at peace than I ever remember. I know that it can all change almost overnight too. You are more capable than you realize for making a new future, but you have to know that it is right first of all. I hope that you end up with at least as good of an 'after-experience' as I did.
  7. For the Hell of it

    Hey, this is way off scale, right? So here is an idea for some of you out there. 'Out Of Your Head' is an app that is able to reproduce various replications of 5.1, 7.1, and even particular speaker setups. Can't tell you how it is done, and this app is intended for HEADPHONES. So I am trying it out, and must admit, it provides a difference that can be beneficial. There are 29 different choices between speakers, recording studios and even a giant hall. No doubt they aren't all what I like to hear, but so far, I have found two options that work very well with my headphones. Don't forget, I am extremely satisfied with my phones, so I don't even use this for just any recording. It reminds of a C-9 to some degree. I know, your wondering if I have tried it with my speakers. Of course I have. There is little doubt that a specific speaker placement is needed. More on that later. Here is something worth noting. When I first installed the software, I couldn't get it to work correctly. I said, 'no more', and asked for a refund. My phone rings. It is the company president calling me. Darin Fong is the guy who invented all of this and he wanted to help if I would let him. In short, he fixed the problem online with my computer. It works very well now. In the original purchase of $149, you get to choose 1 setup out of the 29 for use with this app. By this morning, I chose to spend another $25 for an additional setup from the 29 possibilities. This may be the extent to which I use this product, but for $175, it returns more for my money than practically anything else out there. You know that if I had a problem with this product, I wouldn't be afraid to say so. In this case, I am just stating my experience with a company that stands behind their product.
  8. For all Carversite members

    Who expected the President of the company to call me, and offer to install the app on my computer! It was done in about 20 minutes, because I just can't shut up. Results? Give me awhile to listen. In some ways, nothing short of amazing. Then i listen to the headphones without the app, and they are damned good as well. No surprise, but I will mention to those who would benefit from either a brighter sound in the 'horn mode' or a silky presentation in ribbon mode. There are 29 different choices. Pick a few out and pay $25 for each one. You can demo each for 2 minutes each as you are choosing for a weeks time. Initial installment costs $150, AND you get one choice for free to start with. Just saying, a guy like me wasn't going to resist that offer. High praises Darin Fong. Thanks for the help.
  9. For all Carversite members

    Too bad. I ran into the same type of trouble today trying to download an app, and then trying to follow the instructions to 'work around' the problem. In the end, I wasted my time, got PO, and now want my money back. How is this even remotely a good thing? I used to fix things, permanently, and then forget about it. Now it's ok to buy something, and MAYBE have it work for a bit, only to replace, fix, or discard it as though it had little use to begin with? Yes, why yes, that is correct, I am still PO.
  10. For the Hell of it

    The old test equipment at Mountain Bell was absolutely fascinating! It ended up in a corner somewhere, replaced by new plastic looking equipment. I was able to scavenge a small item here or there, but often wondered the fate of these beasts.
  11. For the Hell of it

    Remember the Superphon project? Well this may be as close I will get to being done with it. It works, but has one bug left. A hum associated with the TDS module inside.
  12. For the Hell of it

    Working on the inside. It's a bit tight in there, and I might use more flexible wire instead.
  13. For the Hell of it

    Nope. Rick and Morty. It's a blast on Adult Swim.
  14. For the Hell of it

    Aw Jeez, I decided to use another box that is smaller, and looks a bit better, Aw Jeez. So I had to make um the top all by myself, but aw Jeez, it turned out pretty good ya know.
  15. For the Hell of it

    Only the attenuator is a Broskie design. A good and simple pre-amp design is the 'Quickie' by Bottlehead. The kit sells for $100, and can easily be upgraded where you see fit.