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  1. Kev and AJ, I need your addresses so I can ship you Face Plates to you.... Richard, I have yours Thanks Guys
  2. I almost loaded my pants yesterday. The programming, the artwork, and silk screening of 9 face plates was $510 I won't be doing this again. (It was a losing proposition). I would have added another $50 to the price.... then, I would have broke even.
  3. I think it was worth the wait. I think I would powder coat the handles black but that's just me.... Plates will ship Friday (my shipping day). I love the new look. It's nice to have options.
  4. The C-4000 is the same...... I only got 2 of them.
  5. Well, they are done. I'll go pick them up in the morning. He sent me a low-res pic. I'll post a better one later.
  6. The printer says they will be done on Monday... We'll see. I already told them i wasn't impressed with the Turn Time.... He said "but if you like the Product"... And I said if the turn around time is too long it's unsatisfactory. As we said in the military.... One "Awe Shit" wipes out 10 "Atta Boy's" p
  7. The face plates are in the hands of the Screener now. They will spend a day or 3 getting the program for the screens done including matching the original font. I'll let you guys know when I get them back. I'll ship them out ASAP.
  8. it's a machine shop out on the east coast. There is a minimum order so you'd have to order like a dozen. It's a pain in the ass. You have to make sure whatever face plate you decide to reproduce, you need to get another 11 guys onboard and make sure it's a popular face and worth it. You asked about just silkscreening??? You need to PM me.
  9. Face plates look awesome, heading to the silk screener now.
  10. Thanks you kind sirs. sorry it's taking so long. Between the East Coast weather, and some defects (which we rejected to gain perfection), it has been trying. Thanks for the understanding. this has been keeping me busy while I waited for the faces. All upgraded (Both pieces)
  11. The face plates are coming in on fedex tomorrow morning (1/29). Then to the Silk Screener/Sublimator I go.....
  12. these will be shipping to me Monday. I'm sending him a fedex tag as we speak (type). They turned out SWEET!!!!! Sorry for the holdup, it was Kevins fault........
  13. Yep, HBD Kingman
  14. Hang in there guys. These machinists are being perfectionists. They are trying to get as close as possible to the original grain of the Carver face plates. They have made the Phase Linear faceplates and got them spot on so I'll give them a bit more time before I throw up the Bullshit Flag. I should be getting an update today. Thanks Perry