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  1. 4krow

    What’s happened to our media?

    The first red flag for me was way back when, while watching TV, the EBS came on screen. I had never seen THAT before. They warned of a wind storm headed in our direction. I took it all in hook, line, and sinker... After all, we had wind routinely and so this must be bad. Yes, it was the first BS use of the EBS of that time. Now, you will see it come across the screen if a squirrel gets hit. No impact on me anymore. Go ahead, cry wolf one more time MF.
  2. 4krow

    What’s happened to our media?

    You know, now that it has been mentioned, there is a woman who does prompts? between NPR spots. Her voice is the most pleasant, almost musical that I have ever heard anywhere. Not that it drives the news in any way, but I do actually stop what I am doing one way or another when I hear her speak. Of course, I have never seen her but in my own mind.
  3. 4krow

    What’s happened to our media?

    Nothing is exempt from this kind of 'news'. I can hardly stand to watch the weather forecast, just waiting for something about to be sensationalized. If there is any deviation from last years weather, then you are going to hear about global warming {We told you so}. Or ,as if, it isn't winter weather every year man. Yes, it is going to be below zero tonight... Welcome to Wyoming. But I digress. No, I don't bother much with the news anymore. What drives them? Money? yes, but sometimes even things such as ego and more.
  4. 4krow

    What type are you?

    I know that I took this assessment long ago when employed. Don't recall the outcome, but it seems to teter on FUBAR.
  5. 4krow

    Audionut vs Audiophile

    I have to concur with Ray on this one. No doubt the love of music reproduction more than some of the music itself in my case. "How can this sound more real?" or something along those lines. It has been an interest since I was very young.
  6. Where was I when that class began? I often looked to others (friends/family) to help define my own thoughts when I was young. Never was I taught to argue/discuss. This sort of tool would changed my life way back when.
  7. Why does that meter look so familiar? 🎈
  8. 4krow

    Reliable CD player

    I lucked out guys. I remembered lending a CD player to my son. He has no CD's, so yah, that was a wash. Took it back and it will now be in the shop. It is an Emotiva ERC-3? Anyway, great machine, and trustworthy.
  9. 4krow

    First Fires, Now come the Flood’s

    Times/weather they are a changin'
  10. Ok... Tell me more about Onkyo. A miss performing Cd player is no good to me for trouble shooting other equipment.  Anyway, the next will be my third.

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    2. 4krow


      If you run into one of them, would you like to sell it to me? If so, what price works for you?

    3. kve777


      $125 plus shipping for one with remote and original box. The Music Room in Colorado has one HERE that's a good deal and closer to you. 

    4. 4krow


      Man, I appreciate the info. I will have to wait awhile, but these units are more common than I thought that they would be. Sounds like it is as good as I will ever need in my shop.

  11. Nothing annoys me more than a crappy performing piece of gear. In my little shop, I have some CD player, I forget who makes it, but to the point, it needs to be replaced with a reliable unit. Anyone out there with a decent player at a decent price? Single disc, no frills. Thanks guys.........
  12. Bobby1970, When you get enough posts, send a message to me, and I will see what I can help you with. Also, you will find lots of help from many here.
  13. Perry, Out of a possible interest in having C-9 faceplates silkscreened, who are you using for this process?
  14. 4krow

    O' Scope and signal generator

    As usual, I did NOT read this post very well, and rolled my eyes. THEN, I re-read it just now, and realized, yes, with the Motion picture equipment back then, there would likely be trouble getting such an image on screen and at the same time make all else appear normal. Remember what the sequined dresses looked like on BW? They just had give in and let you use your imagination.
  15. 4krow

    O' Scope and signal generator

    Thanks everybody. I have to balance my karma every now and then, despite my attempts at doing the right thing. The Carver Site has been generous to me from the beginning.