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  1. My report is mundane as well. When a new home was being built next to mine, I caught nails every week.
  2. Well folks, that's pretty quick, even for a Carver oriented site. DTL is sold to compwaco.. Thanks so much.
  3. Just a quick note. I have a recapped DTL for sale. I only paid $110, and then maybe have another $20 in parts (new tranny, caps). It's your for $130 + shipping. Cosmetically it is in great shape.
  4. You got an A on your report card??? I ran home from school to brag about making it to the next grade!... All the other times, I would have been relieved that mom and dad went on vacation without me. Yes man, I am happy for the return of CS.
  5. Bruce, I had a hunch that you had this talent from our previous discussions. FWIW, I have not found the wood that I was telling you about, but you will be the first to know after I do. Greg
  6. Oh boy, tongue in cheek time. I can't go as far as some out there, but I try my damndest to understand that if someone waxs their car and it runs better, I won't argue the point. They're happy, but just don't try to sell it to me. OTOH, I chose cherry baffles for my speaker build because it just sounds better. There, we are even.
  7. Wouldn't it be a bit more fitting if they only ate his horn, leaving the rest to rot?
  8. Thank you everyone---as Stevie Nicks would say. I am overwhelmed even by listening to just a clip of every song posted. Yup, took me right back to where I began listening to music.
  9. What caught my eye was the grinding wheel used for shaping the edges of the LEDs. I have seen these wheels at Lee Valley, and although expensive, they last a long time, and are better balanced than standard wheels.
  10. Ahem, Barry, ahem I say. Recheck your numbers and see that I am right on freaking target. If you disagree, then I will help you arrive at the correct solution as I did.
  11. I've driven beaters most of my life. Nearing retirement, I knew that what I didn't need was trouble from a car. In short, I ended up buying a 2000 F150 with 430 miles on it. Needed a truck for work, and was going to put miles on it daily. Still have the damned thing. It gets yardage though instead of mileage.
  12. 4krow

    Survivor bias

    My doctor says that I have a 40% chance of dying, but there is only a 10% chance of that.
  13. 4krow

    Survivor bias

    "You make your own luck son." My father spoke few words and more sense than most.
  14. Barry, Put me in for 401. Thank you so much for the Kharma.
  15. Here is a small update about the A220. It did arrive perfectly, and i hooked it up almost after unboxing it. I only got to listen a short while before a business across the street, decided that it was high time to pressure clean a two story motel. Oh boy, this guy works weekends as well. The building itself is not that close, BUT a pressure washer makes big noise, even at a distance. Ok, so the little time that I did listen one word came to the front... Power. The A220 isn't the biggest in the lineup, but there is plenty of power to drive peaks from my efficient speakers. I also had to turn down the input sensitivity control quite a bit, yet must find the 'right' setting for it when using the Vincent pre-amp.
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