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  1. Mostly CDs and albums.....I have about 1/2 my collection ripped to puter, but dont bother with it much.....too easy to jump from one artist to another. I'm wondering how many people here have had the opportunity to listen to their CDs on a really outstanding player in their system. I was very lucky a bunch of years ago to buy one of these.....used.....Raysonic 128 http://www.6moons.com/audioreviews/raysonic/cd128.html This player absolutely changed my opinion of Cd playback, and is why I prob still use them as my main "go to"
  2. Those are eichman type......mmmmm I've used those for years from bettercables. My first foray into designer cables. Well worth the $50. All gone ......sold my xlr bettercables to Gary (rabbit).....wonder where they are now?
  3. PDR

    Going too far?

    I have a face book account, but only use it to follow my wife, son and daughter. Signed up the first time my wife and daughter went to Paris, was great to see what they were up to. None.....absolutely no other type of social media.....except audio forums....lol. It may be that im too old?.....prob not, more likely i dont like what the phones do to people. Walking around like Zombies......lunch rooms quiet when 20 yrs ago they were so engaging, etc. People cant believe i dont carry my phone with me all the time....in fact very rarely, except at work. I understand its power, my wife has 5000 facebook friends.....people that she doesnt even know follow her every word. Its made her kinda famous in the show horse world. She discusses things with everyday people, and occasionally talks with Charlie Watts wife...yes that one, she shows Arabian horses as well.....to princes and princesses of the middle east. Its allowed us to sell horses all over the world, so I understand the power it has. We cant go to any horse function with out someone we've never met talking to us(her) like they were at our wedding... As for me, i'm the gray haired guy in some of her pics......I like it that way.
  4. PDR

    Hi all. Well, I'm back. Site looks wonderful.

    Good advice Lt. I recently finished my HT Room, I bought a Onkyo NR-757....at London Drugs for $499 Can......thats about $50 US.....lol. I bought a 4K DVD player as well as a 65" 4K Television. I have a lot to learn.....like using my phone as the remote....wtf Things have come a long way in a short time.
  5. PDR

    Chops' Modest System...

    The V series are VERY nice......I had them many years. The servo subs on the bottom are absolutely the best subs I have ever heard period. When it was time to move on from the Vs I sold only the P-Audio co-ax and kept the servos. They currently being refinished as well.....I kept the round bottom of my Super Vs and are retrofitting as I type. They will be paired with my PAP Trio TB, they match perfectly. I've also built a lot of Selah Audio.....Rick Craig...designs. My HT sytem is all Selah. I use The Symmetrica arrays for fronts and the 128 (sedona) arrays for rears. The center is a Sardonyx and I flank the system with 2 of Ricks Duo 12" sealed subs If your interested......http://www.audiocircle.com/index.php?topic=111180.0 http://www.audiocircle.com/index.php?topic=146362.0 Good to hear you hold the X-Statiks in high regard......I've been wanting to hear them for a long while.
  6. PDR

    Chops' Modest System...

    Im in the middle of building a pair of those......X-Statik......right now. They await sanding day......which happens to be today... Kits go for $375 US.....from GR Research. Over the years I've built a lot of Dannys stuff....V-1, Super V, "H" open baffle servo subs(refinishing them as well) Dont have a clue what Im gonna do with them.....maybe lliving room.
  7. PDR

    They grow up so fast...

    Good looking kid....big bugga My old man told me when school was done "If i could only give you whats in side my head".....never meant anything to me at the time. I look at my kids now and think the same thing....
  8. PDR

    mbskeam's System

    VERY NICE MIKE!!!! Congrats, leaves me speechless!
  9. PDR

    Time For A Sip Of Jack !!!

    Time flys......man it seems like just a few weeks ago. Cheers to Bill......he was very patient with me.......I'll tip my glass to Gary as well today, my secret agent buddy.
  10. PDR


    Almost every pic ive posted is from photo bucket.....9yrs worth...ill try and go thru some of my DIY threads ......phuck, that will take weeks alone. I hate PB....... like a ex wife......great at the start, slowed down in the middle, in the end you loose it all.
  11. PDR

    Dust covers

    Thought these looked interesting........ https://www.digitaldeckcovers.com/audio-equipment
  12. PDR

    Merry Christmas

  13. PDR

    Pay attention to the signs of suicide.

    Sorry to hear about this Kevin, deepest sympathy. My brother committed suicide. It was the hardest thing my family ever went through. My parents aged a decade over night, he was only 20. 35 years ago......still hurts, I feel your pain.
  14. PDR

    Does anyone own this LP??

    Back from the vinyl gathering here Aslan.....wife and I looked for this album at almost every vendor.....no luck. I'll still keep my eyes open though.