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  1. 4krow

    PhilDents bedroom setup

    Truth is, before I married my wife, I made sure that the house looked like H3LL. Then as'improvements' were made, I had a better chance of getting a say in the decisions. She was so proud of the accomplishment, that she overlooked the audio system... mostly. ///////////////////////////But really, who could argue with those sexy speakers of yours anyway?///////////////////
  2. 4krow

    PhilDents bedroom setup

    Ok, here's the deal. You need to move this stuff downstairs, and sleep in your listening room.
  3. 4krow

    Good luck to all in the path of hurricane Michael

    My son Michael is in training somewhere down there. Last night he said that the sky was full of stars. Just hoping it stays that way.
  4. Gilbert is a unique place. I finally felt that I had found Phoenix's roots there. Don't know much about it except I was there to purchase an air rifle that was far beyond my means and expectations. There has been a continued dedication to the Carver products here. Look around and you will see that these components have been given another lease to perform.
  5. 4krow

    Hashy's Bench

    HELL YAH! I am very happy to hear of someone else escaping that which bound them. I really did feel like I was doing time in Arizona for over two decades. It will take some time to recover from your experience, and I am not joking. I still have dreams now and then about it. No for the good news, I will likely have some business for you. Hard to find good techs now days. I have been fortunate here at CS.
  6. 4krow

    Not all modifications are good

    A friend of mine was describing how he 'waterproofed' a section of concrete in his driveway. No, no, water wins every time. People also think that a perfectly wrapped outside cable will keep the water out too. In cable repair, how many times did I see water run out of a beautifully made splice that wasn't completely immersed in resin first, to keep water out? In fact, we keep water, and corrosion IN, not out with tapes, sprays, and any other good intention used.
  7. 4krow

    Variac Wanted

    Yes Rod, it is star grounded using the ground window method. You see, once you open the ground window, the ground then floats (you know, floating ground), up, up to a star ground. This results in a perpetual equinox between the earth ground and the star ground. Isn't science just wonderful?
  8. 4krow

    Variac Wanted

    My little schmu schmu arrived today. After a good long bath, she will be as good as new.
  9. I have been reading the CF amp build thread with some outside interest. On one hand, I find it to be a simple build, and I like that. Then there is the pure fact that even simple must be done correctly to avoid serious consequences. That is the parallel that is useful for me. You see, I am attempting to work on a N. Pass design from years ago, that yes, is simple, but unforgiving. Since there is little in the way of information, except for one partial schematic, it is threads, that actually are just that, threads of a bit of usable info here and there. In short, I very much appreciate your input as to keeping the wheat from the chaff on these topics. Accurate knowledge is valuable.

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    2. Nahash5150


      Without a full schematic though...let me know if you need a hand.

    3. 4krow


      Thanks man. There are some basic measurements that I want to get a handle on. This is the beauty of stereo equipment. Should one channel be operational, you at least have an example to compare to. 

    4. Nahash5150


      That's true. Good strat.

  10. Saw her once in concert. At least, it looked like her. Wait, wait, no, it was Janis Ian. Does this post still count?
  11. 4krow

    Variac Wanted

    Perry, Kinda wished that I had one last night before I blew a fuse on that Forte' 3 amp that I was asking you about a few months back. Good news is that this is probably one of the easiest designs to work on as far as accessibility and simple circuit design. "Say nothing, act natural" ... My favorite line from the movie.
  12. 4krow

    Variac Wanted

    "My grandfather used to work for you'r grandfather." And um, what's with the duck feet wraps?
  13. 4krow

    Variac Wanted

    How dare you Rod... How DARE YOU. Where is my prozac?
  14. 4krow

    Variac Wanted

    Oh sure, now everybody has a variac. But mine, um, runs off of gasoline too in case of emergency.
  15. 4krow

    Variac Wanted

    Dude, I never quite know if someone 'gets it' or not, so I try to be flexible. BTW, it's battery operated 👹