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  1. 4krow

    Revenge is sweeter than 'justice'

    Hmmm.... here in Wyoming, the box has a string tied to the door that lets the 3 day, not fed, vicious dog out.
  2. 4krow

    Holy Moley!!! I'll take two...

    Yah, so many times a manufacturer opens up the unit in order to impress the customer. When I look into something, often times I am disappointed. Probably not so much in this case. So so components, thin circuit boards and the like, for what? Thousands and thousands of dollars should produce unbelievable products. Time and again, I have seen things like the cheapest RCA jacks, or cheap speaker binding posts, where the quality is face to face with you.
  3. 4krow

    Straight-up STELLAR recordings!

    Yes, so many greats out there. The one that hurt so good, was Patricia Barbers 45RPM recording of 'Verve'. DO NOT DIG the music too much, yet the realism will not likely be topped in my collection of late. It is so much more than just ambiance, yet, I can't explain the ethereal.
  4. 4krow

    Winter Driving

    Since studded tires aren't allowed here in Wy, I just make sure to drive through plenty of gravel. Poor man's studded tire. As far as handling, I found it worthwhile to get some decent shocks too. When it comes to ice though, we are all on about the same level.
  5. 4krow

    My C-9

    Yah, these little spiders are tricky sometimes to poke into a hole all at the same time. I just get a run at it. HA... I don't expect to get a bite from US Audio Mart cuz they think that they can get 'apretty good one' on eprey for a LOT less. Don't worry folks, some day you will see tubes in this box of mine..... again, get yer heads out of the gutter.
  6. 4krow

    My C-9

    N, Well if they are out there, I haven't seen them. There are others, but they seem to be run of the mill. Guys, take a closer look at the metal cased 4136. See anything that might be problem? I only noticed it when I looked at the photo just now. Sometimes, contact is being made by the skin it's teeth.
  7. 4krow

    My C-9

    Sigh, get you head out of the solder pot, ok, here ya are. Look for new switches made in Germany, Audio Quest filter, Scary metal cased IC, some military spec resistors, solid copper RCA jacks, gold RCA jacks, putty for vibration absorption (I don't know why), selector switch with silver contacts, and silver wire for output. Spot them all and be the first on your block.
  8. 4krow

    My C-9

    Well, I decided to motivate myself by selling my personal C-9 unit. I have used it a lot and it performs well (of course). Anyway, as the photos show, it 2 switchable inputs and one output. Thought that this was a great idea, so I made one for myself. Anyway, the power supply is pretty special with an over sized transformer, and the guts of an Audio Quest 'Quiet Line' noise filter. The case is heavy duty metal, and I made it so the unit can set next to a power strip, and then the power cord to the unit is much longer, for placement in a rack. You guys know my mods, but if you have any questions feel free to ask. I have listed it on Audio Mart for $350, but will negotiate a better price/trade here. Ummm, yah, so here is a shot of the power supply.... sorry
  9. 4krow

    Winter Driving

    When living in Flagstaff, this seemed to be a daily sort of thing. I had to drive on the Interstate 80 truck route. Baby, these folks were afraid of NO-THING! I would get passed by so many vehicles on ice. Then the circus started. AHEM...... It's not just ice folks, it is ANY FORM OF WATER ON THE ROAD. When I lived in Tucson, I figured all that sort of crazy stuff about driving would be better... Then came the flash floods. Now, I get when someone is swept away from the flood, and had no choice about it, BUT this is not what I am going to tell you about. It is those people who have lived there enough seasons to know better than to cross a severely flooding road, just because. Yup, and then the lucky Search and Rescue team (God bless 'em all) gets to show up and risk their ass. Gives you something to see on TV.
  10. 4krow

    C-1 Karma

    Can you 'crunch the numbers' again. I'm sure there must be some mistake.....
  11. 4krow

    C-1 Karma

    Just got done saying to a friend that I need a pre-amp. In with my age---------- 61, and counting.
  12. 4krow

    What are you listening to?

    Though I don't find it a necessity for everything in the musical world, the Cords album (yes Cords, not Chords) by Synergy, demands a sub. Had the sub turned off, and cut the musical impact in half.
  13. 4krow

    What does the W stand for?

    So, my guess makes more sense than the rest of this nonsense... Bob 'Wood-Carver'
  14. 4krow

    Do you know any jokes?

    I'm sorry guys.... I just don't know any more jokes. I'm so embarrassed.
  15. 4krow

    Karma, Dire Straits, Brothers in Arms

    Paul, This is a go to album if there ever was one. Praise the Karma man. Must sound eventful with the 660 buffer🤪