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  1. Bonzoro

    Membership Medal Nominations - POST HERE

    Congrat's on the medals guys, keep up the outstanding work. Perry
  2. Bonzoro

    Nice gadget for techs

    I bought one a while back, not bad but not as good as the real thing. BUT, who can afford a nice Microscope?
  3. Bonzoro

    FS. Fully Modded Bonzoro 4000t preamp

    I use a chrome plated roofing nail for my stylus on the Close N Play.... I do believe it's a Moving Maggot , with JB Weld to keep the maggot from crawling away....
  4. Bonzoro

    FS. Fully Modded Bonzoro 4000t preamp

    It sounds Excellent, it's quiet as a dead mouse and is ready for a new owner!!!
  5. Bonzoro

    Variac Wanted

    I've gotten by with just my Dim Bulb tester for years but I'm thinking of getting a 10A Variac.....
  6. Bonzoro

    Variac Wanted

    It's a bad case of "Variac Veins"...... ar ar ar It's a bad case of "Variac Veins"...... ar ar ar
  7. Bonzoro

    FS. Fully Modded Bonzoro 4000t preamp

    Definitely a fair amount of work.
  8. I'm just finishing up a beautiful Carver 4000t preamp with all the mods including Gundry Notch Filter, Adjustable Gain Board, Integrated Power Supply mod, New high quality electrolytic capacitor replacement, op amp mods. Has some scratches on the top cover, can paint if it bothers you. Gotta go to my other computer for pictures, will post asap. $650 + $30 shipping and a pile of insurance Pm me if interested Thanks Perry
  9. Bonzoro

    FS. C-1 fully modded

    They seem to go out the door faster than I can get them IN the door.
  10. Bonzoro

    FS. C-1 fully modded

    Yep, I'll give you first call on the 4000t.
  11. Bonzoro

    FS. C-1 fully modded

    This C-1 is sold 4000t coming soon Thanks Perry
  12. The C-1 I am just finishing up is for sale. I just need to install the Gundry Notch and she's ready to roll. Here is the link for the build. This one is Dead Quiet and has all the goodies including a lifetime warranty. PM me if interested. I also have a 4000t coming up for sale in a couple weeks. Perry
  13. Bonzoro

    Poll: Analog or digital music source:

    When I sit down to "Listen", I prefer my analog (Albums) because of the sound. When I'm working, which is usually always, I go with the IPOD since I don't have to drop what I'm doing to switch. I don't even own a CD player but have a pile of CD's. Somebody gave me a NICE Sony Reel to Reel... What the hell should I do with that behemoth???
  14. Bonzoro

    Rest In Peace Senator McCain

    Dang, I'm here in Zona and didn't hear that yet.... RIP JM Hero for sure.