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  1. So, if Dennis is ready, and all is swell, let's hear from a few good men. Things like 'it goes with my decor' will even be considered. But mostly, what would compel you to own such a piece...... Let me start, even though I am not in the running: I own a system that is all solid state, and an influence of tube sound has been a liking of mine for a number of years. See, that shows a possibility of promise. Otherwise, your trying to read a random number generators output, when instead, we should be trying to read you. Who's on first?
  2. Way back when, I used to tell folks not to say anything over the phone that they didn't want repeated in court.
  3. We are nearing the finish line with this piece guys. Just spoke to Dennis today about the glitch/switch issue, and it seems to be sorted out. Point is, this piece will be offered up very soon for Kharma. I am suggesting that it be given out to the neediest member, and not by a random number generator. The 'randomestness' (it's my own invention, so don't bother looking it up) may impartial, but the need is not.
  4. IME it is best just to pop the cover plate off the switches and begin to screw things up.
  5. RTR is the one thing that I missed trying to reach audio nirvana. A great cassette machine was as close as I got.
  6. I have never tried one, but K&N makes sock to stick over the filter. You know, a pre-filter. Yes, of course, now you have to keep an eye that one too. When I lived in AZ the dusty conditions were extreme at times, and this idea seemed to have some merit. I live in town now, and it may well make a difference for the better. Come to think of it, a few months ago, I had the intake system cleaned out by the advice of a trusted mechanic. Yes, the idle improved, so it was a good move, but nothing else changed.
  7. There was so much advertising about the K&N making more available to the intake, but I never heard a word about actual filtration. The point about messing up the map sensor is one that I hadn't considered. It's just that this truck gets more like yardage rather than mileage from the beginning, so there have been a few considerations for better fuel economy.
  8. Adding the K&N intake system for my Ford F150, 5.4 L Was sort of a wash. Like Rich said, if you getting all the an engine needs, yet are capable of more, then it is a wash.. um, just paraphrasing, not trying to take liberty here. I like the robust build of the K&N, yet strangely the air filter fit was way tight for my liking. I am picky about keeping the filter clean AND wet. My question is whether the K&N filter is as effective for filtration as a media filter.
  9. Now, remember this in order. It was Dennis who donated and soldered most of the board and parts. Bruce did the outstanding woodwork, and I cut out the brass RCA jack plate, and mounted the connectors and switch. Then I ran mostly new wiring and other minor details about the build. At the moment, I am working out a wiring glitch that I have caused. All in all, it is a striking piece.
  10. Getting closer, BUT, fighting a glitch. Death to glitches.
  11. Man, 

      How could he turn that down!? I live in Powell, Wyoming. He would happily pay shipping, or else he just wants nothing! I am going to his house Sat to take a look at his listening environment. I will let you know soon.


        Thanks a million!

  12. Yah, that's where I kinda screwed up. I took both pills and let them fight it out.
  13. The thing that bothers me with this sort of crap is that, Simplicity is the burden of mankind. In future attempts to make such examples/statements, I would encourage the use of more sophisticated verbiage. Even though the path was clear, not once did the term 'flux capacitor' come into play. Mary Poppins had a better grasp of the english language.... supercadgelisticexpe'alodocious. hmm, spellcheck seems not to be working here.
  14. I just let Bruce have his way with the fine woodworking. Do you like the teak and mahogany combo? I do. You can see why. So far, Dennis has been the donor of the circuit board, parts (not cheap) and electronic work. Then it made its stop to Bruce's shop where you see the result here. The only input that I have had so far is having Bruce mount a silver dollar that I sent to him on the top (sorry, no not a real one, but still classy), and having Bruce make a cutout for the rear panel brass mounting plate for RCA & switch. It will probably come to my place by next week, where I will assemble the brass plate, and likely remake many of the connections with some fancy silver wire just to follow this high wire act. We all have had a great time making this a group effort. Perhaps something else will gel in the future.
  15. Supercalifragilisticexp'alidocious
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