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  1. PDR

    What’s happened to our media?

    Huh.....you think its bad there, try watching a CBC broadcast up here in canuckistan. They're a heavy left leaning national broadcasted station of both television and radio. Nothing wrong with leaning either way in my opinion......you get your audience and then you try to keep them. Heres the problem......they are funded to the tune of 1.1 billion dollars a year by the canadian taxpayer. In fairness they do broadcast up in the far north and for most its the only contact......BUT USA is approx 10 times the pop of Canada.....so thats like you guys funding CNN to the tune of 11 billion a year. Heres the kicker......they dont have to explain or show ANYBODY where and how the dollars are spent.....not even the sitting gov..... WTF Couldnt fail if they tried as they dont rely on outside revenue.....although they generate a lot of that as well. So why not push your agenda?......yup, why the f not......nothing to loose. Explain to me again how communism works........
  2. PDR

    Did you play or do you play Video Games

    born in 1960......remember pong, about 76'?.....played atari and coleco til had kids.....about 1981, then stopped, had to build a life. Fast forward about 30 yrs....about 8 or 9 yrs ago I started playing a strategy wargame called Evony. Started on a PC.....now I have a tab dedicated to it. The only game I play, have no interest in others, prob cause I spend so much time on Evony while I listen to tunes.
  3. PDR

    Favorite Pictures

    They're gone now, they would be black for night and white for day.....had a 10mph difference if i remember correctly. I dont remember a prudent though.....it translates into autobahn.....😁
  4. PDR

    Dogs - Post Em' If You Got Em'

    My Jack Russell has been my shadow now for 13 years.....he really is my best friend. The Collie cross is my wifes faithful friend.....shes 7 now The Boxer is our newest addition, shes everybody's dog and just a delight......2 1/2 yrs young. Being on a farm we have cats and horses as well......I live a truly blessed life.
  5. PDR

    Reference disc / need your help!!

    I still listen to mine all the time...
  6. PDR


    MERRY CHRISTMAS CARVERITES!!!........and a prosperous new year!
  7. PDR

    What do you do for a living?

    Compared to a lot of you guys my career choice is a little boring.... Im a construction superintendent for the wall and ceiling industry. My latest job was helping to bring back 2 large towers in Edmonton in line with schedule. The contractor doing the work was falling behind.....so we come in to "fix" it. 6 months later......complete. To elaborate a bit......the Stantec is 70 stories and the tallest building west of Toronto, the other.....56 story Marriot hotel. These buildings sit side by side and are being constructed at the same time. Unprecedented for western Canada, in a new downtown revitalization project called the ice district in Edmonton Alberta It sits with 4 0ther towers started now and a 700 million dollar arena that is now open. View from the 56th floor of the Marriot looking down at the new arena. The video from the 30th story of the Stantec. 20180821_082202.mp4
  8. PDR

    Happy Birthday Nahash5150

  9. PDR

    What's cookin?

    Habitant style split pea soup.......yellow peas and all the goodness from left over ham......mmmmmmm Just wondering.......if Im a meatatarian do I make my salad out of shaved roast beef?.
  10. PDR

    Winter Driving

    Up here in the arctic we call winter driving.....text me when you get there or text me when you leave. My 21 yr old daughter been driving a month now.....the father worry kicks in bad. My dad had 3 boys then a daughter...... the boys all just drove, but when baby sister drove dad had us all on high alert. Couldnt get why until just this month.....40 some yrs later.
  11. PDR

    Happy Birthday Rod H

  12. PDR

    What are your favorite lyrics?

    Squeeze my lemon till the juice runs down my leg...... Dont know why I like this one......
  13. PDR

    Roy Clark passes away at 85

    CRAP.....Buck and Dwight were good as well....
  14. PDR

    Phase Linear/Carver History

    Just not sure where to put this.......mods please move at your discretion. May 1972 "AUDIO" mag. https://www.americanradiohistory.com/Archive-Audio/70s/Audio-1972-05.pdf Daniel Meyer disrespects Bob.......Bob answers back Page 18 and 20 Phase Linear add on Page 91 My Favourite quote.... we at Phase Linear don't wish to increase the incidence of hernia among audiophiles with state of the art, but power hungry, speaker systems.
  15. PDR

    Bohemian Rhapsody

    My wife has been waiting for this to come out for months.....and, so have I To say Queen music was a huge part of being a teenager in the 70s would be an understatement. I remember hearing Killer Queen on the school bus about "76......blew my mind.