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  1. Dennis.....why the heck is your shop so clean....I'll have to post some of mine to show you how its done....😉 Nice system.....my shop system is a 25yr old Technics avr and some old JBL book shelf 2-ways. I like the way youve set it up, I bet it sounds great. Hope you got value out of those GR speakers, I thought they were little gems. Perry Edit: That pioneer TT, isn't that the one carver rebadged?
  2. Its not just gear.....in the horse industry the examples of neglect are amazing, and this is with a living creature. Personally, It doesnt bother me one way or another with objects. You bought it, its yours, do with it what you may......not my business. One mans garbage is another mans gold. That goes for anything really.......except for animals. You miss mistreat animals in my area, you get a visit from me way before the SPCA.
  3. So sorry to hear.....I feel for you. I am literally surrounded by animals everyday.... Unfortunately the more you have to enjoy the more to loose. My best friend is 13 already.....grey faced Jack Russell. I'm dreading....just thinking of it makes me emotional. Hope you have many happy memories to fill your heart...
  4. We must be blessed......if these are our pet peeves. Just sayin......
  5. Listen to our Prime Minister.......its painful......ah,ahhh,ah,ahh,ah,ah.......
  6. PDR

    Heinz Mayochup

    Im a Frenchs' kinda guy.......
  7. You dont know what you got till its gone....I didnt like the parking lot. Thanks for everything you guys do.
  8. Wow........that is so very cool........thanks
  9. We use to catch them off the bridge when fishing for salmon on the Harrison river in B.C. Had a home made trap that folded up when you lift it and would relax flat when deployed on the river bottom. A cat food tin with puncture holes wired to the center. When you were done fishing youd retrieve the trap and there were always 10 -20 per trap. Always set 4 or 5 traps. Ive only seen them in B.C. I dont think they live here in Alberta.
  10. 2013 Dodge Ram Longhorn (white) with a hemi that I bought new..........winter/ horse trailer driving 2006 Dodge Charger R/T (black) with a hemi I bought used in 2006........summer driving......which actually started 2 days ago 2006 Dodge Ram 1/2 ton (silver) with a hemi I bought new.......designated farm truck now Yes, im that guy that just couldnt care about gas mileage.......bought my daughter a Ford focus and drove it around for a couple of months last year before she got her license.........lifes too short for an old guy to drive that.
  11. STFU.... My Dad said, so I did. I love watching others that dont.
  12. Ist forum I ever joined was carveraudio.....didnt have a clue what to call myself..... Can think of hundreds now..... Initials it was and in every forum/site/game since 2007 im known as PDR or PDRCanada First name Perry....
  13. Huh.....you think its bad there, try watching a CBC broadcast up here in canuckistan. They're a heavy left leaning national broadcasted station of both television and radio. Nothing wrong with leaning either way in my opinion......you get your audience and then you try to keep them. Heres the problem......they are funded to the tune of 1.1 billion dollars a year by the canadian taxpayer. In fairness they do broadcast up in the far north and for most its the only contact......BUT USA is approx 10 times the pop of Canada.....so thats like you guys funding CNN to the tune of 11 billion a year. Heres the kicker......they dont have to explain or show ANYBODY where and how the dollars are spent.....not even the sitting gov..... WTF Couldnt fail if they tried as they dont rely on outside revenue.....although they generate a lot of that as well. So why not push your agenda?......yup, why the f not......nothing to loose. Explain to me again how communism works........
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