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  1. Thats why I asked for your EMAIL.....
  2. Hell Yeah... Scored another spiffy 4000t..... Thanks LT, I got BIG PLANS for this one. She'll get the WORKS when I get my hands on it. I should have bought the C-1 or C-11 too...... Perry
  3. Your INBOX for your Email is full??? I have never heard of that. Maybe your PM inbox???? Don't need the inbox empty to send me a PM
  4. PM me your paypal info and your email so I can send you a fedex tag. You will be able to print it and stick it to the box.
  5. Since there is no such thing as a C-4000t, (either a C4000 or a 4000t), I assume it's a 4000t and I'll take it. I'll get a hold of you later, going to a wedding reception. Dibs on the 4000t Thanks Perry
  6. Bonzoro

    Question for the experts

    Meeee tooooo, even when I talk to myself
  7. Bonzoro

    Question for the experts

    Question: When you put a diode into an ac circuit, you get every half cycle. When you put a diode in an audio circuit, why don't you get every other word???? HUH????? Another dumb question: In the OLD days, if a schematic symbol for a tube had a dot in it, it signified a gas filled tube. If you have a dot in a schematic symbol of a tank circuit, does that make it a gas tank???? HUH????
  8. Bonzoro

    SOLD: BillD c-11 and Tx-11b

    With a little work on pictures and presentation, it should sell.
  9. Bonzoro


  10. Quit trying to complicate things David... If it was good enough for Abe, it should suffice.... HA......
  11. Bonzoro

    Carver C-11 with all updated/upgrades

    Thank you sir.. I am listing this on "That Auction Site" we all love to hate, so if you are interested, don't dilly dally too long.
  12. Well, it's been 6 months and time for another preamp build for my personal system. I just spent crazy money on a perfect 4000T (just needs my internal touches) and I'm putting my BEAUTIFUL C-11 up on the auction block. It has had a gazillion hours put into it with pretty much all the BillD mods and I rebuilt/reworked the power supply and a few other touches. It is in VERY nice condition (I only buy my personal equipment in as close to perfect condition as I can find). If interested in a "Dead Quiet" Preamp, in the classic Carver style, PM me. It aint cheap but you will be pleased when you hear it in your system. I didn't think I'd part with it but a some of you know, I have a soft spot for the 4000t (and the soft spot on the top of my head). There is not another better looking piece of gear than that. I just wish the 4000t was black like the C-11.
  13. Bonzoro

    Selling all of my Carver gear!...

    Drop me a PM Charles, or an email Perry
  14. Bonzoro

    Carver Etched Glass Karma

    Way cool. INNNNNNNN
  15. PM me your address, I'll send them out in the next day or two.