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  1. TNRabbit

    It followed me home.....

    I had an issue with the fuel pump not cycling & in testing I fried the harness~
  2. TNRabbit

    It followed me home.....

    1998 VFR 800 Fi. Speed Triple is a nice bike~ I stripped & painted the wheels last winter...pretty happy with how they turned out!
  3. TNRabbit

    It followed me home.....

    Since last December, I replaced the clutch pack, upgraded clutch springs, installed a custom rear shock & forks, installed a larger horn (Hella for Mercedes...it's certainly HELLA loud-LOL), replaced the front cowl & tail fairing, replaced the entire wiring harness (don't ask!), and just got her running this week! With partially gutted stock can: http://s251.photobucket.com/user/TNRabbit/media/Mobile%20Uploads/2015-09/20150902_154541_001_zpsxwfxjagb.mp4.html With NO can (sounds very NASCAR!): http://s251.photobucket.com/user/TNRabbit/media/Mobile%20Uploads/2015-09/20150902_131927_003_zps6wdpinsi.mp4.html
  4. TNRabbit

    Recommendations for Highest Quality Recording

    This Duetsche Grammaphone recording of Ravel's "Bolero" is excellent & exhibits extraordinary dynamic range. Caution must be used when listening at high volume levels!! While "Bolero" was the most famous piece, I really like "La Valse". It is a wild piece with crazy dynamic jumps!
  5. TNRabbit

    Birds of Paradise

    Richard Atteborough did a similar show on them. Just beautiful & fascinating!
  6. TNRabbit

    Time for me to fly

    Damn. Best of luck in your travels & may your journey be rewarding!! Hate to see you leave..... :-(
  7. The Moller International SkyCar has been promising the same thing since the late 60s. Working prototypes but the FAA will only let them conduct tethered experimental flights. Not sure what the holdup is, but Honda & others have trotted out similar concepts in the past coupl of years. http://www.moller.com I posted a thread about it it years ago but I can't find it now.
  8. TNRabbit

    Is it just me ??

    Even WORSE....some of the personal pics women post on dating sites! I got an email the other day that so-and-so is interested in me. I went to her profile and not only does she look like a troll, she has posted pictures that look like she didn't care anything about the picture, not smiling, hateful look on her face, TERRIBLE photo composition, etc. WTF do you expect to get with that pic??!?
  9. TNRabbit

    This seems like a good idea.....

    I've been on several of Royal Caribbean ships, including one that was over 1,400 feet long. They're quite stable. Several cruises depart out of different ports in the U.S. every day. I went through the remnants of a hurricane including 40 foot swells on a ship that was 1,100 feet long. I would do it again in a heartbeat!
  10. TNRabbit

    The Beach was too sandy

  11. "The Safety Dance" by Men Without Hats. Kill me.
  12. TNRabbit

    The Carversite! New ownership

    Congratulations & thank you, Greg!
  13. TNRabbit

    Happy Birthday Herr Rabbit!

    Thanks, guys! I'm in North Carolina working my @ss off this week, so any celebrating will have to wait until I get back home~
  14. TNRabbit

    bike show fun

    Call me when you get naked pics....