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  1. For the guys who got in on this buy, I sent an estimated date for them to ship to me so I can have them Silk screened. Check your PM's....
  2. Bonzoro

    FNG with a Q

    Do the White Oak Audio upgrades to your amps with the DC Protection board and you won't need the fuses.
  3. Bonzoro

    C-1 Karma

    I'm in with a 66
  4. I have some in silver but I pissed canned them black.
  5. Anybody????? OK, ALL FACEPLATES ARE GONE. Thanks for your interest. For the guys who bought one (or three)..... I'll keep you posted. The machinist will let me know in a day or two of when he will be shipping to me. Then a quick trip across town to get the screening done and I'll get a date for that. Don't forget to PM me your address so I don't send them to Tijuana or some shit.....
  6. I got ONE face plate left
  7. I am having a small hand full of 4000t/C-4000 face plates being machined and I am offering them up to a couple people who may have a cosmetically challenged 4000t or C-4000 or may just want to have their preamp match their amplifiers (Providing they are Black). These are only being produced in BLACK. YES, only in black. I will be keeping some for my custom builds and that leaves a few up for grabs. Yes, they are expensive. I could knock the price down by buying a hundred but I aint got Thirteen grand to wrap up in the project. The price is $150 which will include shipping from me to you after I get them Silk Screened. PM me if you want one. Don't clog up the thread with crazyness. Remember there will be less than 6 face plates available!!!!! They are made as close to the originals as possible and anodized IN BLACK. The holes are Laser cut and they are of high quality and yes, they are ONLY available in black. Here is the process: 1. Reserve yours through PM. I will mark the thread as sold as soon as the 5 or six plates are sold. 2. Relax, it will take some time to get the face plates to me, and then to the Screener. If you have a special request for printing a different color than white, like Green for your Incredible Hulk Memorial Preamp, it could take longer but is doable. No special printing (like Aquamarine greenish brown in #75 Sans font) 3. If you want a C-4000 face plate, we may need to find a face plate to borrow so we can copy the printing set-up. 4. If you want it blank, no problem as long as its black. 5. You will be transferring money to me ($150) using PayPal "Friends and Family" so we don't get stuck with fees. Make sure you have the funds available before you order, it will not be COD. Don't dilly dally, these will only be available for a couple days. Did I mention that they are Only available in black??? This is how the Phase Linear 700 Series II face plates I had done turned out and this is how the 4000t in white Silk Screen will look. Have a Happy Thanksgiving Perry 3 sold, 3 left
  8. Bonzoro

    Silver Carver C-1 for sale

    Since I finished that one (And i'm glad it showed up in excellent condition) I have a new IR eye-ball and jack. The jack will mount on the back and the eyeball will mount anywhere you want since the wire is 3 feet long. The "antenna-magnet". works but is not perty at all. But, I like it because it folds down and hides like an old car. But, all in All, that pre turned out friggin awesome.... It was an enormous amount of work but the sound is THERE. I hope you enjoy it.... The work it took to get the spooge off the board was never ending. And, the switches had taken a beating and were bleeding goo.... I have another C-1 (in anthracite) in the que which I will do the same for. but I have a few builds ahead of it.
  9. Bonzoro

    Dim Bulb Tester,... anyone?

    I use the bulbs with 3 wattage settings (30-60-100) in my DBT for use on Large amps (100Watt) to smaller pre's and such (30-60watt).
  10. Bonzoro

    Wanted to buy.... TFM 15 meter

    yep, they can be fixed.
  11. Bonzoro

    Wanted to buy.... TFM 15 meter

    DON'T lube your meters..... Yer asking for trouble (or more trouble). The movements can be cleaned properly and restored back to a normal working condition if they are sticking. The movements are touchy and applying lube will cause them to attract more scuzz (that's a technical term ). I have had good luck with careful disassembly and service. Also, do NOT USE any type of compressed air.... No.... no
  12. Bonzoro

    Hello From Gilbert Arizona!

    I'm south of you just outside of Sierra Vista, let me know if you need some help. Welcome aboard. Perry
  13. what do you think about the 4000t as a match for the tube amp?
  14. Bonzoro

    Membership Medal Nominations - POST HERE

    Congrat's on the medals guys, keep up the outstanding work. Perry
  15. Bonzoro

    Nice gadget for techs

    I bought one a while back, not bad but not as good as the real thing. BUT, who can afford a nice Microscope?