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    Weird headline of the day

    https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/patriots-owner-robert-kraft-charged-soliciting-prostitution-n974611 The obvious joke here is that this is nothing new. Kraft has long been soliciting prostitution from Belichick, Brady, Gronk, ...
  2. Sk1Bum

    Last two CF275 Tube Amps

    I thought about it too long. @sea, if more become available, please keep me in mind.
  3. The whole album works, but the percussion and lead guitar on track 3 especially. I just noticed that turning to make this post was enough to break the effect. Santana Caravanserai
  4. Sk1Bum

    Last two CF275 Tube Amps

    Wow! That was fast. Congrats to the new owner(s)!
  5. Sk1Bum

    How microwaving grapes makes plasma

    Plasma wine? Probably wouldn't want to stomp that with bare feet. What would your serve that with? Bananas Foster? Steak Diane? Cherries Jubilee? Silly remarks aside, these videos are very interesting stuff Rich. Thank you for sharing them.
  6. Sk1Bum

    RIP Peter Tork dead at 77 yrs. old

    Sad news indeed. Condolences to his family.
  7. Sk1Bum

    Weird headline of the day

    Maybe they discovered the local sinsemilla. I thought that post would auto-merge, but then I recall that Gregg changed the timing.
  8. Sk1Bum

    Weird headline of the day

    Brick of pot in Big Brothers/Big Sisters donation bin: https://www.news-leader.com/story/news/crime/2019/02/19/brick-marijuana-found-springfield-charity-donation-bin/2910434002/
  9. Sk1Bum

    What’s happened to our media?

    7'n awesome! and The View has taken the opposite approach.
  10. Sk1Bum

    What’s happened to our media?

    I think it's primarily driven by profits, i.e., higher ratings to increase ad revenues. Each network will cater to their core base. Janet Cooke won a Pulitzer for her story in the Washington Post, Jimmy's World in September 1980. It's not new, but at least in the early 80's it was the exception. OANN was that way when I subscribed to AT&T U-verse. Absolutely deadpan reporting. It's not available here on my cable network, so I have no idea if it's drifted one way or the other.
  11. Sk1Bum

    What type are you?

    Thank you for the link Rich! I will take the assessment as soon as I can. One of my previous employers had all of us go through the Real Colors personality assessment. I discovered (to no surprise) that I'm an Orange--adrenaline junkie. This divided us into four major categories, with 3 sub categories in each major category. It was admittedly simple, but accurate, and it helped us all understand each other better.