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  1. PDR

    Apple Karma

    Very Nice........ 172 Ill pick up shipping though, in Canada .........damn foreigners.
  2. PDR

    What does the W stand for?

    Sex drive...........I think.
  3. PDR

    Canadian Carver Fans

    Bonjour.......780 for me
  4. PDR

    Do you know any jokes?

    Since I'm from Alberta I guess I have to come back with something.......lets see.... How can you tell if a Texan is married... She waves from the kitchen window, as he hitches up the house.....
  5. PDR

    Happy Birthday Blues Pwr

    From the frozen wastelands of Canada.........HAPPY B-DAY!!!
  6. PDR

    Society woes

    Great......see if i can get a semi on while listening to....err, music? I wish my kids could of grown up in the seventies like i did. When we took drugs we knew it, and there was no such thing as pole dancing, date rape or whatever that was i just watched....
  7. PDR

    Society woes

  8. PDR

    Society woes

    Click.....how its done now. Way different process back in early 60s I like a lot of the new music.....not Drake and the beibs though......see how i stuck those Canadians in there? Theres way better offerings from new artists than this crap. I think its because recorded music was a badge of honour back then......discovery, contract, recording, air play, etc. Now its utube hits and a $100 processor, crap overload.....Click.....how its done now......
  9. PDR

    Carver Reference System

    I notice you are using GR Research O.B. servo subs......I think, dont see the Rythmik servo amps anywhere. How do you time align the subs with the mains when they're so far apart? Where do you cross the mains and subs? How do you like them? Best musical sub system I've heard, I wouldnt let mine go for nuthin. Beautiful......been fun watching the progress.....congrats!
  10. cool..... When I lived in Vancouver there were always movies being made. Once I had to get to my shop and they had a barricade around for filming. They let me in after showing proof and before i realized it I was walking past John Ritter.....he was taller than I thought, and wearing a beard.
  11. Mostly CDs and albums.....I have about 1/2 my collection ripped to puter, but dont bother with it much.....too easy to jump from one artist to another. I'm wondering how many people here have had the opportunity to listen to their CDs on a really outstanding player in their system. I was very lucky a bunch of years ago to buy one of these.....used.....Raysonic 128 http://www.6moons.com/audioreviews/raysonic/cd128.html This player absolutely changed my opinion of Cd playback, and is why I prob still use them as my main "go to"
  12. Those are eichman type......mmmmm I've used those for years from bettercables. My first foray into designer cables. Well worth the $50. All gone ......sold my xlr bettercables to Gary (rabbit).....wonder where they are now?
  13. PDR

    Going too far?

    I have a face book account, but only use it to follow my wife, son and daughter. Signed up the first time my wife and daughter went to Paris, was great to see what they were up to. None.....absolutely no other type of social media.....except audio forums....lol. It may be that im too old?.....prob not, more likely i dont like what the phones do to people. Walking around like Zombies......lunch rooms quiet when 20 yrs ago they were so engaging, etc. People cant believe i dont carry my phone with me all the time....in fact very rarely, except at work. I understand its power, my wife has 5000 facebook friends.....people that she doesnt even know follow her every word. Its made her kinda famous in the show horse world. She discusses things with everyday people, and occasionally talks with Charlie Watts wife...yes that one, she shows Arabian horses as well.....to princes and princesses of the middle east. Its allowed us to sell horses all over the world, so I understand the power it has. We cant go to any horse function with out someone we've never met talking to us(her) like they were at our wedding... As for me, i'm the gray haired guy in some of her pics......I like it that way.
  14. PDR

    Hi all. Well, I'm back. Site looks wonderful.

    Good advice Lt. I recently finished my HT Room, I bought a Onkyo NR-757....at London Drugs for $499 Can......thats about $50 US.....lol. I bought a 4K DVD player as well as a 65" 4K Television. I have a lot to learn.....like using my phone as the remote....wtf Things have come a long way in a short time.