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  1. Yeah, well, they should terrify us. I remember the drills in school too. There is still something fascinating, at a primitive level, about explosions. FWIW - I opened the link in a Chrome Incognito tab and the video played for me. That wasn't a nuclear explosion but it was a big one for sure. This video got my attention - a true demonstration of why velocity is king !! https://www.dvidshub.net/video/403786/electromagnetic-railgun-fires-high-velocity-projectile-hvp?jwsource=cl
  2. Stupid video wouldn't load for me - I like explosions !!!
  3. Are you coming to Carverfest ?
  4. Bring it Motor City mad goose !!! I got something for ya !!!
  5. Fascinating for sure. I'm a little surprised that these guys are afraid of a goose... 27:12
  6. PM me your PayPal addy ? I want 5...
  7. Seeing that album, sitting next to a Motley Crue divider, just speaks to me in some disturbing way...
  8. Another one that doesn't seem to have quite the catalog of knowledge is SoundHound. I use it and Shazam. I find SoundHound to be better for me for how I use it - I capture music unknown to me and then, when I am shopping at McKay's I pull up the history and start looking. I know Shazam has the history as well but it has "stranded" me a few times at McKay's, leaving me unable to retrieve my history shopping list. If you guys get down to TN & NC be sure to take a shopping list and plenty of $$. They have new and used CDs, LPs, DVDs, SACD, etc. Most are used and priced from $.25 for "very scratched" to regular price for an in-demand, new or unusual release. FWIW - I have bought tons of the very scratched items and never had one not play. Most music is divided by genre and artist - except for the very scratched section. Those are just added to the shelves as they come in. It's a real easter egg hunt looking through them... The book selection and video selection is massive as well. It is easy to spend hours in the stores... http://www.mckaybooks.com/our-story
  9. I guess as I age I should get used to seeing these, but it doesn't mean I have to like it... 😞 RIP Rutger - great talent indeed. The Hitcher was an obscure movie he played a serial killer in. It was an intense, somewhat strange movie back in the day.
  10. There's a whole lot of stupid going on in that story... If he broke the law and was incarcerated for running her off the road and she "broke into" his apartment and was incarcerated it sounds like they both got what they deserve and, unfortunately, the children pay the price and the taxpayers get to foot the bill. Because our country has turned into a place where the ability to excite emotions or cause fear trumps even the cold eye of the legal system, I predict the State's Attorney will review her case, pronounce that she was acting in fear and to protect her children (never mind no mention was made that he has ever threatened or harmed the children) and they will drop the charges or reduce them to petty theft levels. Of course the husband will lose his guns forever and will likely find himself in jail for some amount of time. If he really was ramming her car with his car he needs to spend some time in jail, IMHO. If he is not legally allowed to own the firearms he should not possess them. They should not be confiscated until the owner has had a set amount of time to sell them. If the State wants to take them, the owner should be compensated for them at fair market value. But let's not forget that what she did is wrong and it should not be excused just because she was trying to "protect" herself. If she was really in fear for her own safety, she should have talked to the police BEFORE she went into his apartment. If they were unwilling to help then she should have raised the issue with the media - it certainly would have been easy enough to pressure the police to visit his home and arrest him for illegal possession of a firearm. (I'm guessing that her complaint and knowledge of him possessing firearms would be enough probable cause for them to act ?) The minute she took the actions she did, she broke the law. Whether for "good reasons" or not, her actions were illegal and the police were right to arrest her. The gun control crowd continually misses the mark in situations like this. They should be petitioning their legislators when loopholes are known - the removing of weapons from domestic abusers when convicted is a good example of this. The power of social media is undeniable and the pressure it can exert on our lawmakers has been demonstrated before. Having gone through a divorce in Florida I can tell you the system there is HEAVILY skewed in favor of the mother and as a guy you are treated like a douche, even if there are no reasons for it. We had to get a judge to sign a court order to allow me to pay my ex directly instead of mailing a check to the State every two weeks, who kept $25 of it as a "administrative charge" and then mailed her a check. I understand there are people who don't pay their child support but to assume someone is in that category, before they ever demonstrate they are, is wrong. Another emotional "do good" notion that added days to the process, takes $25 from the children it is supposedly "helping" and still doesn't rectify the root problem. The really sad part in all of this is these two idiots have reproduced - and their children are learning their morals and values from them.
  11. Well, since you asked so nicely... 🙂
  12. Cancer fucking sucks !!! I'm so sick of hearing about it... Too many people and dogs affected by it. I am sorry for your loss. I had to put my girl down the day before Thanksgiving. It still hurts... 😭😢😭😢
  13. Indeed. Truly like 1st world problems - you know ? 🙂
  14. I used to pass these out to my team when we had to attend the sales leadership conference calls... 🙂
  15. B-Man


    I don't have HBO but I am very curious about that show. Safe nuclear power generation is very well understood. The problem isn't with the reactors or the newer designs per se, it's that politics and money are too often in the equation when sites are selected. Then, once they are running, you have the human element that cannot be accounted for, in it's entirety, by the software and controls used to operate the facility. People violate rules and policies and procedures - not as hazardous with fossil fuel plants but critical with nuclear plants. There just isn't enough efficiency and stability with solar and wind to provide a meaningful amount of the power this country alone requires. All of the ignorance surrounding nuclear power has had the effect of extending and promoting the burning of fossil fuels for power generation indefinitely.
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