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  1. Dnspy007

    What are you listening to?

    Sunday Cup of Joe....
  2. Dnspy007

    Carver Throws

    I'm in for 2, Ed....Thanks for doing this again, been wanting one for awhile.
  3. Dnspy007

    Happy Birthday Elgrau!!!!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Elgaru Keep on Rockin'.......
  4. Dnspy007

    What are you listening to?

    Sunday Cup of Joe....... Joe's Monday Night Blues.......
  5. Dnspy007

    What are you listening to?

  6. Dnspy007

    New Moderator

  7. Dnspy007

    O' Scope and signal generator

    Carter!! Thanks 4krow for the generous offer
  8. Dnspy007

    O' Scope and signal generator

    WOW!! Awesome!! Yes, I could use both of them..Thank you for the generous offer....4krow.... Since the Amp build at Carver Fest (caught the bug) Plus the fact that haven't burnt the house down yet I've been wanting to try my hand at repairing my Carver gear myself, Of course with the guidance and expert tutelage from the talented members of this site ...I've been slowly acquiring some workbench equipment...(Solder/ De-solder stations, Variac, Electronics For Dummies,) Still need a lot more, These will be a welcomed and much needed addition, They will definitely be put to good use. Thank you for your consideration Doug
  9. Dnspy007

    Happy Birthday Sea!!!