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  1. Those are beautiful. I wish I had the indoor space space.
  2. Welcome Bwest. We're glad you're hear! A BillD modified C1 Is an excellent choice. So is a C-11, C-4000, or a 4000t. They're all great choices, and they can all be improved upon a great deal by some very talented folks that hang out here. How about posting some pics of your Polks and the rest of your gear in the Members Systems area? We like all kinds of audio gear, and we all like pics. So kick your shoes off, pop the top on your favorite beverage, turn it up to 11, and welcome aboard.
  3. That's a great book that I've not read in 20 years.
  4. I would love that manual. It's the only piece of Carver gear that I own that I don't have a manual. If I'm selected, please send it to Dennis first. Thank you for offering!
  5. Happy Birthday Happy Trails! I hope you have a great day!
  6. Somehow I ended up with 2 copies of this disc, so I'll offer one up here. Pick a number from 1 to 100, and the random number generator will pick a number a week from today. Closest number wins, in case of a tie, I'll flip a coin. Columbia/Legacy CS 65108 Stereo, no 5.1 mix
  7. I still don't know why that's so hard. The juice I drank was just barely thicker than water and lightly lemon flavored, not unpleasant at all. It went down much easier than I'd been told.
  8. @loner_t did have one, maybe two BillD C-1s for sale.
  9. I had my first this year. I put it off for 15 years from when they first started recommending it. I told my doc that I hated having his finger in there, and I like him. I'm not letting a stranger run toys ... I'm good for another 5
  10. Can someone interpret this into biker/hillbilly for me? Supercapacitors turbocharged by laxatives. Just looking at the title: turbocharging is driven by exhaust, we know what laxatives do to exhaust, so this could be a rather potent combination. Is this something that amp modification will benefit from, or do you see it as cost prohibitive?
  11. If ya ain't prone...
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