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  1. I just threw out a donated, to me, shop system by Sound Design. Never plugged it in. Hope to never tell my friend the donor what happened. After all, it worked well in his shop. Yikes.... Dennis, my system won't look as good, but it will be a few notches above Sound Design. Did JCPenny make that? Dunno Your system would be overkill for my shop, but I am envious non the less.
  2. Well, maybe an update here. The Kharma expands. It was just too big for Dennis and I to handle alone. Bruce (Rockstar4U) may be joining the effort in the woodworking department. I won't give up any secrets just yet. We got some kool ides in the oven though.
  3. I remember voting for Perot knowing that there were no other options at the time.
  4. "Hello, Dave. I see that you own some of my home movies, Dave. Is there any way that we can talk this over? I still have control of the oxygen valve... Dave."
  5. Yah, and please don't forget those who use a line of old cars as a defense wall.
  6. It is a matter of perspective, mine/vs theirs. For the first 7 years in the telephone industry, I got to install telephone jacks in peoples homes. I got to see more than I ever wanted. Most people lived reasonably and to a beat of their own taste. Others could be identified just by pulling up in the yard full of various trash. All that they owned or abandoned was treated about the same way.
  7. Three different C-9 units stand out over the years. They all had something in common, abuse. I should open a shelter. One of them was actually used by a band. Uh yah, 'we will use this unit to widen our sound man.' It was thrown around with the rest of the gear. I rebuilt it, and it got the title 'Ugly Betty'. She is no fun to look at, but makes up for it with her performance. The next unit was a kind of bet to myself that I could take it on and remake a good appearance with it. It had been sawn, drilled, and bent to the liking of it's previous owner. Interestingly, it became one of the more glamorous units that I have rebuilt. Last was the unit where the customer asked if he could open it up and do some extra work IIRC to the unit. I never condone this unless I know the person doing it. I folded and he went to work on the unit. Left it not only in shambles, but it was by far the hardest to recover from physical damage. I use the term ham fisted to mean that this guys hands/understanding were anything but gracious. Wish that I had photos before and after for these wounded in audio service.
  8. FWIW, I have rack mountable C-9 ready for sale. If yours hasn't been rebuilt yet, it might work out for both of us to do a trade.
  9. Dennis, Thanks for the flashback. I remember this now. It was part of the reason that I thought, 'hey, I could do this'.
  10. Dennis Miller and I are putting our collective heads together. Just the way that I like it too! He does all the thinking, and I do all the window dressing. So keep your eyes wide for the 'Dennis Project' to morph into the 'Greg and Dennis Project Presents:' Act one: The first take.
  11. It also doubles as an eye wash.... you only have to use it once, and then buy a special dog.
  12. Yes, the bass is tighter when the power supply was upgraded. This may be a combination of the new electrolytic caps and larger transformer. I have never had any issue with the sound of an original unit as is, but when this much id done, I notice a slight improvement in treble too. The effects of the circuit itself remain the same however. With this unit, I did not replace the many resistors that I normally do, and I do not hear a difference. The poly caps are however 2.5% tolerance and this leads me to believe that the circuit parameters are tightened up a bit. Having said that, many of the original film caps are spot on to begin with, so the question really becomes do the poly caps themselves improve the sound? Well, that IS a hole that I avoid. You be the judge. Think of these components as classic cars. Just how far should you take the car in a rebuild?
  13. Brian, Don't worry about asking for advice here. Most of what I have done over the years came by trial and error, and much also from this site. In the end, I have simplified a bit from what I was doing a couple of years ago. Remember, cleaning up and beefing up the power supply yields some of the best results after electrolytic cap replacement/upgrades.
  14. Brian, I suppose this is a yes and no sort of answer. There are some who would have a Gundry dip installed, though I do not prefer one. Then there are the IC chips themselves. Again, it may be a matter of preference. Some like to replace one or all of the chips with 2134 op amps on adapters. Others have gone much further and used 0624? chips on adapters and even used smd caps for bypass? Don't remember. Anyway, all of these changes may alter/improve the performance, but I have found that there is very little wrong with a stock unit, other than to upgrade the basic parts (of course, the electrolytic caps are a must due to age). If I were to concentrate on any one thing, it would likely be the power supply.
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